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The Prestige
The Prestige directed by Christopher Nolan
Plot Outline - Robert and Alfred are rival magicians. When Alfred performs the ultimate magic trick, Robert tries desperately to find out the secret to the trick.

Return to Oz
Return to Oz directed by Walter Murch
Plot Outline - Dorothy, saved from a psychiatric experiment by a mysterious girl, is somehow called back to Oz when a vain witch and the Nome King destroy everything that makes the magical land beautiful.

The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl in 3-D also includes 2d version
Plot Outline - A boy dreams up shark-boy and lava-girl and the horror that lies within their planet.

Van Helsing (Widescreen Edition)
Van Helsing (Widescreen Edition) directed by Stephen Sommers
Plot Outline - The notorious monster hunter is sent to Transylvania to stop Count Dracula who is using Dr. Frankenstein's research and a werewolf for some sinister purpose.

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