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on October 7, 2007
My son recently bought a used turntable and needed a pre-amp to hook up to his computer. In lieu of cheaper models, I decided to check out the TC-750 based on the better tech specs for this model. We've been very pleased. We had the turntable hooked up to my receiver with integrated phono pre-amp before this arrived, and we think this sounds better. My son's not a high end audiophile, but he thinks he can tell the difference with this pre-amp, which is all that matters. Simple to set up and came with the cable needed to hook to the computer line-in. Looks good and has the ground connection for the turntable as well. I give it 5 stars not because its probably as good as some $1500 tube pre-amp (I'll never know) but for the performance and features at the price. My son is likely to upgrade the turntable some day but will make sure he can bypass any integrated pre-amp it may come with since this one may be hard to beat.
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on July 20, 2008
Am a long time audiophile with a fairly modest system (about 5-6k). Love good sound, and also love a product that performs well beyond what one would expect. This is such a product....I had recently upgraded my amp to a really lovely sounding unit with vac. tube pre and solid state output, but it has no phono. Orig. planned to buy an entry level audiophile phono pre for about $300, but kept seeing good words about this little TC-750, and it was so inexpensive the risk was minimal. Long story short, it is a delight. Very quiet with good inner detail, and excellent bass. Cannot say for certain but it may be just slightly to the warm side of neutral (or that may be due to my tube pre in the amp). In any case, a VERY slight cut to the bass control and a tiny boost to the treble brings the balance to what sounds neutral to my ears. Can say for certain that you will need to spend very considerably more to surpass it.
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on March 1, 2007
I have a fairly large collection of operas on LP's and had been having a friend transfer some of them to CD's. Unfortunately he seemed to have trouble keeping system noises, humming and buzzing, from entering the recordings so I decided to try for myself. I have an old Technics direct drive turntable equipped with a Stanton pickup. I read another review on the TC-750 which impressed me, so since this preamp was relatively inexpensive I decided to give it a try. It arrived shortly after ordering particularly for Hawaii, and I hooked the turntable up to the TC-750 and that in turn to a VCR which is plugged into the sound card of my computer. Using Nero software that came with a Sony DVD burner I captured several of the operas and burned them onto CD's. I cannot emphasis to much how elated I am with the sound. It is absolutely clean and smooth. The sound reproduction is perfect. I am totally estatic with the performance of the relatively inexpensive TC-750 phono preamp, and highly recommend it to anyone wanting to connect a magnet phono pickup to a standard audio imput.
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on June 14, 2012
This is a nice product and it works great and could legitimately get 5 stars. But I was tempted to give it 1 star so folks might read the review and see my advice to consider the TCC TC-750LC BLACK Professional Moving Magnet Preamp instead, which is the same device except with an output level control - and only costs $5 bucks more.

If you hook the output to a device that has an input level control, you won't need an output control so this version will work fine for you.

Otherwise it's a crap shoot whether or not the signal level is optimal for your input device. I was connecting to a device (M-Audio Firewire Audiophile) which does not have an input control for the unbalanced (rca) input, and the signal from the TC-750 was a little too hot - resulting in clipped recordings.

I solved it by adding a rheostat between the two devices, but wish I'd thought of it before I bought and got the LC version instead.

Even of you don't need the adjustment feature now, it's nice to have the flexibility so you have it if a future need ever arises.
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on March 17, 2008
I was considering the purchase of a USB turntable to archive some of my old vinyl. Then I thought .. HEY !! I haver a Creative Labs X-FI Platinum card and software out the wazoo for this kind of thing. I also have a variety of high-end amps, mixers, etc. but always ended up with weak signals or horrendous buzzes when I tried to capture disk to digital.

In my frustration, I looked at eBay for a phono pre-amp, but was not impressed with the affordable options. My next step, when eBay doesn't pan out (OFTEN)is to look at new stuff on Amazon (which ALWAYS comes through.)

As typical with Amazon buys, this showed up at my doorstep nearly INSTANTANEOUSLY !! At least, I ordered like midnight on Thursday, and it was here before noon Monday !!!!

I hooked it up in a few second (but realized the GROUNDING WIRE is key to killing the hum). Apparently a lot of units in this price range omit this ESSENTIAL feature.

My first record recorded like a DREAM !!! All the warmth of vinyl (minus the hiss and pops). The end result is better than the original. I produced a Jazz album back in the '80s and have been trying to find a way to get the originals of the BETA VH-1 tapes. Now I don't need to worry. The original master disks from vinyl sound better than the the digital masters to my ears.) I may just re-release it on CD this way.

WELL worth the low price, and as I've experienced with Amazon before, my expectations were far exceeded. Kudos to both companies !!
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on January 15, 2010
I bought this preamp roughly two years ago, since I had a Harman-Kardon surround AV receiver that needed a preamp for my ancient AR turntable and Grado FT3 cartridge.
I have spent my life building hi-fi speakers and otherwise keeping a high-quality stereo system through many technological changes. The current iteration includes self-repaired Advent large and small speakers, the HK, an Oppo DVD/CD player, and fine-sounding Nakamichi cassette deck.

All I can say is, this little $43. preamp fits right in and makes all my old vinyl sound really alive. There is virtually no hum, or other quirks other than pure sound. I don't need the ground wire as the connection cables ground the turntable chassis as well as the HK receiver.

Don't hesitate to buy this preamp. It is a bargain and a high-quality one at that.
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on February 15, 2011
When a record is pressed on vinyl, the engineer cuts the bass and increases the treble. The bass is cut so that the large, low-frequency grooves won't bump into each other, or make the playback needle jump. The narrower groove that results also allows much more music to fit. If you were to play the record straight into your audio system or computer without any correction, it would sound very bright, with no bass. Tinny, basically.

The job of a phono preamp is to boost the bass, so that is back where it should be, and to cut the treble, so that it's back where it should be. In the process of cutting the previously over-boosted treble, it also happens to cut a lot of the surface noise of the vinyl. This process is what made vinyl recordings workable.

The "RIAA Curve" is the standard amount of cutting and boosting, so that all records will sound right.

This phono preamp does the job very, very well. My records sound full and lively, clear and detailed.

I'm very happy I got this!
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on July 3, 2011
I was thinking about getting a phono pre-amp ever since I resurected my 1980's turntable a few years ago. It wasn't that the sound was bad, but as an audiophile you always want more. I wasn't sure I needed one since my receiver a Yamaha RX-397 already had Input plugs. Since I wasn't sure I needed a phono pre-amp, I skipped on the more expensive models and settled on this one after reading the reviews.

It took a little tweaking, but wow this thing really did improve the sound. There is more separation between the instruments, the base is tighter(and louder) and the sound is definately cleaner and smoother. I had to turn down the base though by 2+ notches because it was too loud and overwhelming. I also had to increase the treble by a notch or so to balance things out. Since my receiver already had a ground, I had to run an extra wire from the TC-750 ground to the ground on my receiver, which eliminated the 60Hz hum.

Now all I need to do is increase my LP collection. I can listen to LP's all day long without any listening fatigue which is something I haven't been able to do with CDs and I have an expensive Marantz SACD ! After a couple of hours, I have to turn it off. LP's give you a much more mellow sound, some might say warmer, with smoother transitions, which is why this phono preamp is a welcome addition to my system.
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on October 13, 2009
As the product copy says, its about the same as the phono stage in a decent receiver. It does generate some noise, but not that audible unless you have a super kicking component system with high-end speakers. I can definitely hear an unacceptable amount of noise from my Sennheiser 555 cans through my Panasonic bX500 receiver; when I unplug the TCC-750, the noise goes away, so the TCC-750 is definitely the source. Not so bad through my bi-amped speakers, but noticeable. So not for audiophile headphone listening, but ok for plugging a moving magnet turntable into a surround receiver that does not have a phono stage and listening through your speakers. Three stars for sound, five for value.
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on February 28, 2008
The package was received in two days with standard shipping! As far as performance, I've only tested one other preamp in this pricerange and this one blew it away. Believe the other reviews, you won't believe how good this sounds. Crystal clear vibrant sound. I'm very happy with my purchase. Buy with confidence!
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