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on March 25, 2006
I've been using this coffeemaker daily for about 9 months. I'm not completely satisfied with it.

The positive: It does what it's supposed to do, most of the time.


- It's a real pain to clean. There are six parts to clean after every pot of coffee. The worst is the two-piece grinder assembly. Due to the complete absence of venting and valving, by the end of the brew the entire grinder assembly is soaking wet from condensed water vapor. This means it is coated with a fine mud of pulverized coffee. The grinder assembly has plenty of annoying nooks and crannies; cleaning it means standing there with a few paper towels, jamming them into the crevices to get the old coffee out. After that, you have to clean the filter holder, the filter holder lid, the pot itself, and the pot lid. The pot lid is annoying, requiring two hands to remove - I usually drop it once a day or so.

- Fit and finish. Once you've passed the plastic parts through the dishwasher once, they never fit quite right again. About once a month, the filter holder pops out during brewing, spilling hot coffee all over my kitchen counter and floor; the cleanup from this invariably scatters wet grounds everywhere.

- The machine ships with one tiny charcoal filter. Once it's done, where do you get another one? I don't bother; I just use Brita-filtered water to begin with.

- The hot water jets out onto one spot, drilling a hole in the grounds, and then quickly fills up the flat-bottomed filter holder, floating the grounds and making a soup which then slowly drains. This isn't the optimal way to extract coffee.

Bottom line - it does what it's supposed to, most of the time. Bad design, however, shows itself in the areas of cleaning, brewing, and operation (including occasional kitchen disasters.) I'm in the market for a different unit.
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on May 12, 2005
We've owned this machine for about 1 1/2yrs and bought them as gifts for two couples last fall. Having run this same coffeemaker over 400+ times, I would like to rebut some of the complaints often seen here.

[Electrical problems} None of us have ever had or heard of the hot plate problems I saw mentioned. It could have been damaged at any point of the shipping & handling process. As for the "friend" having the exact same problem, if the problem is so prevalent then why are they getting a new replacement from Quisinart?

[Cleaning] I hate to break the shocking news but..... you do have to clean your coffee maker. Yes this unit has a few extra parts. That's because it has more functions, which is the reason we bought them in the first place. Every part is removable or accessible and therefore, cleanable. One reviewer in particular complained vehemently about the cleaning and then mentioned switching to a vacuum pot which has even more parts than a grind & brew!?

[Components] One most often mentioned is the slide out filter basket. It is on a rail system that can get gunked up when moisture and bean dust combine. So here's a simple solution: vegetable oil and a Q-Tip. Apply it to the rails and voila! It slides out like a dream for 1 1/2yrs and counting.

The reasonable price, extra features & functions and its space saving design make for a sensible choice if a grind & brew machine is what you are in the market for. If a coffeehouse quality cup of coffee is what you want, you'll have it.

I just get the feeling alot of people are just too busy to be bothered by having to clean and maintain. If that's the case and you were smart enough to research first, don't but it.
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on December 7, 2003
I carefully read all the Amazon reviews for this machine before I purchased it last month. I was sold on the grind & brew concept and I ignored the complaints that the grinder was hard to clean and also produced a mess that was the result of the steam getting back up into the grinder. I wish I paid attention!
After one month, I am returning the machine to Bed, Bath & Beyond tomorrow. I faithfully cleaned the coffee maker every night but was unable to effectively clean out the mechanism that releases the basket. After just a few weeks, the coffee mess clogged up the drawer slides, making it almost impossible to get the coffee basket out. I read in other reviews here of people using steak knives to try to clean it out, since the mnufacturer failed to make this job easy. This is an inherent design flaw in the coffee maker and it should be pulled from the market. I emailed Cuisinart about this problem and they have failed to respond. I did look into the Melitta Mill & Brew coffee maker, and according to the Amazon reviews this problem is not evident. In fact, most of the reviews there are 5 stars.
I just ordered the Melitta Mill & Brew tonight and it looks promising that I will not have the same nightmare I experienced with Cuisinart. Heed my words, you will regret buying this model!
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on June 4, 2003
i've had a krups for 12 years and finally busted the carafe (very $$$ to replace.) i intended on purchasing a new krups but the newer model just didn't seem as sturdy.
so, i bought the cuisinart grind & brew with the glass carafe (i like making 12 cups at parties - thermal carafe only offers 10 cups.)
i love this coffee maker. i make 6 cups for myself every day. to make sure it's HOT, i press the 1-4 cup setting that pre-heats the water. it's HOT.
i love the smell of fresh brew in the a.m. what a difference!! i've been using it every day and do not have any of the problems suggested in other reviews. my beans grind up nicely. the coffee is hot.
cleaning is easy. but i'm very careful to make sure that the grinder is completely dry before refilling it. (i wipe it out with a paper towel to remove excess moisture.)
i don't understand the complaints. i think it's a wonderful machine.
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VINE VOICEon February 9, 2006
This is a great machine if you enjoy weak coffee. My wife prefers a strong cup however, and she seems barely satisfied with the results I am getting by filling the hamper with dark-roasted beans to make only eight cups of coffee. In theory you can make 12 cups of coffee with this machine, but they are 12 rather weak cups, which is fine for many people, myself included.

There is a bit more cleaning involved in setting this contraption up every night to produce freshly ground beans in the morning than there is when you grind your own beans the night before. Although I am not a particularly fastidious person I find I enjoy the process however. At the risk of stating the obvious: the reason you buy this machine is so the grinding happens automatically immediately before the coffee is brewed, first thing in the morning, before you've had your first cup of coffee. If that isn't worth a little extra effort each evening before going to bed, or if you don't mind getting up and grinding beans and brewing your coffee first thing in the morning, then there is no reason to buy a "grind and brew" machine in the first place.

You certainly would not want to buy this coffee maker for use in an office kitchen, for example, or anywhere else where you might want to make more than just one pot early in the morning.
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on May 29, 2003
After being a long term Krups owner (my Krups carafe broke after 12 yrs of dutiful service), I recently purchased a 12 cup Cuisinart Grind & Brew. I always thought my old 10 cup Krups made a decent cup of coffee when using freshly ground beans. I initially shopped for a replacement Krups.
To me, the newer Krups models seemed flimsier than my 12 yr old model. The round carafe seemed problematic (and i've read that it is problematic.)
So I eyed the Cuisinart. I selected this Grind and Brew model because i was tired of getting coffee grounds all over my floor every day. It was a terrific decision.
Cuisinart has made the total "set it and forget it machine." At night I put my whole beans in with water that Cuisinart kindly filters and in the morning I get a fantastic cup of coffee.
I ONLY MENTION THIS ONE POINT: The machine has a "1-4" cup setting that will make sure the coffee is HOT when making small amounts. The manual says use this feature when making 4 or less cups. I use this feature every day when brewing my regular 6 cups. The coffee is and stays piping hot.
The machine seems to have many parts - but it's quite easy to clean. The charcoal filter in the water reserve is a plus. And the automatic shut off can be adjusted 1 - 4 hours.
The manual is easy to read and understand. I'm completely "machine phobic" but found the Cuisinart Grind and Brew easy to program, operate and clean.
I've used this machine for several events so far and have gotten rave reviews for taste and quality of the coffee.
I hope to have this machine longer than my Krups!! I LOVE IT.
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on November 9, 2004

I must be missing something from the bad reviews. I received mine as a Christmas gift last year and have used it one or more times per day ever since:

1. Makes great coffee

2. reasonably easy to clean with sponge

3. Steam rising not an issue for me

4. Clean soon after use

Hints---use paper filters instead of the included metal filter

Make sure the filter door clicks shut correctly. I've had a couple instances where the filter door popped open but I think it's because I didn't shut it properly
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on December 29, 2002
I just bought this one, the third one of these I've owned but the first with this new design. And Cuisinart has definitely improved it.
If you've never owned a 'grind and brew' type of coffee maker, there are several things you should know before buying:
1. They require additional cleaning. There are more parts to clean than a typical coffee maker, and you must wash out the grounds from the grinding vessel and shoot. But at most, it will add five minutes to your cleaning.
2. They will eventually wear out. Lots of moving parts all working together and contained in a single unit make it inevitable. I brew one two two pots of coffee every day with the unit; both of my first units stopped working after two and a half years of use. But since it comes with a three-year warranty, I simply returned the first one to Cuisinart and they replaced it with a new unit. Which means each purchase has lasted five to six years, not bad given the constant use it gets.
3. No coffee maker produces better coffee. I couldn't imagine using a regular coffee maker after using this one. Many friends and family who have visited and tried my coffee consistently remark on how it's the best coffee they've had.
Cuisinart has made many improvements with this new design: (a) smaller footprint, so it takes up a lot less room on the counter; (b) easier to clean and easier to keep the kitchen clean, since the pieces are separated and drip less; (c) built-in water filter, eliminating the need for spring water to make great-tasting coffee; and, (d) buttons on top, resulting in fewer accidental starts when cleaning around the unit. To name a few.
And what's more, the price has actually gone down from when this first came to market. What's not to love?!
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on May 9, 2006
First the good news - the Melitta MEMB1B is back in production so for those of you (like me) that bought the Cuisinart because it was the only grind and brew available, you once again have a much better alternative. (My first Melitta gave up after three years of very rough use)

What I don't like about the Cuisinart

-All the parts need cleaning every day. The steam from the hot water gets into the grinding section and makes a mess.

-I make eight cups every morning and found that I have to use the "4 cup" setting to get a reasonably strong cup of coffee. Otherwise it was so weak to be undrinkable. Problem there is that the brewing area would occasionally overflow and create a big mess. Ultimately, I'm trashing the machine because inaccessible parts are so gummed up with a dry, sticky mess. It may be because I use paper filters which is because the gold mesh filter lets through too many grounds.

-You can save money because you don't need an alarm clock. We sleep upstairs and our kitchen is downstairs. The Cuisinart so damn loud, it wakes us in the morning.

-Adding water.... You have to have a light shining on the fill area so you can see the cup markers inside and the opening is unnecessarily small.

What's OK

The electronic settings all worked.

Makes decent coffee.
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on July 30, 2004
I was a little apprehensive about purchasing this coffeemaker because the reviews seemed very mixed. However, I have had it for a couple of months now and my husband and I both love it. It is true that the grinding noise is rather loud, so that might be a problem if you sleep next to the kitchen. But otherwise it functions flawlessly. I love how easily it disassembles for cleaning. I think it is designed very well indeed and would recommend it highly.
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