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on June 18, 2000
Simply speaking, Lady and the Tramp is my favorite Disney film of all time! In my opinion, it is a 5 star masterpiece, and I would give it more if I could! I remember when I was just 4 years old, watching the characters Lady, Tramp, Jock, Trusty, and the Siamese Cats light up my eyes, as well as my TV screen, as no other movie (except maybe Pete's Dragon or Superman) has done for me before or since. The music and songs are especially enjoyable, especially "Bella Notte." And the thrilling climax (which I won't spoil for the peope who have yet to see it) ranks with the "Beauty and the Beast" and "The Lion King" climaxes! I remember having to wait almost a decade for Disney to re-release this classic on video so that I could replace my worn-out taped version. Now that I have it on both VHS and DVD, and both editions are in widescreen, I can enjoy it for years to come as I never thought I'd be able to! Your kids will love it, and so will anyone who's still young at heart! Buy it on DVD today! Don't make the same mistake I did over 10 years ago! (And don't let the lack of special features stop you, either!)
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Charming to a fault "Lady and the Tramp" continues to be an enjoyable movie fifty years on. "Lady and the Tramp" tends not to be as valued as other Disney animated classics and that's because the story isn't larger than life like the whimsical fantasy of "Peter Pan" and lacks the fairytale charm of "Sleep Beauty" the two films released before and after "Tramp". Featuring a number of marvelous songs and vocal performances "Lady and the Tramp" continues to be a fun film that merely wants to entertain and it does that in spades.

We get a full screen presentation of the film and a widescreen version of the film. Why? Because Disney realizes that the kids will probably watch this on the second TV in the house on occasion. The colors are rich, bright and alive. This puppy is flea free as there aren't any analog or digital blemishes in this marvelous presentation. The film was originally presented in 3.0 "stereo" with a center channel for dialogue for theatrical presentation and that mix has been maintained on one track while Disney has offered an equally impressive 5.1 remix that sounds quite nice.

The previous edition of this film looked terrific but was bare bones. This edition finally gives the movie its due. We get a second disc of marvelous extras including "Lady's Pedigree: The Making of Lady and the Tramp" which clocks in at nearly an hour going into everything from the casting to the design of the film and its evolution over time. "Storyboarding Featurette" gives animation fans a glimpse into the process and its importance to a finished feature. We also get to see storyboards produced for the film along with vintage audio discussing the story. Three excerpts from the "Disneyland" TV show that aired in the 50's highlighting the production of the film are included as well. We get to see performances by Peggy Lee performing a couple of songs from the film. Rounding things out we get deleted scenes some incomplete, an all new music video "Bella Notte" still galleries, games including a "Virtual Puppy" DVD-ROM feature not to dissimilar to the Nintendo game (none of which I've played of course and usually interest my children for about 10 minutes before they're off doing something else). Finally you can assess your own personality profile in "Your Inner Bark" and learn about real life breeds that inspired the characters in "Puppypedia".

A terrific reissue from Disney "Lamp and the Tramp" is a worthwhile double dip. The original release didn't have anything in the way of extras and the audio and video receive flawless transfers.
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on December 17, 1999
It was LADY & THE TRAMP that first brought Disney to my attention as a child; it remains one of the most supremely delightful animated films of all time. The dog characters are so richly compelling that they become real to you; anyone who ever loved a dog will recognize with what sheer brilliance the artisans have captured canine traits and physical pecularities. The romance between Lady and her Tramp ranks right up there with some of the most perfectly realized romances ever seen in the movies -- he is played with a breezy bravado; she with a fluffed up snootiness -- that their romantic dinner in the back of the Italian restaurant actually has you swooning. And the Peggy Lee-infused musical score gives this movie its most enduring, valuable gift -- it creatively and succinctly develops and elaborates each and every character, and imbues the look and feeling of the movie with an enchantment that transports you to that indesribably wondrous early-Disney place. Looking out over the banks of the park, the stars beginning to show -- and they call it Bella Notte...
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on February 15, 2012
Disney continues its near perfect track record with Diamond Edition blu-ray releases. Outside of few smudgy areas that look like Vaseline was smeared on the screen (check the scene where Lady chases the rat out of the yard, for a good example), the movie looks like it could have been completed yesterday! The lines are crisp. The colors are vibrant. And the wider aspect-ratio lets us see things no one -- outside of those at Disney -- have ever been able to see prior to this release. So, with the blu, you get a dazzling picture and more of that dazzling picture to love! On the audio side, things are a little weaker. There is a noticeable "tape hiss" throughout most of the movie. It's at its worst during dialogue scenes with gaps and no music to fill them. But it is there throughout (although my girlfriend didn't even notice until I pointed it out, so apparently I'm super-sensitive toward this sort of sound). I'm sure the hiss is due to the age of the film, but it's worth noting, nonetheless.

The movie itself? If you're here reading this review -- you already know. Lady and the Tramp is one of Disney's all-time greats! Its the pinnacle of animation and storytelling. It's movies like this that have made Walt Disney and the amazing team of animators he assembled legendary. It is a romance for the young and the young at heart. The movie never feels dated and always captivates new generations. My 4-year-old nephew loves it just as much as I did when I was his age. It was so much fun to watch him laugh and cheer at all the same places I did 25 years earlier. Lady and the Tramp is a winner and the blu-ray transfer more than does it justice. To sum it all up? This release is no dog! (Sorry ... couldn't resist.)
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on December 21, 2014
They did not specify that I was being sent a UK version of the film. I opened my package and was pissed. I collect the codes for Disney movie rewards and since I was sent a UK version, the codes wouldn't work for my movie rewards. I ordered this with the understanding that it was the diamond edition film like it shows in the picture, but it was not. It also isn't a bluray DVD combo pack like the US versions.
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on March 2, 2006
As a long-time lover of this film, I had high hopes for this DVD set, and Disney didn't let me down.

Disc 1 is the beautifully restored movie, as promised, in full- or widescreen (I'm sure everyone chooses widescreen, and with good reason. The long panoramic scenes contain things off to either side that you never would've seen given only fullscreen.)

Disc 2 is the real trove of Lady & the Tramp information. It's all neatly divided up into four categories.

Under "Deleted Scenes," you get an interesting sample of a scene removed from the film that would have been a little strange, I think, for this movie. Tramp conjures up a world where dogs walk around on their hind legs and treat humans as silly pets. Then after that, there's an elongated version of the baby's arrival.

Under "Music and More," there's a `Bella Notte' music video and a feature on the Siamese cat song that's pretty neat. Originally there was going to be the line, "We are former resident of Siam; there are no finer cat than I am." I wonder why they chose to remove that, as I think it's a good lyric, and its rejection isn't explained.

The last two categories are by far the best.

"Games and Activities" contains the DVD-ROM Virtual Puppy game. I tried it out; cute, for kids (obviously). I've seen many such adoptables online, with little `happiness' meters onscreen. I suppose the choices of Trusty, Jock, Lady, Tramp, or Bull make a decent selection. I think I was hoping to see a Peg puppy. But never mind that.

The Disney Dog Trivia Game is one of the best bonus DVD features I've ever seen. It's a rather addicting virtual board game which actually takes one to four players through a realistic board game set-up; there's a spinner, multiple-choice question categories, and spaces you don't want to land on. The board is shaped like a dog bone and has various areas for various Disney dog movies, including Oliver and Company, 101 Dalmatians, and The Fox and the Hound. My complaint is that there really should be a `hard' level, and the questions get asked over and over. The questions do range from easy ones about the most popular Disney canines to more obscure ones I've never even heard of.

The PuppyPedia video is an amusing and educational clip of Fred Willard in a dog park, and I was impressed at the variety of breeds shown.

The "Inner Bark" personality quiz attempts to match you with your Lady & the Tramp character profile, but while the questions are fun and have many creative answers, I've run into issues with the results. I can't seem to get anything other than Bull, Jock, Trusty, a couple of Si & Ams, and one Lady. Even when I deliberately try to get Tramp, I never do; further, I wish to know exactly how many choices they've got and who the characters are, because they've got such a nice variety of questions and answers that it would be a shame if they only used certain characters as possible results.

The "Backstage Disney" portion of Disc 2 is chock full of fascinating stuff, if you care at all about this movie. It's great because it doesn't just talk about things in terms of Lady and the Tramp--it feels like a brief history of the Disney studios, in relation to its other productions. Yet it does focus enough on the movie at hand.

The segments begin with a touching story of Walt's childhood and goes on to interesting discussions of all aspects of Lady and the Tramp's development and creation. You also get storyboards and excerpts from some Disney TV broadcasts. `The Making of Lady and the Tramp' itself is nearly an hour in length and presents many, many things that I did not know and am glad that I now do. My personal favorite trivia tidbit I learned was that in one old concept of the story, Lady had two suitors--a Russian Wolfhound named Boris and a mongrel named Homer. How nice to see where my favorite pound puppy came from.

Of this and countless other developmental ideas are included gallery images on the disc as well, and the remaining thing I didn't quite touch on is the section of three theatrical trailers. Normally not all that exciting, I found the oldest trailer to be quite outstanding; it actually fills you in on all the characters, in a rather historical context. For examples, Trusty is said to be a Bloodhound from the old south given to dreams of faded glory; Boris a remnant of the old aristocracy, and fellow `boy in the back room' dog pound-dweller Pedro had his `visa and luck run out at the same time.'

So I already knew this movie was an A+; but I can safely say the Platinum Edition gets the same grade.
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on May 22, 2012
Lady and the Tramp is not full of magic, fairies, princesses or other elements that are usual in
Disney films. It's a simple love story and one of Disney's most down-to-earth films. The story is
not complex but it has a lot going for it: Two sympathetic leads, a wonderful interaction between
them, beautiful scenes (bella notte sequence, anyone?) and great supporting characters. Who
would have thought that a love story between two dogs could've been so appealling, romantic and
fun? Walt Disney did a pretty good job with this one and had stood the test of time very nicely.

Lady and the Tramp has always been well regarded by the Disney Company and earlier this year, it
became the fifth title to be given the lavish "Diamond Treatment" and the results are spectacular.

Video & Audio
Disney has a high reputation when releasing its classic films on BD and Lady is not exception. The
lavish restoration that Disney has given to this film is simply breathtaking. Colors are rich and pop
out of the screen. Detail is perfect and contrast is strong. Also there is not any anomaly like
artifacts, banding or others. Is a completely perfect transfer through and through.

In the audio department things are pretty good too. You have two options: a newly produced 7.1
DTS-HD MA and a newly restored version of the original mono audio presented in 3.0 DTS-HD MA.
Both tracks are outstanding and everyone should be happy with the results. No hiss, no
background noise, everything is crystal clear and has good directionality. A superb audio

Bonus Material
Lady and the Tramp comes with a nice assortment of bonus features both new and old.
Unfortunately is not as comprehensive as previous Diamond titles such as Beauty and the Beast or
Snow White but everything here is nice and informative.

-Disc introduction by Diane Disney Miller is exactly that as Walt eldest daughter talks about the
movie, her father and their connection.
-Audio commentary: Inside Walt's story meetings is the best new feature of this set. Similar to
Bambi's story meetings, here you can listen a group of actors reenact all the meetings that Walt
and his team had for the creation of this film. You can't miss this one.
-Disney Second Screen is a way to enhance the viewing of Walt's story meetings with additional
storyboards, artwork and more.
-Diane Disney Miller: Remembering Dad is a touching tribute from Walt's daughter where she talks
about the time where Lady was been created alongside Disneyland. Another must see feature.
-Three new deleted scenes.
-A newly found unused song
-Classic DVD bonus features carries over most of the material from the Platinum DVD.

A DVD copy of the film is also included.

Closing Thoughts
Lady and the Tramp is one of Disney's most enduring classics. With great characters, a wonderful
romantic story and beautiful animation, this film has stood the test of time and has become one of
the most celebrated animated films of all time. This new Diamond Edition presents the film in a
spectacular way with fantastic picture and audio and a nice assortment of bonus material. This set
comes highly recommended!!
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VINE VOICEon November 23, 1999
The movie's great. The lack of stars refers to the current Disney administration's poor presentation of their titles on DVD (no doubt because they're going to release them AGAIN down the road with extras and try to charge their customers AGAIN. What villains!
According to a review at, this classic as actually filmed in two aspect ratios. Disney did not bother to include both on this DVD. Here's a sample from the dvdfile review:
"A word to the folks at Disney: by keeping prices high and features down, you're helping to alienate even your staunchest supporters, of which I used to be one. Unfortunately, not recommended."
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on September 7, 2005
Lady and the tramp happens to be one of the most charming and feel good disney films ever. Limited issue barebone dvd of the film was available at a high price for quite sometime which is in moratorium now. Everyone was sure about disney's double dipping here. The platinum edition was expected for quite sometime and finally it will be here on feb28. As usual, the film will wear a never-seen-before look as it has been digitally remastered in hi definition. Also, there will be loads of extras on the second disc to fulfill every fan's need.

Here's all that one can expect in this release:

1. Main feature with high definition digital transfer

2. Aspect ratios 2.35:1 16:9, 1.33:1

3. DD 5.1 EHT and DD mono tracks

4. Two deleted sequences

5. 1943 storyboard version of the film

6. "Lady's Pedigree: The Making of Lady and the Tramp"

7. "Finding Lady: The Art of the Storyboard"

8. Disney Virtual Puppy DVD-ROM

9. music video

10. "PuppyPedia", "Disney Dog Trivia" virtual board game

11. Screencaps from first DVD....and more!!!

Platinum editions go off the shelves in no time so preorder one now or grab one as soon as its available to avoid disappointment. Films like these are to cherish forever on platinum edition dvds.
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on February 1, 2006
"Lady and the Tramp" is basically about a young Cocker-Spaniel named Lady and her meeting with Tramp, a dog who lives life to the fullest and their adventures together.

It's light-hearted and adorable with no sad events like some other Disney films tend to have.

This is perfect for children of all ages becuase the animation is beautiful and the plot is easy to understand; especially, for younger children, who might have difficulty understanding more complex Disney films.

Also there are no death scenes, which makes this beloved Disney classic ideal for children of all ages.

The music is also enchanting and entertaining--my personal favorite is about two Siamese cats singing. Children will be enamored by them; espcially, if they have a beloved Siamese cat as I did growing up from childhood into adulthood.

I saw it when I was 8 years old and I highly recommend buying or renting a copy because this is an ideal animated Disney classic that is sure to be enjoyed by the whole family.

In conclusion, this film is appropriate for children of all ages and your chil(ren) will be amused by the cute, and entertaining songs.

Buy or rent it, you'll be well pleased!
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