Customer Reviews: Samsung YP-T8Z 1 GB Music & Movie Player Black
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on October 18, 2005
I was in the market for an MP3 player. Lately, one almost tends to forget that there are other MP3 players besides the heavily marketed Apple IPODs.

The media would have us all believe that the IPOD is the only player worth getting. It's popularity has certainly stimulated the medium of portable digital audio, but upon further research I came to discover there is so much more out there that is actually just as good, if not better, than the IPOD...and much more affordable.

The Samsung YP-T8 series sold me with it's small package and huge features. It is actually much smaller than I anticipated it to be. I wondered how well I would be able to see the display once it was turned on, however once I was up and running with it I never looked back.

This thing is amazing! If you are a Windows user then this MP3 player should be your top consideration. The included software lets you create play lists and then transfer them to the player.

Further more, the player has seperate files for you to transfer not just music, but photos, text files (in txt. format, no WORD docs) and MPEG videos! I was able to upload movies and episodes of the simpsons with ease.

Additionally it comes with an FM tuner that will scan your region and create the presets for you. If it selects presets you don't want you can simply delete them.

As if that weren't enough you also get a voice recorder built in. It not only lets you record voice, but also FM radio. This has been great for recording NPR and Howard Stern! The voice recording quility is actually very good. You just have to be aware of moving the unit in your hand while recording as the slightest touch gets picked up by the mic.

Another nice feature is the games included. It has 4 simple little games that won't require a whole lot of your attention span but definitely are ideal for long car or train rides or in my case, in line at DMV. This truly is a portable entertainment player!

The big question one may be concerned with is the audio quality. No worries there. The audio is fantastic. The included ear buds are not stellar but they do the job. However to really get the most out of the sound output that this unit can produce I would highly recommend investing in some quality head/earphones.

The display itself is small, but it is extremely clear and bright. I didn't find myself squinting unless I was looking at some of my photos, but the actual built in display texts are clear and easy to read.

There are a couple of negative things I can mention, primarily regarding the button layout. Sometimes I found myself getting confused as to how to find a proper file if I wanted to delete it or to adjust a setting. THere are a good number of menus to go through in some cases and the button lay out it doesn't make it any easier. However, over time, with practice and experience it will become a moot point.

The only other complaints I have are cosmetic. First, I wasn't too fond of the neck strap. It reminds me of a bolo-tie you would buy in Tijuana. It's this black, entwined, pleather mess that is impossibly frustrating to loop onto the unit. It was such an eyesore, and such a complicated task that I just gave up on it altogether. It's too bad too because this unit really could stay handy around my neck.

Also, the condom case that comes with the unit is great, but it has no screen protecter. I always feel like I have to hold this thing like a delicate egg...always being aware not to let the screen come in contact with ANY kind of abrasive surface. Even certain clothes materials. I'ts kind of rediculous and I wish samsung offered some sort of peripherals to remedy this. Until then I will have to remain very careful and just hope that the screen doesn't get scratched, but I feel like I am on borrowed time.

With all that said and done, I still absolutely recommend this player. For the price ($179.00 for the 1gig version on amazon) you can't beat it. It sure beats the snot out of the IPOD, and while the screen may not be as big, and the profile not as thin, you would be cheating yourself to not at least give this unit a try.

I hope this helps.
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on December 26, 2005
I finally got to play with ine after I got it as a present on the 25th. This baby is amazing. I have tested out every feature on it. I downloaded about 200 songs, about 20-30 music videos, and 2 30min. t.v. shows. They all play excellently.

Audio: The music sounds great on this device. The sound options really come in handy also. You can choose between Rock, Jazz, 3D Stage, 3D Studio, and 6 or 7 others. The Lyrics option is ok if you want to sing along, but the words sometimes separate in the middle of a word if the screen runs out of space, so I just don't bother with it.

Video: The video needs to be converted in order to play. It's not that big of a deal unless you need to do it in 5min. I usually just set a few videos and movies to convert and then just leave the computer along. The playing quality of the videos depends. Some of mine look dvd quality and others look like high-speed internet quality. The sound on videos is also really good.

(During the conversion process, the video is resized to 160x128. So if you have a widescreen video, then you might want to alter it with virtualdub by resizing it and adding borders to the top and bottom. Also, some compressed movies' audio and video may get out of sync. In that case, you just have to change the frame rate with virtualdub. It's easy to figure out when you learn where everything is. You can download virtualdub at )

Games: The games are entertaining and hold your attention. The motion sensing controller is a cool idea, and is fun, but it takes time to get use too.

FM: You've seen one radio, you've seen them all. However, you can record songs and programs off of the radio.

Photos: Viewing photos is just the same as viewing them on a digital camera, except there's not zoom-in function.\

USB Host: You can plug in your portable hard-drives and thub-drives and copy files back and forth. This comes in handy if you have a lot of multimedia files. I just bought a 6gb mini drive so I can stores all of the videos on it and then transfer them to the YP-T8z if I feel like watching it. I have a 4gb of movies and t.v. shows so far.

Looks: Looking at the picture, I thought the YP-T8z was black. Then when I got it in the mail, it looked like a cerulean blue. Then when I opened, it turned out to be a beautiful midnight blue. So to the naked eye, it looks black, but if you look closer, it's a little bluish, and that is exactly how I wanted it. I know they also come in Red, Black, Blue, and White, but I don't know where you can get it.


Overall, this is an excellent item. I recommend this to anyone who wants to play and watch music and videos. If you strickly like music, then this won't be worth it. If you only like music, then get an Ipod because it has more memory.

I like to carry my videos with me and at the same time litsen to all my favorite artist, so I chose this little beauty.

Good luck on your decision!!
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on January 10, 2006
I was impressed by the YP-T8z and picked one up in mid-December. The YP-T8z is a very good Mp3 player, and I preferred it to the current market leader (the Apple iPod). While the unit is small, it boasts a flashy elliptical design and a clear 1.8inch colour screen.


- The 1.8 colour screen handles a good 160 by 128 pixel resolution and plays mp4 video files perfectly after conversion to .svi format (a process made simple with the bundled Samsung Multimedia Software)

- Music quality is excellent, with an adjustable equaliser and solid bass.

- The FM radio was useful, particularly on long trips after my song database had been exhausted.

- The recording function was excellent, and I successfully recorded FM audio, voice and music from a CD player.


- While marketed as an "e-book" reader, the unit CAN ONLY READ .TXT FILES. The font size is not adjustable, and words are frequently cut off at the right side of the screen.

- I was originally mystified at the concept of "motion-detecting games," but in practice the games are simple, though unusual. In hurdles, you can move the athlete by vigorously moving the player from side to side, swinging the unit vertically to jump (Yes, I did get some odd glances on the train). However, when energetically swinging the mp3 player to encourage the athlete to run, it is nigh-on impossible to see the screen, let alone determine when to jump a virtual hurdle. This problem continued through all of the "motion-detecting" games.

- The 20 hour projected play time only applies to music playback. When watching mp4 video, I managed a mere 8 hours, which is still decent considering that I could only coax 2 hours from a more expensive iPod.

- The 1GB memory is not expandable.

- The unit ships with a simple rubber case with no protection for the screen.

In conclusion, despite a variety of unusual features and games, the Samsung YP-T8z is a very good mp3 player with mp4 video playback capability. Small, with an attractive design and finish, the YP-T8z is far superior to similarly-priced mp3 players.
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on January 16, 2006
I agree with the other positive reviews and I'm happy to own this media player. However, I did want to mention that there is an issue with the order or sequence in which it plays the MP3 files. At first, I thought it was playing them in random order. However, I discovered it has the same issue that Windows has, where if you have tracks numbered 1-25, it will start with track 11 first. There is some technical reason for this, but the bottom line is that if you want your tracks to play in sequential order, number your MP3 files starting with the number 11. Do not start with 1 or 01. You can find freeware programs such as ReNamer that will automatically rename and number your MP3 like this and it will save you a lot of time. Other then that, the sound quality is excellent, the battery life is good, it's small and light weight and fun. I like the fact that it has more features then the IPOD and doesn't require special software- you can drag and drop your MP3 files like you would to any flash drive.
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on November 21, 2005
I was looking for an MP3 player the oter day and then I saw this one I was amazed once I saw all the features and I immediately bought it and once I got it I didnt regret my purchase. It surpasses the overestimated Ipod by a longshot. This MP3 plays MP4's and MP3's. It can view JPEG's and has some games loaded on it. The MP4's are of really good quality. They are not the best quality, but they are well above average. Another good thing about this MP3 is that the computer recognizes it as a mass storage device. Overall this MP3 player is a great buy.
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on April 5, 2006
I don't think i can recommend this digital audio player (dap) enough.

Pros: Great size

Big screen

Sound quality and sound options

Customizable equalizer (7 band)

Visualizations while music is playing (i have yet to see another player do this and i don't know why not)

Scrolling and speed of it

Intuitive user interface nice looking GUI

Short cut buttons to get you to or back to the screen you want

Dedicated play/pause button works for the music currently playing while in other screens (this may not seem like a big deal but its a feature I have personally yet to see on another dap. Ususally the play/pause button doubles as the enter button as well, here they have seperated the two.)

Ease of music transfer

Features (music, games, photos, videos, text viewing, fm tuner, recording capabilities, on the go playlisting)

Can listen to music while using other features like looking at photos (not all photo capable players can do this)

This thing gets loud, real loud!

On the go playlisting!

I'm going to mention sound qaulity again because its so good!!!

Cons: The one major con is simply it's storage capacity. With all of the features listed you really need more memory.

Sometimes you can hear the system registering a button being pushed while music is playing.But this is very minor.

Screen resolution could be better

As with many players; no OGG Vorbis!!! But this is fixable with firmware upgrades and may already be available and I just don't know about it yet.

There are some cons I am overlooking on purpose because they are so common place nowadays, like proprietory usb, lack of accessories (really, 90% of the accessory market are for ipods anyway) crappy earbuds that come with the player (who actual uses those? Just save some money and stop including them dap companies!)...etc. And there are probably some cons i missed completey because i am so enamored by the sound qaulity. If the storage capacity is a real big problem with you, don't worry, Samsung is working on a 2 and 4 gig version with an intergrated camera (megapixels unknown). Lets just hope this gets released in America!!

One last note; my albums play in the correct order so I don't understand the complaint that they don't.

Well I hope that this will help. This is by no means comprehensive and I am drawing comparisons from digital audio players that I have personal experience with.
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on May 17, 2006
I have to give this player 5 stars because I can no longer imagine life without it. I watch movies on the bus to work, if I'm having lunch by myself in a cafe, sometimes walking to the car from the bus, when I'm waiting for an appointment ... It is totally amazing.

Arriving at the gym without it can be extremely traumatic. Listening to my favourite songs while doing weights at the gym is magic.

I actually have a 2GB model, but rarely need more than one because everything compresses so much and its so easy to get things on and off it. Some tips that I would have found useful are:

1. Converting videos. You first need to get the video into a format that the Samsung software recognises (in order for the program to be able to compress and convert it into an svi file to go on the player). I understand (of course not through personal experience) that if one were to download a movie that it would probably already be in a format suitable to convert directly by the Samsung software.

Anyway, there are a number of programs that no doubt do similar things but since it took me a number of hours to sort out, I'll let you know that the ones I use are:

DvdFab Express to "backup" a copy protected DVD.

Then I get Imtoo DVD Ripper Platinum 4 to convert the backup DVD to an avi file (plays in a DivX player).

Then the Samsung Multimedia player converts the avi to svi.

Sounds a little involved but very simple when you've sorted it all out (especially when you run a few of these processes at the same time)!

2. For converting my cds to files recognizable by the player I like WinAmp (which is a free program). You need to set it up so that it will convert your cds to mp3 or wma format (the default wmp format is not recognisable by the Samsung software). I found out the hard way that there are about 60 different quality settings for wma. Converting songs to 1mb each (32kpbs 22kHz stereo cbr) I found gave sufficiently good quality (otherwise its tinny and slow). Mp3 seems to convert to about 2.5mb per song.


One problem is that the navigation button (after five weeks of regular but still relatively gentle use) now jams in the up position instead of springing back (so I have to move it back to neutral). My dilemma is mostly that I love the little thing so much that I can't imagine being without it for the period it would take to fix under warranty ...

The second con is rather minor and is directed at the Samsung software - when I transfer a playlist I have compiled over to the player it goes over in one click. To remove the playlist however requires deleting every single song one at a time. ie press delete, click "OK" to the question "do you want to delete this file" move the mouse back over to the playlist to delete the next song. But who knows - maybe there is a simpler way of doing this I'm too daft to it work out! (and in that case maybe someone will let me know ...)
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on December 25, 2005
I was looking at mp3 players and I didn't want to conform with the whole IPOD mania... this mp3 player is amazing. It is very easy to use along with the software. It has movie, photos, text, and radio... but I have yet to use them. This mp3 player is lightweight and it comes with a rubber case so you don't have to go out and buy one. I love the different sound settings - 3D Stage, 3D Studio... etc.

All in all, I am very pleased with this mp3 player :)
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on September 2, 2006
When you factor in the price, it's the best deal on any mp3, movie, text, game, karoke player around!

It's extremely easy to use.

You really don't need the software, unless you want to use the movie player function.

You use Windows to drag and drop, text, music, game, and video files.

That's it, easy as pie.

The audio is amazing!

Better than a Rio mp3 player I use to have.

And the volume is loud too!

So you can crank it up in noisey places.

You can add games to it but you have to hunt them down online.

Kinda frustrating but the game feature is "icing on the cake."

Karoke function is pretty cool, but not my favorite function.

When a song is played you and play the lyrics with it.

They light up as it's played.

You have to use the software included to "mark" the file with lyrics.

It's easy, just: drag, drop, click icon and you're done.

Easy deezie.

The file is playable in any other player too, it's not messed up in any way.

The video player is awesome!

You can put whole movie theatre movies or tv show episodes on it.

I nolonger use my porable DVD player!

It's bright, colorful and sharp.

The player itself is small and light weight.

About the size of a closed flip phone but not as wide.

I put it in the small 3rd front right pocket on my jeans that I use to put my gum in.


Although not a problem for me, for those that put their entire collection of movies and music may get upset.


What you buy is what you get.

I'd recommend getting 1 gig or the 2 gig model.

The battery is built in so if it dies you can't simply replace it with a new set you can get anywhere.

I guess you have to goto Samsung for that.

BUT as I see it, you don't have to worry about getting any memory cards or batteries at all.

No fuss, no muss.

Just recharge every two weeks or so and you'll be fine.

You get all this for less than 140 bucks!

It beats IPod and IRiver that go for 200+ dollars!

It's awesome, get one!

Get one now!
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on August 7, 2006
When i first considered buying an mp3 player, i had come to believe that the ipod was the best thing out there, but after doing my homework i came across this wonderful device and thanks to the reviews, i picked it. Since then i haven't looked back! This is absolutely amazing. I know that everyone is talking ipod, but if you do your homework you'll find a good number of other competitive devices like the samsung. I really like the fact that i can play videos on this thing, and am even able to download WMA-DRM to media player and then straight onto my device. The text viewer is another nice feature more especially if you read a lot of stuff online, you tend to want to carry it around so i just save it in .txt format and Wham! i can read it anytime anywhere. The photo viewer is also quite neat and the games come handy when you get bored. The Device also functions as a mass storage device which for me as a business person is quite handy even when travelling. With Microsoft releasing a new player by christmas, i'll just add that to my collection of mp3 players. But honestly, Even though you don't get an iTunes experience similar to the ipod, i still prefer this device to an ipod and it's got value for money. If you want to follow the wave of ipod fever, go ahead, but if you need something that you can work and play with, This is the thing. Coz i use mine at work and home. And i would highly reccommend it. I hope this helps!
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