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    Ninja Mega Kitchen System (BL770)
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    "Researched this forever before buying" - By Chris
    I NEVER write product reviews unless a product just really "blows my skirt up". I researched this product along with all of the other Ninja products as well as other high-end blenders before finally settling on this blender. I watched countless review, how to, demo's and infomercial videos before finally making up my mind on this product. I just received it yesterday and have used it several times already.

    For starters unboxing - or unveiling as I like to call it - is something magical as it comes with many different attachments. (Use Caution when handing the blades - SUPER SUPER SHARP!) The 72 oz. blender which I thought would be really huge but after all its about normal size compared to other blenders of its caliber. The larger processor bowl, the smaller processor bowl that fits inside the larger one and then the ... full review

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    Ninja Mega Kitchen System 1500 Food Processor Blender BL773CO
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    "Love it. It's a total kitchen system in one ..." - By Rena Baxter
    Love it. It's a total kitchen system in one and you only need to leave the blender bottom on the counter top so you have a lot less clutter. Works awesome for smoothies and pulverizing, only qualm is, wish it had bigger cup sizes than 16 oz. Found out from website tech that this isn't compatible with the larger cup and closing to go lid offered for other models. Hopefully they will create it. I still need my nutribullet for larger recipes for the pulverizing parts or else you have to do it in portions, then add it all to the blender to mix afterward. A little more cleanup, but not that inconvenient. Overall, my husband and I love it.

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    Mega Kitchen System Blender 1500 watts
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    Price: $181.97
    "Five Stars" - By Lotus
    No disappointments!!!!!

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    Ninja Professional Blender (BL660)
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    Price: $95.00
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    "It's awesome!" - By mark
    My wife and I just heard about the Ninja Blender a couple days ago. I've heard in the past that the amount of power (watts) is one of the most important factors to look for when looking for a blender. This one has 100O watts of power, which is more than any of the blenders that I know about around this price level.

    I actually used to use my parent's vitamix for a couple years a few years ago and that thing was the best blender ever. Earlier this year, we bought the Blendtec from Costco and loved it, but ended up returning it because it was just too expensive. So anyway, we had a coupon for Bed Bath and Beyond and we figured if the Ninja Blender sucked, then we could return it easily. I wasn't expecting all that much since it is ... full review

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    Nutri Ninja Blender Duo with Auto-iQ (BL642)
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    "Better Than Advertised" - By WALDO812
    Its safe to say that over the years I've gone through my share of blenders. Every brand from Kitchen Aid to Oster has seen action in my bar area. Most have been worthy for the task. There's been a few that should have never left the store. So it was a no brainer to jump at the opportunity to take the Nutra Ninja Blender Duo for a test drive. These are my thoughts.

    Out of the box, this puppy comes loaded and packs some weight. The blender base alone weighs in at a little over 7 lbs. Besides the base this kit comes with (1) 72 oz. pitcher & lid, (3) to go cups ranging from sizes 18, 24, and 32 oz with sippy lids. The duo blade tower is sweet and is designed for chopping while the base extractor blades are the standard.

    The blender base is ... full review

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    Ninja Kitchen System Pulse (BL201)
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    Price: $67.95
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    "Perfect for Smoothies" - By Gary F. Taylor (Biloxi, MS USA)
    Although it comes with various blending and dough-making attachments, I very specifically purchased this item to make smoothies, and it does this extremely well.

    The Ninja Kitchen System Pulse comes with a power base, pitcher, two single serving containers, and lids and blades for all three. I find the single serving containers the most useful. You simply put your ingredients into the container, screw on a lid that holds a small blade, and place the container on the power base. Press down on the top of the container and within a minute or two you have a very nicely made smoothie.

    Even so, the Ninja Kitchen System Pulse has a few drawbacks. You can't simply turn it on and walk away for a moment: you have to press down on the container to operate the power base. No pressure, no power. It ... full review

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    Ninja Kitchen System 1200 (BL700)
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    "great value" - By milleb
    I was thinking about a Vitamix but hesitant to spend the money. Bought the Ninja 1100 . I gave it 3 tries: smoothie, ice cream and iced drink - all are winners. I made a veggie smoothie drink with carrots, red lettuce, tomato and an apple for sweetness- used the 40 oz container with the 4 blade - came out very smooth. Next I blended 2 bananas, a peach, dash of vanilla and 1/2 Cup coconut milk; froze it in serving cups - no added sugar, but very sweet, and the consistency of a creamy sherbet- delicious. Lastly I blended brewed coffee, a bit of milk and a teaspoon of cocoa powder with a handful of ice - the ice crushed perfectly - no lumps - very refreshing. This is an esy way to make low sugar , healthy treats.
    This is only my second day and I ... full review

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    Ninja Ultima Kitchen System (BL820)
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    Price: $308.35
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    "Great for what I use it for!!" - By Judy L. (Marengo, Il. USA)
    My husband bought this blender for me for Christmas. I make smoothies for us every day and had been using the NutriBullet. This worked really well for the drinks, but for 3 of us, I had to blend ingredients twice separately. With this machine, I can make enough for 3 of us that will last for 2 days. I can make a full 72 ounces of drink at one time!!

    I generally use 3-5 fresh scrubbed carrots, fresh spinach and/or kale or chard, and a variety of frozen fruits that we either buy frozen or I freeze fresh when they are on sale. I also add chia seeds, nuts, goji berries, bee pollen, and sometimes flax seed. I do tend to push machines such as this to the max. I fill the container to the top, and then add water to a little over half up the container. I ... full review

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    Nutri Ninja Blender Duo with Auto-iQ (BL641)
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    List Price: $249.99
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    "Excellent blender... but noisy!" - By Kurt G. Schumacher (Broomfield, CO USA)
    We have a VitaMix blender, and I've read that the new Ninja blenders can match it. And the Auto-IQ feature on this model sounded interesting. I have to say that the Nutri Ninja does as good a job as the VitaMix. It also comes with three sized of container, which is a bonus. The unit is easy to assemble and easy to clean.

    It comes with a recipe book, but I didn't find many recipes that I really wanted to make. And the ones that sounded more interesting always seemed to have one ingredient that I don't keep in our pantry or fridge. So I've been making some of my favorite smoothie recipes, and my protein shakes, and it does a great job on those.

    Operation is simple. Put the container on the stand, add the ingredients (the order in which you do that depends on the container), ... full review