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From Russia With Love
From Russia With Love directed by Terence Young
Plot Outline - James Bond willingly falls into an assassination ploy involving a naive Russian beauty in order to retrieve a Soviet encryption device that was stolen by SPECTRE.

Casablanca [HD DVD]
Casablanca [HD DVD] directed by Michael Curtiz
Plot Outline - Classic film set in unoccupied Africa during the early days of World War II: An American expatriate meets a former lover, with unforeseen complications.

Naked Lunch (The Criterion Collection)
Naked Lunch (The Criterion Collection) directed by David Cronenberg
Plot Outline - After developing an addiction to the substance he uses to kill bugs, an exterminator accidentally murders his wife and becomes involved in a secret government plot being orchestrated by giant bugs in an Islamic port town in Africa.

The Order
The Order directed by Sheldon Lettich

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