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on January 11, 2006
We just received our Breville 800CPXL Citrus Press after the holidays and have used it several times since. Compared to the low-end (and much less expensive) plastic Krupps version we replaced (which kept tripping our GFCI), I rate this product 4.5 stars out of 5. It falls just short of perfection, but is nonetheless the most elegant and functional citrus juicer I've been able to find at this price point.

1) Beautiful die-cast design feels substantial and stays put when pressing citrus. Kudos to the industrial design team for turning a juicer into a work of art. This is by far the best looking electric citrus press on the market.
2) Brushed stainless exterior goes with any decor and looks great on countertop. No reason to store it away.
3) Removable strainer and juice basin are easy to handwash (I recommend using a small brush or toothbrush to help clean out the pulp).
4) Can press an 8-oz glass of orange juice in less than a minute and works with lemons, mandarins, oranges, and grapefruits without changing elements.

This juicer works well and beats others I've tried. However, there are a few areas that Breville engineers could improve in their next model. None of these recommendations should cause you to avoid purchasing this unit, but I list them here nonetheless since there's always room to improve most products:

1) Doesn't handle large grapefruit as well as I'd like. Still left some juice/pulp in the skin, which I squeezed out by hand. Breville could consider offering a larger snap-on attachment more suitably sized for pressing grapefruit.

2) Sometimes the skin of the orange remains stuck inside the top of the press, requiring manual extraction. Maybe I'm pressing too hard, but this still seems to happen from time to time. On a few occasions, I stalled the motor completely which surprised me. However, stalling the motor didn't cause the GFCI to keep tripping like the Krupps model we replaced.

3) The electrical cord is nicely designed, but a little too short. I'd prefer to see a 6' cord to reach to the nearest outlet while allowing flexibility in where to place the juicer on the countertop.

4) If you leave the juicer out on the countertop where there's a cabinet above, the handle (press) bangs against the top of the cabinet and requires a little finesse to pull it towards the edge of the countertop when you're ready to use it. The typical height between the countertop and bottom of a cabinet is 18" +/- 1" and often the face frame of the cabinet protrudes about 1/2" or so below the bottom of the cabinet underside. If Breville offered a locking position with the handle down, this wouldn't be a problem and it would be easier to slide out the juicer into position from the back of the counter.

5) The handle itself seems a little flimsy when compared to the rest of the die-cast machine. While it's functional and certainly strong enough, I would prefer a solid convex die-cast handle arm (oval cross section) versus the inverted "U" type cross section of the current design. Although the current arm does appear to be die cast, during the extraction process, juice and pulp tend to splatter on the concave underside of the handle. This makes cleaning the handle a little harder than it should if the handle cross section were convex on top and bottom.

Overall, this is an excellent product with bold design and good looks. I recommend this model to anyone who wants to add freshly squeezed citrus to your daily or weekly regimen. I can't comment on the long-term reliability of the motor since we've only had the unit for a few weeks. But so far so good.
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on September 19, 2012
I first bought this unit from amazon in 2009 and it worked fine, until something inside broke and it wouldn't work at all. It was barely out of warranty (by just a couple weeks) and Breville replaced it free under the warranty. That was a nice gesture, though I felt that a unit this expensive should not have broken so quickly. I had only used it once or twice a week for the year I had it.

Now the replacement juicer has failed in a similar fashion to the first one -- something inside broke and it won't work any more. This time it's been one year and nine months and Breville simply says it's out of warranty and they won't do anything for me. They suggested I take it to a repair shop (there isn't any within 100 miles of where I live) and I have to pay for parts and labor to have it fixed.

This machine is too fragile to justify its price. It looks heavy duty, but there are weak plastic parts inside.

November 14, 2012: The positive reviews for this product are from people who haven't had it very long. As long as it is still working, this is a decent juicer. However, it is very fragile inside and breaks much too quickly. It's an expensive product designed to fail. as my experience reveals.

Since the second juicer broke after 21 months of light use, and Breville offered nothing but a repair option at my expense nearly the price of a new juicer, I decided to see if I could fix it myself. After all, it was either that or the trash bin so I had nothing to lose but a little bit of time. Thanks to another reviewer I found that at least some of the internal parts could be purchased from eReplacmentParts. So I disassembled my dead unit. This turned out to be a very difficult process due to three extremely tight, deeply recessed screws which hold the unit together. Two of them finally came out with a huge amount of effort, but I had to drill out the third one.

Finally after getting the unit apart, I saw exactly what the issue is with this juicer and why it fails shortly after the waranty expires with only light to moderate use. While the outside case of this unit is metal, and LOOKS heavy duty, the drive mechanism which bears all the force of the motor-driven juicing mechanism is made out of ultra-light-weight cheapo flimsy plastic. The drive mechanism, which consists of several gears, are all made of this extremely light-weight plastic, about what you would expect to find in a children's five dollar toy. The super-thin gear teeth were stripped which is why the unit stopped working. There is no possibility that this unit could stand up to years of even light to moderate use.

I found that the broken "core gear" was available at eReplacementParts and I decided to give it a try at fourteen dollars delivered. After much effort I did succeed at replacing the part and now the unit works "like new" again. So I did revive my old dead juicer, but it's still being driven with designed-to-break parts so it can't possibly last very long. I'm glad I got it fixed to get a little use out of this horrible, terrible product which I paid way too much for. But I will never, ever buy another Breville product. I don't want to support a company that is perpetrating a total scam on its customers with a unit that looks robust but is actually ultra-cheap flimsy plastic designed to fail.

This unit is one of the most flagrant examples of "designed to fail" manufacturing that you'll ever find. Breville should be very ashamed of this product and of their whole approach to making and marketing appliances.
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on January 11, 2008
I thought this citrus juicer was very good when I got it in July of 2007. It is nicely finished in easy-to-clean stainless-steel, the lever action makes it less of a strain to get some pressure on the citrus, and it is fairly easy to clean the parts.

I make about 1/2 - 1 cup of juice daily. After a couple of months, something bent or stretched or broke in the hinge mechanism, and it became a little loose. Everything kept working though.

Well, the six month mark came yesteday, and it died. I juiced half of a lime, and when I put the other half in... nothing. I guess the internal switch that activates the motor when one depresses the lever failed.

For $160, I would have hoped that it make to the one year mark. Who knows, maybe I can get it repaired or replaced, but I can no longer recommend this juicer without reservations.
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on March 14, 2011
I bought this juicer 12/14/09. Worked great until one of the most essential plastic parts (800CPXL/30 Core Gear) inside broke early February 2011: the plastic gear splines stripped off. The manufacturer referred me to They didn't have it in stock but said they could order it. So I placed an order Monday, 2/7/2011. On Monday 3/14/11 - 5 weeks after I placed the order - replied that the part is discontinued. They suggest I try to buy a busted one on eBay for parts.

When I called BrevilleUSA on 3/14/11, the person who answered the phone confirmed that the piece was discontinued but gave me the numbers of two repair centers in nearby states. I called both, but neither one had the part in stock. I called the Australian headquarters night of 3/14/11 and they had the part in stock and were ready to take my credit card number and ship until I told them I wanted it shipped to America. They couldn't do that; I had to continue to deal with the USA branch.

I emailed BrevilleUSA again on 3/14/11 and they replied 3/15/11 with a list of repair centers for the whole country. I had to call 8 of those before I finally found one of them that had the part I need in stock; all the rest would have had to order it and I had a pretty good idea how that would end up. All I needed was one of the three gears but all these guys had was a "kit" with all 3 of the plastic gears plus some other metal part - at 5 times the price of the one gear I needed at But I ordered it anyway 3/15/11. Hopefully it will get here reasonably soon.

I emailed the Breville headquarters in Australia on 3/14/11 and they said they had faith in their American counterparts to solve my problem and had forwarded my email to them. Then, in a 2nd email on 3/15/11 Breville USA finally told me, "The core gear has not been discontinued it is currently out of stock with an ETA of mid-May." Well, I guess that would be news to their key parts vendor, 'cause they definitely used the word, "discontinued". And their own phone operators also said the same thing. And several of the other 7 repair centers told me the same thing. So there seems to be a bit of disconnect between the manufacturer and their field service repair centers and even among different people at their US headquarters.

Other than the plastic gears, I like the design. That's why I give it 2 stars instead of 1 and that's why I'm taking all the trouble and expense to find this part and repair the machine myself instead of just tossing it and buying something else. If it weren't for this problem of the plastic gears, I'd probably give this 5 stars. But the fact I have to go to such great lengths to get a crucial part after only a little over a year from when I bought it really disappoints. The fact outfits are still selling this thing brand new and you can't get parts for it surprises me. The fact that the part will supposedly become available in May takes a little of the sting out. But by then, I'm not sure oranges will be in season anymore.

Before I broke down and ordered the plastic gear, I asked both the manufacturer (well, the US branch, anyway; the parent company is in Australia) as well if I could get a metal replacement gear instead. No way.

I finally got my gears 3/18/11. Replaced two of them that very day, even though all I really needed was the one "core gear". Heck, I had to get the whole pack so figured might as well replace that other while I had it apart. Works great again. I really do like this juicer and I've missed it this last month and a half. But what a pain to get parts.

On 4/25/12 the gear I replaced over a year ago broke again. Luckily, I had the foresight to have ordered another two spare "core gears" ([...]) from a couple months ago. Not 'cause the one I ordered last year had busted yet but 'cause I was pretty sure it would bust again soon and I didn't want to be stuck for a month or more trying to get parts. The two replacement gears came real quick this time. Like a couple days. So the company must have fired up their injection molding machine to make a pile more so they wouldn't be caught like that again.

I forgot how annoying it was that the grounding wire to the top plate was so short. It's very difficult and frustrating to get enough clearance to fit the screwdriver to unscrew the terminal. So I cut the ground wire and spliced in another 6" of grounding wire and kept the terminal; it took 2 wire nuts. Now it's a LOT easier to disassemble and reassemble. They saved maybe a fraction of a cent by making it so short but causes a lot of headache. If you decide to repair this yourself, I highly recommend you take the time the first time around to lengthen that ground wire. 'Cause you know you're going to have to do it again.

This time, after finishing reassembly, the gears seemed to whine more than I remember last time. I took the gearbox apart 2 more times to make sure I aligned the gears right and didn't have any in cockeyed. But I don't see how you can mis-align those gears anyway. Last year I simply recycled the heavy white gear lube that was still stuck to the gears and splattered on the inside of the gear case. But this second time I didn't have as much left gear lube over. So my 3rd and last reassembly this time around, I got some thick gear lube and slathered it all over the 3 gears inside in an attempt to quiet it down. But still whined more than I remember.

On 5/1/12 I thought to compare the size of the old gear to the new gear. Aha! The new one was about 1/16th inch larger in diameter! Not the straight spline part that's maybe 1/2" but the wider (approximately 2") helical gear part. I assume this was their attempt to reduce gear lash or in some other way compensate for the core gears' frequent failure by making sure gears interlock more tightly.

But then, because the other gears were displaced from where they were designed to be by the oversized gears, so much stress was placed on the last "actuation gear with shaft" that drives the "die cast reamer" that plastic shavings have begun to appear inside the "gearbox cover" directly under where the shaft protrudes through the "top cover". I assume these shavings were coming from the "actuation gear with shaft" rubbing against either the "gearbox cover" or the "top cover".

Breville USA 866-273-8455 didn't seem to know anything about this problem. They told me to call a service center (list at [...]). Neither of the 2 I called (San Francisco, CA and Colorado Springs, CO) knew anything about this problem. Neither of them had the part in stock. If they order it, I was almost certain they'd only get the new, bigger gear that caused problems. Similarly, when I talked to a representative at, their system only lists the one "800CPXL/30" part and they also didn't know anything about the differently sized versions of the core gear.

In my frustration I called Australia at 011 61 2 9384 8100 in vain hope that their world headquarters might have better information. That didn't get me very far. They say US and UK models are completely different from Australia models.

Around 5/3/12 I got a replacement machine. (Remember, I really DO like this machine a lot when it's working.) It's lasted over a year so far (7/7/13) so it's possible those slightly oversized gears they seem to have now are made of sterner stuff.

As of 4/27/14 - almost 2 years after I got the replacement machine - it still seems to be running fine. So I suspect the new type of plastic they seem to be using for these gears seems to work better. I really do like this juicer when it's running OK. So I just upgraded my rating from "2 stars" to "3 stars". Yeah, it was annoying dealing with the gear breaking, not being able to easily order replacement parts, and then having it bust a 2nd time. But if it weren't for those problems, I'd probably give this "5 stars" because I really like the design.
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on December 22, 2005
(I have rewritten parts of this review as of Apr 1, 2006 after much more usage.) In summary: I am very happy with the juicer.

I was also prompted to write a review because of the person who writes about all the problems with the spout. I think I may know what the problem there is: It sounds like he juices with the spout in the up position instead of down. When juicing, the spout is supposed to be down. In fact, one of the nice things about this juicer is the spout. When you have enough juice or want to remove the juice catcher, lift the spout up and it closes off the flow of juice.

I have found the machine very easy to use and to clean. I was impressed with the cleanup. It takes me about 2 minutes -- literally. Just rinse the parts, scrub the strainer with a stiff brush, and then leave to dry.

I juice a lot of lemons and I have had only minor difficulty: If the lemon is too pointy I have to cut that point off to keep the lemon from spinning in the top "cup" that holds it. I haven't had the same problem with oranges.

I think it is a little on the pricey side. I got mine as Macy's on sale for $135.

I also have a Black and Decker motorized citrus juicer. It is a lot more work and does not get all of the juice. The Breville gets every last drop faster and easier.
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on April 14, 2010
My wife bought one for my birthday. It looked really sleek and beautiful and I was so pleased with my present. Then we used it... We set it up and began making lemonade for the party. After squeezing lemons AS DIRECTED IN THE MANUAL for 15-20 minutes it stopped working and would not start again. We looked in the manual under trouble shooting but no help there. We put it away and pulled out our old Cuisinart plastic citrus juicer ($29.95) we have owned for years and finished making lemonade for my birthday party. This morning I tried the Breville again and it worked!? So, I called the company and after a very long hold, finally entering my phone number and hanging up, got a call back. I described the problem and the customer service rep did not know what to tell me. After holding a long time further, she picked up again to say that THE CITRUS PRESS SHOULD ONLY BE USED FOR 10 MINUTES AT A TIME AND THEN TURNED OFF! Unbelievable for a juicer at this price level. So, if you are rich with money to burn and want to make a glass of juice for yourself maybe this will work for you, but if you want to make a pitcher of lemonade or orange juice you better get it done in 10 minutes or less according to the factory! If all you get is time to make a glass or two there are a lot of less expensive citrus juicers around. We are returning ours for a refund!!

I have never written a review of a product but I am so amazed and disappointed in what a rip-off this product is I had to warn others.
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This appliance is absolutely magnificent. I tried two other juicers, one automatic and one manual both of which were not even close to being good. So far I've used it with lemons and limes.

1. The Breville 800CPXL is quiet, sturdy, and delivers citrus juice instantaneously.
2. It strains fast, presses lemons and limes easily, and has a phenomenally sturdy base. I'm sure it does oranges and grapefruits exceptionally well also.
3. The base has a notch in it so that you can fit a pretty large / tall cup under the spout.
4. The spout pours the juice down as long as you release it. If you remove the cup, just lock the spout in place so residual juice doesn't drip down.
5. The strainers are very good. If you use the coarse strainer, very fine pits (smaller than the pulp) will sometimes fall through. In addition, not all pulp seeps through the strainer but you can pick out what you want. The fine pits and reduced pulp are to be expected from the coarse strainer. If you only want juice to seep through, then use the fine strainer.
6. Assembly is very easy and there are not too many parts. Be sure to snap the fruit dome into place. I didn't and it kept flying off during operation until I realized I didn't snap it in tightly.
7. Yes, the handle is too high for storing under counters but you can remedy this by hooking a loose rubber band at the edge of the handle and stretching it down to the underside of the lip on the drip spout. Then get yourself a nice appliance cover (like a mixer or coffee maker cover--both of mine work) and store it on your counter.
8. I didn't feel the press was too heavy compared to my full-size Kitchen Aid mixer. However, it is heavier than most of the cheaper citrus juicers on the market but that is to be expected from such a sturdy appliance.
9. I found clean-up to be extremely easy unlike some of the other users.

It takes less pressure than flushing a toilet to operate--you can even hold the lever down with your chin if for some reason your hands were occupied or troubling you. If you press too hard, you'll strip the fruit; a light touch is all that's needed.

For me, this is a fabulous appliance, that is quick, easy, sturdy, and a pleasure to use. Operation and assembly is almost intuitive.
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on January 8, 2007
I have the red-colored model(800CPXLR) of the otherwise identical juicer that I bought from Golda's Kitchen of Canada, while it was on clearance sale. It seems the red model is not available from U.S. dealers. It cost me a bit more to buy from a Canadian company because of the higher shipping cost and the currently unfavorable exchange rate, but to me the apple red color is much more visually appealing than the cold look of brushed stainless steel and was worth the extra cost.

This is the highest quality consumer-grade citrus juicer on the market by a wide margin. All the parts that come into direct contact with juice are made of stainless steel and it is easy to clean. Even the cone is made of very heavy cast stainless steel, a rare feature among orange juicers. The juicer is very heavy as far as home-duty orange juicers go, on account of the heavy 110W motor and heavy cast metal components. The heft definitely spells quality. The 110W motor has plenty of power. It comes with 2 strainers, coarse and fine, but this is clearly a low pulp machine. The coarse strainer will pass through a moderate amount of pulp; the fine will pass through almost none. Folks who desire high pulp from this juicer will likely have to scrape up some pulp from the strainer with a spoon and add it to their cups.

This is by far the easiest and fastest orange juicer I've ever used. Center a half orange on the cone and press the lever moderately hard and the pulp will be extracted cleanly from the orange. However, getting wet pulp off the orange is only half the battle. The other half of the battle is to extract juice from the wet pulp mesh using the strainer basket. For this machine, it does the first part with lightning efficiency, but on the second part it only does an average job. The overall result is that the total juice extraction rate is good, but not superb, because it does leave behind a considerable amount of very wet pulp in the strainer basket. The pulp has the consistency of wet apple sauce and I usually eat the tasty pulp after I finish drinking the juice. In comparison, very expensive commercial orange juicers ($600 and up) typically have a sieve spinning at 1500 rpm or so to extract every possible drop of juice from the wet pulp to give 15% to 20% more juice than home juicers. The missing spin feature is the only major design feature lacking that I really wish it had, but then the spin extraction feature is rarely found on consumer-grade machines.

Another minor flaw is that the upper mold that fits on the cone is held loosely in the lever arm by a flimsy hard plastic snap ring. Daily removal of the upper piece will most likely wear off the snap ring's friction in short order. For this reason, it may be wiser to just wipe the upper piece clean after each juicing session instead of popping it out for washing, but it is held so loosely that wiping it softly is enough to make it pop out from the arm.

In this price range, this is the best orange juicer I have seen yet.
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on March 5, 2011
Breville 800CPXL Die-Cast Stainless-Steel Motorized Citrus Press I think that the Breville Company could do themselves a huge service by upgrading what is INSIDE their little fancy citrus juicer, and make the thing usable for a long time, which is what one would assume from the appearance of the machine. Go in any store and check it out; the Breville machine LOOKS like the best thing on the market, hands down the most "work horse" looking machine, compared to all those plastic cheapie gizmos out there. But wait, the plastic "cheapie" ones may serve you a whole lot better in the long run. It seems very odd to me, of the three people I know that have this machine, myself included, all three of us have the same issue---it just stops working. It will juice one, or two lemons or oranges, then bam, just stop working. Call the Breville service line, and they tell you they will give you a percentage off a new machine. No thanks. What really irks me is this; I had one of those cheapie ole plastic citrus reamers that I picked up at a garage sale for $4.00 that worked perfectly fine, then resold it when I got my fancy/dancy stainless steel "workhorse." The Breville line of appliances leaves me wondering if they are all like that, all glitz and no action? At this point I am off to a local garage sale to see if I can find my workable old plastic model. I am tempted to take this machine apart, and see just what's inside there that is so inferior.
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on November 17, 2005
This is my second Breville product, the first being the 800JEXL fruit-vegetable juicer. If you read the reviews for that product, you will see 50+ reviews nearly all giving the product 5 stars. That product deserves 5 stars, and the Citrus Press is in the same high-end line of that juicer, and also deserves 5 stars.

When Breville came out with the 800CPXL Citrus Press, I had full confidence that it would be yet another first-rate product, and I am happy to say it is even 'more perfect' than their fruit-vegetable juicer. I really don't understand the other reviewer for this Citrus Press who gave the product 2 stars. Nearly all of Breville's top-of-the-line products get 5 star reviews, and for me this product looks and works exceptionally well, and I can't imagine anyone being dissatisfied with it.

The other reviewer who talks about rust, juice not flowing properly, parts difficult to remove, etc. prompted me to write this review, as I think he either got a defective unit--or I don't know what. This unit, like the other top-of-the-line Breville products, is absolutely first-rate, and I urge you to consider whether my review is more consistent with the other top-of-the-line Breville products or the anomaly of the other reviewer's review.

The combination of mechanical pressing and motorized turning is brilliant, as you extract every bit of juice from citrus. The unit is heavy and sturdy, and the few parts that make it up are constructed to feel, appear, and operate flawlessly. I've used it for a couple of months so far, and both operating it and cleaning the parts is easy beyond words. I use a tall glass to collect the juice, and there is no spilling or outside dripping of any kind whatsoever, so much so that I don't need to clean the base unit or the counter around the unit after I juice--at all!

I have a Braun electric citrus juicer, and still decided to buy this Breville unit even though it costs several times the price of other electric citrus juicers, but I was so impressed with their 800JEXL juicer that I knew this Citrus Press would not disappoint, and I could not be happier with it.

See the company's web site for more info on this unit:

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