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on June 1, 2011
my name is gilberto roman im a venezuelan costumer and all i can say about this item is that is amazing, perfect fit and protect my macbook for lot of things like dust, scratch and even water the small legs on the base of case are perfect to keep my mb cool and in perfect working!! excelent product its perfect for all that people that whant to keep their macbook in perfect conditions!! greetings!
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on January 21, 2011
Wonderful hard case. I bought one in clear, red, green, blue and purple; for my kids and wife. Guess who I forgot to get one for, you got it, ME. Going to change that now. The colors are rich not pale. Easy to put on, a little harder to take off. This and the keyboard cover are a great way to protect your laptop. Another plus are the legs, they elevate the back of the laptop for better cooling and give my hands a better angle at the keyboard. Make sure you order the one for your model, in this case A1181. I believe they make one for every MacBook and MacBook Pro model.
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on April 1, 2011
I bought this cover for our macbook which is 3+ years old now and the white exterior is looking tired. The case was easy to install and the fit was perfect. The blue color looks great. I am very happy with the product quality. This was a good buy and I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a macbook cover.
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on February 15, 2012
This is the perfect case for my macbook & I love the color. Not only does it protect my laptop but it adds a little zazz to it as well. It's very easy to put on--just snap and go--and it's also very secure once on. The little feet that fold out to sit the laptop at an angle while your working is an added bonus. I'm planning on getting another one for my hubby's macbook too!
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on June 16, 2012
Last month I bought for my soon to be 9 year old daughter for her birthday a used MacBook off of ebay (I wasn't convinced if she was responsible enough to care for a laptop or a computer of her own based on how I see she kept her Leapster, Nintendo DS, bike etc nevertheless she mentioned she wanted a laptop and I'm a softy-or maybe I wanted it!). After winning bid I wanted to deck it all out for my daughter software, accessories etc even though an old computer. (spent many a night on Amazon and ebay for covers, skins, bags, movies, cooling fans -and they had to match as she mentioned she liked blue color). I definitely wanted covering aside from carry case or skin for computer and while many colorful protective cases all look the same and some few bucks cheaper, reviews pointed to the hard shell mCover so got the good deal and purchased according to model (A1181... as buying covers always warning make sure fits model number so and so). This cover fits perfectly snapping on the edges and doesn't slip or fall off. Now I gave the computer finally last week (though I had in my office 2 weeks prior playig around, loading, programming friends addresses etc) and looks like a shiny new (blue) computer. Great computer but as couple years old cover did look worn and the blue casing made exterior look gorgious and my daughter loved it. If she ever gets bored with color or we get/change the carrying bag and she wants different color, for under $20 I can get red, green, pink or whatever colors they have (Now I couldn't ignore my 5 year old as both already fight over the home computer and then after wife on the mac I never get to use the home feeling for the younger I also got used laptop...might be different year with different specs but same exterior her pink with pink sleeve etc). I bought a small blue sleeve with the Apple logo online and computer with hard shell case fits in.

My package came with a keyboard cover at first I didn't think fit properly but made of silicone and stretched and fit on keys snuggly and doesn't/hasn't fallen off. I'm not use to typing with cover and feels weird but no problems as still types accurately. I hope in long run this will keep crumbs out and protect from an accidental drop of a beverage on the keyboard whether be the girls or me.

As far as how well protects, hopefully we'll never know but I keep thinking daughter's computer is going to get stepped on, fall off a table or out of a bag and if does I can report on how well the shell held up and what shape computer is in. It snaps on so well and I tested many times in 2 weeks in office taking in and out of box or bag and a drawer, the casing never came off or came close to slipping off. I don't know what soft shells are like other than what I put on my cellphone but I always thought softshell would be better because can grip and mold well to product while hard casings may come off or just not fit right but I can certainly vouch that is not the case with the mCover. What I like most though is the blue (or the pink in my other daughter's computer) gives the laptop individuality.

Heck, for under 20 bucks I might try a different color in 6 months or so.
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on December 22, 2011
This hard case fits perfect and looks great. It was exactly what I was looking for and I would recommend to anyone looking for a hard case for a mac. Makes my computer look brand new and will protect it as well.
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on February 22, 2012
I purchased this cover because both myself and my husband have the same laptop computer and I wanted to identify mine quickly. I order this case because of the color and price. It arrived quickly and was sealed. It fit my laptop perfectly!! Beautiful colors, great price and perfect fit.
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on March 5, 2014
I bought 3 of these covers (blue, orange, and red) to protect 3 of my older MacBooks. iPearl thought of everything when they built these units right down to an opening on the back cover to let you check the battery status. The covers snap onto your Mac with very small tabs including 2 longer tabs located at the back of the lower cover near the hinge. If you make sure all the tabs are engaged, then the unit fits nice and snug. Case design is simple, covers most of the laptop, and protects the edges. There are 2 small rubber feet at the front, and there are 2 small snap out feet at the rear in case you like to work with a tilted keyboard (as I'm doing now) to make it more ergometric for your hands. The back of the case has grooves in it so you can disperse heat better. There's also a small hole by the battery to test battery status. Clearance for the DVD, and plugs on the side is good. You can even use the lock hole.

As a bonus, I found a silicone keyboard cover included in each case that I ordered. The covers are soft silicone, and the printing actually matches the key layout as well.

Here are my details:

1. Quick Shipping. I got these in less than a week with standard shipping.
2. Matte finish, less likely to show fingerprints
3. Snug fit. Make sure you get all the tabs to snap in, especially the 2 longer tabs on the back of the lower cover.
4. heat dissipation - great. The slots on the bottom give you extra dissipation, and if you use the tabs on the back to angle the keyboard, you get even more.
5. good access to connections.
6. access to battery test button on back cover.
7. translucent design, you can see all the lights through the cover.
8. there are 4 small bumps on the top cover. If set your laptop down upside down, or stack a book on top of it, theres a small amount of protection to prevent the case from getting scratches.
9. rubber feet on front pads.
10. hinged rear liftable feet on back for airflow, or to better angle your keyboard.
9. bonus - silicone keyboard cover, and it even maps the function keys correctly for my MacBook

1. Hard plastic cover does not give any protection from slipping out of your hands as you carry it. As a note - it's just as slippery as the Macbook case without a cover!
2. hinged rear liftable feet might break at some point. While the case is great, and the feet work really well, you should use care when carrying the unit and retract them before hand.
3. Front infrared port is covered by case. This means limited range, so if you use it, don't expect lots of range with this cover installed.

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on October 18, 2012
This cover is light and fits extremely well and provides great support for the bottom case (which had become so warn on my Macbook I was starting to worry about it cracking). The holes in the bottom not only provide good ventilation but also make the Macbook less likely to slip out of my hand. I'm very glad I bought it.
Just so there is no confusion, the colour is distinctly not blue; it is a gorgeous indigo instead. But I wasn't bothered by the colour because it was a good match to the colour pictured so I wasn't surprised or disappointed. (Why do they call it 'blue' though?)

It isn't perfect though.
The rubber pads are only at the front, meaning the back could conceivably slip. The foldable feet at the back are a nice feature (reminds me of my old Powerbook 540) but they seem a little flimsy at first; though perhaps they are tougher than they seem--time will tell.
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on October 8, 2010
It was very simple to put on and looks very durable too. I also liked that you have several choices in colors that it comes in. It's nice to find that they still make cases for old version MacBook. I'm sure it will last me for a long time not to mention the protection it will give me for years to come. This case was shipped to me with a quick turn around time. Which was a plus.. I highly recommend this product.
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