Sony HDRPJ260V High Definition Handycam 8.9 MP Camcorder with 30x Optical Zoom, 16 GB Embedded Memory and Built-in Projector (2012 Model)
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Does this model with a projector have a Chinese language menu display?
asked by Jing Cao on April 3, 2013
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The model bought here in the U.S. has English, English Simplified, Spanish, French, and Portuguese. The English Simplified "ENG[SIMP]" setting may work if your user knows just a little English.
For Real answered on April 8, 2013
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Thank you very much for the information. Never heard of English simplified before, but an interesting concept! Thanks again.
Jing Cao answered on April 9, 2013
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No it does not come with a Chinese Language. Sorry to give you the bad news.
Speedy Turtle answered on April 3, 2013
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