Customer Reviews: Jabra UJC250 2.5Mm Handsfree with On/Off Butto (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
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on August 18, 2005
I've had quite a few bluetooth headsets over the past couple of years, and this is my favorite. I currently go back and forth between this one and the Motorola HS850, another top headset. In my opinion, the Jabra 250v edges out the Motorola HS850 in a couple ways:

1) The Jabra is easier to hear. The earpiece is an earbud style on the Jabra, while the Motorola has an on-the-ear style speaker. My first thought when I bought them was that either one should work fine. But the Motorola is very hard to hear because it sits out on top of the ear. And if there is any background noise it's even worse. On the other hand the Jabra excels at being easy to hear, especially when there is background noise (such as car noise, people talking, etc.) because the earpiece is set slightly in the ear. And for the ultimate in hearing clarity, the Jabra ships with two styles of rubber covers for the earpiece, and one really sets in the ear, much like a good pair of earbud headphones.

2) The Jabra is more comfortable on the ear. The Jabra sort of hangs over the ear, and behind, with the microphone pointing forward. For me, after a few minutes, I don't even notice it's there. The Motorola clips *to* the ear, on the top flap of the ear, and to me just feels a little in the way, and a little floppy.

One thing I really wish the Jabra had is an easier way to turn it off and on. You have the press the on/off button for about 5 seconds to switch it, which can get a little old. The Motorola has a super slick on/off method: you just flip the microphone boom down over the earpiece.

CONCLUSION: Great sound. Great battery life. Very good comfort. An easy on/off switch and I'd be thrilled.
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on July 19, 2005
I recently got my first Bluetooth phone and based on a few reviews I read online and the recommendation of the phone-store owner I picked this headset. I use it with a Motorola Razr. They work together quite well. This is an ear-bud type headset meaning it's slightly less comfortable but far more stable and better sounding than the flat ones. If there were a warning with this headset it would be not to buy it online. Mine came, in a sealed package, with the wrong power adapter. It was very easy to remedy this in the phone store, but would have been difficult had I bought it online.


*Excellent sound quality both for myself and the person with whom I'm speaking

*The volume can be increased so that the conversation is clear even with background noise

*Very easy to set up with the phone

*Seems to have decent battery life so far

*Seamlessly works with the phones voice-dial feature

*Answer, end and voice-dial all done with a single button


*After a few hours (more than 2) of wearing the headset it irritates the backside of my ear.

*No way to tell how much battery charge I have left

*The phone and headset must be kept on the same side of the body for the best sound

*I would really love it if this earpiece had a USB mini charger and didn't need a charging cradle
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on July 16, 2005
I drive a tractor trailer for a large shipping company (a 2005 Kenworth T800) and needed a headset to use while at work. I tried a Motorola HS801 and HS850, but found they were not loud enough to hear in the high ambient noise environment of a semi-truck.

The BT250v has a noise cancelling microphone, which effectively keeps the conversation quiet for whom I'm talking to, and the in the ear design insures I can hear every word being spoken to me. I am really impressed with this headset, I drive 2500 miles every week, the long battery life is great and it's comfortable enough to leave on your ear all day.
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VINE VOICEon October 30, 2005
After trying the Motorola HS 810 which would feel like it was always falling off or falling off, I tried several Bluetooth headsets at the Sprint and Cingular stores. Other than the Jabra, they were all the same, they had a loop that you hook onto your ear, so they did not fit.

This is the only one headset that would properly wrap around my ear and because the ear piece goes into the ear canal, stay anchored. Sound quality is great. The HS 810 would not hold a charge very long. So far so good with this Jabra --- it holds a charge while the Motorola needed to be charged all of the time.

I like the vibrating feature when the phone ringer is turned off --- no need to share all that noise. As I am on call or expecting calls often when I am out at dinner, this really makes it discreet rather than missing the call and playing telephone tag for awhile.

Sound quality is better than the Motorola HS 810. Jabra seems to work well for those who have small ears and their ear cells make it adjustable.

If you don't need the vibrating feature, try the new Jabra BT 500 which is an upgrade of the Jabra BT 250, charging can be USB cable which is great as you will not have to take another charger on the trip!

I also have the Jabra SP500 which is a wireless speakerphone and it works great vs. the Motorola speakerphone which I returned. The Speakerphone power and power AC cords for the BT 250v are not compatible, so if you need to use both, you will need two charges, although they are small.
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on April 19, 2005
I fell in love with the bluetooth module when I got my first bluetooth enabled phone. The idea of being able to jus tleave your phone in your pocket, in your house on the counter, or elsewhere, and walk around up to 30 feet without holding the phone was just awesome. Two things about this phone, however, that made this appeal diminish over time:

1. The 30ft. radius degrades over time. Although you should still be able to get 30ft six months down the road, the reception will be extremely scratchy. The quality of this receptoin is based on your battery in the phone, which degrades over time as well.

2. The construction of the product is flimsy. If you are like me and put things in your pocket, beware that this will cause the plastic and rubber to disconnect from each other, making the wires inside visible. I also lost a button - it popped out when the parts disconnected. So if you buy this, take care of it. It will still work, but it will just be that much more annoying.

Hope this helps.
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on November 30, 2005
I've been using the Jabra BT250v with my Treo 650 for around a month now, and it's by far the best I've experienced. I was a big fan of Jabra's wired headset that uses the same design, and was pleased to see that the things I liked about that unit translate to this one as well.

Two things that other headsets couldn't get right that this one solves:

1 - it fits. The around-the-ear structure fits my ear well with no risk of falling off. This was always a problem for me with the Sony/Ericsson headset I was using.

2 - no volume problems. For whatever reason, my problems with Motorola and Sony/Ericsson headsets was always that the volume was too low. Not an issue here.

The big question is whether or not this headset will go the way of the other two I've had. The first two were small enough that I put them somewhere and lost them. That's a risk with the Jabra as well, but I'm much more careful with it.

Installation was simple, as it is with just about all Bluetooth headsets. I don't know that I can comment about battery life beyond saying that I've never lost power, and I use it extensively.

My only criticism of the Jabra BT250v is that it's fairly simple to turn it off by accident when adjusting the volume. The buttons aren't really that close together, they just feel the same. I'm hoping that I'll get more comfortable with this headset and that will become a non-issue.
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on April 29, 2005
I first bought a bluetooth headset when I had my T616 with ATT wireless and it was absolute trash.. (Sony HB65) I got a bad first taste of bluetooth but since then I got a HS820 from a coworker and it was decent but felt flimsy and unsecure against my head.. The BT250v is much more secure and the audio quality is great. Same model as the BT250 I just liked the all black style of the 250v (I turn off the vibrate mode). I have not had a problem at all with reception or the range on the device. I really like this headset... BTW works great with RIM 7290 if you are wondering!!!
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on December 8, 2006
I'm very pleased with the Jabra bt500v. I have some frequency loss in my right ear and voices come through clearly. This is not the case with many of the others. No one I've called has noticed any difference between my using it or, not using it. It pared quickly and easily with my Blackberry 8700c, which is carried within a leather holster on my belt. In terms of comfort, I hardly know it's there. I don't give 5 stars often but the JABRA has earned them.
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on May 9, 2006
I bought this headset to work with my Audiovox SMT5600, not listed by Jabra as compatible, but I took the chance anyway. The headset, which I purchased online, arrived with no instructions, but did include the charger, charger cord, belt hook, and several earbuds. A quick search online discovered the manual and pairing was accomplished shortly thereafter. All functions of the headset, including vibrating ring and voice dial, work with my phone. Sound quality is generally excellent -- it's at least as good as the phone's earpiece. All bets are off if you're out in the wind or driving with the window down, precisely the same conditions under which you can't hear the phone's own earpiece either. External noise such as a crowded restaurant doesn't seem to be a problem for my combination of phone and headset. The short boom mike seems to be acceptable -- nobody has complained they can't hear me. In fact, I can talk pretty softly under most circumstances and be heard just fine. External noise such as a crowded restaurant doesn't seem to be a problem for my combination of phone and headset. The battery is advertised to last a long time and it does. I haven't measured any run-down times, but the headset needs to be charged less often than the phone, which with bluetooth on needs a charge every couple days. The headset is light and, for me, comfortable; after wearing it 12 hours a day for the first several days I forget it is there. The headset is reversable by the simple expedient of rotating the earbud. The dorsal sping of the headset contains one button and one rocker switch. Because of the location of the switches they do not need reversing. The rocker controls volume up and down; the button combines on/off and answer/hang-up. Press the button to answer or hangup, hold for about 5 seconds to turn off/on. My phone hangs up when the other party disconnects and conveniently, so does the headset. The headset slips into the charging cradle like a knife into a holster. An accessory clip attaches to the charging cradle so you can hang the cradle (unplugged, of course) on your belt or waistband to carry the headset when it's not being worn. With practice, the headset can be put on with one hand. There is no provision for charging in an automobile, which would be inconvenient were battery not so long-lasting. Just pop the headset into the charger in the evening and you're good for the next day. On an extended trip the charging cord and cradle must accompany the traveler. Other than the lack of a car adapter, which can be remedied aftermarket, my only complaint is that the headset is somewhat wobbly on my ear and the ear bud occasionally works itself away from my ear canal. This is not always immediately apparent until a call is made/received. This is aggravaated by the fact that there is no way to adjust the headset, it being constructed of a plastic shell with a soft lining against the ear. Even the flexible shaft holding the ear bud does not adjust side to side. The headset is rated for up to 30 meters; this does not include walls or other obstructions. Jabra recommends you wear the headset on the same side that you carry your phone. Practice proves this. Lack of adjustability aside, this is a good headset with outstanding battery life. It's available at a reasonable price and, thus far, no other headset has wooed me away.
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on August 31, 2005
I just received this headset from a online company. My first impression was that the unit is bigger than what I saw on the internet. However after a few days of using I got used to it, since it goes behind your ear and you don't see almost anything besides small black microphone, sticking out for about inch and a half.

The unit is :

- very light

- very comfortable ( you can wear it whole day, without noticing it )

- long battery life

- hassle free set-up ( as with all Bluetooth headsets )

- vol. button on the headset and voice dialing button

- if you have a longer hair, no one will see that you have a headset - so it will be like you are talking to yourself.

- The ear gels make sound clear

What I didn't like was the working distance of the Bluetooth. Jabra claims 30ft, but it is nowhere near. If there is a wall between you and the phone the conversation will crackle.

Also I wish you could change the sound alert on the headset - it is a little annoying after a while. .. I also turned off the vibrating alert - even though sometime I may use it ( in a loud places ), it is just another ( in my opinion ) selling point for Jabra.

Do you know where the Bluetooth name came from?

It is after king Harold Bluetooth ( Danish king Harald Blåtand ), which was known for unification of tribes from Denmark, Norway and Sweden.
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