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on November 3, 2005
I have had this for a few days now, and so far I am very impressed. Fast, practically no clean-up, and very good quality. To be able to offer guests a choice of coffee, coffee drinks, tea or hot chocolate is great. So far I have tried the Gavalia drinks that came with it or that are sold seperately in stores (Gavalia latte, cappucino), except the espresso alone (not a big fan of espresso), and the hot chocolate. The Gavalia coffee is smooth and mild and very good, though I am hoping the coffee I ordered through the Tassimo website includes stronger alternatives. Latte and Cappucino are very good, and comparable to coffee shop (though maybe not the top shops). I'll get to the Twinings earl grey tea soon, and make myself a mocha with Hershey's syrup. Overall, I have zero complaints about the function or quality. I am very anxious to get the coffee only offered through their website, although the Maxwell House brands are not available for some reason (support e-mail says available again soon).

The negatives, which for me are minor, are 1) expense. I like it so much I am drinking way too much. That'll slow down as the novelty wears off. 2) Why can't any of these pod makers account for a tall travel mug? It seems so easy to consider given the popularity. You can remove the entire cup holder, but since it is also the drip tray and steam relief valve you have to clean up some water in the bottom tray. I could not give it 5 stars because of this.

I am thinking of getting a second one for the office but not sure whether I get this one, or try the Kuerig (??) just for variety. It is hard to not get another Tassimo now that I know what it does. Also depends on others pitching in on t-discs. I may take it in for a week as a trial before I buy another one.
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on November 19, 2005
Ok, bear with me. I have read all the reviews on Tassimo, Keurig and Flavia until I was so confused I could not see straight. I have a coffe maker, tea kettle and espresso/cappuccino machine. So, I went to Linens N Things and bought a Keurig after talking to a store clerk. Thought the coffee sounded better than Tassimo (I grew up and love European coffee-mud). Got it home to realize, oops, it did not make cappuccino or espresso. Bad for me. Didn't make tea or hot chocolate either. Went back and spoke with the store manager who knew alot more than the clerk. I was convinced and purchased the Tassimo. For a person who loves strong coffee, it does the trick. I have on order the european java's and cannot wait to get them. Here are some reply's that I have for the poor ratings some people gave the machine.
1. Cleaning is easy.If you have ever owned a cappuccino machine you know about pain in the butt cleaning. Everything comes apart and all you do is rinse the pieces under water after use. Most pieces are diswasher safe too.
2. Coffee can be made strong if you read the instructions. I was told by the manager to hit the button when the strength was where I wanted it and she was right. The Gevalia signature was great without a bitter taste. I did the same with the cappuccino. Got a great coffee. And, oh the Suchard's hot chocolate, yum!!!
3. Here is another interesting point. Kraft who is the owner of the T-discs has the exclusive rights the soon to be upcoming Starbucks coffee pods which will hopefully be released next year. 3 other store managers told me this and I read it on the Kraft/Starbucks website. Tassimo and Starbucks, wow!!!!
I now have taken off my counter 3 other appliances and have my Tassimo right there. It is a Braun which is a great manufacturer. Not everyone is going to like it, it is personal preference but it does everything that the others don't. I am personally willing to wait to see what falvor T-discs come out next year.
The only thing I have not tried is the tea until my shipment of Gevalia comes becuase I don't like Twining's but I can't wait.
Hope this helps some people determine which one to get. It is also nice when your shipments of T-discs can be sent to your house during the holidays sparing you having to brave the lines at the stores (free shipping also offerred). It is also nice when you can buy them at the grocery store too. I wrote off the Flavia becuase I don't want to have to send an appliance back to an internet store if it does not work and be left with nothing. I also like dealing with people face to face. For the people who had Tassimo's that acted up, I hope your new one's work for you so that you can benefit from the great products it makes.
Have a great day and thanks for listening.
(Addendum: Received the Gevalia tea, smashing! and the European blends, unreal. Xmas order was to be here 12/16, came today 11/28- excellent service. Going to buy some for Xmas gifts!!!)
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on November 14, 2005
I tend to burst out laughing when I read reviews from people who expected this to put a Starbucks franchise on their kitchen counter. No, it doesn't get close. But for the price, and the convenience, it's the next best thing. The machine makes good-quality hot chocolate, coffee drinks, and tea, needs next to no cleanup (who ARE these people that think the thing needs extensive breakdown and cleaning?) and, best of all, can switch easily from one to another without completely disassembling the device, scrubbing filters, etc. It's not going to put your favorite local coffee shop out of business, but for serving a crowd at brunch with diverse beverage preferences or just getting a few lattes together in the evening without having to clean up and scrub a thousand pieces of metal and plastic afterward, it's a terrific buy. Strongly recommended if you've got your head screwed on straight.
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on December 12, 2005
I have always made coffee the old way and ended up throwing out a half a pot a day and/or sacrified the big bucks with Starbucks on a daily basis. I was given a Braun Tassimo machine last week and I will NEVER go back to my old coffee pot. I have read reviews on this product that complain about the weak coffee, the noise, water draining out into the cupholder, not taking big coffee cups, limited selection, too much cleaning and worst of all the product not working at all. I can say I really sympathize with those of you who did pay 170.00 or so and got a lemon. That would drive me crazy too. However, if you get a working machine (as I suspect 98% do) then this is a dream come true!!

The best part is there is NO WASTE, NO MESS (unless you are doing it wrong) and there is a fairly big selection for being such a new machine. No selection? Try Gevalia expresso, regular or decaf (great coffee by the way). There is Gevalia cappucino and crema (gotta try that). Twinings Earl Grey tea and Suchard hot chocolate. There is also Maxwell house coffee and I understand more things are to come soon to include chai tea and possibly Starbucks coffee!! What more do you want from one machine????

This machine is so easy to use I did it right away and now that it is set up, my 9 year old does it! Take it out of the box. Soak the water filter. Plug water filter into water container. Run cycle twice with the cleaning disc in the machine (rinses out the machine). Set up is complete. For a drink, add choice of T Disc to the machine and put water in the water container. The water warms up for about 30 seconds then you push the button. VOILA!!! A perfect cup of coffee/tea/cocoa is ready. Like it stronger?? Cut off the auto cycle a little early. Like it weaker?? After the auto cycle, press and hold the button while it adds more water. I find it does about 10-11 oz of full strength beverage per disc. If you have a bigger mug, add a little water on the manual cycle or simply run another disc. No big deal. The machine takes almost every coffee cup and mug I own except for my big travel one, so complaints about not being able to use mugs I don't understand. As far as the noise, I will say this machine is NOT quiet. If you are looking for a silent machine, this is NOT for you. However, I found the noise quite tolerable and it only lasts for a about 20 seconds while the water is shooting thru the T disc. I have heard expresso machines with way more noise than this.

Now the dreaded clean up. If clean up on this machine is too hard for you then get a life. Water does drain into the cup holder from the steam relief valve. Empty it. Pull out the used T disc and throw it away. If you did a chocolate drink you may need to take the piercing unit out and rinse it off. 5 seconds. Thats all. How hard is that?? Every 3 months, put in the cleaning disc and run some descaler thru the machine and replace the water filter. Thats all it should ever need.

Most importantly, how does it taste? I cannot complain at all. Gevalia coffee is a great product and the machine makes it flawlessly. As I said earlier you CAN adjust the strength if you want. I have made it strong and weaker by manipulating the auto cycle (a one button operation). The Twinings Earl Grey tea is wonderful and comes out piping hot and at a good strength. I have ordered hot chocolate, cappucino, decaf and crema to try those, but I suspect they will be great as well. Some people have complained about the taste of the products and maybe their palate is way more refined than mine or they have to have some exotic brand of coffee that isn't available. So don't buy this machine. If you are looking for a great cup of good quality coffee or tea with a minimum of hassle and clean up, I KNOW this will do the job and I cannot recommend this machine enough!
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on July 20, 2007
I recently bought the Tassimo brewer off Amazon after spending days researching and weighing the pros and cons of other single serve makers. I finally decided on the Tassimo as I am not a huge coffee drinker, and the Tassimo gives me the freedom to make other drinks as well. I read horrible reviews of glitchy brewers, leaking water after each use and being messy, LOUD jackhammering noises, long heating times, lukewarm, subpar drinks and just all around horror. Now that I have recieved my Tassimo and had the chance to try it out, I would like to denounce some of those claims for other prospective buyers who may be swayed by these comments.

First off: Complicated set up and glitching?

There is a concise start-up manual that details the few steps that must be taken to prime the Tassimo before use, and after completion the unit is ready to go from then on. Mine has worked flawlessly so far.


It is mentioned in the manual that extra water not used in the brewing process will runoff into the small collection dish under the stand, this process should not interfere with the making of any beverage. In fact, I had a hard time even noticing the process was happening as it trickles out of a small slot and into the bottom of the stand. Now this should probably be emptied after every few drinks, but cmon it's water, it requires no cleaning whatsoever, just turn it over in the vicinity of a sink and you're done. Now the other claim has some truth to it, as a tiny amount of milk & chocolate residue will stay on the piercing mechanism after the use of those T-Discs. Still, the small plastic piece is not secured by anything, it pops right out and can be rinsed in a matter of seconds. In fact, just leave a small glass of water to dip it in after use and pop it right back in. And I read some reviews of people accidentally throwing that mechanism away? I'm not even going to bother going into that, because the majority of the population isn't complete idiots like these people, and wont run into any problems. Anyways, to sum that up, those are the only two things you could run into that could be construed as a "mess". Both are so easy and quick that they still pale in comparison to the process of cleaning out a coffee pot or filter, WHICH COULDN'T OF MADE THE CAPPUCCINO IN THE FIRST PLACE.


Jesus Christ, what is wrong with these people? When I fired mine up for the first time, I waited until the following afternoon just because I was so afraid of this LOUD sound comparable to a jet plane idling on the runway. Then I found that the thing isn't loud at all, it sounds like a 10-gallon aquarium pump going off for 10-15 seconds followed by the actual clearing of the cartridge into the cup, what the %$#@ are these people talking about? I just made a Chai Tea Latte with my sleeping stepbrother six feet away, and he didnt even stir, it just isn't that loud. I mean maybe if you were an extremely light sleeper, and someone kept the Tassimo in bed with them and brewed right next to your head, maybe then you would wake up. I read some reviews of people taking it back, because they couldn't use it in the mornings for fear of waking up the whole family. I mean, I could understand if you're in the same room as them, but you're in the kitchen which is usually a reasonable distance from the bedrooms. These are probably the same people who don't talk loud in restaurants for fear of being heard by the party across the room; what is loud to you isn't nearly as loud to people not directly next to you. I honestly can't imagine this actually waking anyone up in a typical suburban household, or even a one bedroom apartment.


Once again, an exaggeration of a small and non-hindering process to much larger proportions. It does in fact take around a minute to warm up the first time you turn it on, but I found it only took an average of 15-20 seconds upon subsequent brewings. Even so, all you have to do is PRESS A BUTTON once it warms up, then wait thirty seconds. No one is that busy to where they can't take the time out of their hectic lifestyle to *GASP* wait 30 seconds for their coffee. And if this appears to be a problem, then you've got a much bigger worry of poor time management on your hands. And if it DID heat and dispense the coffee at the push of one button, most of these people would STILL complain that it was "too cold" or something to that effect because they left the room and it have any sort of heating mechanism like a traditional coffee pot does. By making you press the button once more, you can just stand there and get your coffee, it really doesn't take that long people. The Tassimo has already saved you a lot of time you would have spent grinding coffee beans or scooping grounds into a filter, filling the water resevoir and waiting for it to brew. Instead, you have to push one button one time, which sounds better?


Now I am not a coffee connoisseur, and do not purport to be, so I cannot attest to the true merit of the T-Disc coffee, but it tastes pretty good to me! I didn't notice any of this watery, lukewarm business. In fact, I couldn't even drink mine for over a minute because it was scalding hot. The cappucino tasted great to me, easily comparable to a Starbucks version, and much cheaper. I havn't tried the Lattes yet, but I assume it's the same ingredients, just no foam. The recently released Chai Tea Latte is FANTASTIC, I was truly blown away by the flavor. And to all these tree huggers out there complaining about the waste, just can it, not everything you use is woven out of palm leaves and twigs. Everyone's cars and houses are still polluting by being on the power grid, and you throw away plenty of things that aren't prime candidates for the compost heap. AND on top of that, it is mentioned in the manual, and through common sense, that if you do choose to be so high and mighty, you can simply tear off the foil cover and rinse out the grinds. Once again it's NOT THAT HARD to recycle these T-Discs, throwing another complaint out the window.

Oh, and one more thing, the direct delivery isn't nearly as slow as people are making it out to be. I was prepared to wait at least 4 weeks for my T-Discs I had ordered, and was pleasantly surprised when they arrived 5 business days later. While this is still a long time, it's no longer than UPS Ground or anything else that ships large items.

Overall, I highly recommend the Tassimo for its ease of use, its variety of drinks (which taste great) and availability (T-Discs can be found at Bed Bath & Beyond, Best Buy, Target, even some of the larger HEBs) which, in my opinion, place it well above the other options out there.
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on March 7, 2006
I received my Tassimo a few weeks ago and have used it extensively since. It's fun, it's quick, it couldn't be easier to use.

The bad news? The milk in the cappucinos and lattes tastes funny to me (the UHT milk factor). Those two drinks and the Gevalia crema have a chemically taste. The Gevalia coffee and decaf coffee are great. But I mainly bought this to make it easier to have a quick cappucino, so I am kind of disappointed.

Yes, I knew the machine was expensive. And I knew the discs were too. Do the math: 10 cappucinos is $10. But one is 1/2 the size my regular mug (i.e. it's one shot of espresso and a small amount of milk). You probably never drink a cappucino this size. So you're likely to have two. You're up to $2 now for what is essentially about a 14 oz cappucino. (They say one is 11 oz, but this is really not true; two together do not fill my 16 oz mug.) So I just saved about $1.50 over buying a Starbucks Grande, but the latter is MUCH better. More to the point, I saved myself only about 4 minutes of cappucino-making and clean-up, using my traditional espresso maker, which is awesome and cost the same as the Tassimo. If I had known how small and how so-so the Tassimo cappucinos would be, I would have stuck with that, and maybe bought a cheapo one-cup pod maker for my coffee drinking housemate. He prefers Hazelnut anyway, and Tassimo can't provide that yet.

Other comments? The noise is brief and no big deal. (You should hear my banshee of a real espresso machine frothing milk.) Cleanup is easy but like the other reviewer, I have had messy milk issues: after EVERY cappucino, there's milk around the area where the disc sits; I run the cleaning disc and there's some milk here and there. Not good.

Bottom line: the t-disc prices need to come WAY down; bring my faux-cappucino down to under $1 for 15 oz. and we'll talk. The ease of use and variety are a plus, but don't get too excited. You don't _quite_ get what you pay for.
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VINE VOICEon November 28, 2005
Hi Folks,

I've been using a Tassimo since the day they arrived in the USA. I've also been using a Keurig B50 since then. Winner stays, looser goes back for a refund. You can read my (coffeeman) comparisons over at [...] (no affiliation).

I give the Tassimo 3 stars because it is a first-generation product, with some advantages over similar machines, but still requiring some refinement. First, it brews many types of beverages (latte, expresso, coffee, crema, hot chocolate, tea) quickly and consistantly and will appeal to a great many people for these reasons. The beverages are hot but may require a microwave zap if using cold milk or cream. Dihard expresso fans and folks with specific coffee flavor tastes will probably be disappointed. Second, you are buying convenience and a reasonable beverage drinking experience. Don't expect coffee house levels of variety and flavor. It does have some annoyances that don't afflict other similar machines. Many folks can live with these, others can't. First, part of the brew process is noisy (measured at 63 Decibels one foot away). Second, drink sizes tend to be smaller than most Americans are used to...this can be alleviated by using a Manual adjustment mode but is inconvenient. Third, water overflows out of the pressure tank into the drip tray or on to the drip plate during brewing and must be cleaned up. Fourth, a limited number of beverages is currently available compared to similar machines.

To summarize, I like this little machine. It is a first-generation product. You should try a Tassimo and compare it with other single-serve machines if you can. Coffee taste is very much an individual preference. You should buy from a seller which allows you to return it if you don't like the beverages or can't live with the annoyances I've listed.
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on November 26, 2005
I've had the Tassimo machine for about a week and have thoroughly enjoyed it. I bought it for myself but have found that my wife and kids like it as much as I do or even more so. Based upon prior reviews, it seems to me that my expectations are greatly different than many prior reviewers. I used to make espresso using a special grinder and a pump driven espresso machine. This process was messy and took quite a bit of time. Now, I can have a good espresso in no time.

Good coffee, quick.

Good espresso. Not as much crema as my espresso machine. But, due to the ease of the Tassimo, that's OK.

Good tea. My wife loves the Earl Grey. I've already bought another package.

Good hot chocolate. We add a little milk to cool it down.

Good Cappucino. Much better than I expected due to previous reviews. Milk tastes just fine.

Easy to clean. It's no hassle to put the cleaning disc in and run it after making a cappucino.

The noise is comparable to my pump driven espresso machine, maybe a little less noisy. The people who complained about the noise must not have had a pump driven espresso machine to calibrate them.

My family came to visit for Thanksgiving and this machine was a hit with everyone. I just hope the technology is widely adopted so the discs are available at more retail stores.
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on October 6, 2005
I had read some reviews of this little machine since the summer, and was excited for it to arrive in the U.S.

After running through the simple setup procedure the machine was ready for its maiden run. The Tassimo came with a package of Gevalia Signature Blend coffee and a package of Twinings Earl Grey Tea. I also purchased the Gevalia Cappuccino and the Suchard Hot Chocolate for my kids.

I tried the Cappuccino first. This is a two step process with the Espresso brewed first, then the milk process next. This process was as easy as expected without mess. In about a minute I had a wonderful cup of cappuccino. The taste was outstanding and the beverage was nice and hot (which I have not experienced with other single serve machines). The removal of the T-Discs was very easy without a mess. The milk T-Disc left a slight residue on the puncture mechanism, but that was easily wiped away. Next, I tried the Twinings Early Grey Tea. I am not a tea expert and don't drink much tea, but I found it to have a nice smooth flavor and just the right strength.

I will be using my new Tassimo everyday instead of spending $2.00 at Starbucks, plus the gas to drive out of my way to the location. The Tassimo cappuccino comes out to be $1.00, which might seem high to some, but to those that travel to Starbucks, you will find the Tassimo to be as good as Starbucks without leaving the house.

I highly recommend the Tassimo at this point (1 day). I hope it holds up well with daily use.
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on December 7, 2005
This beverage system is just wonderful. Very easy and fast to use and very high quality beverages. I had a hard time finding the filters, but I called Tassimo and they sent them to me. ($10 each). We also joined the automatic mailing program for beverages and that has worked out very nicely since the T-discs are not available everwhere, yet. The beverages that use the milk additive don't work as well since we live at 6,250 feet in elevation and the milk does not froth enough. The machine is also easy to clean and maintain. My favorites are the Gevalia Signature Blend coffee, which is robust with no bitterness; The Earl Gray Tea is delicious and full flavored and the Suchard Hot Chocolate is superb!
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