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on May 10, 2011
I have been listening to Christina Perri on YouTube for a little over half a year and have been waiting for this album almost as long. It does not disappoint. You can feel the passion and genuineness of the words in each song. The only problem I have with it is I wish there were more songs =p

With that being said, the audio rip to MP3 isn't perfect. There is a crackle in the bonus track backwards. There could be more throughout the album, but I was doing other things while listening to it and could have missed them. Yeah I might be picky, but I did pay for it.
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on May 11, 2011
I had the good fortune of seeing Ms. Perri perform live this past Sunday 5/8/2011 in Seattle. My wife and I both wanted the album after her set. While she was great live, the album is way better, with excellent recordings of terrific songs. "lovestrong" is one of those pleasant exceptions where every track is strong ... and contrary to another reviewer's impression, I find a range of experiences here. "Penguin," for example, is my wife's favorite, and my least favorite, and quite different from "Jar of Hearts," which is still my own favorite.
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on May 11, 2011
After having heard the song on this album "Jar of Hearts" from a friend I immediately came to amazon to buy the album and see what other great songs were on it. This was several months ago and so I did grab a few other songs and watched some of Christina Perri's videos on Youtube. May 10th seemed like it would take forever to get here and I couldn't wait to get home from work and get the album from Amazon. I really like the sound of her voice, and amazons debut price of 7.99 was great for this album! I bought the album last night and listened to it twice already. I am already anxiously awaiting to see what she will put out next!
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on April 13, 2013
This album provides a range of diverse experiences -- the jazzy obsessive "Mine," the happy guitar-filled "Penguin," and the ever-dramatic and confrontational "Jar of Hearts." Christina's duet with Jason Mraz on "Distance" creates a gentle mix of their voices on this sad track.

This was the first Christina Perri music I've owned. I purchased this album, because a friend kept a copy in her car, and I got very tired of humming the tunes to myself at home, but not having the artist's music on hand to play. "Jar of Hearts" tempted me to download the single, but I am glad I went for the entire album. Christina's voice can be soothing or strike deep in the heart.

The "deluxe" album offers four bonus tracks, two videos, and a booklet. The videos and booklet are features I ignore, but bonus songs -- especially so many -- are worth having.

Artist: Christina Perri
Contributer: Jason Mraz
Date: 2011
Songs: 16
Videos: 2
Booklet: Yes

More Christina:

the ocean way sessions

More Jason Mraz:

Love Is A Four Letter Word
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VINE VOICEon September 16, 2011
Christina Perri is such a refreshing talent. She comes across humble, content with delivering great music and not preoccupied with catching our eye with the unessentials. She focuses her energy on writing, and what we are left with is a collection of supremely inspired songs that are layered with emotional depth that is backed up with intelligent and inspired lyrics.

I'm so excited to review this album!

`Bluebird' opens the album flawlessly. The songs theme, which tells of a love triangle that is taking its toll on Perri emotionally, is impeccably tailored with such allegorical mastery. I loved the likening of the `other woman' to a bluebird. Perri also throws blame in the right direction ("if he was something special I wouldn't have this song") while accepting her inability to do the right thing by herself ("what if when she comes over I am in your arms taking all I want from you again"). `Arms' seriously gave me chills. As Christina sings softly about the love of her life, the one who she didn't expect but who swooped in and saved her, you can't help but feel such emotional connection. The lyrical content here is so sublimely crafted, with astute words that help create a well-rounded understanding of her `love', right down to the insecurities that corrode her happiness ("I believe that it's easier for you to let me go").

`Bang Bang Bang' has such energy, with those bouncy piano keys and that explosive chorus. I love the way she takes the subject (relishing the karma that strikes and ex beau) and ignites it with a chant worthy chorus ("bang she shot you, karma tastes so sweet") while never negating her knack for piercing verse structure ("you lied and you lied and I died and I dies and now you know why").

`Distance' plays out beautifully, as Christina sings about that king of love that you have to keep secret for fear of losing it. As the male vocals slip in to elevate the chorus line ("say I love you while you're not listening") the song just swells with such restrained intensity. It is a heart touching song about loving the wrong person, or possibly the right person who is just willing to accept that he (or she) loves you too. `Jar of Hearts' is the first song the world heard from Perri. It is impressively haunting, even now that it's been played and played and played out. The imagery that comes from her words ("who do you think you are, running round leaving scars, collecting your jar of hearts and tearing love apart") is truly inspired and leaves lasting impression, and the way she delivers it with such solemn intensity over those haunted piano keys is just devastating. `Mine' shows a more edgy and upbeat side to Perri. She even inserts a slightly sinister atmosphere into the way she repeats that word; "mine". It's fun and bouncy, and the musical breakdown (I love the fluctuations) is completely engaging. That total feeling of losing the control you thought you had ("how did this happen and why are you laughing and how do I get back together again?") really illuminates the close of the song extremely well.

`Penguin' is so soft and sweet and gentle moving; and I just have this utter adoration of penguins, and so likening true love to those cuddly little creatures was such a marvelous metaphor ("like a soul mate, he's your penguin"). The track is very simple and really rests on Perri's soft delivery (she almost whispers the song). The song is ethereal, especially the closing bridge where Perri's voice pierces with the enchanting chanting of "let go".

The song feels special.

`Miles' is extremely catchy, but in that vein it is also somewhat familiar. It doesn't stand out as much as the other tracks here. Instead, it sounds like a B-Side off of a Sara Bareilles album or something like that. Even the chorus line ("don't count the miles, count the `I Love You's'") feels a tad stale and uninspired, and especially disappointing when you consider the staggering depth she brought to nearly every other song here. `The Lonely' sends shivers down my soul. She just bleeds with such emotional devastation here; certainly her most haunting track, even more debilitating than `Jar of Hearts'. The rise given to the chorus (that piano work) really gives the track an almost orchestral quality. She really captures the realities of loneliness ("I'm the ghost of a girl that I want to be most") with such curious intensity; and that singular line about "dancing slowly in an empty room" is visually shattering. `Sad Song' is my least favorite track here because it seems to be trying too hard ("today I'm gonna write a sad that everyone can see that I'm very unhappy"). It's just too straightforward for its own good. Telling us that this is a sad song doesn't necessarily make it sad, and the bouncy musical shift for the chorus is an odd match to the solemn verse structure. I understand the lyrical content, but I found it a little too conventional; but I'll admit that Perri's vocal's make the song enjoyable regardless of the `immature' feeling I get from it.

`Tragedy' closes out the album allows Christina to show such vulnerability in her voice, in the process embellishing her vocal range. I love the way she starts her words without completely finishing them, allowing the break of her voice to finish the thought. The song gets into the cracks of a relationship, and the sharp pains that come from realizing for yourself that this was the wrong thing to get wrapped up in ("why did you feel the need to prove that everybody else was right").

It's a stunning way to close out the album.

I highly recommend this album, for it is certainly one of the best of the year!

For those of you interested; my personal track ranking:

1) Distance
2) Arms
3) Mine
4) Penguin
5) Bluebird
6) Tragedy
7) Jar of Hearts
8) Bang Bang Bang
9) The Lonely
10) Miles
11) Sad Song
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on June 11, 2011
Although I don't listen to a great deal of contemporary music, my wife watches VH1 frequently, so I end up being exposed to some new music. One morning, I awoke to the sound of Christina Perri's "Jar of Hearts," and it was captivating. After hearing it another time or two, we both knew that we absolutely had to get this. Since we first heard "Jar of Hearts," I have learned to love "Arms," and I keep hearing it playing over and over in my mind.

So we waited until 10 May, at which time we got the CD from Amazon. This is the DeLuxe edition, which includes three extra tracks (total of 15). It is a wonderful CD, and we will undoubtedly get future CDs that Christina records. Today, for the first time, I noticed that there is now another edition that includes a DVD. Maybe we should have waited! No; we are very happy to have this CD, but we still might decide to get the combined CD/DVD edition later on.
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on March 4, 2013
This disk runs a bit more "folksy" than I would typically gravitate toward, but a few key elements really make this a stand out for me:

Lyrics - Generally intelligent and strong, a bit pessamistic for my personality, but coherent communication that i am excited to watch as her life experience unfolds

Voice - I appreciate Christina's clear tone, that she uses embellishments (such as runs) tastefully and that she is not afraid to hold a strong dissonant note when the occasion calls for it.

Enunciation - This is HUGE to me! I can understand every word without having to read liner notes, her sentences make sense, and I feel like I can either be having a conversation with her, or using her words to express my own thoughts.
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on June 17, 2013
I really love this girl's singing. Her voice is very good but her style takes it up another notch. She writes beautiful lyrics and as a song writer myself, I was very inspired by her success story. I've been cheering her on since I first heard her on So You Think You Can Dance. Any time I hear her voice in the background, at a super market, on a commercial, or whereever, it brings a smile to my face.
Well done Christina. Can't wait to hear more.
People, buy this album. It's a treat from the first song on.
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on December 18, 2013
I love her voice and music, her music and voice are so heart felt and I just love to listen to her voice, I have her CD in my car and love to listen to it on the road, it relaxes me, I am already looking forward to her next CD and will buy that one also, something about this CD is soothing and I recommend it.
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on October 9, 2011
I had never heard of Christina Perri until I saw her on Letterman. I loved the song (Arms) that she did, so I ordered the CD. There are only a couple of songs that I don't like as much as the others. She has a very pleasant, unique voice.
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