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on November 23, 2001
I just bought this player from ..., as I wanted a media where I could transfer my favorite cuts from my CDs to the MP3 player. I ordered an additional 64 MGB smartcard. This thing kicks!! The software installation was easy. If you are a workout enthusiast like me, and want to only listen to certain cuts from your CDs, this is the way to go. I had to figure out what an USB port was on my computer, (on the back, never used it before), but after that, it was easy.I converted my CDs to 56K format MP3, which is the least clear, but gives you the most tracks for memory. I was able to put 13 tracks on the internal memory, and an additional 33 on the 64 MB smartcard. 46 tracks, what more do you need when you are working out for an hour or two? Plays crystal clear at the 56k compression. The headphones are short, but do give you good sound. I tried other headphones that I have, but they do not sound as good. It does come with a belt holder/clip, though it does not say it on the spec for ... Face it, you buy CDs, but only like 1 or 2 songs from it. This is the perfect tool to compile all of them in one place, and it is easy to use. The realplayer interface is great. Buy it!
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on January 2, 2002
This Samsung Yepp Mp3 player is a great bargain for someone who doesn't want to spend a lot of money for a player, but still get good quality. The 32 mb memory that comes with it is standard in this price range, but I would suggest upgrading to 96 mb with a SmartMedia card considering they're around $.... With the 96 mb. you can play about 25 songs at a good quality (128 kbps). If you stick to the 32 mb then expect around 7 songs of good quality, 10 at so-so quality.
The pros I feel about this device are:
The Price- At this price you can upgrade to a 96 mb player for about $... when other 64 mb players are around $...+
The Volume- Many portable sound devices are never loud enough, but the volume on this gets extremely loud. Even in noisy rooms you can still drown out your surroundings listening to your tunes.
The Remote- Considering the price you wouldn't expect to get a remote. The remote has 9 buttons, and a hold switch. It is LED and lights up everytime you press a button. The downfall to the remote is that the headphone jack and the remote cord are on the same side making them tangle easily.
The Cons I feel about this device are:
The belt buckle- Along with the player, remote, headphones, etc. you get a belt buckle which is extremely hard to use. It is a pain to slide the buckle onto the player and then the strap covers over the remote plug and the hold switch.
The software- The software is "ok", but not the greatest and most user friendly. I encountered a few problems when first trying to configure my device. Make sure you have the player on when you try to double click on the player in the Real Jukebox. The software also has cd ripping ability, but the sound quality is only at 96 kbps, not the greatest.
If you are looking for a Mp3 player that is easy to expand at a great price this is a perfect buy, but if you are looking for a player that is extremely portable, then I might suggest looking for a different one.
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on February 11, 2002
As a person that has become very frusturated with the overall product quality of the various mp3 players available, I was pleasantly suprised by this little device. I bought a RIO 600 a few months ago and it was so shockingly bad I returned it, I won't go into the details, but it was just horrible. I've also gone through an early CD based MP3 player which was even worse then the RIO.
The samsung player performs exactly as it should. Add on a 64 MB SmartMedia (which I was fortunate to have for my Digital Camera) and you have a 96 Meg player at a great price.
It comes with real jukebox, which I don't like that much but you can go to the samsung site and download an explorer style program for managing your songs. I had no trouble getting the unit running under Windows XP.
This is a basic player featurewise but it has everything I need and its just great value. The sound quality is excellent, even through the supplied headphones, the carrying case (belt clip) is useless though. Other then that, its just perfect.. You won't be dissapointed if you get one!
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on November 15, 2001
The good:
I think this is one of the very first mp3 players?
It has pretty good sound quality, and the remote looks really good with the LCD display on it. With the current promotion of a free 32 mb smartcard, this is a really good deal.
My pet peeves:
The unit itself doesn't have a display on it.
It doesn't display the song names, just the track number.
Remote wire and earphone wire keep getting tangled as the earphone goes into the jack on the remote. I think it would have been better to separate the two. And I don't know if this is true with other players, but removing and adding songs seem a bit slow. Is it the software that comes with it??? I mean the transfer rate itself is good, only it takes some time for it to start writing the song, and then when it's at about 95% completion, it stops for a while and then completes the write. It does this for every song, so if you have 10 songs, that's waiting 10 times at the start and 10 times at 95%. Is it this way with all mp3 players? I thought it would just be a matter of dragging/dropping the file into the software, and then it'd be done within a minute or so. Finally... I'm not sure if this is a feature in other mp3 players, but I was hoping I could delete the songs directly from the mp3 player itself...
I'm a bit more picky about electronics than most people, but the mp3 player is a great deal at its price. It basically gets the job done without all the bells and whistles. So I give it 4 stars, since it's so darned cheap right now.
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on February 23, 2002
I purchased this item over the Rio 600 Model. I ordered before the set date, so I will get a free 32MB SmartMedia Card for it. I should start by saying that if you are the type who can throw down cash like it's going outta style on things like this, skip over the rest of the review. This review is for the careful buyer, who likes to save some dough.
Good quality sound
Nice Included Headphones
Fairly Simple Software
Small Remote
Good Battery Life
Fast PC to Device File Transfers (about 40 sec. a song on a good PC system)

Too Light, Needs More Strength
'Bad' Battery Cover (includes two of them, I guess it makes up.)
'Bad' Belt Clip Pouch (the one on the remote is cool)
Way too small memory (7-9 songs, depending on size.)
Remote and Headphones Lines Get Tangled Often
I should add this unit is very cheap, and is well worth every cent. If you want a good MP3 player with out dropping mad cash, go for it. I highly recommend a Smart Media Card of 64MB unless you want to change songs frequenly. I would give it 5 stars, but it has some weaknesses.
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on November 20, 2001
I bought this player as my first ever MP3 player and am extremely pleased so far. I bought this basically for somehting to listen to during my hour long commute in the morning to work and then back again. First of all it is tiny and light and very stylish with a nice little remote, but you dont even have to use the remote if you dont want to, with the way samsung set it up. I heard the basic criticisms of this unit were that it had small memory and its software is not easy to use. First of all the software thing is a complete lie. I already had real jukebox on my computer and so all i had to do was update it with the CDROM that came with the unit to recognize the samsung device. This took 2 minutes. Then all you do is click on jukebox from your list of songs and push one button to transfer! It literally took me exactly 6 minutes to download 8 songs to the player and you are ready to go! Its amazing. I'll admit 32 MB is way too small but with the rebate you get a free 32 MB card and this gives you 64 mb or one hour of listening time which is exactly what I need. I fit 16 songs on it. It literally takes 10 minutes to download the songs directly from the computer to the player and it does all the work for you so you just click and do something else for 10 minutes. The sound quality is really great too! For an entry level player at only 75 dollars this is a great buy. First time buyers get this player and make sure to get the free 32 MB card with the rebate.
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on November 15, 2001
Nice player - very small, can’t even tell I’m wearing it (except for the music I suppose), sounds great, software is good, data transfer speed on my win 2k machine is tolerable. 32 MB is insufficient but cards can be added. Note that the 128 mb card is NOT COMPATIBLE. (...)
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on November 21, 2001
This little player puts out more sound than players that cost quite a bit more. It's rated at 90db. And of course the price is very good. I bought a 64mb Smart Media card for $(...). So I now have a 96mb player for less than one C note. Plus sometime before MP3 players are a piece of ancient history Samsung will send out the free 32 mb card. I won't hold my breath. I'm sure it will take them forever to send it out. And yes the remote cord gets tangled with the headphone cord. It would have been much better for them to just put the LCD on the player. I think they were trying to be a little too cool. Who needs a remote for a player that can get lost in your shirt pocket? What were they thinking? A saving grace is that you don't realy need the remote for anything except seeing the battery indicator, track number, or setting the equalizer. And of course the ear bud headphones are a waste. They sound good but keep falling out of my ears. Bottom line is that this player is small, sounds excellent, and is cheap enough to get one even if you don't use these things that much.
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on December 8, 2001
I have been using mp3 players for more than 3 years. I had one of first Rio's, and then Nomad I etc.
I bought this mp3 player 2 weeks ago. Now, I'm so happy that I bought this one. Before buying it, I talked to people who have mp3 players of other brands, compared them all...All of them had strong negative sides, but yepp 32 mb is the best mp3 player I have ever used. It has an amazing! battery life, good price and cool design. But the software is not good. I'm using Yepp-Explorer which I downloaded from samsungyepp webpage.
In general, it's the best mp3 player for the price...
Now I have 96 MB mp3 player for almost 100 $ ( I'm using 64MB Viking Smartmedia card)
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on December 3, 2001
Sorry,, poor batteries door,,I don't like the way I have to push the small door to get the batteries fixed in their place,,And the door doesn't look stable at all, that's why Sumsung give you another extra door,, After got it,, I look around the player and feel like it doesn't strong enough,, the plastic body doesn't give a solid feeling at all,,,,,Over all, the product is very easy to use, beside my fuji finepix 4700 that operate with smart media, this tiny player is a very compatible,, I don't have to buy an extra smar media, and if you want to use only the smart media,, you actually don't have to install this player in your computer,, (If you have a card reader, just drag the mp3 files in smart media card, that will be fine).. I give this 4 points becouse the body and the batteries door are poorly build,,
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