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on July 30, 2014
I just got it. Set up is a breeze. It's actually quite intuitive. I did it at 2 am after a couple bourbons. It's a gift and I wanted to set it up before giving it as a gift. Since it's for my wife I had to do this when she wouldn't catch me. That means 2 am.

It recognized wifi right off. Following the quick start guide got me moving right along. The only thing that I had to discover for myself was putting in email addresses for the email filter. Computer savvy people will recognize this as white listing. Basically, you tell the service which email addresses are allowed to send pics to your device. Good idea. On the webpage under Settings there are two options. One is for profile settings the other is for @mynixplay settings. The white list is under the latter. This wasn't obvious at first. It took me a second to realize that "@mynixplay" was a clickable option.

This size was perfect for my purposes. I want snapshots and not billboards. The company does make other sizes but they also market the device for more commercial purposes (like billboards). This size is perfect for desktop pics - as in a real wooden desktop - just to be clear.

I provided the below information as an answer to one of the questions on this product:
There are a lot of options for storing and viewing pics. The device makes these fairly intuitive.
Cloud storage is the method the company would rather you use. You upload pics to the cloud and they are downloaded to your device. Once downloaded they are on your device and stored in the cloud. This is useful but not my preferred method.
You can store pics on a usb or sd card and view them on the device. I haven't experimented with moving pics from the sd / usb to the cloud or vice versa so I don't know if it's possible but that would be a great option. My guess is that's not possible currently. (Nixplay, if you're reading, that would be a great option. Did I mention that would be a great option?)
Pics that are emailed to the device end up in the cloud. Again, it would be great if one could move the pics from one type of storage to the other.
Basically, the same goes for Facebook or Picasa or whatever accounts. They end up in the Nixplay cloud (as well as in your original FB / Picasa / whatever account).

If the Internet connection were to go down you'd still have whatever was already downloaded or on a usb or sd card.

My advice is to remember that what you put in the cloud stays in the cloud. Nixplay will probably say that they encrypt the data at rest on their servers (they should) and that your data is removed if requested (it should be) but it's still out of your control. We're all just taking the nice people at their word. That's fine. I plan to use some of their storage. But I also plan to use the usb option for some pics and the cloud for others. I just don't like everything in the cloud. Regardless, always keep a local backup (other than your picture frame).

The worst thing I can say about it is that the Android app needs to be baked longer. It continually crashes. I have been able to send some pics from the app but it's painful to use because it keeps crashing.

One other annoyance is that one can't move pictures between albums on A workaround is to use the slideshows as intermediary albums. One can mix pics from one album with pics from another album in the same slideshow.You can't reorder the pics however so you're stuck with however they are imported.

This has gone on long enough. I will finish by saying that I love the features. The picture quality is good. It's not stupendous but it matches my capability to take pictures so that's just fine. I cannot comment on quality of construction because I haven't had it more than a day. I'll let you know. It feels solid.

As noted above, I give it 5 stars even with the issues I've mentioned. Let's hope my wife likes it as much.
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on March 20, 2014
I got this frame for my wife's birthday, and I had to preload some pictures for the surprise. The package arrived in good condition, and there were no issues preparing for the set up. But after connecting to wireless, the frame was unable to sync to the server. Several times of rebooting has no effect, so I went to Nixplay website for guidance. Apparently, some routers with WPA encryption will cause the frame to have connectivity issues (although I was tethering via my mobile phone). So I changed the encryption of the hotspot to WEP and it finally connects! As my intention is for my wife to use it in her office, I am a bit worried if she will face the same problem when connecting to her office's WiFi.

After syncing and registration were successful, everything else was a breeze. The frame does exactly what it is supposed to do, and the E-mail function (which was not ready when I placed my order) was the first thing I tested, and I loved it! Tempted to buy another for my parents so that they can see updated photos of their grandson, but at this point of writing, the price has gone up by $40, so maybe I will hold back for now. If you are looking for a cloud frame, this product is the best for its value. My experience with the frame is listed below. If any Nix support is readin this, I do hope I can get some response on why some buttons on my remote are not working.

Remote control
- Delete button only works for photos in slideshows (it will not attempt to delete picture in USB/SD or whole slideshows)
- Rotate & Save button will only rotate the displayed photo for that moment it is displayed (not permanently rotated, if the displayed picture changes and loops back to the said picture, it will be back to normal)
- Share button does not work
- WiFi button does not work (does this mean my remote is spoilt?)
- Slideshow button will start the first slideshow (no matter where you are in the frame)
- Volume buttons only adjust volume for videos, not navigation sounds, and has no indication when adjusting
- On/Off button puts the frame into standby/on
- Motion Sensor button toggles the motion sensor setting

- Very straightforward to set up (if there are no wireless issues)
- Any photos/slideshows and settings published from Nixplay user page are updated within a few seconds to the frame
- Nixplay user page is easy to use
- E-mail function is a super plus point
- Display is quite clear and bright
- Motion sensor works well

- Delete button unable to delete photos from USB/SD or whole slideshows
- Only way to delete slideshow in frame is via Nixplay user page
- Rotate & Save button does not permanently rotate the picture (only temporary while it is displayed)
- Share button does not work (no action, is this a future function?)
- WiFi button does not work (no action)
- Pressing Slideshow button multiple times does not allow you to switch slideshows (it will always start from the first picture of the first slideshow)
- No indication on screen during volume adjustment (have to gauge by listening)
- When new slideshow is pushed, the frame does not autoplay the slideshow (if there is no slideshow in the frame initially)
- The only way to push new pictures to the frame over cloud is via Nixplay user page (manual dragging for Facebook/Picasa/Instagram) or direct e-mail to the frame (settings need to be done for e-mailed pictures to be pushed to the slideshow which must already be assigned to the frame)
- Navigation sounds cannot be turned off

Things that could be improved (hoping to see in the future):
- Allow Delete button to delete photos from USB/SD and slideshows in the frame
- Allow Rotate & Save button to permanently rotate the picture
- Allow switching between slideshows when pressing Slideshow button multiple times
- Indication of volume on screen when adjusting volume
- Auto start a newly pushed slideshow if the frame is in menu
- Allow any new photos in the albums to be automatically pushed to the slideshow and frame
- Allow switching off navigation sounds
- Android app, please?

-= Additional review after 4 months of usage =-

Just shortly after presenting the frame to my wife, there was a firmware update which totally broke the motion sensor. I sent an e-mail to Support and they assisted me all the way to the end (even pushing out patches), for a full month (because I was travelling around for business). In the end, they suggested to exchange for a new device. I had to send my frame back to them (which is common protocol) and they verified my issue and sent me a new frame after a few days. I have to say, I have never encountered such wonderful support who closely follows up with me to ensure that the issue is resolved until the end. This prompted me to buy another frame for my parents for their anniversary.

Thank you Nix support (Jose, Peter, Mary, Xavier)! I really appreciate your help!
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on December 23, 2013
Imagine giving a gift to the grandparents and them being able to see their 3 older grandchildren's global travels in real time and their 7 younger one's christmas plays, birthday parties and life events!
I CAN with this device. Only bad side is the frame/nixplay account does NOT update photos in real time, I must choose new photos to "push" to the device. However this is very easy to do once the 2 minute set up is complete (once in album, select all, drag and drop to slideshow = updated). Therefor, once the gift frame is given away you yourself will need to update/push pictures to it if your goal is realtime (weekly, monthly) photo viewing by the grandparents.

Background: not a photographer or a computer geek but can read instructions and use youtube well...
Pros - easy to login and pair devices, free account has plenty of room for general use, picture quality is "ok", no batteries, can only pair 1 account with device but can choose to access "friends" picture albums as well (THINK: my mobile uploads and all my cousins mobile uploads albums on facebook), shipping/packaging was good, come with a remote.
Cons - have to have frame on to pair via wifi to computer account, MUST have most recent web browser edition, premium account level is a pay service, 5000HD photos on standard level (dramatically decreases pic # if you choose higher quality), corded power supply, not sure what happens when the grandparents loose the remote.

WARNING: If buying as a gift for less tech savvy parents or people, be sure their wifi is easy to access if you are mailing them this gift or the night will turn into you doing a step-by-step via skype. But then again, you probably set up their wifi too anyways...

UPDATE April 2014: 4 months out and this thing is still working like a charm! No complaints, Still impressed!

I WOULD buy this product again.
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on December 18, 2013
I am very picky when it comes to technology and I can't find anything wrong with the nixplay cloud frame. The setup was super easy, plug it in, turn it on, select wifi router and login. Once on the network, it downloaded a quick update. We logged onto their website, created an account, added the serial number of the frame and uploaded pictures. Before we knew it they were displaying on the frame.
We then packed the frame back up and shipped it to my parents. My dad had no issues getting it on his network... and now we can share pictures of their grandson with them... from anywhere in the world. They love getting surprised each time we add a photo.

Wish we would have gotten this sooner!
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on December 23, 2013
I bought this frame for my Mom specifically for it's wireless capability to remotely upload and manage photos. The lack of a touchscreen is painful. The frame has a set of buttons on the back for navigating the menu which is difficult but not impossible. The wifi is touchy. It took me a while to get it to connect with a stable connection. The connection kept getting dropped while it was trying to download an update. Once I finally got it to connect and let me sync it with the Nix servers I was VERY surprised to find that if I wanted to upload photos in their full resolution I had to pay $4 a month if I paid a year in advance, or $5 a month on a monthly basis. The image degradation on the standard free service is unacceptable. A 5mb photo is reduced to 500kb.

On the plus side, the frame is fairly easy to use. Unfortunately, that's the only good thing I have to say. I'll be returning this frame primarily for the simple fact that Nix believes that allowing me to upload a few photos a month at their full resolution is worth 5$ a month and neglected to mention it in the description.
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on September 29, 2014
I got this frame to share "real-time" images of my daughter with my grandmother, who is not tech savvy nor on any social media. Plus, it allows for multiple contributors, which means other family members are able to send images to the frame too via email or the companion app (nixplay). After initial setup, she has never had to touch the frame. She loves seeing new photos appear in the rotation so overall it's a win.

My biggest complaint is the frame will only accept jpg files. So, if you use the photo editor on your phone, it will not accept the image sent directly from your phone because the editor tool/app converts the file to a png. I hate this!
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on February 6, 2014
I am giving it 3/5 stars. Hear me out. I really like the product, but I do have certain issues with it.

1. First of all, it does not mention about the differences between the free service and the nixplay plus service. The latter gives you 30gb of cloud space, ability to upload pictures in original definition. The free service is limited to 5000 pictures and that too in lower resolution only (after they downscale your images).

I don't mind that they are charging their customers 3$ per month, but I do mind the fact that they neglected to mention this in their Amazon product description.

Note that however, this did not factor into my buying this as I already knew about this, thanks to another customer.

2. Looks like the frame connects to the nixplay service and downloads the pictures locally. So even when the internet connection is down, you can still see the pictures. This is very nice and exactly what I wanted. I am sending this to Asia to my parents where internet connectivity is a perennial problem. So I performed a test where I powered off my router and modem and turned on the frame. To see my slideshow even when internet was down was a really good sight.

However, since I am a technical guy, this begs the question: how much internal memory does this thing have? So let's say I upload 5000 photos to the cloud, will it be able to download and store each of them locally? Unlikely. Which is why I want to know how many pictures it can store locally.

3. It does have an option to USB and SD card. Credit to the product designers to allow BOTH USB as well as SD card capability into the device. However, if they were a little cleverer, they would have designed the frame with a larger recess so that if you connect a USB drive, it would not stick out in a ugly way from behind the frame and which would remain concealed behind the frame. But this is not a deal breaker if you use an SD card which would remain fully concealed behind the frame. So I can work around this minor issue.

4. You can't create a combined slide show with your USB photos AND your cloud photos. I am buying this for my grandmother who is 80 years old and does not even understand what the internet is. It is not possible for her to use the remote to switch between cloud slideshows and local SD card slide shows. It would have been really nice if the product designers had a put a little more thought into this. For a product that is primarily targeted to the 'older' generation demographic, I think this is must have feature.

Overall I am satisfied with the product. Just that the above points make it less likable. Otherwise I would have given it 5 stars. I urge any Nixplay sales team members to read my review and contact me with answers if possible. With the above improvements, I would not hesitate to give it 5/5 stars. As present however, it only qualifies for 3/5 stars.
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on October 25, 2014
Great product. This is nearly the wifi cloud frame we've been waiting on. Very easy to set up and use. A few seemingly obvious features are missing, like the Facebook integration isn't quite what you would expect, but this can be fixed on their end at the website level. I don't even see a need for a firmware upgrade to get most of the Web integration features I would expect. The security is well done too. At first I was a bit disappointed that the only really easy way to add photos is though email (seems a bit antiquated) but after thinking about how they did it, it works very well for security purposes. Only the emails you allow can send photos to the frame. No risk of spammed finding it.

Long story short , 100% recommend.
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on January 24, 2014
The expression "so easy a child could do it" is not appropriate to tech. Of course, they can do it! The question is can this philosopher? The answer is, "Yes, in minutes." It does what you hope it will do simply and well. Excellent product.
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on November 12, 2014
This is an excellent gift for the parent(s) or grandparent(s) who aren't social media/tech savvy. I created an account, had the frame on wifi, and synced them in 5-7 minutes with no issues. My sole purpose of this frame was to set my mother in law up to receive emailed pics from all of her kids and grands. I did not test out the social media aspect (I don't want her to see all of my and everyone else's posted pics - I assume that's how it works but didn't read too much into it since the email is so easy). The emailed pics, once setup, display within a minute.

What I did: *remember to save any changes you do before you leave a page/tab*
Go to Settings on the nixplay account. This should default to Profile Settings on the far left where you can select the quality of your photo. I think normal or HD is fine and probably saves you a lot of room in the cloud. Remember that the screen is not 4k so I'm not sure that's even worth it, especially if you're sending photos from your phone frequently.

Next, I went to Settings in my nixplay account online and selected @mynixplay on the far left next to Profile Settings. Here I turned mynixplay filter off so that we wouldn't have to add every account that needed to be allowed to send pics (they do warn you this could open you up for spam but it is worth the risk for me since I don't know everyone's address and I don't want to have to go in and add people here and there down the road). I also set the default playlist to the demo so that the emailed pics would automatically be added to the slide show once received requiring no action on the part of my mother in law. After setting the default to demo, go to Albums and left click to drag the demo album to the playlist on the right.

Some other options: Go to Frames on the nixplay account and then click on the picture of your frame. Here you can play with fit to screen (what I have mine on) vs fill screen - this will change how the photo is displayed when the frame is landscape and you are viewing a portrait photo (and vice versa), transition type of jump cut (what I have mine on) vs cross fade - I'm not opposed to fades but just didn't think this one was appealing enough, Display most recent photos - I set mine to 'last week' - this shows all of the photos received in the last week first before cycling through the beginning of your playlist, time between transitions, motion detection, etc.

Keep in mind if you set this all up at your house and then give it to someone, they/you will still need to connect to their wifi once the frame is in their house. After that, it should be smooth sailing. I actually retain the login and controls for the account so all she has to do is keep it plugged in and I can log in and adjust settings at any time.

Critiques: I do think the user interface could be friendlier and I see how some people could find it difficult.
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