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The Da Vinci Code (Widescreen Two-Disc Special Edition)
Plot Outline - A murder inside the Louvre and clues in Da Vinci paintings lead to the discovery of a religious mystery protected by a secret society for two thousand years -- which could shake the foundations of Christianity.

Willow (Special Edition)
Willow (Special Edition) directed by Ron Howard
Plot Outline - A reluctant dwarf must play a critical role in protecting a special baby from an evil queen.

Cinderella Man (Widescreen Edition)
Cinderella Man (Widescreen Edition) directed by Ron Howard
Plot Outline - The story of James Braddock, a supposedly washed up boxer who came back to become a champion and an inspiration in the 1930s.

Apollo 13 (Widescreen 2-Disc Anniversary Edition)
Plot Outline - True story of the moon-bound mission that developed severe trouble and the men that rescued it with skill and dedication.

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