porting your current phone number How does it work to port your current number over ? time frame?
asked by Norbert on January 11, 2012
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Don't port your number until you are 100% sure that you like your MJ and the service it provides. We ported our number and a few days later were totally unhappy with the service which we received. We then could not use our number with Verizon nor did it work with MJ. I spent a grueling amount of time with a MJ chat rep and learned that MJ now owned my Verizon number. When you port your number you automatically close your account with Verizon or whatever carrier you have/had. To go back to your old carrier you must open a NEW account and your carrier has to contact MJ to get your number ported back to your original carrier. In addition, you may not be able to get your number back when you open a new account. We are still waiting for MJ to port our number back to Verizon. Verizon told me that we may be able to get our number back but gave us a temp number while we are waiting. Please be awate of want you are getting yourself in for. BTW, we have Verizon Wireless with fast internet service. We had MJ Pus and our telephone connection were choppy, broken up, and we just could not have a normal phone conversation. I hope that I have helped at least one person.
Joyce Wilson answered on March 11, 2012
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MagicJack's low cost is not an excuse to provide poor customer service. As to call quality, I agree that you get what you pay for. So, I decided to change from MagicJack to OOMA. That was June 22. When OOMA told me that MJ was having trouble porting my number, I wrote with all the information at my disposal, including the account numbers and passwords emailed to me by MJ -- which, to avoid typos, I cut-and-pasted. Shortly after I got my email receipt from the porting division, I was blocked from my MJ account.
I have continued to get emails from OOMA customer service telling me that the information MJ sent to me when I opened the MJ account is not valid. I have two MJ phone lines but only ported the first. I tried to access my second on the internet. BLOCKED. I used my second line a few days ago, it worked. I just tried to use it and, despite the dial tone, no ability to call out. I called the number from another phone and it was bounced to my forwarding number but didn't ring on the phone MJ is connected to.
MJ ported my TMobile number in 2 days for the first number and 1 day for the second. It is now ten days since I was informed that OOMA was having trouble porting. So, I filed two FCC complaints today and informed MJ's porting company (ymaxporting@maxcorp.com) that I was doing so. I also informed MJ that I was going to relate my problems to prospective purchasers at Amazon. I hope that my mistake will not become yours.
R. Lapekas answered on July 3, 2012
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I got a Magic Jack for my father who is a WWII Vet and we don't have a lot of money so we all want to be in touch with him and he enjoys talking to his family. He lost his Verizon phone and we got the Magic Jack under the premise that we could get his old phone number. LIE #1 They not only refused to give my Dad his old phone but they would not even tell us what phone number he now has. Whenever you call from his house to a new phone the OLD PHONE NUMBER shows up!!!! LIE#2 The service is erratic and unreliable no less that a dozen times the computer does not recognize the Magic Jack and it has to be unplugged and plugged back in again with about a 50/50 chance it will work. LIE#3 sometimes people call in and you have no idea where the phone call is - is it on the computer or on the phone? LIE#4 You will hear a dial tone, dial a number and nothing happens. It just sits there and you have to go through the whole process over again. Magic Jack is not a phone service its a joke. Its a way to deceive the American people into making that man Don Borrislow and his daughter a lot of money. I should have known when he could not sell the product itself - he has to sell his daughter and her dogs on his website. In fact using Magic Jack is a lot like using two dogs to make a phone call. No refund, poor technical support DAYS wasted out of my life trying to get this thing to work. Take my advice and stay away....
Amazon Customer answered on October 23, 2013
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DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT IT. It sounds good and cheap but with very very poor service. A the end you will lose. I ported my number to MJ from Optimum but had to port it back because all the free stuff they advertise are not really free, local numbers I use to get were cut off, nobody to talk to but stupid chat room that never resolves anything. I ended up paying money to MJ for porting my number in and out. Useless service, not good
UC answered on February 14, 2014
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I had no problem porting my number to mj. The problem arose when I tried to port it out. It would have cost me $70 and then I was not sure I would get old number. It's been 6 months and I can still receive email voice calls to my old number--don't know how long this will continue. But as has been said over and over their customer service is a joke. (I managed to get my first $10 payment by Visa reversed. $10 was amount I was told I would have to pay MJ to port out my number--then when that didn't happen, I was told: No, that information is wrong, you'll have to buy a new annual prescription then pay $30 to port it out.)

Update: 1-20-2015 I still get voice mail via email from my old number which MJ still owns. I will never get my number of 35 years returned to me.
CVH answered on July 30, 2014
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I want to porting my phone 1-
818-745-2477 from magic jack to OOMA
Veronica T. answered on February 21, 2015
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