keurig weak coffee I have tried all of the sample K cups ( except decaffinated ) that came with this keurig and I can not get a decent cup of coffee ?!?! All of them are weak, Donut shop one tasted like someone dumped a chemical in it ( yes I pre-washed machine ). Does anyone know how to make this thing give good coffee? Do I need to do two small cups everytime I want one big cup of joe?
asked by Erica Tracey on January 2, 2012
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I got the Platinum for Christmas. I too find the coffee weak. What I did was set the cup size on small and brew. Wait a minute brew again using same K-cup. My machine wont brew again until the lid is lifted so I open it just enough to reset but not re-punch the k-cup. The makers of this item need to offer a pause button so the coffee can sit in the hot water a minute before it brews.
Edith Banagan answered on January 14, 2012
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I thought it was just me. All the coffee Ive tried has sucked. I broke down and went to Starbucks. I have made better coffee in hotels. I hope hubby kept the receipt for this oversized tea kettle.

Repost 1/6/2011: OK, I figured out that I do not like Green Mountain coffee, which is what I had been using. I bought some Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks K-cups...problem solved. I also stop the brew as soon as it starts and let the K-cup sit for a while. The beans get wetter and I think the coffee comes out stronger. Another thing I discovered is that I like my coffee burning hot til the last drop. So, no porceline teacups for me. I use the stainless steal travel mug that seals in the heat. The coffee from my B-40 tastes much better when it's piping hot. Hope this helps!
A. Cleveland answered on January 4, 2012
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The problem is the temperature. Good coffee needs to be brewed at around 204 degrees. The maximum for even Keurig's newest system, the Vue, is 197 degrees. I have tried both the K-Cup system and, recently the Keurig Vue brewer. While the Vue is a little better, it still does not brew coffee properly. Even at the highest temperature, with the device set to "strong" and the cup size set to 6 ounces, you get a so-so brew. Better than the K-Cup system, but still sub-par (if you are a real coffee lover). And 6 ounces won't cut it for most people. So you have to brew 2 cups. I experimented for many days, with the Vue cups, as well as my own fresh ground beans. Same result. "Weak" is not even the correct description - under-brewed would be the proper term. When you brew a proper cup of coffee the surface of the coffee is bright and bubbly. Have you ever seen this with a Keurig brew? Nope. I rest my case. Keurig will never appeal to real coffee lovers until the fix this problem.
David Burke answered on December 29, 2013
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I agree - my coffee tastes like hot water. I frequently use a cup twice for my travel mug, a recommendation I've found on other forums. I have also tried making a single cup of coffee when at home, and the taste is still not there. Advice?
Grant Sewell answered on January 3, 2012
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Do not assume that all K-cups are created equal. if you read the side of the box it will tell you the amount of coffee grounds per cup, it varies broadly from 0.29oz/cup to 0.42oz/cup. Also, the grind of the coffee (course vs fine) will make a difference, but may be more difficult to determine as it is usually not listed on the label. If you find that all are too weak, buy a "My K-cup" and load the grounds manually. The K-cups are convenient, but at an average 600% markup over standard ground coffee, the hassle of packing and cleaning your own cup will be well worth it. Once you're familiar with it, it takes an extra 30 seconds of prep and 30 seconds of clean up, and saves about $0.44 per cup, so you're earning yourself about $26.40 an hour, and you're getting good coffee quickly and conveniently for next to nothing.
Example: Mark Twain answered on April 19, 2014
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It very much depends on the coffee you use. Most k-cups I need to make on the smaller size. The only coffee I find strong enough at the larger cup setting is Green Mountain Double Black Diamond. I think there was one Starbuck's bold coffee as well, but it's been too long since I had it. I've been drinking Double Black Diamond for the 22 months I've had my B40. If I let myself have a second cup, I'll do a Dark Magic or Sumatran Reserve on the smaller cup setting. The Newman's is good on that setting as well. I advise anyone who thinks the coffee is too weak to try some of the other dark roast bold varieties to see if you find something you like.
Tom Burnette answered on October 18, 2013
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The problem I've noticed is that the water goes through the kcup too quickly. Look at a drip coffee machine's speed and then look at a single serve. I'll see if it's possible to lower the flow of water as you really need a drip system for coffee to "brew"; just pouring hot water over coffee grounds at a fast pace will net you nothing more than watered down semi-coffee.
R. Stever answered on February 3, 2015
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Our B40 is apparently dying after 17 months of very light usage. Pumps unpredictable amounts of water though the k-cups. 1 inch of coffee doesn't 'make it.' Very sorry to see this beast dying so soon. Sorry we just ordered about a C-note's worth of K-cups by mail.
Crumbs! Does anyone know of a Keurig amnesty/extended warrantee program?
Peter Swanson answered on June 25, 2012
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Try Emeril's. blue cups. love it.
Susan Harris answered on December 1, 2013
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To me, the difference has been the type of coffee. I make sure that I get the dark (a few medium) roast "EXTRA BOLD" K-Cups (e.g., Emeril's Big Easy, GM Dark Magic, GM Sumatra, Coffee People Jet Fuel...etc.).
C. Rossi answered on February 24, 2014
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