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on March 21, 2014
Like many of you, I purchased a PS4 on release day and have played through all the major PS4 titles (Killzone, Assassin's Creed: Black Flag, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Battlefield 4, Thief, Tomb Raider) and we've been waiting for that true next-generation game which we were promised. I must say, inFAMOUS: Second Son is that game and is simply phenomenal and blows all others away in graphics and over-all gameplay.

On a personal note, I played through the game with good karma as well as playing through a second time on expert difficulty on evil karma. I have the Platinum trophy. Great game, very fun. If anyone needs any tips, please don't hesitate to message me or add me as a PSN friend.

What They did Right!
+ Amazing graphics! Smooth, crisp and very Detailed. Great use of the PS4 potential.
+ Very fun open-world Gameplay. Lots to do an see, plenty of exploration.
+ Very good character voice acting and story building. You really get into the characters.
+ Solid story with characters you learn to love, or hate. Different path or story outcome depending if you play to be a hero or be evil (I've completed the game twice, once for each karma path).
+ Fun and rewarding ways to earn and upgrade new powers. There is Smoke, Neon, Video and Concrete. Each with different uses and capabilities depending on what you're doing.
+ The city of Seattle has changing weather, rain which cause fog and puddles. Very real feeling environment.

- A.I. is basic, almost the same as in past games. I expected a little more at times throughout the gameplay. Over-all, you take away the amazing graphics and you have a basic game with some fun powers.
- Sometimes frustrating when you're trying to suck power from smoke, neon, video... and you keep getting shot and interrupting you regaining some of your power. At times, you cannot leave the area to get out of the line of fire as you're playing a mission. Sometimes can be frustrating.
- Over-all the game didn't feel as long as the past two games. Sure there is a lot to do and plenty to explore, however I found every single shard and completed ever single side mission and it still did not take up as much time as past games. Still, ate a big chunk of time and was quite enjoyable to play through multiple times.
- As in past games, you sometimes accidently walk into a mess of bad guys and die, then will be ported back to the nearest checkpoint, which may be 10 blocks away. As the game is huge, sometimes when you go back to the nearest checkpoint it takes time to find where you just were. The good news is anything you accomplished (shard collection, drug bust, other side mission) will be saved when you die and go back to the checkpoint.

The graphics are amazingly detailed and very smooth. Eye poppingly crisp with lively colors. The control is perfect and the voice acting is some of the best I have ever witnessed. It is clear they put a lot of time and effort into this game and it was well worth the wait. They made good use of the power of the PS4 while also utilizing the PS4 controller speaker and touchpad. The story and attention to character building is great. It is a completely new story with all new characters, just as we suspected. Though there is mention of Empire City and you'll see some familiar faces as you progress though the game. Very fresh feeling gameplay with lots to offer and plenty to do and explore. This is a very open-world game and every block of the city has lots to do and explore.

There are new and improved powers and abilities and new interesting ways to upgrade your abilities. You start off with utilizing smoke as an energy source instead of electricity as in previous games. Then you "earn" neon, which is nothing short of amazingly beautiful at night, taking neon energy from the neon lights around the city. You also earn more and different powers as you progress through the game like video & concrete. The powers are very different and are a lot of fun to use in different situations. This is a completely new gaming experience as compared to the two previous inFAMOUS titles. The in-game clips are directed like movies and the cut scenes are cool and artsy, similar to previous games. You can jump, climb, hover, push or run up walls, and even quickly swoop through vents in buildings to get to the roof or new areas, depending on what powers you have. It's very well designed and thought out. So much fun to play. You quickly can choose your karma by progressively doing good or bad. You can be a hero or a villain, good or evil.

Some of your enemies also have abilities which make the gameplay more challenging. The city of Seattle is huge and there is so much to explore and see. I've played through twice, good and evil karma as well as completing all side missions earning me the Platinum Trophy. The game is very fun and for those Platinum Trophy hunters out there you won't be disappointed and you'll have a blast. Very fun game to take your time with, play and enjoy.

Highly recommended for any PS4 owner. The first true graphically next-gen game.

PSN: adrielaugust

- There was a day-one patch to correct some minor issues, add about 5 hours of gameplay and some other minor additions.

- Also, there is a new patch mid-April which brings photo mode, disable the HUD, change the time of day as well as a few game fixes.
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VINE VOICEon March 21, 2014
After playing the game, it was 100% worth the 4 month wait. The game is super polished and plays like a dream. I am not a big fan of take cover, wait for the enemy to reload and shoot kind of guy. It was fun the first time and then too many shooters copied to death. Infamous Second Son solves it brilliantly. Your shield is the ability to move and dash. You can dash, jump, up in the air, across the enemy to escape from bullets. You move, keep moving and move fluidly all the time. You can just zip on the walls and reach heights in seconds and no need to worry about sticky platforming etc. Every single mechanic works perfectly and I am sure will copied on the future games. Absolute visual stunner, every puddle, street light is rendered meticulously.

All of the AI and NPCs are mo-caped. Every expression including sadness can simply be felt without the character saying a word. Combat elements are very well thought out. It will require you to change the powers to handle AI effectively. Even with in a group, smoke helps with close combat while neon and other powers help in shooting down enimies far apart. Makes it for a dynamic and fun fights, with lots of re-playability.

Also there is a 5+ hr extra content available for free. Sucker punch is going all out, and it is the best that has come out on PS4.

This is the 'THE' most prettiest game released so far on PS4. Best part is it's dynamic lighting. It creates a vibrant as well as moody atmosphere depending on the time of day. Now that main character has 4 powers, particle effects are crazy. Neon effects during night are un-rivaled in games. Neon reflects on every thing and trails while dashing and moving are there just to hypnotize gamers. It is a true eye candy game.

The game pace is fast, and fast I mean super fast.. After brunout 3, this is the game where every a movement is blinding fast. Climbing to the top of a building feels astonishingly fast like wise chasing AI or dashing across levels to avoid bullets are all so satisfying. Controls are silky smooth, encourages the player to move fast. Any thing and every thing is a zoom and dash. Makes it easy for any one and every one to fall in love with Seattle
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on March 21, 2014
The game isn't perfect, but if you are looking for something that screams next gen, this is the game to get. Absolutely, the most impressive game as of this writing. No seriously, it's really beautiful, not in a bland I own a $2000 PC and can turn Cyrsis up to max settings "beautiful" either. The colors and art direction in the title are simply amazing, and this is what 5 months into PS4's launch!? Just imagine what the Naughty Dogs are going to do in the next Uncharted. Or how The Order is going to play with tighter, smaller areas...goodness gracious, graphics aren't everything, but they really make this trip back to Infamous an amazing one.

I'm not sure it eclipses the 1st, which is my favorite, but first impressions are it's getting there...will update once I beat it. Difficulty can get challenging on harder levels, low dexterity players (Adam Sessler -_-) beware, it isn't a cake-walk of a game, but isn't as challenging as a Capcom's DMC series either. Being in such a big open world, it does make you want the game to be more fleshed out like GTA in some ways. You want to get in the car, go for a swim, ride bikes, go inside buildings and interact with TV/Dress room etc...Because we've been exposed to it, it's natural to want every game to emulate some of those fun aspects. But to be fair to Sucker Punch (the dev behind the game) GTA is made by a developer team of 900 odd people, Infamous a little over 100 I believe. What this "relatively" small team has accomplished is nothing short of amazing, and this is pretty much guaranteed to be a franchise going forward. They will iterate and reiterate on gameplay/graphics and improve the formula even more. I think going for a GTA level of interaction might do well for the series. Would be fun if Delsin could go indoors and play dress us, drink alcohol and watch "cable TV" but I'll leave the imagination up to sucker punch.

Game will easily hit a million units, congrats to Sucker Punch for releasing PS4's first big game.

Ok...a good 7 hours into the game now, and yes, it surpasses the first two for me. The best Infamous game so far, but if you played previous entries be warned, this is not a cover-shooter anymore! Each power feels unique and are more and more visually appealing. Game offers reputability with good/evil, tbh though, I don't care for playing evil and you really have to be "Evil" with some of the things you do lol, should offer a nice reason to get through it twice though. Can't wait to see where the team goes next, but I think Sucker Punch is on the rise this generation. They have there feet wet with PS4, and have produced the most visually appealing next-gen game so far. Whatever they do in 2016, I think we're in for a real treat. I think Sony has another franchise under the belt with this one. Really really fun experience, ironically polar opposite to the other big game (TF) this month. Xbox has the MP hit, Sony the SP hit. Good times for gamers!
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on March 21, 2014
Listen, I know it's probably some payback for the fanboys who did the same thing with Titanfall, but the creators of these games don't deserve to have their work tarnished because of pointless console war nonsense.

Infamous: Second Son is, quite frankly, the best Infamous game and, in my humble opinion, the most impressive looking current generation game. While the case can be made for both Ryse and Killzone: Shadow Fall's graphics, Infamous: Second Son looks just as good, at least in my opinion, and it's a nonlinear open world, making it all the more impressive. For example, the lighting effects, reflections, rain textures, etc. are absolutely stunning.

As for the gameplay, it's as good as ever. More smooth and fluid than both Infamous and Infamous 2, Infamous: Second Son rarely disappoints in the play department. You may get an odd animation quirk every once in a while, but it's really no big deal.

And lastly, the presentation is absolutely top notch. From facial animation, to lip sync, to voice acting, to storytelling, to just about everything on display in the detailed cutscenes, Infamous: Second Son is the biggest step that Sucker Punch Productions has taken with the Infamous series.

So for a quick rundown:

Best In Class Graphics
Great Characters & Story
Top Notch Gameplay

So to come back around, settle down fanboys on both sides. Just enjoy your console of choice, or both, and let the other side enjoy theirs.
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on March 21, 2014
I platinumed the first two Infamous games and I was really looking forward to this game. Now, I usually don't do reviews on games before I finish them, but this game has blown me away so far. One of the best looking games on the PS4 so far. The packaging of this game is really high quality, as it features a shiny foil cover and even reversible artwork. This version includes DLC for Cole's Legacy.

The powers that you get are so freakin' cool, especially the third power you get (I won't spoil it!). Great story and great characters, I like Delsin a lot more than Cole. I'm also glad that there is no tacked on multiplayer, this is 100% singleplayer, which is absolutely fine with me.

If you own a PS4, this is a must-buy!
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on March 21, 2014
Sucker Punch has once again created the ultimate super-hero fantasy with a gorgeous city to play in. The traversal is even better than in previous games and the new powers are awesome. If you are a fan of the others, don't hesitate to buy.
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on March 21, 2014
I am coming from the xbox 360 last generation and went to the PS4 this gen, I mention this just to point out that I have never played the previous Infamous games... this is the first one. Even without the background of the previous games I am finding this to be a very enjoyable. The story has already grabbed me, and normally I don't care about that much in a game. The game looks great, is a ton of fun and runs very smoothly. I highly recommend this game.
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on March 24, 2014
- Fluid controls and graphics that allow the player to not only easily navigate the cities landscape, but also maintain the enjoyment of an open world environment.
- City scale is appropriate to the game and I find myself traveling much less between main/side missions compared to its predecessors.
- A game that takes enough of old game play elements to feel like 'inFamous' but at the same time changing enough to make it a completely separate game.

- Main story line can easily be gone through in under 15 hours if you rush it (please don't).
- Your decisions do not seem AS 'evil' or AS 'good'. The morality system could have been a bit more integrated into the story.

- Character't can not take as much as a beating. Some may or may not enjoy as much.
- Story and character development is deep enough for my tastes.

Knocked down a star for its relative short game play and lack of a more integrated morality system that could of had the potential to really make one's action affect the story line more.
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on March 21, 2014
Right to the point:

+ nice looking visuals (does not beat Killzone though)
+ engaging plot and setting
+ cool music and hollywood style humor
+ cinematics are almost life-like
+ gameplay mechanics are spot on
+ nice usage of the PS4 controller to output some of the in-game sound effects
+ intuitive use of the touch pad to perform some of the in-game actions like absorbing smoke

Luckily for me I only paid $9 for it, the rest came from a gift card so it was money well spent to kill the little time I have left.
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on April 7, 2014
I bought the PS4 system solely to get this game. Infamous 2 is one of my all-time favorites, so the newest installment was a must-have for me. Unfortunately, it let me down on a number of levels.

I will say the game looks beautiful. The graphics engine on the PS4 is put to good use with Second Son. The detail on the buildings, the ground, the lone, stray leaves flitting through the air, and the characters' expressive faces is beautifully rendered.

What is lacking is story and gameplay. Infamous 2 had this vast, cosmic sense of scope as Cole went off in search of his destiny. The city of New Marais was drenched in Southern Gothic atmosphere, and it was this rich, fantastic, variegated environment where the fate of the world was decided. The emotions were immediate and intense, with a powerful payoff at the end, no matter which version you played. Seattle just doesn't have that rich atmosphere. The stakes are important, but hardly the world-shattering implications of Cole facing off against the AntiChrist-like Beast.

Also, there is nothing in the story of Second Son that in any way advances the mythology of the series. No mention of ray spheres, the First Sons, ray field inhibitors, blast shards, blast cores, power transfer devices, nothing that was so central to the story of the previous games. It could be any superhero game. Other than the cutesy little inside references (inPHOmous noodle houses, Cole McG's Electronic stores), you would hardly know this was an inFamous game at all.

So far I have only played good Karma, but in inFamous 2, you got two completely different games depending on which Karma you played. I have heard other reviewers state that this is not so much the case in Second Son, but I haven't yet verified it for myself.

Then there is gameplay. You are primarily confined to fighting faceless guys with guns. Both inFamous and inFamous 2 were filled with monsters, robotic enemies, rogue Conduits, and many other villains to battle. Second Son basically has Augustine and a brief, weird interlude inside a video game where you fight a giant angel. Your powers are also more limited in Second Son. Yes, you have four kinds of powers, more variety than before, but they are all basically point and shoot style powers. There are no awe-inspiring feats that rain down destruction, like Ionic Storm or Ionic Vortex. Instead you have these Karmic Bombs that build up after you perform six or seven good or bad (depending on your karma) takedowns. The problem is, the bad guys mostly come in groups of six or seven, so by the time you have built up a Karmic Bomb, there is no one left to use it on.

As others have mentioned, there is also the length of the game. Simply too short. I finished this in two nights. There hasn't been a game this criminally short since The Force Unleashed II.

All in all, Second Son is not a bad game, but it by no means lives up to the standards set by the inFamous series. If I were a cynic, I would say this was created as a cash grab to capitalize on a popular series and help push a new gaming platform.
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