Can the images be copied to a dvd and then played back on a dvd player? If the camera stops working, I would like a way to still view the pictures.
asked by Mike L. Kuhl on July 2, 2012
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You can copy the files to a DvD as though it were a CD with files on it, and then open the files you stored on the DvD disk just like you would open the files form a hard drive - not with a DvD player. You have to have mpo compatible software. Iif you convert to DvD format in the process of recording, you'll lose. answered on February 26, 2013

the pics are mpo files (2 jpgs together) just copy the files to your hard drive for later viewing on a pc (3d enabled) or a panasonic plasma , just copy your mpo files to a stick and put it in the tv for viewing... if you have a ps3 it supports mpo files natively as well.
John Hillestad answered on December 4, 2012
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