Customer Reviews: Cold Noses At The Pearly Gates
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on August 12, 1999
The author has done a wonderful, inspired job of writing; we are certainly left with real hope that we may reunite with our precious animal companions in Heaven. In addition he shares some marvelous stories of animal-human interaction, including some that we have all seen in the news.
I would like to make several other recommendations here as well, since there is no category as of yet specifically on animal afterlife, on-line (or in any other lists for that matter).
Because of this and the fact that there are so few books written on this subject, those in grief over the loss of a pet often find themselves desperately searching, and miss out. Here is a list of all the books that I know of dealing with afterlife of animals; has sites on all of them where can visit to learn more on each respective title.
"Cold Noses at the Pearly Gates".Excellently done: inspired compassionate, fully-Biblical
"The Soul of Your Pet". Convincing, credible evidence regarding animals' existing after death.Interactions with pets that have passed on. Will defy skeptics.
"Will I See Fido in Heaven?". Solidly Christian, inspired,loving; includes passages from 2 books of the Apocrypha that address the topic, as well.
"For Every Dog an Angel". Angel stays with pup from birth, on; we eventually are reunited, each "forever person" with his or her "forever pet(s)". Written for children, adults will love even more. Wonderful!
"Dog Heaven". For children; adults will enjoy as well
"Cat Heaven" Children/adults
"All Dogs Go to Heaven". Well-known, has a story-line.
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on September 28, 2004
I was completely devestated at the untimley death of my beloved Caleb a one year old yorkie. I just could not imagine life without him. I never knew that something so small could weigh so much in your heart and totally captivate your world. The hole that his death left in my heart was so great, I felt as if there was nothing that could be done to fill it. My heart and spirit was broken and so sad that I thought I could not get past it. The day after his death, I went in search of something, anything to help me understand his death, anything to help ease my pain. That's when I came across the book "Cold Noses At the Pearly Gates". I read this book it in only two days. The encouraging words and the warmness of the aurthor helped me deal with this horrible loss. I felt as if Gary was talking to me personally telling me that it was going to be alright. I now understand that we only have those precious little creatures for a season, some seasons being much shorter than others. Why this is, no one knows. The one thing I now know is that with Gary's words, I will absolutely see my precious Caleb again and the bond we shared in his earthly life will continue throughout eternity. My Caleb had to much love and devotion to give only to have lived those few short months. I know now that he will be waiting there to greet me when I pass into his world and until that day, I will love my little forever dog and keep his memory alive in my heart and in my heart he will stay. "Cold Noses At The Pearly Gates" is an exceptional work for anyone grieving and dealing with the loss of a four legged baby, it is an absolute must. My hat is off to the aurthor for giving so much to the animal lover and by his words, our pains are eased.
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on November 1, 1999
I think Gary Kurz did an excellent job of getting his view point across in a very possitive manner. I appreciate the fact that he took the time to make sure he got the Gospel message across as well. The salvation of souls is of primary importance. I share his love for animals & have always felt that animals will be in heaven. It is hard to find someone to agree with me, but Gary Kurz not only agrees with me but gives plenty of evidence to support that view as well. For those of you that don't believe that animals will be in heaven, where do the horses come from spoken about in scripture? And, if God expects us to care for His creatures, what makes you think God hasn't made provision for them as well. Though not in the same way as He has provided for people, animals have their place here & they will have their place in heaven also. Again, I want to congratulate Gary Kurz for a job well done & not being afraid to tackle a controversial subject. Excellent job, Gary.
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on August 27, 2004
Losing a pet can be such a difficult time in our lives, sometimes it hurts as much, if not more, than losing a person. Society doesn't seem to address the trauma associated with coping with this sort of loss, and/or the afterlife of our treasured faithful companions.

Finally, a book that will walk us through answering those questions about where our companions go, if we can expect to see them again and the afterlife they will experience. As well as helping us cope with our sorrow and depression and our ability to walk through the pain and move foward.

The author is sensative, gentle and will touch your heart. A must have for any pet lover going through this great loss.
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on November 27, 1999
Our family lost two of our beloved dogs within 5 months. Coping with their loss and not knowing how or what to say to our children has been difficult. This book does an excellent job of explaining the spiritual side of loss along with some personal insight by the author. I appreciated Mr. Kurz sharing his own feelings of grief and loss. It made it much easier for me to identify and realize there are other people who feel the same way about losing a friend. I also E-mailed Mr. Kurz, and received a prompt reply that was respectful and empathetic.
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on March 7, 2005
In the early 90's, I lost a very precious pet and several years later, still had not come to terms with that loss. My religion generally teaches that animals do not go to heaven and, when they die, that's the end for them. Knowing the character of God, it just didn't all add up for me. I just knew there had to be something more in His Word. When I first saw Gary's book advertised in a magazine, I knew I'd finally found what I'd been looking for. Gary is a retired Coast Guard officer and Baptist preacher who writes clearly and simply, from over 20,000 hours of Bible study on the subject of animal afterlife. He convinces readers that God intended the perfect environment of the Garden of Eden to last forever and for man and animals alike to live forever. The book also defines and describes life, soul, and spirit, and the point is made that all life comes from God, is forever connected to God, and will never end. Gary writes with compassion and reason, sprinkling animal stories of humor and heroism throughout the book, and soundly backs his conclusions with many Bible scriptures. I found the book to be uplifting, inspirational, and comforting. If you trust God, believe the Bible, and love animals, don't pass up this book.
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on October 18, 2000
I lost 2 Cocker Spaniels within 2 months of each other due to cancer. Oh the hurt of the loss just overcame me. All I did everyday was think of my babies,what happened and could I ever overcome my loss. I never thought I could until I read Gary's book..Cold Noses at the Pearly Gates. Reading this book filled me with love, understanding and one thing I want to point out, I felt as if Gary was in front of me talking to me with the warmth I needed. It wasn't like reading a book at all. This book I would recommend to anyone who has lost a hairy child because you'll find your answers through this wonderful and blessed book. Gary has done one marvelous writing and to me he has been a godsend as I thought I would never ever get out of my deep grief for my babies. My heart which became empty is now filling up with memories of my babies. I don't feel the guilt of having new babies which I have now. I would have never brought new babies into my home until I read this book. Please get this book if your hurting, feeling guilty or just wonder what happens after your loss, I know you'll find out you have more love inside to share for a new baby which is waiting just for you.
Gary thank you so much and again, your a godsend.
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on June 15, 2002
When someone losses a special part of their family,their pets,they tend to search for some type of help.When my husband and I lost our wonderful dog Toby,we searched the internet for books about the loss of pets,to see if we could find the answers we wanted so desperately to know.The book we loved the best was titled:"COLD NOSES AT THE PEARLY GATES." We found this book to be so comforting and helpful because of its great contents such as a look at the principals used to research about animal afterlife.Cold Noses At The pearly Gates also explains about creature or creation. We also enjoyed reading about the ability animals have to communicate and the discussion about life. The most comfort and help we received from this book was that we learned that Toby was in God's presence. This book is an easy book to read and understand and it will keep your attention.Not only does it deal with pet loss but it also has some humor stories to help uplift your spirit as well.There is also a place that teaches you certain things about caring for your pets.My husband and I highly recommend this book. It is very well written and it is certainly a book that you will want to read over again, and once you read this book, you will understand why it was given the name: "COLD NOSES AT THE PEARLY GATES"
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on March 13, 2000
Cold Noses is an excellent book that anyone who owns or has owned a pet will appreciate and enjoy reading. It offers comforting words for those who have lost a pet from an author who undoubtedly cares for animals himself. It also provides logical answers to the question of where animals go when they pass on. But, most of all, the book is full of heartwarming stories of all different types of animals - dogs, cats, horses, even bears. There are stories that make you want to laugh and some that make you want to cry, but they all make you love your animals even more. I highly recommend this book as a wonderful addition to any library.
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on September 9, 2003
After I suddenly lost my sweet cat, Oscar, last Deptember, I was devastated to the point of being physically ill.
My cats are not just "pets" to me, but they are my family members, my Kids.. Just because they have fur and walk on 4 legs doesnt mean that I love them any less than I would love them if they were human, and the loss of Oscar was without a doubt one of the most devastating experiences in my life. I didnt know how I was going to get up and get going the next day; if not for having 8 other cats to take care of, I dont think I could have done it.
I was in a pet loss support chat room, and I mentioned the topic about where our beloved animals go after they die, and a very kind lady told me about Garys book and website. ( I dont remember that ladys name, but I THANK GOD for her.. )
I immediately visited the website and ordered the book, and Gary contacted me right away via email; he was so kind, so caring, so helpful.. so willing to answer questions.. it was a great comfort to me.
I got the book and read it cover to cover, and although nothing will ever completely take away the pain of losing my precious Oscar, I did find great comfort in the fact that although he is not physically with me, his spirit and soul DOES live on, and he sits in Heaven with all of the others who have gone before him, and that I WILL be reunited with him again some day.
This book is a MUST for anyone who has ever been told that our beloved animals dont go to Heaven.. they most certainly do. this book simply provides proof of what we already knew deep in our hearts and souls, which is that God is loving and he cares for our animals and provides an eternal place for them where they are waiting until the day until we can be reunited with them.
Gary has BEEN there.. he REALLY, HONESTLY and TRULY understands what it is like to lose a furry family member, and he is so full of tender, gentle compassion..
Thank You again, Gary, for this wonderful book.
To my Oscar, save a place for me until I get there.
Connie in Indiana
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