"Guy Doleman"

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Thunderball directed by Terence Young
Plot Outline - When SPECTRE steals two nuclear bombs for a massive extortion scheme, agent 007 is sent in to find them before they can be used.

On the Beach
On the Beach directed by Stanley Kramer
Plot Outline - The residents of Australia after a global nuclear war must come to terms with the fact that all life will be destroyed in a matter of months.

The Ipcress File [Region 2]
The Ipcress File [Region 2] directed by Sidney J Furie
Plot Outline - In London, a counter espionage agent deals with his own bureaucracy while investigating the kidnapping and brainwashing of British scientists.

Funeral in Berlin
Funeral in Berlin directed by Guy Hamilton
Plot Outline - A British agent is sent to Berlin to receive a Communist defector, but the true situation turns out to be rather more complicated.

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