Customer Reviews: Wishes Fulfilled: Mastering the Art of Manifesting
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on June 19, 2012
Warning - This review is quite long and contains a few spoilers. It's Wayne Dyer's fault though, honest. He went and wrote such a great book that I ended up taking 20 pages of notes!

Now, I regress, on with the review...

Wayne promises that after reading his newest book, Wishes Fulfilled, you will be able to tap into the amazing manifesting powers that are already hidden within you and that you will be able to create a life in which all you imagine for yourself becomes a present fact. Wayne states that you can achieve this by using your imagination and by practicing the art of assuming the feeling of your wishes already fulfilled. In this review, I will take an in-depth look at Wishes Fulfilled to see if it lives up to his claims.

Dr. Dyer starts out his book with a few stories and reflections from his own personal life. These are stories where Wayne used the principles found within, Wishes Fulfilled, to manifest his desires. Wayne talks about the mentors who had a strong impact on him as well as the importance of having an active imagination. Dr. Dyer says, "When you are able to passionately feel whatever it is that you wish to have or become, as long as it is aligned with your highest self - that is God, you become it and it becomes you."

I enjoyed the opening to his book and found reading his stories very interesting, however I found one of them to be a little far fetched. In one story Wayne tells us that he was giving a lecture to a group when he could actually feel Saint Francis enter his body and give him power. "I experienced him, not only by his words and not only around me, but in me - as me - while speaking," said Wayne. He then goes on to share a letter from a member of the audience, stating that she actually saw Wayne transform into Saint Francis. I enjoyed the message behind the story, and well, only Wayne and this lady could say what really happened that day, but I personally had a hard time swallowing this tale.

After the intro, Wayne goes into details discussing the importance of changing your concept of yourself, which is created by your beliefs. Chapter one is all about getting the reader ready to enter into a realm where all of their wishes are guaranteed to be fulfilled. Wayne tells us, "there's a plane of awareness that you can opt to live at wherein you can, if you are willing to change your concept of yourself as an ordinary being, find yourself fulfilling any and all wishes that you have for yourself."

Wayne then introduces readers to their connection with Source. He says that our higher-self, the one that is not held back by ego, is free to expand, is full of greatness, and is completely turned on by the idea of expanding without limits. "Your invisible self is extraordinary because it is a fragment of the universal soul, which is infinite. The part of you that knows you have greatness, and is stirred by the idea of you expanding and removing any and all limitations is what I am addressing here in Wishes Fulfilled. This is your new self-concept, one that is inspired by the soul," tells Wayne.

In chapter two Wayne goes into further details about how we all have a higher, divine self. He informs us that there is a spark of God within all of us that we can expand. To prove his point of view that we are all really spiritual beings enjoying a human experience, Wayne shares a very interesting idea. He says that we are not really our bodies because we are constantly outgrowing our bodies and growing into new bodies, yet the "I" that is you still remains, your consciousness, your divine self, your soul.

"It's become absolutely clear that you are obviously not your body. Why? Because the "I" has remained, though it continually sheds the body that it occupies," says Wayne. This chapter helped me look at my divine self in a new way, the example he used was cleverly put together and afterwards I was left feeling a deeper sense of connection to my higher self.

Next is the chapter that may scare some people. With chapter three he builds upon the concept of your higher self and helps you evolve into your highest self - God! Yes, Wayne wants you to recognize that you are God. He wants you to say it loud and proud, I AM GOD! This is the chapter in the book where I can see a lot of controversy starting since most religions teach that God is a separate and mysterious external force. But Wayne, like many other great spiritual teachers emphasize, all things are one, all things are God.

Wayne then opens our eyes to some passages in the Bible that show us that Jesus was trying to share the same message with the world when he said, "Let his mind be in you," and "Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods?" Wayne assures us that saying I AM GOD, is not blasphemy and shares many more stories and examples why in the book.

After helping us overcome our limiting beliefs that were brought on from our self-concept by recognizing that we are all God, Wayne begins the journey of sharing his secret to manifestations with his five wishes fulfilled foundations. Chapter four is where you will find his first foundation, imagination. Wayne says, "the greatest gift you were ever given was the gift of your imagination."

I completely agree with this statement because before anything can be created, it must first be imagined. Your imagination is the source of all-being. Wayne explains to us that, "if you live from those imaginings, the universe will align with you in bringing all that you wish for." Wayne then further tells us that anything which is placed in our imagination and held their, will ultimately become our reality.

Basically what Wayne is teaching us is the law of attraction. The biggest problem most people have with the law of attraction is that they usually spend most of their time imagining what they don't want, instead of what they actually want. Thankfully, Wayne also addresses this issue in this chapter as well. He also shares four golden rules for maintaining a healthy imagination.

With the second foundation, "you are going to be retraining your imagination so that it accepts the idea that anything placed there isn't for a future experience, but represents your reality, right here, right now," Dr. Dyer says. This chapter of the book is all about seeing the end as if it is already here. Act as if.

Wayne shares a fun story of how he uses this principle himself whenever he writes a new book. Wayne will have the book jacket for his finished book made before he even begins to write a single word. He then places the book jacket around the spine of another book so that he can see and act as if the book is already done. Wayne then leaves the book on his desk and begins to write, seeing the book as if it is finished. He claims that this allows the words to flow through him with great ease.

I can relate well with this story because I have done many similar things in the past. In fact, just the other week I had plans on creating a new online self-help training program for my website readers. Instead of creating the product first, I created the website first. This ended up helping me visualize my finished product better and pushed me forward in my writing. I had been putting off writing that project for months, but once I could see the end game, I was able to finish it up in just a few short weeks.

During the third foundation you will discover how to make your dreams come true by assuming the feeling of the wish already fulfilled. Here you are being encouraged to not only act as if, but to actually feel as if your wish is fulfilled. "By literally feeling the reality of the state that you seek, which is firmly in your imagination, you have the means of creating miracles," says Wayne.

For us to be able to assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled, requires a fundamental awareness of how our subconscious mind works. Wayne uses a great quote to explain it, "The subconscious mind is the womb of all creation. It receives the idea unto itself through the feelings of man. It never changes the idea received but always gives it form."

What Wayne is teaching here is that the subconscious mind accepts as true whatever you feel to be true. Your feelings will determine your reality because they're impressed on the subconscious.

With the forth foundation Wayne discusses the importance of keeping your attention on your manifestations despite what others may say or think. "You can do everything right in the first three foundations of a wishes fulfilled life, but if you allow your attention to be diverted by outer stimulus and abandon even for a moment the I AM in your imagination, you will delete the entire project," warns Wayne. This chapter reminded me of the talk by Steve Jobs at Stanford University where he said, "Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life." Which is exactly what happens when you lose your attention and stop focusing on your wishes.

The fifth foundation I kind of expected to be about taking action or maintaining persistence with your manifestations but instead, the last foundation focuses on getting ready for sleep. It is still a good chapter though, with a lot of good advice that I have already incorporated into my own life a few years ago so I didn't take many notes here.

One important note that I did write down however, was the fact that Dr. Dyer says the last five minutes of your day are the most important. This is because, "throughout the hours while your conscious mind is resting, your subconscious mind is receiving and processing all that you've downloaded onto it, and getting ready to turn it's impressions into form and circumstances," informs Wayne.

The final chapter is when Wayne pulls it all together. It was written to help assist you in "achieving that immensity that your soul is seeking." It is comprised of seven questions for you to reflect upon and explore as you begin your wishes fulfilled life.

Wayne then closes the book with three personal stories of manifestations. While I enjoyed the last two stories, Wayne should take a photography class before calling a lens flare, created by the sun in the background, an orb.

The book was great, but I was a little disappointed that Wayne never gets into acting on your desires, intentions and wishes. Instead, Wayne wants us to believe that if we just align ourselves with Source, miracles will happen and everything will fall into place. I understand that there is truth to this because I have witnessed it in my own life, but you still have to understand when to act or react to your wishes. The fact remains that Wayne still had to take massive action to fulfill his Dharma, but he glosses over this in his writing.

You see, it has been my experience that when you take action, you will inevitably trigger all kinds of things that you would have never even imagined. It allows you to declare to the universe that you are serious in your intentions. Other people with similar goals will begin to show up, take notice and become aligned with you. Things that once seemed confusing begin to become clear. Things that once seemed difficult begin to get easier. All manner of good things begin to flow in your direction once you begin to take action.

So, since I enjoyed this book but felt it was missing that one ingredient to finish it off, action, I was going to give it a three star rating. But after sitting on this review for a few days and letting the teachings sink in, I noticed something, a new found awareness. I have become much more aware whenever I am about to use the phrase I AM. I instantly take notice and make sure that I do not take the Lord's name is vain by saying something congregant with love. Since I now feel like this book is going to have a life-changing impact on me long-term, I have increased my rating to a four out of five stars.

Oh, by the way, Hay House Publishing was nice enough to send me this book for free in exchange for my thoughts. This has in no way effected the outcome of my review and I received no compensation to write this review. This book was great read!
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on April 19, 2012
If you're drawn to this book, don't ignore that curiosity. It's a good thing. Extraordinary thing. Ignore the very few bad reviews and do yourself a favor and read it. What it contains is extremely profound. And it's the secret to truly living a fulfilled and happy life. Before I even finished reading it, everything started to fall into place. Resources, people, finances, opportunities. It truly is within you to make all your dreams come true and this book explains why. Happy reading!
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on February 23, 2012
In Wishes Fulfilled: Mastering the Art of Manifesting, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer attempts to teach the listener in this audio tape how to manifest their desires. Since the explosion in popularity of books like The Secret and The Law of Attraction, many authors have written about this theme. It is a good book, but I give it 4 stars because there is nothing new.

That said, this audio book does a very good job of explaining the process. Dyer is a spiritual man--his teachers are Saint Francis and Lao-Tzu--and the book comes from a spiritual place.

I have enjoyed listening to Dyer's soothing voice in the car. The book is easy to understand and enjoyable to listen to.

Essentially, the teaching is to retrain your subconscious mind to manifest your desires while connecting to your highest self. In so doing, you are connecting to the universe and effortless manifestation will follow.

Through the use of your imagination and the practice of assuming the feeling of your wishes already fulfilled, Dyer asserts your wishes will manifest.

As a Feng Shui interior designer, I am familiar with the practice of placing objects (Feng Shui) to manifest your desires. My favorite book on the subject--and I highly recommend it along with Wishes Fulfilled--HARMONIOUS ENVIRONMENT--does what Dyer suggests--experience what it FEELS like to have already manifested your desires when you think about what you want. This book has helped both me and many of my clients manifest their desires with the additional boost of placing objects.

Dyer writes: "This book will help you See--with a capital S--that your are divine, and that your already possess an inner, invisible higher self that can and will guide you toward the mastery of the art of manifestation. You can attain this mastery through deliberate conscious control of your imagination."

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on March 16, 2012
I have always been a big fan of Dr. Dyer and have read quite a number of his books. So after seeing him recently on PBS, I decided to get "Wishes Fulfilled." I definitely don't agree with the reviewers who say that this is just another book from Wayne Dyer repeating the same old message. The problem for me is that the central idea of this book seems very similar to the core idea of another book, "The God Academy," which came out last November, and I think "The God Academy" explores this concept in a more compelling way.

Both books suggest that more than having a relationship with God, human beings are actually manifestations of God, that we are all gods on earth, and that when we realize this we are in a better position to allow our imagination to manifest our dreams, which is obviously a pretty controversial idea. Both books cite passages in the Bible that could be interpreted to suggest this idea. And both books talk about a more typical interpretation of the God of the Bible that can stand in the way of this realization. In fact, I found a lot of the ideas in Wishes Fulfilled pretty familiar. Here's just one example of what I'm talking about:

On page 24 of "The God Academy," Angelica Powers writes that some people imagine that "God is obsessed with the calculus of love given versus love received, a miser jealous of His own power, doling out His love in measured proportion to the amount of time His followers spend on their knees in praise, a god who gets jealous and angry....One could easily forget that we are referring to the source of all love and creation, rather than a cranky, passive-aggressive child with abandonment issues."

On page 50 of Wishes Fulfilled, Wayne Dyer writes about "the ego-driven deity who plays favorites, requires ostentatious places of worship, has temper tantrums, demands reparations, and is filled with rage, punishing those who do not do his bidding....I am speaking here about the creative Source of all being...."

If I had to choose just one book, I would definitely have to recommend "The God Academy" over this. However, if you have not read any books by Wayne Dyer I would suggest that you do! He is a wonderful writer and an amazing speaker in person and definitely someone worth getting to know.
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In "Wishes Fulfilled", Dr. Dyer investigates the foundations of our real self. It is not a self associated with form, but the self in which all forms arise.

By reeducating our subconscious, we align our daily life with our highest calling. Wayne W. Dyer provides his own experience, readings and letters from readers to show us that miracles do happen. And their source is much closer to us than we think.

An important and inspiring reading, where awareness of our real nature manifests what we really care about. Not as an external event, but within its own nature.

Disclaimer: I received this book for free from Hay House Publishing for review purposes.
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on July 13, 2012
There's one thing I can say about all of Dr. Wayne W. Dyer's books - they never disappoint. Time and time again I have read something he has written and thought to myself, "it doesn't get any better than this." But time and time again, they actually DO get better, and his latest title, Wishes Fulfilled is his best project yet.

Wishes Fulfilled is designed to take the reader on a voyage of discovery, allowing them to begin to tap into the amazing manifesting powers that they possess within and create a life in which all that they imagine becomes a present fact. Stating that, "everything that now exists was once imagined and everything that will ever exist must first be imagined," Wishes Fulfilled is dedicated to the reader's mastery of the art of realizing all of their desires.

The timing of this read for me was perfect as it was in the midst of my radical downsizing, and as I was taking rapid steps to simplify my life and make it one that I am able to more fully enjoy. Dyer writes that, "all transformation begins with an intense burning desire to be transformed." and right now I have that desire, and am focused on transforming my life each and every day.

The desire to transform however, isn't enough, and Dyer takes the reader through a series of steps that they need to take to create a life where all they imagine really and truly can come true. He starts by urging readers to change their concept of themselves, as well as make the choice to change what they believe to be true. He then follows that with urging the reader to connect with their higher selves, or as he referred to it as, "the spark of God within you" and to expand that into a consciously larger component of their daily lives. It is through the daily connection with the higher self that the readers' concept will gradually evolve into highest self.

Midway through the fourth chapter, I was not only getting what Dyer was conveying, I was getting excited about it! At this point in my life, change IS possible, transformation CAN happen, and I can design a life that works for me! As Dyer has said repeatedly throughout the years, "when the student is ready the teacher will appear," and I feel that this hits the nail on the head with my experience with Wishes Fulfilled. I had this book for a few weeks before I had the time to read it. I was at the tail end of my radical downsizing and BOOM! I was ready to learn and once again the teacher appeared!

Leading readers through five Wishes Fulfilled Foundations, Dyer focuses on the power of the imagination as well as the necessity of living a life on purpose, and being balanced in the mind, body, and spirit. He takes the reader through embracing their higher selves and focusing on the power of their words and thoughts, on to assuming the feeling of the wish fulfilled. Through shifting our attention, Dyer helps readers understand that they should start living from rather towards their goals. "It is" has to replace the "someday." Lastly, Dyer helps the reader understand the power of sleep and the subconscious mind.

In true Dyer fashion, he ends each chapter with suggestions for the reader to implement the ideas and principles presented, and the final chapter of Wishes Fulfilled is aptly titled, "Making It All Come Together." In the final chapter, Dyer poses seven questions for the reader to contemplate and explore as they begin their wishes fulfilled life. The questions help the reader not only explore their journey, but also realize that yes, all things truly are possible.

It is in the ways that the book is formatted that something so incredibly life-changing and revolutionary becomes doable. Radical life change is hard. Changing a lifetime of thought and patterns, also hard. But not with Dyer serving as the teacher, he not only makes me want to be a better person, and live a more fulfilling life - he shows me how. Through real-life examples and personal insights into his journey, Dyer has once again shown me, I truly AM responsible for all aspects of my life, and now I won't be working towards the "someday", instead I will simply realize that it is, and it is now.

I am a Hay House Book Reviewer, and received this book free of charge for review. My credibility is extremely important to me, and I only review or promote products that personally resonate with my journey and work. Hay House did not request a positive review of the book.
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on March 21, 2012
Firstly, if manifesting is your thing, I'd suggest you buy this set. However, the content of this Dyer work might be a bit too far to the woo-side for some who consider themselves rationalist or those who are more into goal attainment and less into spirituality or the paranormal. I think I fall into that category. I've been listening to Dyer for years but knew the benefits of manifesting well before I'd ever heard the word.

As a kid I used the power of manifesting and imagination to reach goals; not because I'd listened to Dyer and the like, but because I was an imaginative kid. For instance, when I wanted to go to a certain college/conservatory (that everyone told me I could not get into) after I auditioned I memorized all of the places on campus that I would hang out as a new student and I would endlessly daydream about my new life there; I even bought their college t-shirts which I wore around my hometown until the acceptance letter inevitably arrived (that I knew was coming anyway). I did this throughout my life with good and sometimes surprising results. Then I discovered there was a word for it. I never considered myself spiritual, nor was I into orbs or past lives. That's where Dyer comes in.

Throughout the recording Dyer refers to these orbs that have been following him while lecturing and have appeared in various photos. This is irrelevant at best and may turn off people who are more skeptical about the paranormal (like my atheist husband) but could benefit from manifesting. For me personally, the belief or disbelief in orbs, past lives and the reality of manifesting occupy completely different areas of my brain. And in my opinion has nothing to do with fulfilling wishes.

I think there is also a dangerous element here: While I do think that employing the practice of manifesting is essential in attaining goals and reaching one's highest self, I would probably stop there. When it comes to serious illnesses, one should manifest a good doctor. A little personal anecdote: I don't get colds. I never have and I've always confidently repeated this fact to people; I actually believe that this is a form of manifesting. However, when it comes to cancer for instance I think Dyer takes a dangerous turn in suggesting that manifesting should be employed here. He doesn't come out and say "don't listen to your doctor" but it's strongly implied. Then he mentions this "John of god" character and talks about psychic surgery. I mean, I understand that when people are diagnosed with a serious illness they get scared and sometimes desperate; Dyer is no exception. However, I don't think that one has to choose one or the other(although I believe there is a scientific basis behind manifesting). Find a non-fatalistic doctor and keep imagining and manifesting a healthier future. I have great respect for doctors and scientist and I just don't think we know enough about how manifesting works to replace them with the likes of "John of god."

So, what did I like? Everything else! As always, Dyer comes up with some memorable and inspiring quotes. I also love the chapters titled "Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep" where he discusses putting your subconscious mind to work while you sleep. This has become one of my favorite parts of the day - daydreaming before I fall asleep! However, I think most of his ideas here have been repeated in various books and recordings of his but it's nice to have them compiled into one set. I also like the "I am" mantra philosophy vs. repeating "I will be" or "I want to be;" I think the point is that repeating "I am" vs. a less confident phrase produces better results. However, it does make me wonder whether when Dyer says "I am now cancer free" on stage during his most recent PBS show, whether he actually is or if he's practicing his "Wishes Fulfilled" steps. If he is, that makes me very sad for him but if he isn't, he should be on the cover of Scientific America.

Anyhow, if you agree with some of the criticisms I mentioned above, I'd advise you focus on the "middle of the set" - discs 2 though 5. Disc 1 and the beginning of disc 2 are rather loopy and I think he gets into psychic surgery on disc 6.
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on April 8, 2012
I've read virtually all of Wayne's books over the years, learning in some, reaffirming in others, always expanding in one way or another. However, this time he has expanded his reach to include not just our higher selves, but the little known HIGHEST SELF. Blending (and always crediting) the many sources he himself has read and learned from, this book feels like the culmination and distillation of all he's learned...and taught. Absolutely recommended for the serious seeker striving for the best within and without.

Bravo! Wayne.
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on September 2, 2015
It was with enormous sadness that I learned of Dr. Dyer's passing. I read Wishes Fulfilled straight after I finished I Can See Clearly Now and it was immediately evident that my choice was immaculate! Not only have I learned who "I am" but it has spurred me on to become vegetarian, which I now am. No, he didn't recommend it and didn't even touch on the subject, but in my own Being, I became aware of my wish to consume love rather than fear. I can highly recommend this book - a great read.
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on May 20, 2012
This is my first Wayne Dyer book and it has absolutely changed my life. I do not read "self-help" books because I feel that I can take care of pretty much everything over time. However, I was down because of the economy and a friend told me to read this book. I did and I have been telling everyone I love to read this book now. I want everyone to know how important it is to "get" the concepts in this book. My sadness and pain are gone. Once you understand what Dr Dyer has to say, there is no going back to the old you. Terrific.
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