Has anyone notice that Abraham-Hicks was cut out of The Secret after it became successful?

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Abraham-Hicks coined the term "The Law of Attraction" many years ago and this is a major part of their several books and many audio tapes going back at least 10 years.

Abraham-Hicks (Abraham the entity) speaks in the original DVD of The Secret in several segments and in all respects was the "star of the show".

Now, The Law of Attraction is a universal law and Ester and Jerry Hicks first learned of it from Seth, and entity that wrote many books via well known trance channel, Jane Roberts.

So, why did the producers of The Secret not disclose in the original version of The Secret that it was based on trance channeled material?

And why did they take the very unususual step of going back and re-releasing The Secret with ALL of the Abraham-Hicks segments (the best segments) cut out?

I have my own ideas on this but really want to mention that to really understand The Secret and The Law of Attraction, one must also understand a much broader range of spiritual metaphics related concepts, such as reincarnation, thought creates reality, life after death, entities, etc.

If anyone would like to discuss these topics, I have some direct experience in all of the above subjects on a professional level and would be glad to discuss them with you.

PS: I have noticed the typo in the title to this discussion but have no way to fix it. Also, in general my typing is poor and my spelling is worse.

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Sonia says:
Yes, because they opted out due to the fact that Jerry and Esther were not fond of the aggressive marketing techniques- which is a really good thing they picked up on, because "The Secret" has turned into a fad that will go downhill pretty soon.

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Don Yaschuk says:
Esther and Jerry asked Abraham and he said 'let it go' in regard to signing any legal releases that rhonda byrnes was asking for and just wish them luck. But I came upon Ernest holmes 'Creative Mind and Success' (book and science of mind magazine) and some of his stuff (deceased in 1960) as well as Jerry mentioning Napoleon Hill's book so while this idea seems new it is merely obscure.

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Don, the Law of Attraction is of course not new. It is a natural law that has always been. Esther and Jerry Hicks first learned of it from Seth, an entity that wrote many books via trance channel Jane Roberts. Seth referred to it as "Like Attracts Like". Abraham coined the term "The Law of Attraction".

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Esther Hick's response and explanation for this can be found at the following link:
Reading between the lines, it seems that the project was pitched as Abraham related, but when the Hicks did not want to give up world distribution rights they were cut from the DVD. Hicks makes it clear that there are absolutely no hard feelings, but I can't help but feel that The Secret was essentially born of Abraham, and now lives on without giving appropriate credit. But that would be classic Esther Hicks to feel that there is enough for everybody, and not to grudge Rhonda Byrnes her million dollar payoff.

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On a recent weekly tape, Abraham stated that the reason they pulled out of The Secret was that it did not contain the whole secret. When their part went to editing they were cutting out everything that dealt with vibration and source. I just saw that they came out with their own book called The Secret of The Secret which probably explains that better.

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cam says:
The Hicks put out a lovely DVD called The Secret Behind the Secret which gives much background on Jerry and Esther - they are wonderful people - and there is a long interview with Abraham. It's really delightful - you can feel the high energy. I went out and bought the soundtracks that they used in between segments.

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I have to admit that The Secret got me into looking at Abraham-Hicks and without The Secret, I probably would not have read the Abraham books. However, it is entirely true that The Secret glosses over all of the real teachings of Abraham and while I think it is a good introduction for people who want to get their "feet wet," I think there are going to be a lot of people who are disappointed and that may make it more difficult to share the Law of Attraction with others. So, I think Abraham made the right choice--those who truly want to learn more will, as Jesus said, "seek and find" and they will find Abraham and Wayne Dyer and truly learn the secret.

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[Deleted by the author on May 17, 2007 7:34:36 PM PDT]

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AmberWolf says:
I have to agree with you, the movie The Secret did cause me and others to look for more, it shows very obvious signs of intense editing. Remembering back, I seemed to have always looked for movies with spiritual knowledge, now I don't watch much of anything, I read books in the evening instead. This could be a sign of enhancing spiritual development (a need to not have visual stimuli any longer). But the movie will be there just in case someone starts to question such ideas and want an aid for getting started with such awareness. Next, they'll get this book, once they seem ready for it.

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[Deleted by Amazon on Feb 8, 2010 10:15:19 AM PST]

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R. Waters says:
Was not able to find the link you mentioned (http://www.drewpictures.com/kb.asp?ID=8&Click=4690)- am very interested in Esthers response - Please advise.

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[Deleted by the author on Jun 23, 2008 9:12:08 PM PDT]

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AmberWolf says:
Yes, I want to know too, very much so! I know that the Kahuna know of these things. I have spoke with another individual that claims the government has a sound machine that alters our vibrations so we can't advance. This individual has well over 40 inventions himself pertaining to sound vibrations! I also feel that through cuts and editing, many important facts were removed because of gov. sanctions. We sure wouldn't need the gov. tomorrow if we advanced today now would we?
Can we find any truths in this and eliminate any falsified aspects?
I know why we're being held back, I'm one with a pure heart and willingness to see humankind utilize our God given gifts to help one another.

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spaceboy says:
(ignore this post. somehow this has gotten crossposted in amazon's database and does not belong in this discussion, as well as some other posts here. I'm leaving it for amazon to look at)

According to the Sirian channel Patricia Cori in her books, the Sirians say there are sonic equipment both on earth and in orbit which generate fields that keep us in a low vibrational state, preventing the restoration of our original 12 strands of DNA. IIRC, this is orchestrated by the Anunaki of the planet Nebiru, a planet which is on a 3600 year orbit through our system.

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[Deleted by the author on Aug 17, 2007 1:11:42 PM PDT]

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Peace 4Kids says:
You might want to check out "The Five Gospels : The Search for the Authentic Words of Jesus" by Funk, Robert W. Here's an editorial:
"Based on the work of the Jesus Seminar, which brought together a group of biblical scholars, this new translation of and commentary on the five Gospels offers an answer to the perennial question, What did Jesus really say? The group not only surveyed all the surviving ancient texts for words attributed to Jesus, but also examined the Gnostic Gospel of Thomas. Then, juxtaposing the Synoptic Gospels against John and Thomas, the seminar scholars began a long and arduous process to see if they could discover which sayings are close to what Jesus said, which might have originated with Jesus, those that are not his (though the ideas may be), and those that were created by his followers or borrowed from folklore. The story of how the scholars put together this translation is fascinating in its own right, but even more so is the color-coded New Testament itself, bolstered by enlightening commentary that explains why and how category decisions were made. A strong addition to religion collections." MariAnn, please remember that many things that are written are then again, rewritten by those with a particular agenda. We would all be better off if the "universal we" kept an open mind and tried to read between the lines of all spoken and written words.

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Hi Allen,
It is about five in the morning here in Berlin and I'm on my way to work. I was interested in your pronouncement that you have had experiences in many of the things mentioned in this Abraham book. I too have had many such things happen to me that were unexplainable, but if you are interested I will write to you about them. Gotta go to the JOB. Maybe we will hear from each other later. Kevin Bodenhammer.

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I've heard of this, Zacharih Stitchen first introduced the idea of Nebiru in the 12th planet, as in the other books he has published.

Doesn't H.A.R P. testing have something to do with keeping the vibrations down?

There is a possible solution, I heard by changing our thoughts from negative to positive ones, we are actually helping our DNA. Becoming awakened and positive, being joyful...a choice...having a different outlook on life situations, will help us.

The Anunaki feed on fear. That's the control. We are giving our power away to fear. You can change this. I believe in 2012, there will be a change in consciousness.

Some books by Lee Caroll; Kryon books, another author; Barbara Marciniak talks about the Pleiadians and how they are helping us. Lousie Hay and the Various Authors in The Hay House Publishing and radio Broadcast system were a tremendous help to me.

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I bought the DVD The Secret. I didn't have tha Abraham-Hick version....I see now that I have missed out. I bought the DVD The secret behind the secret, and thought it was phenominal. I let my boss at the library borrow it.

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[Deleted by the author on Sep 23, 2007 6:26:05 PM PDT]

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Rolio says:
You know Amber, I'd love to believe in conspiracies, simply because they're fun. I'd love to have an announcement that "Elvis is Alive", or "NASA has secretly been running a base on the far-side of the moon for the past 30 years", but I don't think people are smart enough to keep their mouths shut. I also don't think there is profit in vibrations that keep us from advancing.

(I may believe that Kennedy conspiracy though..)

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Morgan Neely says:
That is exactly why I don't follow the crowd. People believe what they want to. Believe nothing what you hear and half of what you see, that is a great motto to follow. I don't believe I have the right to alter anyones individual choice, but if someone asks for my own individual opinion I will give it, and those not in agreement, well, that doesn't ever effect my beliefs, that is working with that free will I was given by the most highest of powers. I am very happy and content with my life, I follow my own beliefs and it has done very well for me. I wish your beliefs will likewise give you such positive life fulfillments. Life is to be enjoyed, and I am so enjoying it today.:)
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