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VINE VOICEon June 5, 2013
Style: Printer|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The imageCLASS MF8280cw printer is definitely not your average home printer. Unfortunately because the cassette holding only 150 sheets of paper it's not really much of a business printer either.

Make sure you have a friend around to help you move and set up this printer. You're also going to need a sturdy place to put it. At almost 60 pounds and measuring 17" x 19" it's quite a beast and will take up quite a bit of table/desk top real estate.

Print speed, advertized at 14 ppm, is good but not all that fast. Print quality of text is, as are most laser printers, exceptional. Print quality of images on the other hand is poor. I've tried numerous color profiles and settings on board the printer but I haven't been able to achieve color matching that I would even call fair let alone good. Even printing simple pie charts with specific colors (red, green, blue, etc.) set by their decimal numbers the color output was off. Blues are too dark. Yellows are orangeish. Grey areas are blue tinted. I spent an hour or so and used up close to 50 prints trying to get good color output but the best I could get out of the printer was mediocre.

Scan speed is amazingly fast but scan quality of images is only good. Text scanning quality is very good. The highest resolution setting for scanning is 600 DPI which isn't that impressive. It's good for documents and not much else. The biggest annoyance with scanning was every time I wanted to scan something I would have to stop what I was doing, wake the printer up from standby mode, switch to the scan mode and then change the device setting to 'remote scanner' even though the printer is connected to my PC via a USB cable. I found this to be annoying.

Copying is quite fast and accurate. I scanned several invoices and documents and all were square and true with good quality.

I only used the fax feature once but it worked quite well and reasonably quickly.

The ADF tray hold 50 sheets and does a good job of feeding paper. You don't have to sit there and nudge items to get the rollers to grab them.

Wireless setup seems easy and painless although neither of my tablets will see the printer and my PC lacks a wireless card. The printer pulls an IP address from my wireless router but that's as far as I was able to get with testing the wireless capability.

In conclusion... this printer is too large for most home offices and the limited paper capacity makes it cumbersome for all but the smallest of businesses. Currently a replacement set of four toner cartridges for this printer will cost you well over three hundred dollars and with an average of only 1,450 pages per set of cartridges this is rather expensive to run. There are better options out there.
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on November 29, 2013
I bought this because I am done with cheap, flimsy, temperamental inkjet printers. I typically only print about 10 pages a month, but when I need to print something I want it to work without fussing with cleaning printheads or streaking/color fading after a couple of pages. That and the infinitesimal amount of ink that inkjet cartridges hold.

I've had the printer a couple of months--Amazon has since dropped the price about $50 since I bought it. It seems to do everything pretty well. It prints beautifully in full color and while some may complain about the speed not being up to par with some others, it's plenty fast for my needs. The toner cartridges may be a bit skimpy compared to some others too, but they should last me a long time.

-Great prints and good color quality.
-Great scans/copies
-A ton of features in the UI, many that rival large commercial multi-function machines.
-Toner is very easy to access and change
-Cheaper than others in this class
-Seems pretty sturdy--well made.
-Good web interface and fairly intuitive UI.
-USB port for printing directly from media (haven't tried it)
-The document feeder seems pretty resistant to jamming.
-No gigantic, bloated suite of drivers like HP seems to have with all of their printers. I don't need or want 10 icons on my desktop asking me to buy ink, share photos, or market crap to me and don't want tons of background processes sucking up resources for features you use a couple times a year, if at all.

-Small capacity paper tray--not a big deal for me, but I can see how it would run out quickly with commercial use.
-Large footprint and heavy--again, not a big deal--I'd rather have quality over light weight/flimsy.
-Small toner cartridges
-Sometimes after printing it will say that one or more toner cartridges are running low, then show all are okay when I check it. (I have only printed about 50 pages so far with this thing) Every print has been flawless though.
-No SD card slot (I don't personally care)
-No duplex printing (with the model I bought)
-Does seem to fall into the grey area where it's a little too much for most home users but not quite enough for serious commercial use.
-A slight annoyance: I turn the printer off when I'm not using it. When powering back up, the first print I send to it prints pretty quickly, but then the printer does some kind of noisy maintenance on itself that takes about a minute and won't print until it finishes. It only does this once, but does it every time after being turned off for a while.

Overall I'm very happy with this printer so far--it completely meets my needs. Time will tell how well it holds up.

*Added on 3/1: I have now had the printer 3 months and have had zero problems with it. I also wanted to add that I have installed the drivers for Linux on my Linux machine and it prints very well under Linux with no problems installing the drivers or setting anything up.
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on September 17, 2013
Using this in an office environment

Use time: 5 weeks

Pros: Nice color print quality, Moderately good price tag for the offering.

Cons: Toner costs, Slow spool up, and for the Pièce de résistance ...... Paper JAMMING.

Literally, this pretty beastie will jam every 3rd piece of paper. Every TIME !!! Expensive paper, card stock, cheap paper
thin paper, half full tray, full tray, nearly empty tray. I've tried each and every possible combination that could possibly
be thought of, and still 1 of 3 prints will Jam up. Open the back of the printer, take out the paper, get toner all over
hands and shut the lid. Rinse and repeat. Jam, Jam, Jam, Jam Jam, Jam!! I should open a canning company with all this Jam
on my hands.

Other than that, it's great. Curtain close. Dejected, walking away, head held low, heading back to the printer to clear
the paper jam. Still have 40 more copies to coax out of this printer.

***** UPDATE ******
9 months of moderate usage and the issues have nearly cleared up.
At about 6 months into using this printer we we're only getting paper jams every 20 sheets or so. Much improved from the first couple of months
usage. I would say that if you experience this issue, take solace... the frequency of the paper jam will likely reduce over time and usage.
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on August 29, 2013
I didn't REALLY need it to begin with... but let's get to the remorse part. I should have done a bit more research and gotten the 8580Cdw (B00BS6WWVU although I don't really know if it's much better. I like duplexing (print on both sides) and this doesn't have it and can't get it. The machine itself is absolutely a monster, it's huge!

The cartridges for it are tiny and expensive... and tonerrefillkits doesn't have them! By expensive, I mean to say that the 4 cartridges to refill it will cost nearly as much as the printer itself! I'm contemplating making this a landfill monument when the toner runs out!

The paper tray is a bit lacking. Did I mention this thing is HUGE? Roughly 70 lbs!

I do think it makes a nice print though and the scanning abilities are really nice, in fact that's the reason I actually wanted it. I like the ability to print from my Droid tablet, phone, printer, whatever and where ever.
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on September 20, 2014
The print quality is actually quite good. If it were being judged on that alone, it would be 4 stars.

However, it falls short on so many levels, I have to give it 1 star.
The only pro is the print quality, so here go the cons:

1: If you want to use a custom paper size, it will NOT print just from your computer. You have to walk over to the printer, and specify the paper size on the printer itself. It will not read the paper size from the printer properties. You also have to pre-define the paper size on the printer itself.

2: The scanner function does not work over wireless. You have to plug into the USB port in order to use the scanner function.

3: The printer cartridges are expensive (roughly $100.00 per color). It takes 4 cartridges of the usual colors. So, to reload the printer with a full load of fresh ink, you will have to spend $400. It is way too expensive to maintain this printer.

4: This printer loves to throw error messages that make no sense. It is extremely buggy all around.

On a side note: We own a Brother laser b&w printer that still works perfectly after 5 years of use. The ink is reasonably priced. We also have an el-cheapo Brother ink jet printer that works perfectly. Why, why, why can Canon not do the same? They had a potentially great product, but screwed their customers by releasing this printer. I will never again buy a Canon printer.
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on September 2, 2013
This is my first color laser printer for the home office. Using the hardwired USB connection with a 4-port USB switch, not using the WiFi mode as only one workstation is WiFi enabled. Followed the setup instructions, installed the software: took about 2 hours to set up and start printing (half the time spent removing packing tape and toner seals!). Excellent print and copy quality, good print speed. Sends and receives FAXes as well as any unit I've owned. Been using it for 4 weeks, no problems.
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on December 26, 2013
50% of the time it has to "think" for a full minute before printing (and that is wired, not wireless). And I have to turn the printer off and then back on to print at all. If I don't, it will "think" indefinitely. The paper tray only holds 150 sheets, so it is not great for my business needs. The toner seems to run out more quickly than other color lasers I have used. The scanning functionality is terrible. I literally cannot get it to scan at all about half the time.

I initially thought all these issues were computer-related, but after buying a brand new high-dollar desktop PC, it still has the same issues. I am on Amazon tonight looking for a new printer to replace this POS, when I stumbled on this lovely beast of a I decided to give my 2 cents. DO NOT BUY THIS PRINTER.
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on October 11, 2013
Ok, I plan to make an honest review on both pros and cons. Here it is:

-Prints fast
-cartridges aren't as expensive as similar models
-This model is wireless, with a fairly easy set-up process.

-Manual loading tray doesn't take priority. Any other printer I have used where envelops are printed via manual entry have taken priority over the paper tray.
-margins are off and I couldn't change them
-instructions are not clear, paper or on-line
-150 sheet tray
-printer display isn't user friendly

I returned the unit and had to pay for returned shipping. As a result, I feel I should review this product. I would not recommend this unit as a productive piece for an office or home. A unit like this that can't print envelops right, needs to be taken back to the drawing board.
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Style: Printer|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This is a nice 4-in-1 laser printer, that does an good job copying, scanning and printing text in both color and black and white, and a very good job with images. It's crisp and clear - ideal for high quality and professional looking materials.

It's not very fast - does a little bit less than the advertised 14 pages per minute. It can print and copy from either the standard paper tray, or a custom feed slot, in case you want to use specialty paper for a print or copy job. When copying and scanning you can use the flatbed or place a small stack of papers in the tray on top and it will feed them through one by one.

Instructions are clear and easy to follow. It's easy to install the driver with the included disc, and to set up the printer on a wireless network. It's very heavy, but comes well-packed and well-secured with various pieces of tape that you need to remove before plugging it in. It also comes with the toner drums, that are easy to install: just drop them in the appropriately colored slot.

I haven't used the fax (who does anymore?), but the scanner modes work great (even if it is a bit slow) on both images and documents. You can either scan to a computer via a USB cable, to a USB or thumb drive, or directly to the computer wirelessly. (I find that easiest - just enable and run the scanner from my computer.)

As mentioned, it doesn't use ink but toner. I don't quite know how long the toner cartridges will last - they do last a lot longer than standard ink cartridges on an inkjet printer - we used to go through a set of those in a month. Anyhow we've had this for nearly a month and it was the end of the school year so it saw a lot of use, and at least right now the toner cartridges still register as being full.

Overall, it's a very useful printer, ideal for our large family, where we need to print lots of things for school as well as for work - and, at least the latter ones need to look professional. This definitely does the trick.

Concerns: I do wish it were a bit faster; and also it would be nice if it would print double sided. It doesn't - unless you print on one side and then turn the page over. I was surprised it was lacking that feature, given how large and bulky of a printer it is. I've had smaller printers that could do that. It would also be nice if it held more paper. It's got one drawer that holds 150 sheets of standard office paper - less than that if it's thick paper. My only other gripe is that it is rather loud. After a print job, even, it seems to sometimes "process" and it can get quite loud as the motors roll.
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on June 10, 2014
Got this for a MAJOR steal from Amazon. Thanks guys! Best Buy/Office Depot/Office Max want to sell this for close to $200 OVER what I paid here and claim that retail is close to $800! Nothing wrong with rock-bottom pricing. PLUS, this printer/copier/scanner/fax is about FIVE TIMES FASTER than my old crappy HP inkjet and I'm very happy I got rid of that piece of garbage. Laser printers are worth the investment. Yeah, it weighs like sixty pounds and is probably four times larger but this thing is business quality and speed, like a small business printer/copier. Like one step below a business printer/copier with it's own wheels.

This Canon prints mind blowing quality images on plain paper, too. I just printed off some random concept art from Elder Scrolls: Skrim, a couple of high resolution camera pics and the back and front cover of the game guide to Phantasy Star Universe just to test the functionality and all were done on NORMAL paper. They all came out so well (AND FAST, I might add, like five or six seconds from clicking print, WOW) I might just have to frame them and see if anyone can tell they aren't done on photo paper!
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