"Car Radio"

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Can't Hardly Wait
Can't Hardly Wait directed by Harry Elfont, Deborah Kaplan
Plot Outline - Multicharacter teenage comedy about high school graduates with different agenda of life on graduation night.

Top Secret!
Top Secret! directed by Jim Abrahams, David Zucker, Jerry Zucker
Plot Outline - Parody of WWII spy movies in which an American rock and roll singer becomes involved in a Resistance plot to rescue a scientist imprisoned in East Germany.

Silent Hill [Blu-ray]
Silent Hill [Blu-ray] directed by Christophe Gans
Plot Outline - A woman goes in search for her daughter, within the confines of a strange, desolate town called Silent Hill. Based on the video game.

The Philadelphia Experiment
The Philadelphia Experiment directed by Stewart Raffill
Plot Outline - Based on an "actual event" that took place in 1943, about a US Navy Destroyer Escort that disappeared from Philadelphia Naval Shipyard, and sent two men 40 years into the future in 1984.

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