playing dvds on coby dvd938 since yesterday my player displays 'NO DISC' message when a DVD . . .is loaded. CDs play music well and a DVD-ROM plays both audio and video. My machine is 3 weeks old and played DVDs fine until last evening. Any suggestions as to how to get my player to show DVDs? Thank you, J.Ball.
asked by Joseph G. Ball on December 27, 2009
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I purchased this Coby system in Dec.2009 based on good customer reviews on Amazon. It worked well and sounded good for a whole 12 days.It will not play dvds-a NO DISC message appears. It will play CDs and CD ROMS, but not dvds. I had thrown out all the packaging due to excess clutter in my small apartment so I could not send it back. I tried multiple email messages to Coby Service and have never had a response. Buy this system at your own risk. I will never purchase a Coby product again and will certainly bad mouth Coby at every opportunity. How does a company like Coby stay in business? Joe B.
Joseph G. Ball answered on August 9, 2010
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I have the same problem. Played about 10 or so DVD's so far and it quit working...first it would play 1min23sec just fine and then freeze, now I get the same message as you "NO DISC". I called Coby Customer Service and spent 53 minutes on hold, when I finally talked to someone they told me to try a DVD cleaning disc and when I asked if that didn't work they said they couldn't do anything for me.....VERY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE...and obviously A LOT of people are calling in!!!! I am just about to toss this thing in the garbage and never purchase anything from Coby again.
Scott answered on January 7, 2010
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