"Cow Tipping"

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Barnyard: The Original Party Animals (Widescreen Edition)
Plot Outline - When the farmer's away, all the animals play ... and sing, and dance. Eventually, though, someone has to step in and run things, a responsibility that ends up going to Otis (James), a carefree cow.

Tommy Boy (Holy Schnike Edition)
Tommy Boy (Holy Schnike Edition) directed by Peter Segal
Plot Outline - An incompetent, immature, and dimwitted heir to an auto parts factory must save the business to keep it out of the hands of his new, con-artist relatives and big business.

Heathers (THX Version)
Heathers (THX Version) directed by Michael Lehmann
Plot Outline - A girl who half-heartedly tries to be part of the "in crowd" of her school meets a rebel who teaches her a more devious way to play social politics.

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