Fisher Price Kid-Tough Digital Camera for Boys
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picture quality? i know i should probably be able to look this up somewhere, but was hoping someone who's actually used this could give me an honest opinion about how good of quality the pics are? my 4yr old has been coveting a camera for some time now & i bought him a 'keychain' one once, that lasted about 15min *lol* this one looks like it could be a good product, but for the price want to make sure the pics will print ok before i invest. thanks so much for any info!
asked by wakeningdreamer on September 3, 2006
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pictures are garbage. Don't waste your money. I will be returning mine today.
R. Strobel answered on April 6, 2007
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Honestly, if your 4yr old is generally responsible, I'd lean towards getting him/her a "real" but inexpensive digi camera. The pictures you'll get from this camera most likely won't be print worthy.

We bought this camera for our 2yr old and 4yr old to share. The 2yr old plays with it more. I bought it knowing the quality wasn't great but I thought it would be a good way to get my 2yr old used to a camera -- we come from a family of photographers. I also bought this knowing it was probably too simple for my 4yr old who has played with my cheaper, everyday, digi cameras for a couple years. My 4yr old will be getting his own digi camera for his 5th birthday. It'll be a real digi but an inexpensive point and shoot one.
Zookeeper answered on April 9, 2007
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i just bought this camera for my 5 year old. i tried it out (yes i let him and his 9 year old brother have a few seconds of fun too lol) just to see what it was like and if i was going to be happy with it or not.

ok i like that you can use the lcd to view what you are trying to shoot as well as the 2 view finders. lets face it, if this camera is for lil kids it needs to be easy for them.

when looking through the lcd the image is fuzzy and not what you expect from a more expensive camera. the image can throw you off. now i was taking pictures with the lights on in the house and it was very stormy outside so no extra light from windows. the camera is best in a WELL LITE AREA.

having spent the last few months using my sony a100 with the lens at 75/300... i was highly disapointed in the kids camera... but thats because i'm an adult and i'm spoiled! my camera is a dslr, not a cheap lil point an shoot.

when i dowloaded the pics i did not need to install the disc it came with, i was able to use the adobe program already on my pc. nice. once the pics loaded up i was pleasently surprized. as i stated above the image through the lcd was pretty crappy. i expected the pics to be just as bad. they where not.

ok so the pics taken in a not so well lite area and using the cameras flash (goes on automaticly, no extra button to push... yay) was not award winning stuff... but you are not buying this for you.

you buy this camera so your kids can grow up having an eye for photography, colors and subject mater. it teaches them how to take care of an "expensive" item and lets you see the world as they see it. it is for them. that being the case you need something that can get dropped, tossed and potentially mutilated. which 5 year old boys and younger kids can do without even thinking... they are kids, let them be kids

now my 9 year old wants my camera... no way in "he double l" is he getting anything as powerful as a dslr. he just lost his glasses for the umteenth time... he is still a kid... no cell no ipod and no expensive camera... kids break and lose things

he has a better eye and a steadier hand so can understand the more complex ideas of photography. a cheap but better quality camera will be his birthday gift. a simple point and shoot with zoom in the price range of 100-200 or on sale...we like sales

but for lil kids... this camera is what they need and can use. lower your own personal expectations, be realistic. or by them cheap disposable 35mm cameras... which will cost you more in the long run and can only hold 24 pics at a time without the instant gratification of a digital.

hope this helped
spacecheetos answered on April 16, 2007
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We took a few pictures. It's about the quality you might have gotten with an old polaroid or other cheap camera from the 70s. The colours are dark and it's not that sharp, but the pictures are fine for what they are. Remember, unless you have a budding photographer/artist, just being able to capture what he sees will be his delight. However, for the price, if you think your little one will be responsible, go for a real camera.

That said, I find this camera is perfect for my 4 year old. First, he's not that responsible and liable to drop it; the double view viewfinder is much easier for him; and he has a 2 year old younger brother who will likely have his hands on the camera, too. I will let him use the camera to his heart's content. He'll eventually want something better and that will be his incentive to learn how to be responsible with a camera. I figure by the time he's 6 (and his brother is 4), he'll be able to pass this camera to his brother and I can get him a 'real' camera.
Maria answered on April 16, 2007
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