Customer Reviews: Timex T600W CD Stereo Clock Radio with Nature Sounds (White) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
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on November 15, 2001
This alarm clock is rather wonderful.
* The sound quality of the CDs is good.
* It is a compact size compared to other CD alarm clocks.
* Though the nature sounds are rather cheezy, they can be relaxing at times.
* You can control the brightness of the display.
I do have a few problems with the alarm clock.
* Though I can be woken up by nature sounds, the radio, or a CD, I don't have the option of a buzzer.
* Also I can only be woken up by the first track of a CD.
* My third silly complaint is that when setting times, you can only go forward. This means that if my alarm is set for 7 and I want to get up at 6, I need to set it ahead 23 hours.
* Lastly, when I first got the alarm clock, my CDs tended to skip often, but they don't seem to do so anymore (yay)
One thing that is wonderful about this clock, and very useful, is the ability to listen to music quietly at night.
You can set the volume to be at 2/3 or 1/3 of the volume that you want to be woken up with.
This means that if I want loud music to wake me up, I don't have to fall asleep with music blasting in my ear, I can listen to it quietly.
Also, you can set the music to turn off at a certain time.
OVerall, despite it's expensive price, this is a good alarm clock
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on April 10, 2002
I received this CD/Radio/Nature Sound Clock Radio for Christmas. It has good points and bad points. I'll begin with the good:
-Large Idiglo display
-Good sound quality (for a clock radio)
-Plenty of radio presets
-Aesthetically pleasing
That's about it though. Unfortunately the bad outweighs the good. Bad points include:
-Hissing sound emitted by the CD mechanism
-Snooze button is WAY too close to the OFF button
-Alarm has a time limit
-Nature sounds are unrealistic
-Doesn't keep time (?????)
Let me elaborate on a few of the bad points:
I like to ease into the day which means that I hit snooze a few times before getting up. The snooze button on this unit is less than 1/2 inch from the OFF button. HELLO!!!!! I'm groggy when I hit that button!!! The snooze button and OFF button should be no where near each other!! Maybe it's just me, but that's kind of like a car manufacturer designing a vehicle with the cigarette lighter right next to the gas filler neck.
The unit I got doesn't keep time. It gains approximately 3 minutes per month. I spoke with Timex Tech Support about this and they said I would have to send it in to be repaired. I'm sorry, but this is an $... clock radio, made by Timex no less. It should be about as acurate as the atomic clock at NORAD.
Lastly, the alarm is timed. This doesn't present a problem, normally. But if you're not feeling well, or just having a hard time getting up, you'd best beware. After 6 hits of the snooze you're done. You'll be waking up at noon wondering what happened. Why on earth would they limit the alarm?
The long and short of it is this......if you are shopping for a nice looking, compact, CD player/Radio this works great. However, if that's all you're looking for you probably don't want to spend $.... I'm stuck with mine as it was a gift. Do yourself a favor and buy something else.
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on November 24, 2000
I bought this product. Took it home and pluged it in, the right speaker sounded distored when played with a CD and the radio. The nature sounds were great. I put on head phones when listening to a CD, it sounded great. Could never tune in the radio. Took it back to the store thinking it was defective because of the right speaker. Guess what, they were all that way. SO I bought the Philips AJ3940CD. I would NOT recommend ths timex product. Poor sound quality.
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on December 11, 2000
I don't understand why all the bad reviews. I love my Timex T600B. The CD player, the 18-preset digital tuner, the stereo speakers, the four "nature" sounds , and the three separate alarms are all great. The CD works real well and the speakers sound awsome.
The silver-and-black body looks very state of the art. It has far more buttons than most clock radios, The Indiglo (blue) display shows time, date, radio frequency, CD track, and indicates which nature sound (ocean, brook, forest, or wind) is currently selected for the alarm. It's very easy to set up the six AM and 12 FM presets.
I love that it's small, it sounds good, and it's full of great features. I am really happy with mine and think it was well the price.
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on August 26, 2002
I bought this clock about a year ago with high expectations. It markets itself well - nice design, great features, CD player, and other items, but I don't feel it has lived up to its potential.
Biggest Problems:
*Blue background is hard to set to make the time both dark enough to sleep without a glowing blue light at you and bright enough to see clearly when waking up in the morning.
*Too many buttons on the front, too cluttered and not easy to use. Alarm clocks need to be simple to set, change and use - this one is not.
*Poor reception - weak intenna included is hard to get a signal while inside a building (and I am guessing this is where you plan to use your clock).
*Alarm - you cannot set this clock to wake you up by a regular alarm! You must choose radio, CD or nature sounds...not very user friendly.
Strengths -
*Several nature sounds to choose from to help you fall asleep
*Lots of pre-sets of radio stations
*Possibility to wake up to all three settings (nature sounds, CD, Radio)
Overall, I would say this is an overpriced clock radio, especially for the lack of quality - which is why I am online looking for a new way to start each day!
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on November 2, 2000
I got this because I wanted to reduce clutter in the bedroom by combining many functions into one -- nature sounds for blocking out traffic, radio and cd for listening at other times, alarm clock. It sounds great for such a small unit. The directions are well written, but because it has so many functions, it can be a bit complex to use. if you take the time to read the manual, though, it's not bad. Good value.
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on August 26, 2001
This is referring to the T601G (with the Amber light). Man... this is one good CD Clock Radio. Here are some Pro's and Con's. Pros: 1. Sleep to CD, Radio, or 1 of 4 Nature Sounds. 2. Wake up to CD, Radio, or 1 of 4 Nature Sounds, or the Buzzer. 3. Great sound, the 3" speakers are pointing left and right, makes it sound kind of like surround sound. 4. Brightness Control option, so the amber light won't bother you while sleeping (but if you do want to look at the time, turn the amber light on a little, it won't bother you). 5. Digital AM/FM Tuner, so you get crisp sound from the radio easily. 6. Nice big display screen, which shows the 4 nature sounds, CD Track, AM/FM Station, Time, Date, and Alarm Clock Setting. Cons: 1. This isn't a stereo. If you BLAST the sound up, you'll hear buzzing. (But this is a CLOCK RADIO!! What do you expect? Bose sound quality????!!!!????!!!! All you need is medium level sound.) 2. You have to take out the CD before the morning comes to wake up to the buzzer. That means, you can't sleep to the CD and wake up to the buzzer. (And I was flipping through the manual for minutes trying to find if there was a buzzer option!) 3. The snooze button is kind of small... Yeah. This CD Clock Radio isn't bad at all... it has just little things that bug people like me, or doesn't have some little things that I want.
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on August 17, 2000
The Timex nature sounds CD radio is quite a nice buy. If you are a person who likes electronics with lots of features (and multiple features) then this is the one. The alarm is easy to use. You can set it to wake you up in any one of the three modes(nature sounds, CD or radio) or use all three to wake you consecutively. The indiglo is nice but the contrast with the lettering is not too high and you need to set it to high to see it clearly which makes it too bright in a dark room. On the whole a nice compact product.
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on October 31, 2000
The radio itself is a great alarm clock, with the ability to set up to four different alarm times, one for each of waking to sounds, one for a buzzer alarm, and one to wake up to radio.
The drawback to this device, however, is the sound. All of the sounds just sound like the white noise you could get by changing your radio to a frequency where there isn't a station. Those sounds that aren't white noise are so short that when they repeat, it's so close that it is just annoying.
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on November 6, 2001
This clock-radio has gadgets galore. The problem is that many of them are of disappointing quality. My biggest gripe is that the CD player mechanism makes an annoying hissing sound when playing. This makes it very difficult to enjoy a CD at low volume. My second beef is that the nature sounds are repetitive. They repeat themselves after an interval of about 15 seconds.
If you want a good clock radio with a CD, there are better choices that this Timex product.
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