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on September 27, 2011
I expected a biased viewpoint that would suggest the experience of a caucasian man who used to live in South Carolina or a disgruntled former DOJ employee, but Adams admirably succeeds in presenting a genuinely objective and race-blind narrative free of any bias and retaliatory motive. As a minority female attorney, I found Adams' account refreshingly honest. His viewpoint speaks from the perspective of an American without regard to race, and an attorney committed to upholding the Constitution and the principles of our judicial system. Adams summoned significant courage in coming forward to share the truth of what he has witnessed in the Justice Department's Voting Rights division, despite his obvious reluctance to disparage an institution he genuinely respects and whose principles he clearly takes to heart. The compassionate tone of this book actually gave me faith that there are decent, principled government employees who are willing to make personal sacrifices in an effort to help make America a better place for future generations by letting the truth be heard.

This book provides an in-depth and factually accurate account of not only the history of civil rights in America, but the history of voting in America--a lesson that resonates even more fervently today as many countries around the world struggle to achieve fair and open elections. I would never have been aware of the voting abuses that occur on our own soil, and not in some distant infant democracy. Adams provides gripping portrayals of real-life, modern instances of voting abuses, not just to the system as a whole, but also speaking to the impact on individual voters, of any minority, and the dangers that lie in institutionalizing behavior that undermines every citizen's Constitutional right to vote. This book is a recommended read for anyone who has ever voted and who values the right to vote, which so many Americans (be they revolutionary colonists, Founding Father statesmen, suffraging women, or African-American civil rights leaders) fought so valiantly to secure.
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on September 24, 2011
In this powerful book, Injustice, Christian Adams presents a scathing indictment of the racial grievance industry which is in the process of tearing asunder the great values of equality and fairness at the core of American society. It should be read and acted upon by all those who care about preserving our wonderful nation. University professors with some guts should make it required reading in all classes dealing with these issues, whether in social science departments or law schools.

There is a great danger that the book will be dismissed by the mainstream media as a right wing racist attempt to destroy the administration of the first black president along with the first black attorney general. It will also be dismissed on the basis of a suspension of belief: this cannot have happened.

However, speaking as a liberal Democrat during most of my life, who voted for candidate Obama in 2008, and a former civil rights protester and a former federal civil rights official, I can testify that the indictment appears to be based upon solid fact. Attorney General Eric Holder allowed his Civil Rights Division to ignore blatant violations of civil rights in some cases when the victims were white and the defendants were black, such as in the infamous New Black Panther case. It also appears that these illegal actions were taken primarily because the Justice Department officials, both black and white, wanted to show favoritism to the black miscreants.

I happened to show up at the hearing before the Civil Rights Commission on July 6, 2010 when Mr. Adams testified for the first time in public about his involvement in the New Black Panther case. He explained that he had been an experienced Voting Section litigator and assumed that the actions of the Black Panthers in threatening potential voters outside a Philadelphia polling station in 2008 constituted a clear case of violation of the voting rights laws. Mr. Adams was appalled over the fact that even though a default judgment had been secured, justice department leaders let the thugs off with a slap on the wrists. Mr. Adams swore that this was only one example of racial bias in the enforcement of the civil rights laws by officials in the inner sanctum of the justice department who are sworn to enforce the law in a race neutral fashion.

Such appalling behavior led Mr. Adams to resign his governmental position and to write this book. That behavior was one of many causes that led me to move to the conservative side of the political spectrum. It should lead all decent people to support rational changes in the way we approach race in this society.
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on September 26, 2011
The core of Injustice is the inside story of the New Black Panther case - the case that was dismissed by the Obama Justice Department even though the U.S. had essentially won. The author provides many new details about the case and the machinations within the Civil Rights Division relating to the dismissal. However, the book starts with the story of Noxubee, Mississippi, where blatant vote fraud and intimidation had been going on for years and which would have been ignored by career bureaucrats at DOJ because the "bad guys" were black and the victims were primarily white. However, a few attorneys in the Bush Civil Rights Division, including the author, successfully pushed to investigate the case and sued to have the misconduct stopped. This case revealed the attitude of most of the division's attorney's that the civil rights laws were only to protect blacks victims. Adams details how the Obama administration has hired only left-wing attorneys, and has continued to manipulate the law and the department's procedures to push their agenda at the expense of objective and even-handed enforcement of the law. Full of inside stories and details, this book has a good mix of story telling and legal explanations, simplified enough for non-lawyers but comprehensive enough to give the full picture. Injustice gives a candid picture of what really goes on inside the Justice Department.
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on September 23, 2011
J. Christian Adams has written an important book detailing the damage done when people entrusted to administer justice place personal ideology above the law. He also places his finger right on the heart of the matter--the larger clash between those who believe that living in a constitutional republic means that everyone stands in the same position before the law and those who believe people (other people) are so fatally flawed that the law should be used to achieve particular ends, even if that means treating some people favorably and others unfavorably--picking winners and losers.

In detailing the agenda and methods of the Civil Rights Division at the Department of Justice, Adams vividly brings to light the Division's antipathy to the neutral application of our civil rights laws. As Justice Harlan said in his searing dissent from Plessy v. Ferguson, "[O]ur constitution is color-blind, and neither knows nor tolerates classes among citizens. In respect of civil rights, all citizens are equal before the law." While the Constitution may be color-blind, Adams makes clear that the Holder Justice Department is not.
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on September 23, 2011
Where to begin?

On the one hand, this book exposes on-going, current malfeasance and breach of the public trust in the United States Department of Justice. That's right: The United States Department of Justice!!! Reading it makes one both sad and outraged as it exposes a repugnant side of human nature and an irresponsible pocket of government which together pervert the noble cause of civil rights into its antithesis: corrupt administration of our laws, unequal access to justice and officially condoned racial prejudice. This book details how the Voting Rights Section of the DOJ is allied with the militant extreme "hate whitey" activist community and how it denies redress to Caucasians and Asians victimized by intimidation and local corrupt political machines and aggressive activist thugs. When you read this, you realize that ultimately, the DOJ's actions and inaction described here are the enemy of opportunity, freedom and hope for everyone. Corrupt government supports only the thug in-charge, and if you are not in his favored group, you are a victim and don't have the opportunity, freedom or hope.

How very, very disappointing that President Obama has not forced the resignation of Attorney General Holder and cleaned house--this story was in the press months before the recent publication of this book.

On the other hand, the counter-point to the depressing side of this is the fact that the book was published and the abuse can be stopped. It appears that it won't stop absent firm, explicit action from the top of the political ladder. This book gives me hope!

This book is a well written, sober, cool headed revelation: usually such work is undertaken by muck-racking journalists. Here it is done by a lone, principled, public servant who gave up his job rather than keep his head down and go-along with injustice.

This should be required reading in high school and law school and college government classes along with the novel depicting Atticus Finch--To Kill A Mocking Bird. These books reveal how absolutely critical to a free and fair society are civil rights for ALL--not just a select, favored group. What we have now is a culture of vengeance in the voting rights section of the Department of Justice. If leaders in the African American community value their integrity and respect for their constituency, they must denounce the DOJ's hate agenda and embrace Martin Luther King's admonition to "cut off the chain of hate, the chain of evil." (see page 16 of this book).
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on September 27, 2011
INJUSTICE is an incredible expose in infinite detail about the Department Of Justice and its agenda in the Voting Rights Division.

The cast of characters create a fiefdom that systematically defies the rule of law . Under the dysfunctional management of Tom Perez, Steve Rosenbaum, Loretta King and Julie Fernandes the staff attorneys were told point blank to not presecute minorities.

Bartle Bull, a 40 year experienced civil rights lawyer states that the New Black Panther case is the worst display of voter abuse in his career. Bull goes back to the Robert Kennedy days. This sets the behavior style of the DOJ Voting Division .

The most incredible revelation is in 2007, one year before the election. Obama is on stage in Selma, Alabama with the New Black Panthers in a display of support. You have to wonder how this might have played a part of the 2008 election incident. But this is an administration that is selling arms to the Mexican drug cartels. The Justice Department is stonewalling the investigation.

In addition at the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver the Obama Campaign literally locked Hillary Clinton delegates in their hotel rooms so they could not go to the convention floor to vote. Yes, this really did happen. I suggest those in the State Department go ask Hillary. But this again IS the way this administration works.

The book reports that many attorneys at the Voting Right Division do not have enough to do so they play video games, read or just do not show up. So much for transparency of hope and change in a budget tightening environment.

The underlining arrogance of Eric Holder was displayed when he had an exchange with Texas congressman John Culberson in a committee hearing when Holder responded to the questioning by Culberson using the term " my people ". Is this a racially neutral response ?

With the DOJ currently dealing with preclearance in redistricting and voter ID issues we know the best way is to go to the federal courts in DC to get a fair hearing.

The book's clear message is all about the 2012 election and how the DOJ will do anything to make sure Obama is re elected. All that is at stake is the future of the United States. WE must restore the morality of this country.
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on September 30, 2011
An indepth description of how the agenda of the left has been expanded, under the Obama administration, throughout government; to include vital functions of the U.S. Department of Justice. Through staffing increases, blatant political bias and outright unequal application of the law - the Obama administration has done the unthinkable -- turned the U.S. Department of Justice into an arm of the Democratic Party in general, and of the administration in particular! A must read for all those citizens that still believe in the equal application of justice for all Americans...
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on September 18, 2011
J. Christian Adams gives us the first insider's view of the partisan and corrupt activities inside Obama's civil rights division. Well written, engaging, and entertaining, INJUSTICE offers story after story of DOJ employees using the power of the federal government to advance personal and political objectives. The absurd dismissal of the new black panther party voter intimidation case appears to be just the tip of the iceberg. I for one am grateful that someone has the courage to shed light on these abuses of the civil rights laws. Adams' book is a must read for anyone interested in equal protection and equal enforcement of the law.
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on September 25, 2011
It's very disappointing and hard to believe that the first african-american president and attorney general could possibly be so raciest? Is this just the tip of the iceberg for this administration? Very shocking book
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on September 22, 2011
Mr. Adams courageously shares with his readers insight into DOJ activities that many will find to be fascinating and relevant to their perceptions of what is just and what is true. This is a well written book that is difficult to put down. Regardless of a reader's political persuasion, I believe all Americans should be aware of governmental activities that do not uphold the laws of our country and then individually decide their comfort level with that knowledge. This book is an excellent choice for Book Clubs as it most assuredly will stimulate a lively discussion among its readers.
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