my keurig leaks water everywhere Does anybody have an idea as to why my keurig k-cap B60 is leaking water all the time? I would prefer to replace a part versus the entire machine since I like the system so much.
asked by Lora L. Voas on May 14, 2009
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My Keurig B-40 that I just recently received as a christmas present has been leaking water all over the countertop, It is not coming from the brewing chamber though and it is constantly happening unless I take the reservoir off of the brewer. It is happening at the base of the water reservoir. It seems as though that the water reservoir does not fit the brewer as tightly as it could, and so there is a slow accumulation of water on the counter. I am sure that the entire reservoir would drain if i left it there for a few hours. Has anyone else had this problem? I called keurig on it and I am expecting to hear from one of their technicians sometime today. Also, has keurig replaced anyones brewers? How long does it take? I cant go too long without my coffee and I already threw my old coffee maker away :-/
Samuel F. Gagnon answered on January 6, 2010
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We have a model 870, and here is what we have discovered to solve this. When you first drop a new "K" cup into place, push it down tight with your fingers so that it sits tight into place and you feel the bottom of the K cup get punctured. Doing this manually ensures that the bottom of the new K cup gets pierced adequately. The foil on the top of the K cups are easy for the coffee maker to pierce consistently but the bottom plastic is tougher and more rigid which results in periodic K cup/pod puncture failure. The reason this occurs is because when you pull the handle down before brewing, there is a gap spacing and it doesnt press the K-cup all the way down to get punctured properly on the bottom and so the water runs into the K cup but not all of it can run out the bottom, hence the overflow. Hope this helps.
The Space Explorers answered on July 16, 2010
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I also talked to Keurig today. My brewer was leaking water from the bottom of the reservoir.
They are sending me a new one. My wait time on the phone was no longer than ten minutes to speak to a live person and they were very courteous and accommodating. I appreciate their customer service.
Donna S. Mccreery answered on February 4, 2010
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You need to pull the gasket that goes above the nozzle down a little bit. It gets pushed up too high and then does not seal.
Erik Paulson answered on August 21, 2010
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No, I have the same problem, it seems that not all of the water is being forced through the K Cup during the brew cycle, specifically at the end it just seem to over flow and leak all over. This thing has been a totally expensive disappointment on many levels.
Devine answered on July 25, 2009
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Different problem. The machine says Ready to Brew. I push the button and it says BREWING but doesnt. I have to turn to machine off to erase the display. When I turn it back on again and go through the process it brews TWO cups and generally overflows the large cup I am now using. Is this a common problem? It does this EVERY time I use it!!!!!
Judith Passo answered on January 8, 2010
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Same thing happened to me today. Also the leaks. I called Keurig and they are replacing it. Did ask me about descaling. I never had, She said every 3-6 months. Never tot a "descale" message. Will try it. Only need to return the K-cup holder and said to throw the rest of the machine away, Seems a waste. Apparently it is well known by them and this is the solution. Actually, an email arrived just a while ago, they processed and are shipping it and I will be leaving Tuesday for Europe and I asked them to wait -- but we will see. I love the machine so hope the problem is solved with the B65 machine they are replacing my B60 with.
William Smith answered on October 30, 2010
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Same leaking problem with the K cup you fill with your own coffee. About 1/2 through the cycle, water starts leaking as if the water isn't entirely going through the pod. We have the more expensive model ($249) at home and never have this problem. This one is brand new so cleaning parts shouldn't be a issue. It doesn't leak if we use one of the manufactured K cups. Any ideas??
James Kennedy answered on November 25, 2009
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I may have a helpful suggestion as I had the same problem. I have a Breville 6000 which does not leak and had bought the Keurig which leaked like a sieve. The difference seems to be that the Breville has a small (1/2 inch) circular foam-like piece right at the spout that pierces the K cup. That piece seems to sit tight against the indentation of the K cup and prevents the backflow of water that otherwise starts about half way thru the brewing cycle. It was especially bad if you used your own K cup. Unfortunately I had already exchanged the makers by the time I figured this all out and just kept the more expensive Breville. P.S. Since all this, I also bought the new Breville 7000 which works fine and is MUCH quieter than the original B 6000.
James Kennedy answered on January 27, 2010
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When you say "it's not working" just what does that mean? Is it leaking or is it just dead?

If it is leaking, there may be a fix for it. My B70 model began leaking from around the base of the reservoir after about 7 months of daily use. I called Keurig and they sent a new reservoir -- which leaked as soon as I used it.

I called again and they said they would be sending a new unit to replace mine. While waiting for it to arrive I did some investigating, measuring and in general thinking about the leaking problem.

My solution? After much thought, I tried this: I took a Q-tip and put a layer of Vaseline around the outside of the round output spout on the bottom of the _reservoir_. That part inserts into the base of the unit and my thought was that after being in use for so long it might need a bit of lubrication to enable it to slide freely into the flexible gray plastic-looking part inside the base of the unit.

It's had a full reservoir and happily making coffee for three days now with NO leaks, just like when it was new.

If you have the leaking problem, try it -- it might save you a lot of grief.
G. Thomas answered on July 24, 2011
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