Customer Reviews: A Bug's Life (Two-Disc Collector's Edition)
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on August 3, 2005
This is a fable about our need to believe in ourselves.

The story is probably one of the best features in the exquisite animated film, A Bug's Life. The narrative about the life of a working ant called Flick and his attempt to save his colony from the eternal domination of the grasshoppers -through recruiting a group of insects that turn out to be circus actors- is completely charming, innovative and unique. The plot is a pleasant surprise for the audience: just when one thinks everything is revealed, a new twist comes out to keep us guessing again what will happen.

The movie allows itself to have a series of incredible characters that develop while the story takes its place. Flick goes from naive and optimistic to self-confident and serious. The circus members are one of the most eclectic groups of lovable losers ever to illuminate the screen. They add color to the plot and the rest of the cast, with their adventures, mischief, eccentricities and craziness. Their growth as a group, who finally find their audience, must be highlighted too. Little Princess Dot is charming in her role as a little ant with low self esteem until becomes a leader and finally princess.

The bugs are, in fact, very graceful and funny, but it's through their extravagant personalities and their sharp dialogs that finally conquer our sympathy.

In addition, there's a solid work of animation. The visual splendor is spectacular. This is an engaging film that seems to use the most vibrant colors. The detailed work is admirable in every corner, every gesture. Ambience and characters are not limited to coexist, but to work together, consolidating the story. This is one of the best animated features of the past decade. A solid accomplishment from Pixar, who doesn't seem to let us down with their creativity, their craftsmanship and their pure genius!
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on July 24, 2000
This is probably not going to surprise anyone-- This is simply an excellent DVD, in every scale. The first disc contains the movie itself, which is transferred from its original, digital source. The picture quality is unbelievable. Not one spot comes up during the movie, not one scratch appears-- because this wasn't transferred from film. This is the way A Bug's Life should be watched. The colors are amazing, bright and contrast eachother perfectly. The sound is also unbelievable-- this movie challanged my 1.5 surround system perfectly. Unlike some other movies I've seen, where the two rear speakers are only used about twice in the movie, A Bug's Life uses them almost constantly-- You can hear the crickets and cicadas all around you in many of the scenes, Hopper's gang are flying at you from behind; Even with a simple scene like the "Royal Huddle" the ant's footsteps are coming from around you. The first disc contains a Cinemascope widescreen version and a pan-and-scan version. I'll have to say that if you don't have a widescreen TV (I don't), you probably should forget about the widescreen version here as it is aspecially small. Besides, the PSP version was edited digitally in a very special way, even described on this DVD-- you hardly miss anything in the PSP version because of that special editing. If anything, you actually get to see more detail. Also on the first disc are two special audio choices, Music Only (cool) and SFX only (VERY cool), and a director's commentary (quite cool, although not the best I've heard. John Lasseter, Andrew Stanton and Lee Unkrich seem to talk too much about the story, which sometimes makes it sound as if they're just describing what you already see on screen.)
(I'm not going to give review to the movie itself here-- In short, it is definitly a 5 star movie!)
The second disk is where the real fun begins. I've never seen so many extras, with so many choices to choose from. It's almost confusing-- You not only get to see how they made the movie, you get to literally see how they developed EACH AND EVERY character in this film. It's astonishing. You can also hear how they edited the sound, see how they made the PSP version so good, see how they made the outtakes at the end (and also see the outtakes by themselves, clean, full screen and with no credits to interrupt), see an interview with the characters themselves (which is simply hilarious), and... See Geri's Game in all its glory. And there's even more.
Basically, if you don't have this DVD, you WILL buy it. Otherwise, what's the point of having a DVD?
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on December 30, 1999
A BUG'S LIFE is truly a movie that the entire family can enjoy. It is adorable, funny, and it has a message that everybody can relate to.
The DVD is amazing, amazing, amazing! The transfer (the first ever completely digital transfer), is simply unbelievable. It is like you can reach into the screen and touch the characters. The cinemascope animation is truly stunning, and the transfer expresses it beautifully. The sound is wonderful. You feel like you're in the bugs' world.
This DVD has the most amazing set of extras I have ever seen. It takes you through the entire process of making A BUG'S LIFE...I've gone through "preproduction" and the first half of "production" and it took me an hour and a half...I still have three sections left! What is more amazing is that every extra is interesting! Truly an outstanding, sure to be groundbreaking disc. Disney, why can't all of your DVDs be like this!
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on June 22, 2000
A Bug's Life is entertaining for kids and adults alike. This movie is a non-stop action fest that has been masterfully captured on DVD.
The picture quality if superb, if not the best I've seen, for an animated DVD due to the direct digital to DVD transfer. In full screen mode, you will be amazed how clean and delineated the picture is; the detail is incredible!
My big surprise was how amazing the sound is on this disc. You can use this to show off your Dolby Digital sound system to friends just as well as any action film. The surround effects are crisp and the bass is well defined.
My only complaint would probably be that the action and sound is so non-stop, that it can tire out adults, albeit mesmerizing children the whole time.
The extras are plenitiful and well done. The inclusion of the end-title outtakes is the highlight of a wonderful special edition disc you're sure to enjoy.
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on April 2, 2012
For some reason, this early Pixar movie was released for sale multiple times, the first being DVD only, the second time being this DVD/Blu-Ray combo in the standard DVD packaging, and all subsequent times in Blu-Ray packaging. The 2nd release is the best deal by far; both Blu-Ray and DVD formats at an affordable price. Having watched it, the package comes with all the same features as the subsequent 2-disc Blu-Ray packaging release. There is the movie itself, the standard Pixar short, outtakes, interviews with cast members, and as a bonus, an old Disney cartoon upon which A Bug's Life was based. Sound and visual quality was great, and the movie itself is a wonder, entertaining people of all ages.
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on November 29, 1999
When I first purchased my DVD player this June, I made a b-line for the rental store for Bugs Life, hoping to relive some of the magic I remembered from seeing the film at the cinema house. What I discovered, though, was that the images were so clean, vibrant, colorful and striking, that I was too busy looking 'at' the film that I had a difficult time 'watching' the film. Pixar did a great job with assembling a touching and imaginative film here, but what remains for me is that the DVD stands as the benchmark for all that the DVD format delivers.
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on August 7, 2011
When people name the Pixar movies, A Bug's Life gets unfairly overlooked all the time. I don't know why because ABL is a great film that further elevates Pixar status as the animation leader nowadays. Being their second feature, is amazing how the Pixar artists didn't repeat themselves and played it safe. No, they took a bold risk and made a completely different movie that turned out great. ABL is an achievement in storytelling with full-fledged characters, engaging story and plot, a spectacular score (second only to Up in my book) and of course breathtaking animation. The colors, the textures, everything is so detailed and crisp and is still impressive even when the film is over 10 years old.

In my opinion, no one should overlook ABL because you'd be missing a great movie (as usual with Pixar) and good quality entertainment for kids and adults.

Video & Audio
ABL is one of the best looking BD out there. Everything is so transluscent, so detailed, so crisp that you'll stare in awe scene after scene. The color of the ants, the leaves, the water, everything is completely clean and immaculate in this transfer. Simply terrific.

The 5.1 DTS-HD MA also is bombastic, clear without any distortions. Amazing.

Bonus Features:

The BD of ABL carries over everything from the 2-disc CE DVD which includes an audio-commenatry, the short Geri's Game (in HD), and making of featurettes such as Production, design, animation, story, and more. Also galleries and publicity material is included. New to this BD is a 'Filmmakers Roundtable' where the director, producer and screenwriter reminicence about the making of the film. Easily this is the best piece from the set that no one should miss. Also there is the first draft of the story which has a different main character and some other different story points. This is really interesting to watch. Last, the Silly Symphony 'The Grasshopper and the Ants' is included in HD.

A DVD copy is also included.

CLosing Thoughts:

ABL is one of Pixar's funniest, heart warming movies and of course being a Pixar film, is one of the best animated features out there. There is no reason you should avoid this film because is wonderful. Ther BD boasts terrific video & audio presentation alongside a healthy amount of bonus features old and new that makes the film even more interesting to watch. ABL on BD is very highly recommended!!
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on November 22, 1999
This is my two-year-old's favorite! Thankfully, it is so clever that even I find it fun to watch for the zillionth time ("Mom, watch Bug Story again!"). It's great for the younger kids because it's not too scary and there's plenty of action. Believe it or not, Hopper is her favorite character. The music and animation are wonderful.
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on January 16, 2000
Sure, this special edition is somewhat expensive, but it is worth every penny, and then some. Not only do you get a terrific presentation of a terrific film(with three alternate audio tracks, no less), but you also get a second disc filled with so many supplements, that it's difficult to think of what more you could want. Even though this disc is distributed by Disney, the DVD, like the film itself, is all Pixar. To go along with all the supplemental material, John Lasseter, co-director Andrew Stanton, and others appear in several introductory segments to explain the background and significance of what you're about to see. They're all obviously having a blast doing this, and add immesurably to the presentation of the content. Go ahead and look for short comings on this disc, but you won't find any. As for the film itself, it's obvious that Pixar has reached near-perfection in creating crowd-pleasing entertainment. With this and the "Toy Story" films they have a perfect record, and one can only hope that they keep it up. To those that say "Antz" is superior, I say that it takes more than a few mild expletives and an obvious "I'm going to do what I want to do" message to make a better film. Clearly Dreamworks wanted their film out first, which is obvious in the inferior visual look and the not-always-appropriate voice-casting of their product. The only complaint with "A Bug's Life" that I have is that the film didn't have some kind of dedication message to Roddy McDowall, who voiced Mr. Soil. I know that his part was small, but I was hoping that the audience would be reminded of the loss of a great actor. That being said, this film is one of the most enjoyable that you're likely to find, and should be owned in its collector's edition glory.
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VINE VOICEon December 8, 1999
This is the definitive DVD edition of A Bugs Life. The film makers call it "The Super Genius Edition" and I have to agree. They included everything in this two disc edition. Not only do we get both sets of outtakes, but we get Geri's Game (old man playing chess), the trailers (including one for international release), deleted scenes, storyboards, pictures, making of segments and more. It can easily take you 3 hours to go through all the extras on this disc. If you have ever wanted to know how this movie was made, this disc will tell you!
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