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on August 26, 2012
At the time of this writing, the iTP A3 EOS is by far the best value in a high-performance AAA flashlight. Compared to my wife's Fenix E01 small EDC flashlight, this one is smaller and sleeker, more powerful, and has more modes. (The E01, which I also recommend, is a bit cheaper and a lot simpler, which can be a plus for someone who doesn't want a complicated gadget; and while the iTP A3 EOS is quite solidly built and can take a LOT of abuse, the E01 is absolutely bombproof.) Everyone who sees this tiny light covets it.


+ Very good max brightness at 96 lumens, with quite decent throw for a tiny keychain light

+ Mid level is more than bright enough for many everyday uses

+ Low, at 3 lumens, is more than sufficient for reading and finding one's way around in very low light (I didn't think this was possible, but it is true; one's eyes adapt)

+ Good mix of hot spot and spill (the part outside the central hot spot)

+ Thoroughly sensible power modes: low, then medium, then high-- this preserves night vision when first turning it on, if low is all that's needed, and saves power

+ Can be overdriven with a 10440 battery-- rechargeables are available-- to give 200+ lumens (do at your own risk)

+ Lack of worthless strobe modes and other useless frills

+ Robust build and waterproofing (it's really waterproof, not vaguely claimed to be "water resistant"; check youtube videos to see it put through the dishwasher, etc.)

+ Many different colors available-- and even stainless steel and titanium at higher prices (and even a copper version of the older Maratac two-mode version)


- O-rings will wear out eventually due to the twist-on interface, though this can be abated with lubrication
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on January 16, 2012
I have the 80 Lumen version of this light and decided to try this 96 lumen upgraded version. With the same Duracell AAA battery, they're both very bright for such a small light. I can see a small difference when I got outside and light up the side of a neighbor's house between the 80 and 96 lumen lights.
When I use the light in my house, the 16 lumen difference is more noticeable.
One thing I did was change out the AAA Duracell battery in the light for an UltraFire 10440 AAA Li-Ion 3.6V Rechargeable Battery. WOW is all I could say. I heard about changing the battery on a Flashlight forum and it's a great simple change to make this flashlight INCREDIBLE.
From a small 2.5 inch keychain, this light puts out 225-250 lumens (according to candlepowerforums). This light is such an incredible little light.
Some claim that this battery modification will endanger the light. I have seen multiple YouTube videos showing the light on from 10-20 minutes and all have not shown any danger (fire, plastic burning, etc).
I have bought a few more of these lights and given them to my family along with a charger and 10440 type rechargeable 3.6 volt batteries.
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on September 15, 2012
For decades, I've been wanting a light which is small enough for a keychain, uses common rechargeable batteries, never needs a bulb replacement, can be both dim and bright, and provides light for a long time before needing new batteries.

I've finally found it. This is the one.

This light is the length of a tube of chapstick, but thinner. It provides anywhere from 2 lumens to 96 lumens depending on which setting it's on, and it starts with the low setting. The manual claims it lasts 50 hours per charge on low (1.8 lumens), 4 hours on medium (22 lumens), or 55 minutes on high (96 lumens), but I haven't tested it yet. Candlepowerforums measured it at 1 hour, 2.2 hours, and 34 hours (if I recall correctly), at a brightness of 78 lumens, ~25 lumens, and 3.5 lumens. The people at candlepowerforums also claim it can produce about 225 lumens when using a Li-Ion 10440 battery, but I haven't tried that either (they recommend against it since it may burn out the LED due to overheating). I got mine for $20.

With just a single AAA NiMH battery, it out-shines my much-larger CREE Q5 LED flashlight which takes three AAA batteries. However, it is not nearly as bright as my other favorite light, an UltraFire BBQbuy@7w 300lm Mini Cree Led Flashlight, which uses a single AA battery and gets 200+ lumens.


- Small! Is the length of a tube of chapstick, but narrower. Fits nicely on my keychain or in my purse.
- Bright! Shines up to 96 lumens, which is plenty for almost anything less than 100 feet away. (I hear it can do 200+ lumens with a Li-Ion battery, too)
- Uses a standard AAA battery; NiMH rechargeables work great and allow me to use the light as much as I want without worrying about batteries.
- Dimmable: 1.8 lumens, 22 lumens, or 96 lumens. I use the dim setting a lot when I don't want to ruin my night vision or I don't want to wake people up.
- The modes go low -> medium -> high, which is great for avoiding accidental blinding. Only shines brighter if you want it to.
- The light color is solid white -- probably around 5000K, with no visible discoloration at the center or edges like most LED lights.
- Long(ish) battery life, especially on the low setting.
- Includes a clip-on chain. (split ring plus claw attachment)
- Includes a removable, reversible pocket clip. (which I don't use, but it'd be nice for people who want to clip it to the brim of a hat)
- Includes two extra "O" rings for long-term use. I may never need another keychain light again.


- A button might be nicer than twisting on/off, but it's so small there's nowhere to put a button.
- Would be nice if it could focus (but the fixed focus is done well).
- Can't tail-stand.
- The light is waterproof, but the split ring and claw attachment can rust in water.
- At $20 the price isn't bad, but it's more than 3X as much as the 200+ lumen AA-battery light I got for $6. That's the only thing keeping me from buying one for everyone I know.

This light will be going everywhere with me for a long, long time.

Update 2012-10-10:

I did a bit of research and found that the LED in this light is a Cree XP-G R5. This LED is rated for up to 493 lumens at 4.9 watts, so the iTP light is only running at 20% its rated capacity. This is good, since it will extend the LED lifetime, and it means you can cram a lot more power through it if you need extra brightness (and don't mind overheating since there's no heat sink). The XP-G R5 is rated at an efficiency of 141 lumens per watt at 350mA, which is more than twice the XR-E Q5 found in the AA UltraFire light I linked above (rated at 60 lumens per watt). It's also twice the efficiency of fluorescent lights, which is an impressive feat.

Similar lights:

(2013-05) This product has been replaced by a newer model: the Olight i3. The Olight i3 has also been replaced now, by the Olight i3S. The main differences are: the i3 can tail-stand, has a screw-on clip, and hangs askew on a keychain. The i3S can tail-stand, went back to the clip-on clip, hangs a little straighter (but not as straight as the iTP A3), replaced the strobey PWM with current-controlled constant output, and completely changed the output modes -- medium (20lm/10h), high (80lm/1h), moon (0.5lm/120h), in that order. Note that the i3S does *not* have a traditional "low" mode (my favorite mode), and its moon mode is at the end of its sequence (so you'll have to kill your night vision before entering moon mode). I prefer the i3 over the i3S, and I've seen the i3 for as little as $15 sometimes.

For those with more cash, there is another product which may be slightly nicer but it costs nearly twice as much (about $38 vs $20). It's the Fenix LD01 R4. Compared to this light, it's slightly longer... but it can tail-stand, it has better throw, it has longer battery life at similar light levels, and it's current regulated for consistent light output. The Fenix product is only 72 lumens, but CandlePowerForums measured this iTP at only 78 lumens so it's not a big difference. It also comes in a bundle with a cheaper light (E01) for the same price as the light by itself. However, the iTP A3 EOS still seems to be the best in its price range.

For a cheaper option, the Tank007 E09 is a very popular clone of the Fenix LD01 and costs around $13 last I checked.

Or, for an even more expensive alternative ($50 to $70 depending on color), the Klarus Mi-X6 is pretty and can be worn as jewelry. It has nice current-regulated output too, comparable to the Fenix light, but it's more floody and less throwy. Only really useful indoors and up close, and probably good for reading.

But for that price, I'd rather upgrade my primary torch to a Zebralight. The Zebralight H51 is in a similar price range and is far more powerful and versatile. Some have even turned it into a bolo necktie, though it's not as pretty as a Klarus. For ideas, look up "zebralight mods" on candlepowerforums. (the short version is: with a shoelace, a cable lock, a bit of velcro, and a magnet, that light can do almost anything)
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on December 26, 2013
I bought one of these a year ago and it's still going strong. I decided to buy 2 more this year for gifts. I didn't notice that the pictures provided actually show two different versions. The picture in the original packaging shows the original itp light, with the original logo, while one of the other pictures shows "this" model, with the logo on it... Clearly not the original, but a branded knock off of some sort.

Out of the 2 i ordered, only one worked out of the box. Interchanging the head and tailcaps only made both of them not work. I finally got the one to work, kind of. The battery spring was in upside down and the finishing workmanship was so poor on the threaded end that it wouldn't make electrical contact with the light head. Then the light head itself had more poor workmanship and i had to fiddle with it, unscrewing the "guts" in and out of the head until it finally worked, more or less.

Maybe it's only from aimkon, or maybe this is all that's available anymore, as aimkon bills themselves as the US dealer of itp and this is no longer the light to buy. Manufacturing processes change and brands degrade all the time. Is that the case here? I can't answer that. I just know I can't recomend buying the version you get from aimkon.

I also feel it's a bit of false advertising to sell me a product that is branded with a storefront name. I will be avoiding this seller for any future purchases.
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on May 21, 2012
This little flashlight is amazingly bright for its size. Years ago you would have to buy a 3 or 4 cell mag light to get comparable light. The battery life is good, considering it runs on one triple a, but it does use them. On low, I run this all night for my little girls night light. It will last all of one night but not two. Get some rechargables if you will be using it a lot. Also, this is small enough to go in your pocket without being noticeable.

It has a keychain and there is a very small round cylinder, much smaller than the one triple a, that the chain hooks in. You can take the chain off and it will balance to light like a lamp, but it is hard to balance and any jostle sends it down. I'm thinking of grinding this "nipple" off on mine so it will balance better.

Also, the difference between off and the cap being so loose it works it's way off in your pocket is small. I have been carefully to turn it just enough to get the light off but not farther so I have not had it come off but I can see how it might.
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on April 10, 2012
I was looking for a small light to replace my Fenix Ld01 which i carry everyday and i came upon this light. The specs seemed to be great and i like the fact that the mode sequence is different than my fenix, as this one is low med high as opposed to med low high. It does not seem brighter than my fenix as it should be but not a main concern. Build quality is ok the black finish is not that durable and will scratch easily. The pocket clip which i use the most is not strong at all and it has fallen out of my pocket many times already. One con is that this light cannot tail stand.
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on August 22, 2013
This Aimkon version has poor PWM circuitry which puts off an awful strobe effect at the slightest movement. It's really terrible, and really disappointing. The one I bought (shipped from "iTP Light") early in 2013 is still on my keychain, and I still love it. This new version from Aimkon (of which I bought two as gifts) are terrible.

Detailed explanation of PWM with photos:

***** Original review below*****

Love this light. I've been carrying it on my keychain for 6 months now and I use it all the time. (You'd be surprised at how often you need one, once you don't have one.) Speaking of which, I purchased this to replace a Maratac AAA that just stopped working. I sent that one back to be repaired, received the 'repaired' one, that still didn't work.

I also have a Fenix E01 (single aaa), and that one seems like an old, incandescent pen-light (dim) when compared to this one. I'm not bashing Fenix, as the LD20 is my favorite light of all.

The threading is fairly light, so turning it on and off (it's a twisty) and changing modes is easy enough with one hand. Low is plenty for rummaging around. High is surprisingly bright.

Definately recommend!
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on November 16, 2012
These lights are nuts.

A decade ago, I purchased an ARC LS, the first production flashlight to use a 1-watt Luxeon Star LED, one of the the first high power LEDs. Used it extensively and it's still going strong. Not been keeping up with LED developments for the last decade. Did a non-flashlight related search and ended up finding this light. A quick google search showed it to be well-liked, so I ordered one. Hell, it's only $20.

I was not prepared for what I got. It boils down to this: On medium mode, this flashlight produces roughly the same amount of light as my ARC, for roughly the same duration - 2 hours and some change. It's a fraction of the weight of the arc, and the diameter is under half that of the arc. Never mind it costs a fifth of the price.

Feeding time? Rechargeable AAAs, about $2 a pop and charged thousands of times. My old arc needed to use CR123 camera batteries which cost around $3+ per online. Using a battery with a fifth of the capacity, this light puts out as well as my ARC. 5 times more efficient than the ol' ARC.

Oh, and you get a low brightness mode which will work for days, and a high mode that puts out over double the light of the ARC.

Well, I guess that's progress for you.

Quick points:

- Type-III anodizing (coating), should last a long time.
- Seems well sealed, ought to survive dunks with no issue. Came with two spare o-rings.
- Solid build - should take knocks fine.
- Doesn't come with the keychain pictured - I got a little carabiner
- About 50 minutes on high, 2 hours on medium, and days on low w/ eneloop NiMH batteries.
- About the size of my pinky or a tube of chapstick
- Light enough that it's not really noticed on a keychain

Buy 4 of these lights and a pack of 4 lithium AAAs then give them out as gifts. They ought to serve well.

NOTE: These lights needs either lithium AAAs or rechargeable AAAs to work well! Alkaline AAAs will last a very short time on high, and only perform marginally on medium. Eneloops by sanyo are good rechargeables. About $8 for a pack of 4 AAAs, and $10 for a charger.
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on March 9, 2013
I recently ordered this ITP A3 EOS "upgraded version", and was quite impressed, especially since I had also ordered a different light ( that arrived just the day before. This ITP light, even though it is advertised as "just" 96 lumens seems a bit brighter than the UltraFire. Then again, the UltraFire arrived one day earlier, so maybe it's just that the ITP is 'the latest' one :), and I don't have any objective way to measure the light output. However, I do know, for sure, that this ITP light is definitely smaller (about 1/4" shorter) and lighter-in-hand, than the UltraFire.

- ITP has 3 modes, UltraFire has 1 mode
- Comes with small clawhook/type keychain
- Very tiny/very light
- Very bright
- Comes with 2 extra O-rings

- ITP cannot tailstand (there's a small projection where the chain goes that would prevent that)
review image review image review image review image review image
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on April 13, 2013
Over the years I have accumulated a small shoebox of flashlights. Most all still working, just outdated. The smallest of my flashlights is about the size of a 2XAA mini mag, or one of those squeeze lights that use button cell Lith batteries (expensive). I wanted to cut down on the amount of junk I carry on my belt. For example I have a leatherman, a cell phone, and a flashlight. I basically had a "batman" belt. I decided to cut down on some of this and I started with the flashlight. After reading numerous reviews of different lights here on Amazon and on the candle power forums, I settled on this flashlight and I have not regretted the choice.

The LED is very bright and probably does reach the advertised 96 lms. The beam is nice and smooth with no artifacts that I can see. Although I rarely use the high setting, it will throw almost a hundred feet when I do. I like that it uses a single AAA battery which is easy and inexpensive to find. I am using an eneloop NiMh rechargeable in mine and it works great. Battery life is very good and seems to match the advertised specs. It is very easy to operate and step through the three modes. It starts up in low every time and then you step from Low-Med-High by simply twisting the head off and back on again. It came with a nice little chain and a snap type of key ring. I have removed the length of chain and connected the snap ring directly to the flashlight. This makes it shorter to carry on my key ring. It also includes a clip which I don't use. I just wish the clip was reversible so I could wear it on the bill of my hat.

I have to say...I really, really like this flashlight. I must use it twenty times a day. It is so light in my pocket that I hardly notice it. During the day I just snap it onto my key ring and remove it when needed. At night I take it off the key ring and keep it close.

I plan to post a pic shortly, so check it out.

Get this will thank me for it.
review image
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