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So now that the set is it really so bad?

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Initial post: Sep 20, 2011 6:39:18 AM PDT
GarionOrb says:
Assuming you didn't cancel your preorder that is.

I found that watching the movies in their entirety vs. obsessing over a 30-second clip showing altered footage are two completely separate things. Both the new Krayt dragon call and the notorious "NOOO" in Jedi really weren't that big a deal. They happened, and the film moves on.

Truth is, these films look and sound completely amazing, and it was really great to see them all as one complete saga. The original trilogy looks much better than I expected, and even though reviews say Phantom Menace is the worst-looking, I still found myself staring in awe at how clear and detailed it looked. $80 well spent.

Posted on Sep 20, 2011 6:53:25 AM PDT
Gus Hound says:
I was a little disappointed that there weren't more changes. Perhaps there are many, but they are just too subtle to make a difference.

They replaced Jabba in Phantom Menace with a new model, but had someone not pointed it out to me, I wouldn't have noticed at all.

Posted on Sep 20, 2011 7:00:02 AM PDT
GarionOrb says:
The new Yoda in Phantom Menace looks SOOOO much better. That's easily the best change Lucas has made to the films.

In reply to an earlier post on Sep 20, 2011 7:52:01 AM PDT
Last edited by the author on Sep 20, 2011 7:53:42 AM PDT
Kirksplosion says:
They replaced the Jabba in Phantom Menace? I imagine this is for the better - I always thought it could look a bit better than it did.

100% agreed on the Yoda change. I don't why, but the Yoda puppet in Phantom Menace looked pretty terrible.

Posted on Sep 20, 2011 7:59:05 AM PDT
Gus Hound says:
The Evolution of Jabba:

Posted on Sep 20, 2011 9:11:11 AM PDT
Jack Pacini says:
I thought Jabba looked a little better in Episode IV! It had been a while since I watched it so I thought maybe it was never as bad as I thought. The Episode I change is negligible though.

@Gus Hound: I also wish they had done more improvements mostly the space scenes in IV-VI, they look really bad to me in HD, especially when watching the saga in order. They really show their age. Oh yeah and the Lightsaber effects in IV, I have always hated they way they look in comparison to the rest of the movies.

Posted on Sep 21, 2011 1:38:21 PM PDT
Jason Giles says:
I've only watched the Ep 1 Bluray so far, but it looks amazing.

Posted on Sep 21, 2011 3:08:43 PM PDT
duke4711 says:
I finally had the chance to watch all six movies and most of the special features. Aside from the DNR in Eps. I & II, they all looked and sounded amazing. I have to admit that I wasn't expecting the OT to look anywhere near as good as it does. In my opinion, anyone still whining that the original versions aren't included are only hurting themselves by not buying the set. This is the best these fine movies have ever looked and sounded. Period. My only complaints are that I wish they would have included the deleted scenes from the DVD releases of the PT, and they also could have included From Star Wars to Jedi and Empire of Dreams even if they were in standard definition. I much rather would have had these instead of that god-awful Star Warriors. I was, however, happy to see the original 'Making of' documentaries for the OT as the only one I had previously seen is the one for Return of the Jedi.

Posted on Sep 22, 2011 10:07:35 AM PDT
Last edited by the author on Sep 22, 2011 10:08:53 AM PDT
TF says:
I'm only up to A new Hope, but so far I'm pretty pleased. The PT looks great overall, despite some DNR particularly in TPM. But CG Yoda more than makes up for that.

The reality of owning the discs and actually going through the movies one by one really changes things for me. Before I used to advocate amazon users rating it honestly after watching it and not months before release.

Now it's 1000% more clear that's truly the only way to go.

I couldn't imagine taking seriously a person reviewing what I now own and have barely gone through yet, when they haven't even remotely given it a chance. I don't even feel ready to honestly review this yet, lol.

Posted on Sep 22, 2011 11:28:28 AM PDT
Andre says:
So what it sounds like is that if you are a true fan of the series this is def worth the now $79?? I wasn't happy when the reviews started pouring out about how there is no original versions on the movies but not like some of these crazies that I feel are going to jump off a building because 30 sec's worth of changes... Amazon would be wise to limit the number of reviews to people that actually own the product so people can't just stand back and blast things they haven't even seen yet!! I'm def still going to buy this and enjoy with my kids so one day very soon they can want nothing more than to be a Jedi (or Sith in my case) just like I did growing up. Lucas is a jerk for doing what he did but all in all who cares, its not about him its about the movies..

Posted on Sep 22, 2011 6:34:57 PM PDT
David Harris says:
"30 sec's worth of changes..."

Flat-out untrue. Stop falsely minimizing the length of the changes.
Not the mention the breadth.

In reply to an earlier post on Sep 23, 2011 9:16:00 AM PDT
I would take the "30 seconds" statement as purposeful hyperbole, which there is already more than enough of being tolerated on here, by the way.

In reply to an earlier post on Sep 23, 2011 2:44:24 PM PDT
It's no worse than the 2004 DVDs.

Hayden's ugly rapist mugshot on Shaw's body allready destroyed the movie in 2004. This is just beating a dead horse.

Posted on Sep 23, 2011 8:20:14 PM PDT
RAF says:
I like them. Due to my age, I actually came into the series chronologically (with The Phantom Menace being that "one Star Wars film" I remember as the first), and it seemed significantly better to me.

In reply to an earlier post on Sep 24, 2011 8:37:15 PM PDT
I find it unbelievable that anyone thinks those ten seconds, at the end of the movie, ruin the entire movie completely, whether they like the change or not. I mean, really? Ten seconds at the tail end, and it seriously makes you unable to watch the entire film without battling the urge to throw a brick through the plasma screen or something?!!!!

This perspective is so extreme, I'm not sure I can relate.

Posted on Sep 25, 2011 5:30:04 AM PDT
Last edited by the author on Sep 25, 2011 5:33:51 AM PDT
Ziggy says:
TRBW, I'll bite. The reason it is so egregious, is because it takes the climax of the entire trilogy and marginalizes it. It's the culmination of every awful revision Lucas has made: 1) It's another unnecessary, jarring change that completely takes you out of the movie, which is my issue with the special editions in general. 2) It wasn't changed due to technical limitations but rather because George is in love with his PT 30 years later, and thinks the trilogies need to mirror each other as closely as possible. 3) It changes Vader's character (see Han shoots first argument). That moment of silent indecision was so perfect. Now we are hit over the head with his "inner monologue". It attenuates the nuance, the tension, and the drama in the scene. Vader goes from being a supreme badass who has a spontaneous moment of redemption, to a whiny little b!tch like at the end of ROTS.
It's a groan inducing moment that doesn't pay off your emotional investment in the movies. That's why they're unwatchable. It's like finding out a big plot twist was a dream sequence. Total letdown.

Now let me add this disclaimer - these are my thoughts and opinions, and I am in no way telling anyone else what they should think or feel about the stupid, pointless, movie-ruining changes. ;p

In reply to an earlier post on Sep 25, 2011 8:57:13 AM PDT
I watch the entire trilogy in anticipation of the uplifting euphoria that the original theatrical ending provides me. granted that's not my sole reason for liking star wars, but it's a big part of it. its what makes watching the trilogy immensely satisfying. Hayden's ugly mugshot being photoshopped on Sebastian Shaw's body completely destroys all of it. seriously, the bad stock footage lucas sloppily used makes Hayden looks like he wants to do something that I can't post here to that hot woman who is taking Luke back to the group.

and of course, consider that it is an unprofessional and blatently disrespectful act.

In reply to an earlier post on Sep 25, 2011 3:58:53 PM PDT
Point taken. I can only say that, for me, the Hayden Christensen cameo does not disrupt the euphoric endnote. Just my opinion of course.

Posted on Sep 26, 2011 8:36:31 AM PDT
Gus Hound says:
After watching all the Blu-rays, none of the new changes really bother me.

I just don't get why they changed some things that really didn't need changing (blinking Wicket, rock in front of R2, redone Jabba in Phantom Menace), while other minor things that have bothered me for years (lightsaber coloring in A New Hope, Obi-Wan's braid being on the wrong side for a close-up in Phantom Menace, Luke's head bouncing back into the frame after dropping off the Carbon Freeze Platform in Empire) are still there.

Why bother with the trivial additions, but not fix actual technical problems?

Posted on Sep 26, 2011 11:39:07 AM PDT
David Harris says:
Good Zod Wookie(e) I would never throw a brick at any TV, not even an old analog one (which I keep around to play NES on).

The perspective is getting so extreme only because he won't seem to stop. It's like the Tin Man who's enchanted axe cut off one limb at a time, and each one was slowly replaced by tin until there was nothing human left. Even if we reject these changes, Lucas's insistence on them makes them permeate even the unspoiled copies of his films. We'll watch ROTJ now and "hear" the "NOOO!" in our heads. ;)

Future generations, and even Amazon, should have labels saying which version has the Luke scream, or the Bad CGI jabba, or... you know. Sure I'll sit here at home proudly watching my "bonus disc" from 2006 but I'll be aware of the "changes". And sure enough someone watching their new BR discs today will get older and realize that GL has made even more changes (and he will!) to this new version they grew up with, and they'll know how I feel. Yes, I'm not atypical before you say that. nyah.

In reply to an earlier post on Sep 26, 2011 11:57:39 AM PDT
in regards to new editions spoiling the films,

I have never watched that youtube clip of vader's new "noo" for the very reason that it won't taint my experiance while watching the original version "bonus Discs" from 2006.

In reply to an earlier post on Sep 26, 2011 3:03:37 PM PDT
I was being purposely hyperbolic, Mr. Harris. I figured that my posts would be a lot duller and less interesting if I didn't embellish them a bit, as Lucas evidently likes to embellish his cinematic works.

That being said, you want to use George Lucas' decisions actions to justify the behavior of posters on this forum. In a world where people rabbit on so much about personal responsibility, I find it amazing how often the notion is overlooked that perhaps we shouldn't use solely the acts of others to justify our own, unless the assumption here is that our personal responsibility is simply to immediate self-interest at all costs and nothing else.

Furthermore, why the heck should Lucas stop producing revised versions of the films that constitute his artistic vision and intellectual property? Would it really be too much, if Lucas were willing, to have both the original and his preferred cuts available simultaneously, in the same package? As a fan of the original theatrical trilogy, would you accept such a release, akin to the 2006 DVDs except with the original cuts restored to the same standard as Lucas' versions? I ask not least of all because I would support the availability of the historic cuts of the Star Wars original trilogy, but I also feel Lucas should have the right to create versions of the films that carry more artistic integrity for him, as these films fall within his artistic domain in my opinion. I also point this out because some people do ask this compromise of Lucas, and compromise is just that: two way traffic. So if people want Lucas to bend a little to their will, maybe they should be willing to compromise and not ask for the complete eradication of the revised versions, just the coexistence of both versions. This type of compromise would be, IMO, the best way to make the most people as happy as possible. And if fans choose to reject even this, then that's simply self-defeat, as I've said in past discussions, and I really see no way to help them at that point, if that's how extreme and unwilling to cooperate they would be. In general, people who refuse to compromise or cooperate dig their own graves quicker than those allowing to accommodate others. And let us bear in mind that just because the OTT is not currently out on BD, that doesn't mean it never will. In fact, given the history of Star Wars on DVD and other home viewing media, I would keep our eyes peeled for an OTT or "classic" release at some point not that far off.

Of course, as you mentioned, there are now several revised cuts of the Star Wars films. That being said, from most of those who accept Lucas' changes, they appear to find them to have little disruptive effect at all, so I doubt most of those people would mind overall if it were the 1997 cut vs. 2004 vs. 2011, etc. I myself mildly prefer the 2004 or 2011 cuts to the '97 ones, but simply as films in themselves, I can live with either/or. Of course, with modern technology, seamless branching could rectify even this issue, so it wouldn't really be that impractical to make all cuts of the OT films available at once.

As far as labels, I think the most important thing is distinguishing between original cuts vs. original versions, rather than laboriously listing each individual change uber fans are having our little mini-controversies over. I think the reality is that most people won't care that much about most of the noticeable changes in themselves, hence the record-breaking sales on this release in spite of all the brouhaha and new futzing from Lucas. Not everyone pours over this stuff in detail like you and I do!

As to atypical, I think you're probably fairly representative of the group you can speak for. In all honesty, I'm probably more the atypical one if anything. If I talked about who's normal and who's not in their views and preferences, I would probably be living in a glass house.

In reply to an earlier post on Sep 26, 2011 3:07:39 PM PDT
If that's what you feel you have to do, but i personally feel reactions like that are jerks of the knee. I make it a policy not to reject based on pure (and subjective) hearsay, and I'm of the attitude that new things should be given a fair chance before dismissing them. As a BD owner, I haven't tried going back to the previous cut of that sequence yet, but I can't imagine the new one truly impinging upon that viewing experience for me. Then again, I didn't despise the original "no!" in ROTS, and my first instinct wasn't to rebuke Lucas for this one will all manner of bile and vitriol, so I guess I can't relate to finding something like that truly tainting of the experience in itself, since the moment wouldn't resonate for me in the same way as it would for others.

Posted on Sep 26, 2011 4:59:06 PM PDT
Ziggy says:
"Would it really be too much, if Lucas were willing, to have both the original and his preferred cuts available simultaneously, in the same package?"
This is all I've ever asked for. I don't condemn George for wanting to realize his vision (though I think his vision is constantly changing). I condemn him for wanting to erase history.

In reply to an earlier post on Sep 27, 2011 12:57:12 PM PDT
As I said, I know some people are willing to accept a release like that, as I've read the various reviews and comments. I did also mention that just because the unaltered Star Wars isn't available on blu-ray, or in HD, that doesn't mean it won't ever be in official circulation in HD. Learning from Star Wars history, I think we should at least acknowledge the possibility of a future release that might rectify this situation, whether or not the official line is that it's "planned" at this stage.
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