Does Ooma mobile connect to your home plan? I am a current Vonage customer and considering the switch due to difference in monthly price. Does the mobile app connect to your home account and use those minutes? Can multiple phones (iPhones or Androids) connect to the same plan? I need support for 2 phones. That is my only worry before switching over.
Will appreciate an answer from your experience.
asked by DCMetro on February 2, 2012
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Ooma mobile is an additional service. If you are have the premier service, they include 6 hrs per month. You can only make outgoing calls with the mobile app. I have it running on my ipad and its worked ok. Ooma does support two lines via ooma handset ( again need to be premier ). I really wish the Ooma Telo would have supported a standard two line phone, but then they couldn't sell you additional hardware which is how their business model works.

I have the ooma handset, and it works well for the two lines and call screening, but battery life is poor.
Jonathan Bier answered on February 2, 2012
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