"Irish Mob"

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Gangs of New York (Two-Disc Collector's Edition)
Plot Outline - In 1863, Amsterdam Vallon returns to the Five Points area of New York City seeking revenge against Bill the Butcher, his father's killer.

The Departed (Single-Disc Widescreen Edition)
The Departed (Single-Disc Widescreen Edition) directed by Martin Scorsese
Plot Outline - Two men from opposite sides of the law are undercover within the Massachusetts State Police and the Irish mafia, but violence and bloodshed boil when discoveries are made, and the moles are dispatched to find out their enemy's identities.

Last Man Standing
Last Man Standing directed by Walter Hill
Plot Outline - A drifting gunslinger-for-hire finds himself in the middle of an ongoing war between the Irish and Italian mafia in a Prohibition era ghost town.

Road to Perdition (Widescreen Edition)
Plot Outline - Bonds of loyalty are put to the test when a hitman's son witnesses what his father does for a living.

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