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on June 11, 2003
There is very little I have to say about these headphones, because they're SO good, it is really impossible to describe them adequetly. The comfort of these headphones is UNSURPASSED, period, large head, small head, glasses/no glasses, big or little ears, THESE THINGS FIT PERFECT. You'll forget you're even wearing them. They have a velvety soft material for the ear cups, you will feel more comfortable wearing them than you do not wearing headphones. NO JOKE. MOST IMPORTANT, the sound quality is INCREDIBLE, and I'm an audiophile, I love music, and I play many games. It is essential for me to hear all the highs, lows, bass, etc. As well, when playing games, I need to feel as though I am IN THE ENVIRONMENT. THESE HEADPHONES DO ALL OF THIS AND MORE. Plus, they have a long 10ft cord from one ear, and they block out ALL NOISE. I was looking for a cheap pair of earphones, and now I have these Labtec 840's, and I use them more than BOTH my Sennehesier or Sony pairs. THE BEST HEADPHONES OUT THERE, and if you're looking for something cheap, THIS IS IT. You will never regret these headphones. PLEASE DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND BUY THEM!!! Thanks.
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on September 2, 2004
Headphones are a kind of annoying investment. There are some out there that cost around 10 bucks or less, and look nice, but you don't know if they'll sound like junk, then there are others that promise noise cancellation, then there are others that sell for absurd prices, and you just don't know which ones to get. And if you pick up some w/ crappy sound, you're stuck.

Well, I bought these used from Amazon (which is the only way you'll get them on this site, they have no more new ones), and upon first listen I was almost completely blown away. Why? Well, the sound quality is just fantastic. There are lots of very low and background type sounds I never knew were recorded on some of the CD's I own, but I've finally picked them up with these headphones. All the highs, lows, etc come out crystal clear (I think this has to do with the wider frequency bandwidth these headphones bring through), the sound output is overall extremely well-rounded. Anyways, the sound alone is reason enough for purchase. Another plus is that they come w/ an extra thicker plug, so in case you wanna use them for another reason like playing a guitar through an amp, you can do that too. They're also very comfortable, I have big ears and they fit comfortably around them when placed on properly. The headphones bring through great volume, so I don't have to adjust my volume knob on my CD player as high as I used to, which is good cause I like having a certain amount of leeway.

A few downsides though: The headphones promise outside noise cancellation, but even w/ the headphones on a lot of noise still got through, i think this is due to the fact that the headphones really aren't FIRM around you head but just slightly snug (they won't fall off but they're not tight either), plus the plastic shell outside the speakers are light and thin, letting sound through. Secondly, even though the sound quality outputs extremely well, bass is reduced significantly. This may change due to what bass settings you have on your CD or tape players, but I felt a lot more bass w/ my smaller, non-noise cancellation Panasonic standard headphones (it seems they turned up the treble a lot but sacrificed some bass). Third, they're very big. There are 2 plastic bands above your head, one is adjustable to your head but the other is just there to bring through the wire to the other speaker (one wire connects into one speaker only). It looks kinda silly having them on cause the higher plastic band is a good inch or so above your head. I would gladly sacrifice having 2 wires connect to each speaker rather than have a big plastic band over my head.

Anyways, if you're looking for something w/ outstanding sound quality and clarity and don't have more then 40 or 50 bucks to spend then these are the headphones for you! I'm simply blown away on the sound quality alone.
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on September 14, 2014
I bought it like in rs.300 which is like 5 US$. I actually bought two of them...they were the most value for money item I ever purchased. The sound makes me cry sometimes and it rivals the samsung headphone I got free with a Samsung computer.
Strangely the wires from the top part keep coming outside from pressure of continuous use but they are working as good as new and I have not encountered any change is musical satisfaction...If only all things were this good...
I cannot get another piece now and certainly not in Rs.300 and that is unfortunate.
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on October 24, 2004
I've had these a little under a year and all I can say about them is that they've worked great. These headphones have excelent bass feedback (alot better than a pair of Sony and Panosonic studio headphones I've had in the past) and handle the highs very nicely as well. Well worth the 30 bucks I put into these when I bought them off of ebay. The only downsides I can think of is that they do "leak" sound a little (probaly from the vents in the sides of them) and they are big, definatly for stationary use (gaming, sound mixing, and such) as they are a bit too big to be considered "mobile". Definatly worth 30 bucks.
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on November 4, 2003
This pair of headphones are the best I have ever used. The sound quality is amazing and the bass does not distort at high volumes.
These feature self adjusting earcups and headstrap, so there is no adjusting to do. These are very comforatable and i have worn them for hours together without discomfort.
Overall, i think this is a very good purchase!
Music i've heard for review : Pink Floyd, Metallica among others
Other headphones tried: Sony, Labtec 835
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on May 12, 2004
Well I am not a Audio Engineer but my own ears are my best judge.
I was ready to shell out $100 for a decent head phones and I tried Maxell,Aiwa,Panasonic,Sony(Mdr V150,V300) and Sennheiser and also the Titanium diaphragm one of Radio shack. I also tried AKG K320 and also a couple from Beyerdynamics. But Labtec Elite 840 is simply great not only in quality ..but also in price. However Sennheiser one for $99 and Akg was also good. But this headphone is truly awesome for a lesser price. Only bad news is its NOT in production as per the customer service person from Labtec. I was the lucky one to get the last one from Amazon ! .
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on August 4, 2004
You know why these headphones are so cheap to buy? I'll give you one guess. Yup, it's because they ARE cheap. I bought a pair through an Amazon Seller and within a few weeks of using them, only one side works now. Pay more money and get a better pair. I'm pretty sure these other reviews about the headphones were written by someone trying to sell them.
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