is this item grey market? Grey market means that it was made in a cheaper, less quality rigorous country than is advertised.Sometimes these products are cheap bc they were made in the Phillipines or Malaysia, instead of Japan or Germany.

Does anyone know how to confirm that this surprisingly inexpesive and "great filter" is legit?

Thank you,


ps: my concern is reflected in the 1-star review this product revieved from one person.
asked by Juan F. Navarrete on September 13, 2009
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Juan, you are mistaken. Manufacturers set the wholesale prices for their products at different levels depending on the country in which the item is being sold. The very same B & W filter made by Schneider Optics in Germany is sold at wholesale at a much lower price in Europe, for example, than it sold for here by the Schneider distributor.
S. Melzer answered on June 21, 2010
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