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on August 9, 2009
I have to admit that I was a little skeptical of this at first, but it has turned out to be GREAT. We had looked in to all sorts of other lap pool options, and there was really nothing that came close price wise- We'd have to spend $12k more to get pretty much anything. So, We gave it a shot- And I am glad that we did.

It was relatively easy to set up, though you DO have to make sure that you have a nice, VERY level spot to set it up on. I had to do a little excavating in my yard to get the area totally flat. It went together easily enough, though the instructions were a bit difficult. We filled it with water, and hopped in!

I didn't know how I would like 'resistance swimming' compared to lap swimming. It feels a little different- But it is still a great workout. Once you get used to swimming in place, though, it's not too bad. You'll have to play with the placement of the resistance bands a little, but once you get them adjusted to your swimming style, you don't need to mess with them again. I am a pretty strong swimmer, But once I got the bands in the right place, I had no problems.

I keep my water Chlorinated like any other pool, and it stays nice and clear. Ours is outside, and stays plenty warm just from the sun, so I haven't needed the heater. I MIGHT be moving it in to the basement for the winter, and I'll probably need a heater if I do. We've already got 220v there, so it won't be a big expense.

We only had one problem- The filter that came with it was defective, but a quick call to FitMax resolved that issue, they had another one off to us right away. The customer service is GREAT- and there is actually a live person on the other end of the line!
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on August 28, 2011
I've had the iPool for a little over a year. My findings:

1 - The pump that comes with the pool is a complete, absolute joke. It's a piece of junk that is so underpowered, I don't even know why the builder provides it. The sun does a better job of purifying the pool.

I bought a new sand filter/pump combo from Doheny's Water Warehouse, and it does the job right. Cost? $300

2 - The inlet/outlet are poorly placed and allow particulate matter to settle to the bottom of the pool. You either need a vacuum (good luck connecting it to the crappy little pump provided), which will cost around $100, plus a good pump, or a robotic vacuum, which is the route I went. Cost? $200

3 - Speaking of inlet/outlet, I am mystified as to why the iPool manufacturer went with almost a complete Intex setup EXCEPT for matching the inlet/outlet pipes! Would it have been so hard to make things easy on those of us who want to use a surface skimmer, vacuum, etc.? Get ready to buy a LOT of adapters. Cost? $50

4 - The hoses that come with the pool are almost as hilarious as the pump. After one season, the cheap, crappy plastic has split on the expansion ribs. Every single hose has split, and I've had to replace them all, requiring additional adapters. Cost for new hoses? $50

Total additional cost incurred to try and get the pool to a usable state? $600
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on May 10, 2008
This is a wonderful invention at a fantastic price! We love it! By the way, it is 7 by 10 feet and 3 feet deep. I was expecting something smaller, but am thrilled that it is bigger and just the right size. We have dreamed of having an indoor heated pool where we can do some serious swimming, but knew we couldn't afford the pools with the current machine or a swimspa. My children and I have fibromyalgia and were desperate to find some way to swim indoors in a heated pool. I found this pool by searching on google and wanted to order it through Amazon. Everything went well. We received it a week later and installed it with the iPool Spa Filter / Pump and Heater Upgrade. You must have a 220v GFCI installed for the heater, but the upgrade is worth it. It heats the pool easily and perfectly. We thought the hose attachments for the heater were not in the box and called Fitmax. The man himself answered the phone. We looked again and were embarrassed to find them immediately. Still, I think it's great to get such great service. The harness works great, the steel supports very strong, everything fantastic. BUY IT! It can easily fit in the garage. We have an outbuilding we installed it in for use all year long--and we're in Missouri!
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on September 19, 2009
Love swimming in this pool. It's refreshing, convenient and fun exercise. If used indoors, be sure to get it with the heater option; but also be aware of the electrician expense required for the 240 power hookup.
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on May 6, 2012
I have had my iPool for 4 years now.
I am going on 70 but am still in very good shape, but have just gone
on low dose BP medication so have cut way back on the salt and started
cardio routines which (duh!) includes an exercise pool.
I was an Olympics hopeful in my teens and trained every day at the
San Diego Town and Country Club (At that time, the only one in Mission Valley) as
it was the only Olympic sized pool available to me except for NAS (now Marine air station)
on Kearny Mesa.
Never made it due to finances; as so many American athletes succumb to, but
did swim for the Marine Corps.
Full size lap pools and pump pools are insanely expensive, or take up to much
room, and I have other things to do with the money I live on.
The pool took me about 6 hours to set up at a medium pace and doing other things
in between. (You know us old folks; we wonder off once and a while)
Putting the side rail pieces in was a bit of a challenge, as you need to pay attention
to exactly what side you want the harness on, ladder on, and pump on (which by the way
iPool calls a filter).
While we are on the filter subject, iPool recommends replacing the Filter which is the
whole frigging unit once a year and says you should only run it for 4 to 6 hours a day.
I have had my iPool for a few months now and agree with the other reviewers about
the pump; IT IS A JOKE!
Don't even think about using this piece of junk, as it does not move any water.
Along with your iPool, go ahead and buy an Intex 637R (56637EG) filter pump from Amazon
at around $40.00 which hooks right up to the iPool 1-1/4" fittings. Use the supplied strainer
and water inlet nozzle and just shove them in the holes where the iPool supplied dome strainers
would go.
Also, the resistance cord does not last that long (rubber tube). I replaced the set up with fine strand nylon ropes, instead of spending $30.00 plus shipping for something that will go bad after two years.

The ladder is OK, but needs one more step on the inside at the bottom rung, and for the life of
me, I cannot figure out how iPool forgot this requirement. So you step inside to the only
step at the top and what is left? the frame tubing; not very comfortable. (I will be writing
iPool about this one)
I fixed this problem by using a thick piece of black hot water line foam insulation that comes with a new hot water heater (you can also buy six foot lengths at Ace, Home Depot, Etc), and just run tape around it in a few places to hold it on.
Once your in the pool, it is a great workout, and fulfills all of my requirements which says
it should take care of just about any one out there.
I agree with a comment from another reviewer that the tie points should be set at the end unless
you are trying to literally hold up a non swimmer or small child and then you move them up.
3 feet or 2-3/4 feet is more than enough to swim in, so don't get excited about water depth.

The cover is cheap, but works very well, even with the ladder and harness rig in place, but if you
live in a hot climate like I do (Mohave Valley AZ) you need to leave the cover off, or make sure you have a layer of water on top of the cover so that evaporative cooling of the water can take place. If you leave the cover on without this layer of water on top of it, the small pool will get very hot and feel like a bath. To winterize, I take off the overhead tubes, and use a 10'X 12' heavy duty canvas tarp with grommets that is very well tied down (does not touch water) so that the high winds that come in winter do not rip the cover apart, as would happen with the standard plastic cover. Also, a heavy duty canvas tarp will cost you about the same as the plastic iPool cover.
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on July 17, 2012
I bought this pool 1 1/2 years ago and didn't get it put up until this summer for many reasons. I bought the heater option since I live in the Pacific Northwest and I wanted to use it more than 2 weeks out of the year. And use it I do! I love this pool and heave a great sigh of relief when I slip into it. No driving into town, going into a crowded noisy YMCA, no showing my less than swimsuit model body, no sharing lanes with 4 other people (who don't appreciate how slow I am), no unruly children in the dressing room. Just me in my warm, clean pool; clearing my mind, swimming off the stress. And it didn't cost me $12,000+ to get my own lap pool. This is a low tech but elegant way to get your own lap pool.

Let me tell you about the customer service from FitMax, the maker of iPool. It is AMAZING. My heater burned out (maybe due to rough handling from an inept electrician). I e-mailed the owner of FitMax at 8:45 on Sunday. He called me back in 20 minutes and had a replacement heater in the mail the next day. Any other time I've had a question the response is similar. You just don't see that kind of responsiveness since, well, forever. I definitely want to support this small business.

Do be aware that getting the wiring for the heating does take an electrician and will run you a few hundred dollars. I needed a dedicated fuse and wires had to be run to the carport when the pool was put up. I wouldn't have had a clue if I tried to do it myself. So that does add to the cost. If you have an inept electrician who would not/could not put it down on the ground where it needed to be (his hips are shot; maybe he needs an iPool!), the filter that comes with it will not do the job, the heater requires a minimum flow rate. I ended up getting a powerful sand filter and I think in the long run I'm going to happy I did. Much less up keep and strong enough to run a pool vacuum.

If you're looking for a lap or therapy pool and you want the best bargain out there, you cannot go wrong with this pool. After using this pool, I don't know why anyone would want to swim against a current. I like to eat salmon, but I don't aspire to be one.
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on June 12, 2010
We are starting our second season with our pool. To say I love this pool is an understatement. We have it on a concrete deck, so we were lucky to have a very level place for it ready made.

One thing we found this year: When we put it together, the metal pieces that have to slide over other long pieces had gotten some rust on the inside, and stuck terribly. When we take the pool apart this coming fall, we will make sure to sand the inside of those pieces thoroughly and make sure it's all clean and dry before storing it - thus making assembly much easier.

We did buy both the filter and the heater, and had an electrician put an appropriate plug on our deck to accommodate it. However, we've discovered that we don't use the heater very often (mostly on cloudy days). We live in Kentucky and just use the pool during the summer (with the solar blanket). Last year, it was comfortable through most of September, and we could have put it up a month ago (but had to be away from home, so didn't get it done).

I was very skeptical about buying it in the first place, but have been just delighted. It took only a short time to get the belt adjusted to suit me, and get used to resistance swimming.

And as someone else mentioned, the customer service with this company is excellent. When you call, you get the owner. Doesn't get better than that. I love my iPool!
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on June 18, 2010
I have had my ipool set up for one week and love it so far. Set up was relatively easy with my husband helping. It would have taken me a lot longer if I had been doing it on my own, and that is partly because I am not good at self-assembly of anything. Once I got everything set up where I needed it, and got the belt adjusted properly it is easy to use. Just put up the ladder, snap the belt on and you are ready to go. I was running but because of neck issues I had to stop and was recommended to take up swimming instead. The ipool is perfect for me for my needs. The water movement inside the pool once you get going is slightly different than a regular pool because of it's size, but it was easy to get used to. I have mine in the yard, and with the heat in Texas it does get pretty warm, but it's still comfortable to swim in. The pump assembly had a tiny crack when I received it but Lawrence replied to my email inquiry within a few minutes (on a weekend) and the replacement was shipped out with no problems. As others have stated, the customer service is outstanding. The overall quality is better than I expected. The frame is extremely sturdy and the construction means that the pool sides don't "flap about" when you are swimming.
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on April 9, 2009
Like a previous reviewer, I'd looked at some of the other home lap pool options. The iPool seemed like a good alternative. It arrived quickly and was very easy to set up - although it helps with a second person. I also purchased the heater and now keep the pool at 80 degrees. The pool is kept in our garage ~ the pool blanket (purchased from the company) helps retain the heat and keeps the humidity down.

The electrician's bill to wire the heater was more than I'd expected. That being said, I think the total cost is well worth the price. The pool is being used every day. I love the convenience!
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on September 15, 2015
There are no words to describe the importance of the pool as it affects our quality of life. It lifted my husband's spirits as he became less ambulatory. Our son designed a hoist so he can get in an out. Even with virtually no lower body strength, it works. He rarely uses it since his condition has him bed bound, but that is not the end of the story. For more than a year, the pool has been my entertainment and my primary source of exercise. I am contemplating go into it now. I do 30-45 minute water aerobic sessions 5-7 days a week. in all sorts of weather, since it is in our garage. Once or twice a month my husband uses it. While this may not be a happy story, for those who read between the lines, it should be. The exercise pool has filled a giant void in our somewhat fractured lives. It is the best therapy at any price.
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