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on January 27, 2014
This edition is more detailed than 9th edition. I love the stuff that they added and revised, such as better pictures and improved examples. The 7th and 9th edition are adequate enough to learn basic biology, but keeping updated with new editions is wise.

Firstly, there are pros and cons for the hardcover and three-ring binder options...

Hardcover: Pro: the whole thing is in one whole piece. Con: the hard cover option is REALLY HEAVY to carry around!

Three-ring binder option: Pro: student can customize how they can segment the chapters by putting the pages in a three-ring binder, so they are not carrying around to much weight of the other chapters. Con: the pages are flimsy and can be torn out of the three-ring binder, if you do not handle the pages with care. also, you have to buy your own three-ring binders to put the pages in before you open the plastic, which is securing your new book.

So, if you are a guy like me, who can carry extra weight and likes all the pages secured together, you should buy the hardcover. If you are going to buy the hardcover, you will be reading it in front of a desk.
However, if you are someone who cant hold up heavy books while reading on the couch (or non-desk), you should buy the three-ring binder option.
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on June 20, 2014
I started with this book from zero knowledge about biology, after 5 months of studying primary from this book i made successfully entrance exams on 3/3 colleges (general nurse / paramedic). Gonna try it on general medicine next year after i study up physics and chemistry as i missed it on high school. Sadly I never learn it as easily as biology from this lovling. I have experience with translated 2002 release. Because of its quality i bought it in original and actual. New features in same categories seems even easier to learn. Sorry for my english, I greet you from Czech republic.
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on April 3, 2014
As a biology major, I believe this book is an invaluable tool. It gives a powerfully clear context in the sea of narrowly focused biological information on the internet. All of the information is universally accepted and presented in an understandable manner, leading to positive learning outcomes. There is no doubt that this book serves as a powerful lens to distill and absorb information on the most important aspects of biology. The organization is well thought out and it serves to illuminate everything from the broadest topics to the most precise microbiological mechanisms.
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on July 25, 2015
This book is very detailed, and it is a great book. The problem is it is so expensive that many people, even on Amazon Marketplace, are selling pirated copies (of rather poor printing quality) and international edition (soft binding) of this. I got one from Marketplace. The description is USED LIKE NEW. Indeed it is like new, but the print quality is bad. The paper quality is bad. And the paper varies from one group of pages to another. Frankly some pirated copies I have seen are of better quality. I have looked at all these Marketplace sellers, and you can see tens of new sellers who are selling this book as Like New but used. It is quite unusual. I suspect some (could be many) of them are pirated copies.

So, just beware.
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on December 6, 2015
This is probably the best book for anyone who wants to have an in depth and general knowledge of Biology. It covers practically every topic one would see in a high school or college course, even going beyond that and talking in depth about other sub topics of Biology. I like that the book really relates chemistry into the equation so one gets a feel of why things are happening and not just that they happen. I used this one to prepare for the Biology Olympiad and it really gave me a strong overall knowledge of the subject.
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on March 8, 2016
I ordered this book expecting that every thing about the content, cover to cover, to be the same besides the cover. I was really upset at first when I saw , at a glance, that some of the pictures were different. Before really checking I completely over reacted and assumed everything was different. So I compared this book page by page to the original 10th edition hardcover at my school. Everything about the written context (material) is the same. There are a few chapter pictures that are different, a few in-between chapter stories that are different (which I do not need for school), but most importantly some of the chapter headings are written different and are in different order. An example chapter 7 in the softcover reads "Cell Structure and Function" when in the hardcover its "Tour of the Cell" chapter 6. About 10 chapters are in different order from chapter 1- chapter 25. Other than finding what chapter is what and the headings being different its exactly the same. Its also over $100 cheaper than the hardcover. I wanted a new fresh copy without any markings so this was a great deal.
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on August 13, 2014
I teach Biology and this is the best general biology text! I have been using this text with my classes since the 3rd edition. For the bio major - it doesn't get any better than this! However I do urge students to look for the text online - it is often much less expensive than buying it at the college bookstore. I also allow my students to use the previous edition if they are strapped for cash, so check with you instructor if you wish to try this option.
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on August 12, 2015
Not a very good textbook. I feel that it has a lot of great information but as a student, a lot of these processes could be explained a lot simpler for students to understand. I feel that they make things more complex in regards to the type of language they use than necessary. I know it's science and it should be technical, but it's too wordy.
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on January 30, 2015
**This review is based on price, and availability only. As for the book and contents, I'd give it infinite stars... As for my review that I fear will fall on deaf ears...

I purchased the physical copy of this book for over $200 last year. As a biology major, It was a necessary investment in my future. What irks me is that I would have to purchase it AGAIN for (about) $200 for the digital copy to my kindle.
As a busy student, I can't foresee myself lugging around a humungous book everywhere I go to study on my down time. Having a kindle copy is extremely helpful, but I refuse to spend MORE money when I've already bought the book. Perhaps a digital copy which comes WITH the physical book for the future?

Book publishers ARE raping the pockets of college students world wide, and it is disgusting.
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on January 24, 2015
Great book! A keeper if you're a science or health care Major because you can use it as a least until some new science discovery refutes the info in here. But we science folks know this 😉
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