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on May 16, 2013
The hardware is very good, the printing and copying functions work well. The software install was painless, but you will have to devote some time to proper setup. The major flaw with this printer is that when you scan, you must place your documents in the ADF or flatbed, then hit scan, then select remote scanning, then click OK on the printer's control panel. Once you've done that you have to go to your computer and initiate the scan. Even if you program the dedicated scan buttons, you must navigate thru the control panel of the printer with at least a five step process to get the scan to complete. On my old non-Canon MFC, all I had to do was put my documents into the scanner tray, go to my computer and click the scan button once to get the same results as it takes this Canon 5 or 6 steps to do the same. The work flow is not good, that's really why I gave it three stars.
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on September 8, 2013
The Canon printer is a fantastic piece; it prints, scans, copies, and faxes well. Image quality on it is as good or better as the significantly more expensive Xerox Phaser at my office; the unit is smaller, a little slower (though not much) from cold start, and works well across my relatively complex home/Work-at-Home office.

The software is intuitive for what it's tailored for; a LAN admin in a small office. I have probably 60% of the options configured across the six PCs, two tablets, and two smartphones in the house within a few hours of work. It's not as simple as HP's home software, but it's much more configurable; that comes at a cost of ease. Some people like choices, some people like simplicity. I'm in the former category.

I'm addressing the software first because people seem to have had many gripes on that end. I'm replacing a Konica Minolta color duplexing laser; everyone who complains about the Canon software should step into that camp for a few days. Canon software is a dream by comparison.

On to the hardware; it's larger than I expected and is published. But, where it's at in my office, it's not a problem. It's quiet compared to my previous machine (which sounded like it was grinding rocks, from new.) Not silent, but quiet for what it is. Prints fast, crisp, and quiet. Oddly, the default configuration for printing is lower resolution and single sided; you can fix it, but why on a duplexing printer would you set it up that way?

The scanner is the weakest point; it has decent resolution, it's just slow. I didn't purchase it for that feature, but it's the weakest spot in a great machine. I need a fax for work; it's a good fax machine, and with the G3 specifications, it's a quick machine for that.

Durability is the only long term question mark, but it appears well built and solid. If it lasts as long as the printer I'm replacing (a 2003 Konica-Minolta 2430DL), I'll be delighted. Consumable costs are in line with it's peers, and my predecessor machines. People who complain about it haven't owned a printer in this class before.

Don't hesitate if you're looking for a SO/HO printer; this had the best specs, and performs at or better than I expected in all the categories.
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on June 24, 2013
Purchased this printer to replace a overworked inkjet. Prints and scans great. Setup was quick (by our it guy). Love how it scans and prints double sided.

We just replaced our first printer cartridge, black, at approximately 800 pages black and white and 1300 color (mixed color). The black cartridge lasted about a month after the printer said it needed to be replaced. I don't know if this is typical, but with the cost of cartridges it is worth noting.
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on November 14, 2013
We bought two of these printers a couple of months ago. We print about a ream of paper every 1 to 3 days on each printer.
Overall, this printer/copier/fax is a great unit. But we have several small nit-picky issues with it.
1) Printing two sided is SLOW!
2) The printer -- right out of the box, defaults to two-sided printing. I guess that's about saving trees, but its a pain to have to adjust that on every user's computer (because it takes admin rights to change the default [i.e., they can't do it themselves] ).
3) The Canon branded toner is EXPENSIVE!! This printer will take the HP 304A cartridges at half the price of the CANON branded cartridges. Nice price mark-up there, Canon!
4) The printers' toner levels on the configuration web page show "Ok" until the cartridge is essentially empty. Each printer is used by a dozen people. When the configuration web page shows the cartridges as being "Low", the printer will stop printing before we can get replacement toner delivered the next day.
5) The printer frequently hangs, requiring somebody to recycle power on the printer.
6) Scanning to a remote computer is nice when it works. I've got multiple Canon printers installed, in different parts of 3 buildings. Open the Toolbox and try to configure where a particular scan setting goes (Tiff, PDF, etc). The first 5 tries, it won't be the right scanner that you're trying to scan from. UGH.
[UPDATE 12/16/2013]
7) Scanning to a remote computer: when the document feeder jams, you cannot press reset or back or menu or anything else and exit from the printer's "help screen for clearing the jam". Every single time, I've had to turn the unit off and then back on to try again. UGH # 2.
8) This printer is a network printer. Yet sometimes if the OS on the remote computer (during scanning) loses its connectivity to a network destination, then the printer cannot access the network location either. Usually, its a problem with Windows dropping the connection. But the network printer should still be able to write the scan output to the destination. It cannot.

Any printer that costs around $500 and then another $500 for toner, should handle office usage better.
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on December 2, 2013
Scanning is just abysmal. I've spent hours - and I'm not kidding - trying to get this thing to work with my Mac (latest Mac Book Pro Retina with Mavericks.) I've downloaded the latest drivers, reinstalled software, tried everything. It just doesn't work. Setup seems to be a breeze once you unpack this thing and for basic printing it is.

As other reviewers have said, there does not appear to be a way to scan with just one device. If you scan from the MF you have to go to the PC to click something (who knows what, it may work, it may not...) to get the scan to complete. If you scan from the PC you have to navigate menus on the MF to get the scan to work. THIS IS MADDENING. I've ***never*** gotten the document feeder to work with scanning. This is unfortunate because it's one of the primary reasons I settled on this unit. It works some of the time (rarely - and doing the same steps I did the last time it worked), other times just does nothing but give you very unhelpful error messages. Support is non-existent. Following the exact steps outlined in the manual or online to get the scanner to work will just make you scream in unrelenting agony.

I don't think they ever tested or used it with a recent Mac. If you do get this printer for your Mac the easiest thing to do is keep a USB thumb drive around solely to transfer scans between your device and PC. It's much faster though incredibly annoying.

Do NOT waste your time or money on this thing if you are a Mac user and are the least bit interested in scanning functionality. Please.
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on September 22, 2014
I FINALLY figured out my problems with this printer. The problems were driving me insane and to the point of absolutely hating this printer.. Of course, it was a combo of idiot end-user (me) and pretty stupid default settings (h8 u, Canon). I thought I'd just throw this out there, in case anyone else was having the same problems.. With these problems fixed, I am VERY VERY happy with this printer!!

First, besides these 2 issues, the printer has printed just fine. The prints are great, the scanning I do (which is only to a USB flash drive) works great. I can't complain when the printer WORKS. And I finally have it working consistently! So I'm giving it 4 stars, I guess..? Maybe I should give it 3 stars because it might be a pain to get it set up right. Before I figured these 2 problems out, I would have given this thing 1 star because it was just a pain in my butt. But now that I've lost a few years of my life due to stress and who knows how much hair (thanks for the trichotillomania, Canon..), I'm on the path to some degree of recovery..

On to the problems and solutions:

1) Non-responsive Printer, when printing over the network:
Problem: I turn the printer on, and I can print immediately. Then a short time later, the printer is no longer responsive, and I must turn on/off the printer to be able to print to it again. Note: this is printing over the network only. I can walk over to the printer, and do whatever AT the printer, and it is fine. I THOUGHT this was a problem with the printer not wanting to respond once it went into sleep mode, etc, or maybe how it was set up on my network (I figure most people are using this wirelessly, and I have it wired..). It was driving me crazy. I could log into the RemoteUI and change settings on the actual printer, but I could NOT print without turning on/off the printer. I thought it was a junky frikkin' printer with horrible firmware problems.. Well, I was wrong.

Solution: There is a setting called "Auto Offline Time"... And the DEFAULT (at least on MY printer) is set to "5". Which is 5 minutes. Which means, after 5 minutes, the printer will STOP paying attention to network activity!!!! WHAT!!! I guess you can call me an idiot for not finding this setting earlier (I've now had this printer for 10 months.. I don't print often, so I hadn't thrown it out yet), but WHY ON EARTH would a network printer even have an OFFLINE timeout and a DEFAULT of 5 minutes?? I had no idea I should be looking for such a setting. Setting this value to ZERO disables the timeout, so the printer will actually work as a network printer. YES!!! I am VERY VERY happy now! The printer can be in sleep (power save?) mode, and I can print to it, and it will still print. THIS is what I've been wanting!!

If you're having this problem, go into the settings and see if this value is not zero. On the printer, press "Menu", select "Timer Settings", and select "Auto Offline Time". You can also see/change this value through the RemoteUI (the web interface) by going to "System/Registration" page, then selecting "Timer Settings".

2) Unable to connect to server (firmware updates) / CloudPrint problems
Problem: When I initially set up my printer, I set up CloudPrinting. It worked! Cool! Then all of a sudden, it stopped working.. EVERY time I turned my printer on, I'd get this "ERROR" warning, with a red blinking light on the printer.. Also, if I tried to update firmware over the internet, I'd get an "Unable to connect to server" error message.. AAAH!!! NOTHING is wrong!! I could print to the printer over the network, I could administer the printer, but it would FAIL whenever it tried to call out to something in the internets (canon firmware server, google's cloudprint..)

Solution: Do not use manually assigned / static IP on the printer... I had set the printer up with a static IP, so I could connect to it with RemoteUI. Well, the printer doesn't like that, I guess.. I randomly tried using DHCP (the printer requests an IP from my router) and that FIXED the problem. Cloud Print works again, and checking for firmware tells me I'm up to date (I just updated the firmware a week ago, so I AM up to date). Note: I have my printer wired into the network, rather than using the wireless feature. I have no idea if they behave differently. Soo, now I have my router assigning the printer a specific IP address, and that does the same thing for me as a static IP.

The end of my problems. FINALLY this printer is doing what I wanted from it.. Any-time network printing, and being able to print from anywhere, and allowing anyone with a chromebook / chrome-anything to easily print at my house.

One other annoyance: Going to the RemoteUI, there's no admin login.. You just select Admin, and log right in.. I wanted that protected, since I have the printer online all the time. However, when you set this login info, it ALSO turns on the ADMIN login ON the physical printer. So if you want to change settings from the Printer, you need to login there, too. Really?? I can't turn one on, and disable the other? It's not like the printer is at an office and random people will mess with the printer settings, haha. I really wish this could be disabled.. (maybe it can, and I just haven't found the option yet..)
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on July 20, 2014
This is my first review on Amazon. I felt the need to write this review because I saw so many complaints about using this printer with Mac OSX. I can tell you that this printer is 100% compatible, both printer and scanner. I had zero issues getting this printer working with my Mac. People: read the freaking manual!

First, go to Canons website and download the latest printer driver AND the MF Toolbox. These downloads contain an "e-guide" that will walk you through the whole process. Install the printer driver and then follow the E-Guide to add the printer. It's almost the same process for the MF toolbox. Follow the instructions closely and you will be up and going in no time. To all the folks that say it is hard to setup: you are right, it isn't Apple easy. But, it isn't rocket science either. It's a small office, feature rich, network printer: if you are really struggling, call a friend or family member who knows how to spell TCP/IP to help you. Why do people expect the software to magically set the printer up for your particular environment?

Also, to all the people who complain about the scanner: what exactly is the problem? No matter what kind of scanner you buy, you physically must walk over to the scanner to place your originals into the scanner, then you must physically walk back to your computer to initiate the scan. Therefore, you are physically going to be both at the scanner and the computer to complete a scan job. Why is it a problem that you must press a few buttons on the device to put it in the correct scanning mode? Get over it.

And if you want to, you can send the scan to your Mac/PC without ever leaving the scanner. I was able to walk over to the machine, insert my originals in the ADF, press the scan to PC button, wait for it to finish, choose "send to pc" to finish the job, and done! I had a scanned document on my Mac in my pictures folder.

It prints great, scans great, auto-duplex works as advertised. I wish AirPrint from my iPhones and iPads offered a monochrome only option to save on color when I don't need it. Scan to email works, but if you want to get it to work with something like Gmail as the email server, prepare to work at it. You will need to log in to the printer from the remote UI (via HTTP) and set up the printer's SMTP port to match google's (597) and then setup the email settings. Here is how you would do it:

Network Settings -> TCP/IP Settings
Port Number Settings
SMTP: 587

E-Mail Settings
SMTP Server Address:
E-Mail Address:

Authentication/Encryption Settings
Use POP Authentication Before Sending: Off
Use SMTP Authentication: On
User Name:
Password: Set.
Use SSL: On
Confirm Certificate for SMTP Sending: Off

Hope that helps folks who are concerned about buying this unit and have a Mac.
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on July 14, 2014
When we decided to get a color laser for home use, we wanted a multifunction with duplex and narrowed it down to the Brother MFC-9340CDW and the Canon MF8580CDW. We have experience with both brands, having used a Canon MF4890DW (black-and-white laser) and a Brother MFC-9320CW (color laser) in our office. We went to the local office supply store and ran some print and copy tests between both models.

I am surprised so many MFC-9340CDW reviewers are happy with the color quality because the printouts actually seem a step below even our older MFC-9320CW. Color prints from the Brother MFC-9340CDW looked dull and faded, with noticeable banding and striations, regardless of any adjustments I made to the settings. When I made my first test color copy from the Canon, my jaw just dropped! The color was gorgeous, deep, and vibrant (no banding or striations)! The difference in color quality is completely obvious between the Brother MFC-9340CDW and Canon MF8580CDW and is like comparing a newspaper color ad to a store's weekly ad (such as from Staples or Best Buy) -- the color difference is that noticeable.

It was still difficult to ignore the Brother's lower toner costs. A set of Brother-branded toner is about $200, whereas a set of Canon toner is $400 (as much as the MF8580CDW itself!). However, when you factor in the fact that the Brother will also need a belt unit, waste toner unit, and drum(s) replaced at some point (which we've replaced with our office Brother printer), then the cost per page is actually not much lower than the Canon MF8580CDW. You don't have to replace the drum on the Canon because these components are incorporated into the toner unit and that's why the toner costs more to begin with. Based on my calculations, the real-world cost per page of the Brother is still 15-20% lower than the Canon, but the Canon has so much better image and color quality. Many are aware of cheaper toner options, but I don't want to risk damaging a color laser printer. Compatible toner seemed to work fine for our Brother black-and-white laser, but non-Brother toner made a complete mess inside our MFC-9320CW in the past and the machine almost refused to work anymore until we installed Brother-branded toner. Therefore, I'm basing costs on OEM-branded toner for the Brother MFC-9340CDW and Canon MF8580CDW.

If I didn't know any better, and I never saw the Canon output, then I would find the Brother color quality acceptable. But seeing the difference with my own eyes, I just knew we would be happier with the Canon MF8580CDW and have zero regrets.

Wireless setup with the Canon was a breeze and remote scanning works perfectly from our Windows 7 laptops. We don't need the fax feature and just use for free faxes. The unit is pretty heavy and takes up a decent amount of space, especially since you want to make sure there's a foot-or-so of space in front of the printer (for paper loading) and also behind the printer (in case you need to remove a paper jam). We haven't experienced any paper jams yet, though. I like that the output tray is large and flat so printouts don't spill out onto the floor . The control panel and physical menu buttons are clear, intuitive, and preferred over the Brother touchscreen that may stop working in the future.

I know I sound very anti-Brother in this review. Actually, we've been very happy with our previous Brother black-and-white laser (MFC-7420) in our office and also purchased a Brother HL2280DW black-and-white laser for my parents. When it comes to a COLOR laser though, we are much happier with the Canon MF8580CDW.
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on May 17, 2014
Ok, so 7 years ago I purchased a Canon Image Class MF4100. It has served it's duty flawlessly since then. I've replaced my computers 3-4 times since then, but the printer/scanner/fax has performed without a glitch. So based on that, when it came time to replace my large commercial copier (Ricoh Aficio 1022), naturally I looked to Canon.
Yesterday I set up the MF8580cdw in my office. Set up was easy. Didn't have the time to read through the manual completely, so I called their US based tech support number. My call was answered immediately, without being placed on hold. Gentleman I spoke to knew more about his machine than I ever expected. Even gave me some tips for day to day settings to make my life a lot easier. Color printing & scanning is awesome. Wireless feature is also amazing an easy as pie o set up. I can put my legal paper (albeit a small supply) in the handy Multi purpose paper tray, while keeping my letter sized paper supply in the tray.

So far, my only critique is the speed of the scanner if using wirelessly. It was painfully slow (maybe 2 pgs/minute). Then tech guy said to change settings to black/white instead of color. His helped some, but still no where near enough to make me keep it. At this point, I was ready to return it, however he also told me to go buy a USB cable and try that first, but not to exceed the manufacturer s recommended length of 6 feet. So I picked one up (with gold plated connectors or faster speed), reconfigured for he wired connection and.....WHOA!! Much, much better. He had told me the wired connection would improve speed by 10x, but I think it's more like 100x. Very fast scanning now and quite comparable to my $3000 commercial Ricoh I replaced (except now I can print in color!)

One more thing, the toner cartridges it comes with are "starter" cartridges, so they'll run out sooner. I bought an entire set of 4 here on Amazon for under $100. I'll report back later as to how those worked. Another note on the cartridges...unlike other manufacturers where all you're replacing is the toner, with Canon you replace the toner, the drum & the fuser each time. So that means almost no maintenance since all the parts that need regular replacement are done so at the same time. I think that was brilliant (recalls having replaced all those parts in my Ricoh over the past few months).

All in all, very satisfied with my new machine and although I have to scan with a wired connection, was happy to find out that I can still print wirelessly.
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on March 10, 2015
My hesitancy to write a review is matched only by my dislike for this printer.

First the good: the print quality, when it works, is amazing. The colors are great and solid and the blacks are super black. I have nothing bad to say about the output (when it works) (which is about 40% of the time).

Now the bad: You can not do anything exclusively from your computer. You are forced to constantly go to the machine and fiddle with its settings to accomplish the most basic of things. Scanning in particular requires a lot of back and forth and tweaking of settings. At least for me. Perhaps there's something I'm missing here but tech support and their online boards have not provided any workable suggestions.

Also, after a month I ran out of black starter toner. When I replaced it with an OEM cartridge, the machine started freaking out and printing crazy pages. I thought it was the cartridge, so I bought another one, but the problem persisted. The printer randomly won't print some elements on the page, or prints things using random colors, or both. Even B&W documents sometimes come out in different colors, or only prints the outlines of objects on the pages and no fills... It's kinda nuts and not repeatable.

I posted a question about it on their forums and got no help.I called tech support and jumped through a bunch of hoops I already jumped through (performing maintenance things, updating firmware, etc.) but nothing solved my issue.

I am now faced with dragging this rather large unit to a repair center. I have no idea how long it will take to repair and how long my business will have to live without a printer. I'd return it and get something more reliable if I could, but it's too late.

The only reason I didn't give it one star is because, like I said, the output quality is excellent.
review image
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