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on July 20, 2011
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The first thing you notice about the SoloPRO is that it's big and heavy. The SoloPRO encases a 1, 1.5 or 2TB SATA drive inside of 15lbs of ceramic and steel that is 5" wide, 7.1" high and 11" long. That enclosure gives you storage that is crush resistant, able to survive temperatures of up to 1550 degrees for 30 minutes, and waterproof for 72 hours at 10 feet under.

ioSafe sent us the eSATA version of the SoloPRO which starts with a relatively Spartan exterior. Aside from some blue LEDs and strategically placed vents in the steel case, the unit is all business. The back of the SoloPRO has a small cooling fan above a single panel that houses the 12 volt power plug, a USB 2.0 connector, the power switch and an eSATA port.

Using the unit is as simple as plugging in power and connecting it to your computer via eSATA or USB. Our tests showed that the USB port topped out at 27.59MB/s while eSATA was able to hit 63.12 MB/s, more than twice the performance of the previous Solo. These numbers say two things: First, you're definitely going to want to use eSATA or USB 3.0 as your link. Second, the SoloPRO is now fast enough to use as a primary work drive.

Performance is nice, but the SoloPRO is first and foremost built to be a disaster proof. In this respect, the SoloPRO uses the same technologies pioneered by the Solo, starting with the outer shell. The two interlocking pieces resist crushing, puncture, slashing and shearing damage to the internal components.

Inside the shell you'll find ioSafe's proprietary DataCast endothermic protection: a porous ceramic that traps water within an emulsion that ablates during high temperature events. Physics 101 tells us that as long as there is still water in the ceramic, the hard drive within stays below 200 degrees and will remain a hard drive, instead of a charred lump of molten metal and glass.

Carved into the DataCast are flow channels that allow air to circulate through the unit during normal operation, keeping the drive and supporting electronics cool. In a fire these flow channels are kept clear of smoke and fire by the steam venting from the ablating ceramic. It's an ingenious system that has no moving parts that fail or get stuck.

The last line of protection is the HydroSafe vapor barrier. ioSafe vacuum seals the hard drive in an airtight/watertight bag that allows it to survive moisture, high-pressure steam, smoke and immersion while also allowing the drive to be cooled by air coming through the flow channels.

All of these technological innovations have allowed ioSafe to create a product that survives the unthinkable. They've dunked it in a pool, cooked it in a burn box, blasted it with a fire hose, dropped it from 20 feet and run over it with a tractor. However, the real testament to the design is that it has defeated disasters in the wild. Solos have survived car fires, data center floods and the like. In each case, the drive was pulled from the enclosure, plugged into a dock, data transferred, and disaster averted because the Solo lived up to its promise.

ioSafe backs up their confidence in the SoloPRO with a $2500 guarantee per SoloPRO. If for any reason your drive cannot be read (including disaster, accidental deletion or drive failure) ioSafe recover your data, or else pay up to $2500 to a 3rd party professional data recovery service to do so. In other words, ioSafe will get your data back regardless of whether you've lost it to disaster, user error or mechanical gremlins. When you buy an ioSafe SoloPRO, you're not just buying a storage device, you're buying peace of mind.
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on January 26, 2012
We're sleeping better knowing that our ioSafe SoloPro2 is installed. Keeping up with a proper offsite backup routine can be expensive, time consuming and burdensome. While we still manage as best we can, this great solution is on the job just in case the worst happens. Because everyone knows, with Murphy in control, that any disaster is sure to occur the week we forget to bring home the backup drive.

For a home user, this is brilliant. We've got a big fire safe for our papers, but honestly our most valuable stuff is in the desktop. With this, we'll sleep easier there too. Floods, fires, zombies (not tested) - we're good.

The product is a hard drive. Big(ish), heavy and secure - just like I want my fire safe to be. Plug in, turn on, backup, done. Easy. The packaging is minimal (good!) and the instructions to register for the included Disaster Recovery Service are super quick and simple. We even got a nice note from the CEO thanking us for the purchase. We replied to it and he did too. Class act. We need more great idea companies like this. We've seen wonky implementations of this idea before. This one is perfect and affordable.

We love it.
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I needed a fireproof and waterproof drive to work with my Windows SBS2011 server. First I purchased ioSafe SoloPRO 2 TB USB 3.0 Fireproof and Waterproof External Hard Drive with 1 Year Data Recovery Service - Black (SJ2000GB1YR) because the description said "Microsoft Server, Linux, Mac and PC Compatible (eSATA model only)". When I could not get it to work with SBS 2011 Windows server, I called iOSafe technical support and spoke to Mark who informed me that USB 3.0drives do not work with servers and I needed to get iOSafe SoloPro drives model number starting with SJ or SH because only USB 2.0/eSATA drives work with Windows server, not USB 3.0 drives. He recommended that I return that drive and purchase this ioSafe SoloPRO 3 TB USB 2.0/eSATA Fireproof and Waterproof External Hard Drive with 1 Year Data Recovery Service SH1000GB1YR (Black).

Even this drive was not recognized by the server and I called iOSafe technical support again and spoke to Mark. This time he tells me that only way for this drive to work with server is to use eSATA port, not USB 2. This drive does not work with server on USB, only eSATA port. Dell T410 server does not come with eSATA port, you have to purchase the PCI card, open the server and install it yourself.

Mark from iOSafe wanted to test this hard drive and wanted me to connect with a Windows 7 machine, which also did not recognize the drive initially. We had to right click my computer and then click "manage" and the drive showed up there. Once I assigned the drive letter from that screen, it started working in Windows 7 machine.

I think iOSafe gives very misleading description of products and it is not easy to return such a heavy piece of equipment.
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on November 27, 2013
This product clearly shows excellent workman ship this product was exactly what we were looking for we are a medium company and have lots of data that needs to be protected from all kind of threats and this certainly did the job. it comes with both usb 2.0 and e-sata we currently using the e-sata as that has more data transfer capabilities. they should come with usb 3.0 maybe on thier next release they will do that.
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on December 2, 2013
Our company was looking for additional external storage for our network. This device was to be used as a part of our long term backup plan, so we wanted something durable that could possibly weather a fire/major damage to our server room. After looking at other possible drives, I came across the ioSafe information. I read the technical data and read a few reviews to make sure there were not any issues with the device. This appeared to be a great solution for our needs. For a small increase in price compared to an off the shelf portable drive, we could get good environmental protection for our data.

When looking, at the ioSafe website, I was glad to note that they stated in several locations, that if you were using this for a version of Windows Server, make sure to get the eSATA model. That was what we were using if for, so it saved a lot of heartache early on making sure we had the right tool for the job. Thank you ioSafe for pointing that out.

We received the product and it is working well. We have had it two weeks and everything is working fine. I do not have a good sense of dimensions when I order equipment, but the device is easy to move, compact, and appears to be very rugged.

I am hoping that I do not have to update this review by telling you how well it holds up under extreme conditions, because that would be bad for me. However, based on what I read about the product and how well it has worked to this point, I am sure it would state that the product performed as expected.
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on October 6, 2011
ioSafe's SoloPro is bullet proof...well, almost (It is water and fireproof.) Our business depends on our constant backups and this device was the only solution to give me peace of mind when it came to the decision to purchase our corporate back-up drive. The security blanket ioSafe offers with their data recovery services is the icing on the cake. For around $200 on the 1TB device, the only question is wnhy wouldn't you implement this into your IT mix?
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on November 27, 2012
I learned about ioSafe when researching the internet for a back-up solution for our 2008 SBS. Up to that point our company was rotating removable hard drives each week and taking them off-site--it was becoming a nuisance and honestly, there were times we forgot to switch the drives thus putting our companies data at risk. I wanted a solution which we would not require us to manually switch drives but still be safe in a disaster. We also utilize a cloud backup service but we wanted to have two back-up solutions just in-case. I eventually determined we needed the SoloPRO 2 as it was capable of backing-up a small business server and survive an office disaster.
So far I'm impressed! It was easy to install and our server recognized the drive quickly. I was concered it wouldn't communicate properly with our server as our server doesn't have an eSata drive. We connected it using USB and no problem! I ran the server backup software and it's been backing up our server each evening.
Overall this unit solved our challenge exactly as advertised. Would definitely recommend to a friend.
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on August 18, 2013
I work as a service technician for a local computer company & we've been using the ioSafe products more & more as customers are looking for better security & simplicity in backup solutions. With a rugged external HDD like the ioSafe there is no need to take the device offsite risking theft of data if the device is stolen. The other advantage to not having to physically take anything offsite is that nobody has to remember to do it. The ioSafe drive can be encrypted & even bolted down to the server room floor & the backups can run without any manual intervention. This is the best solution I've found so far for customers that want their data to be safe in the event of a disaster but can't afford to backup terabytes of data to a cloud service.
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on September 26, 2013
I ordered this because of the durability and guarantee. The product arrived a day early and was packaged very well. Of course I don't think the foam enclosure was needed since these are pretty much indestructible! The only thing that caused me concern was that there was a white powder on the outside of the case, but that was cleared up by reading the yellow slip of paper explaining that it was a non-toxic dust from the fireproofing.
Would recommend to anyone...
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on November 4, 2011
All I can say is WOW!!! I can't say enough about what an awesome product this is.

I received my ioSafe SoloPro in the mail, and even the packaging is awesome. It is packed in foam, with all the cabled you need, with clear instructions on setting it up.

I bought the 1TB eSata/USB3.0 to go on my Windows Server, and it works great! I've read some people say the fan is loud, and that is simply not the case. The lights on the front are pretty cool, and the case is nice and heavy, and gives you peace of mind. Speaking of peace of mind, it is fire and waterproof!!! I mean C'MON MAN!!! They should be charging WAY more for this than they are.

I've ran scheduled backups to it for over a week now, and everything is working just as it should.

I would HIGHLY recommend this to anyone looking for an inexpensive, quality external drive that will hold up for years and years.
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