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on May 14, 2014
Firstly, let me say that this robot is excellent. It delivers on every performance aspect, and is an excellent compliment to my Neato Robot Vacuum for cleaning my house (which is all tile and hardwood).

HOWEVER, buyers beware that this robot does not function as advertised out of the box. The "mop" function that iRobot touts so loudly on this device is a misnomer. Out of the box the robot can only carry out the mopping motion, but iRobot does not include the necessary Reservoir Pad to actually carry water. They sell these for $40 + shipping on the iRobot website, and they are available for over double that price on Amazon through a private seller.

If you are purchasing this to mop and not just sweep, you will have to plan on spending an extra $40 minimum and 3-4 weeks waiting for the necessary reservoir system to arrive to run an actual wet mop cleaning.
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on April 25, 2014
I'm really impressed so far with how this thing performs. I bought the three pack of microfiber cloths with it, so that I could clean the whole house without doing a load of laundry and re-use the pads.

I have newly installed fake hardwood floors, the type you can spill a gallon of wine on and nobody would be the wiser, even if you left it over night. The downside, especially because they are gray and my house gets a lot of light, is that you can see EVERYTHING. Every spec of dirt, every black dog hair (there are a lot) is screaming at me every morning even if I just vacuumed.

Here is my strategy for the 320 -
1. Do a really crappy job vacuuming. Like for 2 minutes tops, once a week or something. This gets the big stuff.
2. Set it to dry swiff, go to work
3. Come home, put the wet cloth in a bowl with a couple drops of floor cleaner and hot water. Wring out the cloth, put it on, start it off
4. Take a cup of warm water and flick little drops all over the floor to keep the robot's cloth wet enough
5. Get drunk and love the future
6. Look at the cloth when it's done and marvel at the filth you were living in
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on January 4, 2014
850 square feet of tiled and hardwood floored filth. I thought I vacuumed.. I thought I swiffered... I was wrong. I was living in filth, and I had no idea. This baby works. Have hard floors? Get it. The price made me a touch nervous, heck, we all have friends who hate their robotic cleaners. This is not the robot your friend/coworker has who hates it; this is legit. An awesome cat ninja dirt filth assassin you will name and adore.

Does the swiffer action work? Heck to the yes. It picks up tons of stuff just like a dry cloth on the end of aluminum stick that I was beholden to for far too long. But, this baby is smaller, more nimble and I am not physically pushing it. You may still need to pull out the swiffer vacuum for tight corners; who cares!? Thanks to this baby I now have a second job making/selling toupees online with all the hair this bloodhound of filth finds.

Does the wet mop action work? Yes, but not to really scrub. It really freshens and brightens, but for stains and dried on stuff better pull out a rag. The Scooba can apparently decide which spots are dirtiest and focus on those if that is your bag. I care to be judicious about anything wet and my hardwood, so Scooba was out for me. I just spray down the provided microfiber with Bona hardwood floor cleaner, and my hardwoods look great. The wet action works great on my bathroom rougher slate tile. I use swiffer wet pads for the bathroom. They smell good, fit well and clean like the dickens.

Should you get it? Depends. Do you have a ton of time that you choose to devote to seeking dirt/dander/hair etc etc etc with a vengeance? Me neither. Get it. I run this thing while I am at work, and for the first time in my life I feel like I am in two places at once. Yes, that sounds extreme and it is. If I did not have this I know I would have to push around the broom while watching football. Now, instead of a broom handle in my hand I have a beer. Greatest. Invention. Ever.

Are there add ons? I would suggest a cheap add on to make it completely baller. iRobot, you may contact me about a resume. Portable Bluetooth Rechargeable Speaker Cellphones
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on October 16, 2013
I love this little robot. It's so quiet even my cats adore it; they follow it around and pretend to be scared (Run away! Run away!) when it turns around and appears to chase thrm. Then they take a nap on the sofa while it cleans the room.

It would almost be worth the money just for that show every time i use it, but it also does an exceptional job cleaning my hardwood floors. It works far better than the roomba that i had, which was excrutiatingly loud and worse, it was so messy to clean out after it vacuumed i always had to clean the floor again AFTER using it.

The iRobot Braava is not a vacuum though, it pushes (or drags) its pile of dust and cat hair along as it goes. Surprisingly it doesn't deposit any of it along it's way. I did accidentally begin (and have continued) by using what is supposed to be the wet cloth on its dry cleanings - maybe that helps, since it's thicker than a swiffer cloth. At the end of a Mint session the dirt it is hauling along is always fairly compacted and easily peels off the cloth in one great mat and the cloth then goes right in the laundry. And then, oh how smooth and delightfully clean my floors feel under my bare feet!

This does, however, bring me to the Mint's wet cleaning function. It works....okay. I use it in my one small bathroom with large stone tiles on the floor (my other bath has a mosaic tile floor - much as i love the Mint, i don't think it probably works well on wide grout.) Anyway, in the other bath i wet its little cloth and it finishes in record time, less than 10 minutes (for comparison, it takes about 45 minutes to completely dry clean and polish my living room, kitchen and bedroom - all hardwood, about 600 square feet). In the wet clean mode the Mint does a cute little scrubbing motion in addition to its broad sweeps across the floor and edge detailing. Then it sings out its little electronic song indicating it is done. The first time i used it in the bath i busted out laughing when i came in because there it was, sitting proudly in the middle of the floor like it was the conquering warrior of filth. It had indeed found all the dirt and dust and mopped it up from where it lurked in the corners of the room and behind the toilet...and then it had carefully strewn it, like clumps of gray, not very festive confetti, all across the floor. The little iRobot just looked so majestic somehow sitting in the middle of the crud spangled floor, like it truly believed that's how cleaning is done. And honestly, since the dirt was clumpy, it was far easier to scoop it up with a damp paper towel than it would be to get down on my knees to clean behind the toilet myself. It took me about 10 seconds of swiping, and the floor felt polished under my bare feet, just as silky feeling as it leaves the rest of the apartment.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This iRobot Braava 320 works great on my ceramic tile floors.

There is a large (nine feet by twenty-one feet in some places) foyer in this house that gets high usage from two entry doors. Off the foyer is an eight by twelve kitchen floor. Although the kitchen creates an "L" there is no obstruction -- it's just one smooth expanse of ceramic tiles.

On the "sweep" setting, the iRobot takes care of this entire expanse, even when the direction cube is placed in the foyer. With the microfiber cloth, it does a fantastic job of dust-mopping the floor. When I first used it, I was fascinated by the criss-crossing patterns the iRobot was making, grabbed my Swiffer, and dust-mopped nearby sections of floor. Later, when the microfiber cloth was in the laundry, I attached a Swiffer dry cloth to the iRobot cleaning pad -- it fit perfectly. The microfiber cloth grabs some of the larger debris, but the Swiffer cloths don't do as good a job -- they're better for dust and fine dirt.

On the "mop" setting, I first used the microfiber cloth that came with iRobot, dampening it with the liquid from a Swiffer Wet Mop refill. The iRobot stays in a very linear, organized grid when it's mopping. It doesn't veer off into the kitchen "L," but stays in the foyer and does a section about nine by twelve feet. When it's finished with the foyer, I turn it off, move it to the kitchen and turn it on again.

Set up was easy, and attaching cloths to the bottom is easy. I now use Swiffer Wet Mop refills for mopping, and I use the iRobot more to mop than to dust. It picks up a lot of grime that I wasn't even aware was there.

I've had no problems with charging this iRobot and it keeps working for about three hours. It charges in about six hours. It's been a useful product, for me, and I have to say, it's also been kind of fun having it around.
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on May 15, 2014
I ordered the mopping irobot but did not get the water head even though it is called a mopping irobot. I had to order the mopping head seperately for 88 dollars more. Item not what they list it as
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It is fine if:
o You don't mind manually setting it up in each room every day.
o Your floors never actually get much dirt/dust on them
o The open floor space in your rooms is perfectly square and straight.

o Can not adapt to odd shaped floor spaces and freezes up often.
o It is helpless without its navigation cube which requires direct line of site. So you will need to buy one for every room.
o Can not get the edges of rooms.
o The wheels leave track marks when you wet mop.
o The head is WAY to small to do floors of any real size and quickly fills with dust dirt. After about 15 min it is just pushing the dirt around.
o The small mop head can not hold much dirt/dust so if you do the wet mop option it leaves streak marks.
o Since it can not handle much dirt/dust you need to run it daily, but it has no automation to support this. So you will need to manually set it up in each room every day.
o Box advertises it as a wet mop but does not include the wet mop floor head which costs another $50 - $100.


If you are ok with that first built list this is the device for you! If how ever you don't have the time to manually setup the head and chase it around from room to room with its navigation cube it is kind of a pain. Even more so if your rooms have furniture in them in which case it is likely going to get confused and freeze up in spaces between walls and furniture, or corners, etc.

Additionally, the mop head is too small to hold much dirt or dust. So after about 15 min. it is just pushing dirt around. Even after a week of running every day it could not keep up. Even after I manually floor mopped and ran it the next day it was leaving light streaks again. On top of which it sometimes turns 90 degrees so it is not going with the wood grain causing the streaks to be even more noticeable.

Since it can not absorb much dust it has to be run every day, but has no automation features. You have to manually set it up each day, and because it requires a navigation cube you have to manually set it up in each room each day. Or you can buy a navigation cube for every room at $40 each. Speaking of hidden costs the box says it is a wet mop but does not include the wet mop head. So that will be a trip back to the store for another $50 - $100 part.

I would stick with the Roomba or Scuba. They are MUCH better and more useful.
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on January 4, 2014
So glad I ordered this! Updating my review after almost a year of daily use.

I am a graduate student and I just moved to a nice condo. No more ghetto apartments! My new place has all hardwood floors. I had never experienced this before and I was finding that no matter how often I vacuumed I got all kinds of particulates on my floors. They would stick to my feet and make the place feel dirty. Stuff like this really bugs me because I'm a big clean freak.

Anyway, I must admit that this thing has it easy. I'm a single guy, no pets, the floors are not junked up with things (wide open), and I keep things meticulously clean/organized in general.

I wanted to fix having to vacuum all the time. I went into this thinking I could run the Braava every 2-3 days and it would take care of the job. But turns out, I can run it every day and it will bring back a pad full of dust and dirt. I mean I seriously have no clue where it's coming from at this point. I don't even want to know how dirty my floors were before. I was worried about it being able to pick up larger crumbs, but it manages to well.

My apartment is 3 rooms and since the Braava can't cross thresholds that means moving it from room to room. I originally changed the pad every time but that got annoying so now I just run it in all 3 rooms with the same pad. Probably makes it a little bit less effective but I'm gonna guess it's marginal, especially if you're using it daily. You do have to move the tracking cube along with it as well. The operation is really pretty simple. Push power. Push either wet or dry. It will play a song and then set off. It will clean the entire room, sing a song to let you know it's finishing...Drive back to where you set it down...and play a couple more tones to let you know it's no returned and shut off. If it get's stuck it will play a distress signal every minute or so until you fix it.

As far as how good it actually navigates, it's very good and it doesn't miss many places. Nothing else to say.

Concerning the pads/different mopping styles....The pads that come with it aren't feasible to use. It will pick up so much dirt in one cycle...errr, one room... that you'll be washing those two rags every day. Ain't nobody got time for that. The Swiffer dry pads work great. I ordered some big boxes of them off Amazon as well....I got about a year supply of pads -I typically use 1 or 2 of them a day. The dry mopping goes in parallel lines back and forth as a pattern. The wet mopping pads are also not feasible for the same reason, that they are non disposable. But again Swiffer wet pads work great. The wet mopping goes in a strange pattern, kind of reaching out side to side then backing up. The wet mopping is nice every now and then but because of the pads being more expensive, harder to store, more annoying to use, and rendering less performance out of the Braava...It simply isn't sustainable. I've done it very few times.

Other things:

It's not essentially silent like the video would have you believe...But it is certainly not loud at all, I can't hear it when it's running in a room adjacent to me, except for it running into things occasionally. It makes a Roomba sound like a category 5 hurricane fighting an F5 tornado.

On which one to buy, the more expensive one has an extra tracking cube, yes...But due to thresholds in my place it wouldn't be able to really utilize them in different rooms anyway. The more expensive one has the bigger reservoir, which I also wouldn't use because I don't like the wet mopping feature and I like using Swiffer pads more than the ones it comes with...And putting water in there to dispense over a Swiffer pad doesn't make much sense to me...The more expensive one has a much faster recharge...But again this is rarely an issue unless you have a huge place for it to clean and need to recharge it during the day. I run it once during the day then let the 10 hour cycle charge over night. Only time it sucks is when I forget to plug it in at night. The last thing is that the more expensive one has a bigger coverage area...Which does seem to me like the only reason to buy it...For those of you with huge houses.

I haven't run my vacuum in a long time. Just a dust buster to pick up the chunks/crumbs that are too big for it to pick up. My place is much cleaner now. The robot is just such a cool thing too. Interesting to watch it clean sometimes...and it sounds funny but it actually adds some 'life' to my typically 'dead' condo. For $200 bucks the thing has truly been awesome. I would recommend it to everyone.

UPDATE: It's been just over one year and the battery has been obliterated. I started noticing a few weeks ago that it would just be stopped randomly when I got home in a room. Decided to pay more attention. It's the battery. I guess I hadn't noticed it if it was a slow decline, because I only ask of the robot to do my entire place once daily. But at this point it can't clean my whole place anymore without dying. 1 year warranty...I am always skeptical of people with tin foil hats talking about stuff programmed to break after X months/years...But it's an awfully crippling thing happening EXACTLY at 1 year out...I mean I am writing this Dec 15th and I purchased it Dec 8th last year...But again like I said it could have been a slow decline.

But it doesn't matter...New battery is $30 and it's a price I'm very willing to pay to keep the thing going. Still one of the favorite things I have ever purchased.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
4.5 stars

I like the 380t and this one is basically the same unit, but without a reservoir, a somewhat shorter battery life, and about 20% smaller range.

It mops well, but as with its big brother, do a hand mop first for heavy stains. It "vacuums"/wipes well enough also, and covers the floor well. It doesn't get hung up in corners, and finds its way around the room easily. Simple to use out of the package, and you can use various cloths for it if you experiment, meaning you're not married to the proprietary cloths that come with it.

If you have a single apartment with tiles or wood floors, I'd recommend this over the 380, as it's basically the same machine but smaller. If you have a larger house or one huge room, or need wet mopping enough to justify the reservoir, the 380 is a better bet. But I would guess that for most folks the 320 is plenty of robot mopper; just set it in the morning when you go to work and come home to a clean floor. Very nice.

That's the best use and most value this puppy will give you, and for those who hate to mop or sweep, this is a great little unit that will pay for itself in no time at all in saved effort, and that nice feeling of multi-tasking at home while you sit in your office!
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on November 8, 2013
I love this little guy! I charged it for the first time overnight, and this morning, I set it to work on my kitchen floor. I didn't bother with the cleaning pads included but went right to using the Swiffer pads. First I put on the dry Swiffer and let the IRB go. I thought it did spend too much time in one corner, so I picked it up and set it down across the room. That worked pretty well. I also had my hand vac with me and picked up the dust bunnies and chunks that were too big for the IRB. It used up two Swiffer pads. Then I put on a wet Swiffer pad and let the IRB mop the floor. It does a good job, but if there are some stuck-on spots, you will still have to get a rag and work on them by hand. I think the the IRB into my bedroom where I have a hickory floor. It went under the bed and under my husband's chest of drawers which stands up on four feet. It can't get under my dresser because there is not room for it to go under.. It really shined up the floor, and I used only the dry Swiffer pads.

It came out from under the bed festooned with dust bunnies! It's great that it can get under the bed because the bed is king-sized, and there is a lot floor space under there. I used the hand vac to vac the dust critters away from the edges of the IRB while it was running since it does not go very fast. It can tap its way along even curved things. It glides along right against the wall for pretty decent edge clean. It is very gentle when it touches furniture and baseboards. It is a really nice product. I am glad I got it!

The directions aren't very good, but you can figure out how to plug it in and charge it. You have to remove the magnetic Swiffer holder to find the place to plug it in to charge it.

It does hold onto the Swiffer pads really well, too. I have switched to nearly all hard flooring so that the Roomba-type products were not going to be as useful to me. I am glad that there is now a product to clean hard surface floors automatically.
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