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on February 26, 2000
I'm one of the ordinary teens that go out & live life in a typical teen perception (e.g. parties, friends, listenining to music, enjoying youth as it is, etc.) I used to be the type of person who typically never found interests with the ''positive thinking'' category (i was cynical at the time). I read this book one day cause it was lying on top my dad's desk, i was hoping to ''kill time'' by glancing at a few pages. Suddenly, i became attached towards Peale's theories and i began reading from page to page and started applying positive concepts into daily situations (even when ''obstacles'' were bound to hold me back) and mysteriously enough my attitude towards life transformed me into an optimist and a devoted believer in God which in turn, gave me successfull results (especially in my academics!). Hey, you have no need to believe me if you choose too, but I strongly affirm this book WILL alter your mind into becoming a believer with ''The Power of Positive Thinking''. If you're a parent with a stressful life style, THEN THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU. If you're the hard worker feeling as if you're not getting anywhere, THEN THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU. If you're a student feeling ''tripped & zoned out'', THEN THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU. All the people i've mentioned illustrates the average person bombarded with everyday problems (trust me, i literally live with them), yet the solution lies in front of your eyes because this book draws out supplies of confidence, faith in your own abilities, positive affirmations, and spiritual guidance in YOUR life...hey, i wouldn't just waste time to make this book review and neither would the rest of these people who placed an entry analysis for this book. "Faith power brings miracles.."
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on June 18, 2007
Peale is one of my favorite books . . . so imagine my delight
when I had the opportunity to revisit it recently as a result
of listening to the taped version.

Best of all: Peale did most of the narration . . . while some
could argue that his speaking voice wasn't the greatest (or at least
at the age when he read this particular version), I enjoyed
it even more so because he was the one doing the reading.

His advice from the book remains timeless; i.e., provided you
can get through some of the parts that might be a little
too religious-based for your particular taste . . . I was
able to do so and so was thus able to enjoy such insights
as the following:

* As you think, so shall you be.

* I don't believe people are born negative thinkers. All babies,
unless they're ill, are positive. Positive thinking is extremely
natural. Unfortunately, some babies are born into negative
households. Since they're very susceptible to their
environment, they absorb the negative impulses and attitudes
around them.

* Create a mental picture of yourself as a success. Hold on
to this picture tenaciously. Since your mind tries to complete
what it pictures, always picture SUCCESS no matter how badly
things seem to be going at the moment. Whenever a negative
thought about your personal power comes to mind, deliberately
voice a positive thought to cancel it out.

* Anger, fear and worry are among the most subtle and
destructive of all emotions. To counteract their power, fill your
mind with good will, forgiveness, faith, and love.

* Each time you feel a surge of anger, ask yourself, "Is this
really worth what it is doing to me emotionally? Do I really want
to make a fool of myself in front of friends or family?

* Practice happy thinking. Make a mental list of pleasant thoughts
and pass them through your mind several times each day. If an
unpleasant thought should enter your mind, immediately stop,
reject it and substitute a pleasant thought.

And, lastly, there was this idea that I do try to practice every day:
* Every morning before rising, lie relaxed in bed for a few minutes.
Let pictures of each happy experience you expect to have that
say, pass across your mind. Savor their joy. such thoughts will
cause events to turn out that way.

There's an excellent Listener's Guide that accompanies THE POWER
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on December 1, 2009
It's such a simple and effective concept, that positive thinking creates a positive life, yet hard to do at times- which is a good reason alone to read this book.

Most everything we accomplish each day starts out as a thought. Thoughts flash across our minds each day, all day long, and directly influence how we feel and what we do. So, if you spend your day thinking about negative things, expect to feel bad. On the other hand, if you spend your day concentrating on positive things, good things will happen. And that's basically the purposeand premise of this book- to change your thinking for the better, which in turn will influences your life. The book will "reset your sights" so to speak.

Each chapter of the book tackles important life issues, such as worrying, creating happiness, having energy, etc. Examples of the principles abound, and each chapter ends with a nice summary.

An inspiring and entertaining read, I recommend this book to anyone who needs a little nudge in the direction of positive thinking. Know though, that there is a definite religious tone throughout the book, which could bother some. Other positive thinking books I liked include The Prayer Project: How Each One of Us Can Make The World a Better Place to Live - In a Few Minutes a Day.
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on August 17, 2007
This is the first time I have felt the need to write a review. This book is beyond words. I love books, I am an avid reader. If you are looking for a spiritual uplift then, you must get this book. I am already trying to find it for family and friends. What is written in this book is impossible to put into words. But just know that once you pick up this book, you won't want to put it down. Especially if you are spiritual and are looking to change certain aspects about yourself.
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on February 15, 2002
This book should really be called "The Power of Prayer" so the title is half misleading. I say half, because prayer is a type of mental discipline, therefore, it is a special type of thinking, but not quite "positive thinking" per se.
This is a wonderful book on prayer, and you cannot fault anyone for trying to help other people draw closer to God, since that is what prayer is: speaking with the infinite. Dr. Peale encourages intercessory prayers, that is, sending our prayers in behalf of other people, especially random prayers for people you don't know.
Being a very praxological-heavy book, the theology and orthodoxy comes in only to explain the proper practice. In other words, this book has strong legs and busy hands, and is a real "hand's on" book. It tells you what you need to do to become better. As I said earlier, prayer is a type of mental discipline thane involves control, focus, and a concern for other people and other things beside you. And that is what good religion is all about: love for your neighbor.
The title has become a bit of a byword, but it is nice to see what Dr. Peal is really talking about. It is not a mere chanmge of mind, or mental technique, but he is advocating a fuller life in Christ. This is a very spiritual book, and not some pop-psychological mumbo jumbo.
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on February 24, 2004
Any self-help book today will tell you that you that successful and healthy people have cultivated a spiritual side of themselves. Spiritual, (in this context,) does not neccessarily mean only Christian, but instead refers to an ability to be at peace with the larger world around you and with the universe.
The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale is extremely Christian in its content, so those who have any type of a strong aversion to Christianity may not find themselves able to get much out of the book.
Those who are Christian or those who are open will be able to find a useful book about building one of the most important habits a person can form: the spiritual habit. Peale talks powerfully about visualization, prayer, the value of silence, and thanksgiving. Though Peale talks of these things in a Christian context, one could easily learn about building a sound foundation of spiritual belief no matter what their religion, or non-religion.
When I am feeling depressed or having bouts of doubt or negativity, I listen to the CD's on my commute.
Some great tips:
-Most people who see themselves as "realistic," thinkers, will be shocked to find that most of what they consider "realistic" thinking is actually "negative" thinking.
-It is a mistake to think that religion or spirituality is only confined to morals and social issues and not to your own personal success.
-If you lack energy or find yourself bored all the time then get passionate about something. Nothing will cure a lack of energy faster than engaging in something you truly into.
-Find a few minutes each day, ( preferably fifteen,) to spend in complete silence.
The CD version is conveniently divided up into many tracks so that you can easily skip forward to find your former place. Sometimes the audio changes volume a bit between sections, but overall it is a good audio product.
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on December 20, 2001
I was looking over the reviews, and there were some really negative ones which complained about the religious messages, the repetition, the self-cheerleading, and the dated-ness of the material in the book.
These people don't get it. I'm a totally avowed atheist, so I ignored the Jesus talk. The repetition is important, because it's really a set of principles being taught, that the author is trying to hammer into your head.
I agree that Dr. Peale is more self-congratulatory (and frankly, more status-conscious) than I prefer in an author, but that doesn't change the fundamental correctness of the message.
I think the dated-ness of the material actually helps, because it shows that there's nothing new under the sun in terms of the human condition. Sometimes we think we live in unique times, and while that's true in some areas, the area of personal difficulty is always the same, regardless of one's external surroundings.
This book is worth every penny. Better than the Bible, in my mind, for those who are inclined to Christian beliefs.
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on August 30, 2007
This book is one of the best (if not the best) books I've read on self-improvement. No fancy jargon. No gimmicks. Easy to read without being dry and boring (like some self-improvement books out there). Also, the author is a christian, so it's from a christian perspective.

Just recently read it it for the first time about 15 years ago, (when I was 16) and I'm convinced I would be a different person had I never done so. It changed the way I think for the better. So much of it makes so much sense. After all, we are the results of what we think, and if we can decide our thoughts every minute of every day, why not make them great thoughts??!!
I love Abraham Lincoln's quote (which Peale references in the book) which sums it up nicely:
"Most people are about as happy as they make their minds up to be."

Everyone should read this book!
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on January 23, 2010
This purchase reminded me that I should always read more about the product before ordering it. I will read customer's reviews more thoroughly from now on.

I think that this is probably a very helpful book for Christians who wants to make something more of their faith, or people who would like to become a Christian. 'The Power of Positive Thinking' is very well written, and many of the problems it speaks about is pinned down in a precise and nice way.

Some times, the author gives interesting advice and interesting new perpectives. But the most given advice is "pray more and pray hard", and have faith in Christ.

For me, who was looking for techniques in positive thinking, and who is totally un-interested in religion, this book is not helpful. So I will look for another book.
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on June 13, 2000
I use to be a skeptic to the teachings of this book... that is until I read it and took to heart everything contained inside, then my life changed. And this book can and will work for you. All that is required is an open mind, a belief in God, studying this book every single day, and doing exactly what it says. The number of copies of this book are in the millions ! Ordinary folk and world famous celebrities have studied and followed its principles. People have been inspired by it and changed the course of their lives and the lives of the people around them. To give you a sample of its contents, here are just a few chapter titles: Expect the best and Get It, How to break the worry habit, How to have constant energy, How to get people to like you, Many more inspiring chapters are contained in this informative manual. Mr. Peale is an expert in this field and has written several other self help manuals. This book was originally published in 1952, made best seller lists and helped millions of people. If you don't get this book you are really missing out. Whether you're a parent, single parent, teen, 30 something, senior citizen, corporate executive, or janitor, if you are heavy burdened, this book can change your life . This is a book designed to inspire faith in God and destroy anxieties in your life. Don't say you'll order it some other time, procrastination is an ugly word... order this book today.
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