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on July 22, 2005
First, a note on buying these remanufactured (I'm not taking off a star since this is lumped with the NEW RS-110 reviews):

They say here 'remanufactured to like-new condition'--a bit of an overstatement...I can see noticable scratches on the phones and a fairly small chip of plastic is missing from the corner of the transmitter (but I'm pretty fussy and notice that stuff).

Still, condition is good and earpads look new (thank goodness). Comes with all accessories and panasonic AAA's. Still, for the savings (1/2 price) I can deal with some surface marks. I'm satisfied with my choice to buy remanufactured, but next time I might opt to buy new. If scratches will bother you, buy new.

Now about the phones:
Reviews that say they are plug and listen are true. I first had to find the battery compartment (well disguised behind one of the earpads)...just turn the pads sideways (eitherside) to reveal what's behind them.

The reception is good, note I'm using these in a residential neighborhood....when I get back to college I'll update. I walked outside and to opposite sides of my house and to the basement...still soundin' good. Once in a while I do get some static, but (for me) it isn't constant or common enough to make this an in a city area or apt might cause more interference (more wireless phones etc).

The sound: Nice base, not too heavy, just right. The sound is really crisp and clear. I use these to listen to my music (CDs and LPs) and DVD's wirelessly. They seem pretty comfortable despite size, the padding on the top and the earpads is very soft. They do look hilarious on me (according to my sister I look like I should be DJing). As with most wireless phones these are big cans, but they aren't ugly...just BIG. And since I'm wearing them mostly indoors, I'm not worried about the size.

Recommended for a good priced and good sounding wireless headphone.
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on November 11, 2005
I got a set of these about 3 months ago. I noted some complained as to the condition due to the Headphones being "Remanufactured". I for one could not tell them from new. I bought them based on the Sennheiser reputation and like them a lot, however, I did not compare them to other headphone. I just did not understand they had to be "tuned" in a'la radio and as I did not read the directions (guy)it took me five or ten minutes to figure out. They are comfortable, I can really hear with them anywhere on the main floor of the house although I had no real need to test the limits. I really got them in case I choose to watch movies after my wife has gone to bed. The "Home Theater" while not directly under our bedroom is close enough to be bothered should the sound (sub-woofer) be cranked a bit. I have not used it a ton of times but enough to find the sound very good and the headphones comfortable to wear for an entire movie. They are big but light and I find them comfortable. The other big bonus comes in when my nephew spends the night, as he will watch movies ALL night on the big screen and both my wife and I can sleep.
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on September 22, 2005
This is the first time I've ever been motivated to write a customer review for something.

If you're anything like me, you read the testimonials to help justify a decision you've already made; once I got my eye on these headphones, I was prone to ignore peoples' warnings about sound quality on all but the priciest wireless headphones.

What I've discovered upon tearing open the package this morning is that, after spending months accruing Monster Cables, a quality receiver, and all the right gadgets to yield a clean, crisp musical signal, I'm volleying it up like a clay pigeon every time I turn on the wireless set. 900 mhz is the bandwidth inhabited by cheaper cordless phones and a dizzying array of other electronic devices; if you live in Boston -- I kid you not -- turn off the transmitter and you'll get a clear feed of NPR's local Arts & Culture station... turn it back on and you'll hear your music again, but you'll be able to tell that the signal is exhausted by all the interference it's trying to crowd out.

So if you just want these to keep a beat drumming while you're working around the house, they'll do nicely -- although you will find yourself spinning the fine-tune dial as you move from room to room. But beware of overused epithets like "audiophile-quality": I'm an audiophile, to the degree that my genteel poverty permits, and these things are driving me up the wall. If you're the type who likes to fiddle with the knobs on your stereo in search of the 'right' sound, you really will be disappointed: for my $50, I've bought the acoustic equivalent of the headphones they pass out for long flights on American Airlines -- albeit with the convenience of limited mobility.
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on September 9, 2005
The sound is top notch, better than the headphones these replaced. they only use 2 AAA batteries instead of three like my other set.

THE PROBLEM: They don't fit like headphones. There is no "grip" to them. When I bend over to pick something up they fall off my head. I am disappointed, but not bothered by it. You would think the headphone design would be better.
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on September 11, 2005
i had been doing a lot of research on wireless headphones, and these are by far the best. great sound, easy to set up and use. i experienced a bit of hissing, which i was able to quickly fix by messing with different tuning settings. i am 100% satisfied with these and highly recommend them to anyone. and the factory refurbished is a huge deal.
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on December 20, 2010
This review is for a BRAND NEW RS110. I bought these wireless headphones from Electronic Expo through Amazon. I plugged it in and in minutes i was impressed with the sound quality of the headphones. I am a headphone fanatic and I own the some of the best headphones and earphones made over the past 15 years or so, I had a wireless Philips that I broke years ago and never wanted to get another one. When I found the Sennheiser deal it was too tempting to pass up. Well it so happened the 3rd day the transmitter light went off...!!! The transmitter was dead. I tried different audio equipments, computers and nothing seems to revive it. I tested the adapter and it was fine. So I had a $30.00 investment completely rendered useless in less than 5 hrs of use. Since I owned Sennheiser products in the past, I knew I was buying a quality product- even though the recent ones are made in China. Hoping nothing gonna go wrong, I had thrown the box out and there was no way I could have gotten a replacement from the retailer. I thought I will just keep it, and maybe give it away to someone. But then one day I thought of checking out Sennheiser website for their warranty policy. They are based in CT and since it was a new headphone, barely broken in- I thought let me send it for repair and give it a try. So I print out the repair sheet and send the headphones(I paid the shipping). I got acknowledgement in couple of days and after a few weeks I got the repaired part. I was excited to try it out- and soon discovered the 'repaired' unit is also DEAD..!!!! I couldn't believe it...I promptly send the customer service and email with my phone number expressing my frustration. The very next day I got a call from Dennis( who incidentally repaired my transmitter). I explained him the situation and he asked me some questions to make sure I was following the right directions. He promptly assured he is going to send me a replacement the same day. I was happy to talk to such a reassuring gentleman...!!! Later the same day I got a call from another rep, a Lady whose name escapes me- asking about the headphones. I told her my case is being handled by Dennis and we already talked about a solution and thanked her for calling.

I received the replacement part a couple of days later and found out the replacement unit is also dead...!!!! What are the odds guys....???? By this time I was frustrated and expressed my feelings through another email, and followed up with a call to Dennis. I left him a message. It was a saturday. The next Monday, early morning Dennis calls me and left a message. And later the same day he calls me back and I explained the situation again. He mentioned it could be a possibility that my iPod might not be sending a strong enough signal, and I should try my laptop. I tried my laptop, and after about 20 seconds or so, the light turns on....!!!! It was working. I tried my IPod and my Galaxy phone- both were working fine. Sounded crystal clear and booming bass too...!!!!! I dont know what happened, but the unit seems to have 'revived' itself. I'm sure if I ever have any problem, I can always call Dennis or send him an email and it would be taken care of. Folks, sometimes the people who work for a company or a product do things which go a long way in earning a customer's trust. I am extremely satisfied with the product I bought and its reassuring to know that the company stands by its product, and the employees stand by their customers. Kudos to Sennheiser for their excellent customer service.
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on September 30, 2005
We bought TWO of these they were so good. Only took a couple of minutes to "dial them in" to the right frequency and then they gave CRYSTAL CLEAR sound. Perfect solution to teenagers staying up late watching TV and keeping working dad awake 8-) Also work great while working out on Precor (eliptical trainer) and watching DirecTV in HD or listening to CD quality DirecTV music. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
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on September 4, 2005
It works well with my guitar workstation setup. I was a little worried when I saw that you had to "tune" the headphones to the channel selected on the base, but it seems to lock in just fine. The headphone part is large, but comfy as long as the weather is not too hot. The wires coming from the base unit are RCA male plugs. Adapters are supplied. The base station has no on/off, and if there is no signal for a while it will cut out. This is bad if you happen to have the volume cranked up! Overall, a great value.
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on September 7, 2005
The sound is great .. the set is very very comfortable, easy to hook up ... the price is right.

The problem is after about 10-minutes the sound turns off and gets 'white ' sound which tears off the ears .. pulled off the headset, redic everything even though I had a tcch hook them up.

Same thing over and over .. after about 10 minutes, turns off the sound. Wait about 10 minutes and can get the TV sound again .. but it continues over and over.

Disappointed in the Quality Control ... the remanufacturing was not successful.

Will return them as they are still under warranty . .this happened the first day.
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on September 8, 2005
If I could, I would rate this item as *NO STARS*

First order, model RS110: Transmitter failed after 2 days.

Second order, model RS100: Transmitter was dead on arrival.

It appears that Sennheiser's "re-manufacturing" process does not include comprehensive testing and/or "burn in."

Transmitters for cordless headphones are supposed to operate continuously for *years!*

Packaging of first order was deficient--Item arrived in a stapled poly bag, without an instruction sheet.

Second order was well packaged, but apparently was not tested.

I would not recommend buying these (remanufactured) products because of poor (or non-existant) Quality Assurance.
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