Customer Reviews: Norpro Cordless Mini Mixer, 5 Piece Set
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on November 11, 2008
This product works! I use it to mix up protein shakes. It is small and easy to clean. It essentially is a piece of molded plastic with a motor that holds two AA batteries. The on/off switch is plastic that depresses a metal contact. Put together it feels solid. With fresh batteries it really can whip up a drink. The only think I don't like about it is, its does not have any speed variance. It's either full on or full off. So to prevent splashing an on/off pulse method is used. Amazingly enough the little device still has plenty of power using half exhausted batteries. I used the NIMH batteries that my digital cameras says are dead; they work great in this mixer. If you have a tall glass the attachments might not reach the bottom before the plastic housing touches your liquid. This sometimes results in unmixed powder and/or liquid/goo in the housing. This is a minor problem and is easily avoided with some finesse from the user. All things considered this little device is certainly worth the money.
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on June 18, 2006
This works wonderfully as long as you slightly move your hand in the opposite direction of the blades rotation. This keeps it from splattering, which is a huge problem if you don't know about this little usage tip.

I have amazed so many friends with frothy coffees while camping.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon May 14, 2012
Does the job, but there are virtually no instructions on its use. Most of the complaints about lack of power are probably from folks who installed the batteries wrong.

I love my big powerful hand blender Hamilton Beach 59770 Turbo-Twister 2-Speed Hand Blender but sometimes, it is just too much, and I don't want to go to the hassle of cleaning it. For simply mixing a package of powdered chocolate mix into a cup of milk for hot chocolate, etc. the Norpro is perfect, and cleanup is just a few seconds. I use it mostly to make home-made gelatin deserts Knox Original Gelatin (32-Count Envelopes), Unflavored, 8-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 2). For example grape "Jello" made with real grape juice.

> The gray switch "panel" is the door to the battery compartment. With the pointy end to the left, slide the grey panel to the right. Install the first (bottom) battery with the positive end (nipple end) to the right. Install the second (top) battery with the positive end to the left. Slide the panel back in place.
> The batteries are hard to install and harder to remove. This can be remedied by applying silicon grease to the contacts Permatex 22058 Dielectric Tune-up Grease - 3 oz.. The silicon grease also protects the contacts and improves the electrical connection.***
> Alternative, it is easy to make a "battery extractor": Cut a ca 1/2" x 4" strip of paper (or thin ribbon); roll the end around a battery, fold up to make a tab, and glue the tab back on the paper strip or ribbon (in effect make a "doggie collar and leash" for a battery); slip the bottom battery in place, then the top battery, if you have more than 1/2" left at the top, trim it off. To extract the bottom battery (after extracting the top battery, just pull up on the leash.

Notice that the lower portion of the stems of the mixing tools is hollow. This hole fits over the solid metal rod in the power unit. You just push the tool in, and when you are done, pull it out. Sometimes the fit is pretty tight, and you have to push hard to install, or pull hard to take the tool out. Be sure to push it ALL THE WAY on, as far as it will go. If the fit is too tight, a little silicon grease (apply with a toothpick) fixes the problem.**

> Lower the tool into the liquid to be mixed and press the grey lever. Immerse only the lower half of the tool in the solution. Do not immerse as far as the pointy end of the power unit, or you may suck up water (etc) into the motor.
> The mixer is one-speed. You can adjust the "violence" of mixing by choosing the tools. Obviously the stick-like tool is the gentlest mixer. The plastic Y is the second gentlest. The wire whisk is the second most intense mixer, and the "frother" is the most intense mixer. Use the frother only in a water glass or other tall, narrow, container.

Although the whisk is intense, it also slows to pretty slow if immersed to most of it's length. I find the plastic Y to be the ideal mixer for mixing gelatin into 3-4 cups of water, without making froth.

NEVER submerge the power unit in water---just wipe it off. You may be able to clean the tools adequately by simply operating the mixer in a glass of clean water. If not, then pull off the tool and hand wash.

*** Why silicon grease? Vegetable oil may turn gummy after a while, making the situation worse. Petroleum-based oil can attract dust and damage rubber and plastic. Silicon grease does not attract dust, does not damage plastic, is actually good for rubber, and improves and protects electrical connections.
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Protien powders and other such dry nutritional mixes have the best consistency and feel less grainy if you mix them with liquid in your blender. However, if you're out and about or at work you're often stuck with a shaker cup to mix with and the results just aren't the same. I decided to try out these mini-mixers on the recommendation of my friend and they do indeed blend powders and liquids better than the shaker cups do. I bought two, The fit & Fresh Fit & Fresh Portable Drink Mixer and the Norpro, as they're pretty inexpensive and I just couldn't decide between them.

The Fit & Fresh has a little to-go carry case that seemed to make it pretty convenient, plus reviews stating that it seemed more powerful than some of the other little minis. Whereas the Norpro didn't have a to-go case, but came with extra attachments that made it look better.

Having now used them both, I prefer the fit & fresh over the Norpro and here's why:

The Fit & Fresh seems better made. It has an actual slider switch for off and on and the overall quality of the plastic housing seems thicker and better assembled than the Norpro. It comes with two blender sticks (not sure what else to call them) and a little vinyl case. It does seem to have a bit more power than the Norpro and seems to spin faster because of it. It does a better job of mixing my protein powder into milk (I mix pretty thick, with only 1 cup of milk to 1/2 cup of powder, so this is based on my thicker mix).

The Norpro seems cheaply made. Rather than an actual on/off button, they put an extra plastic extension on the end of the battery case (where you open to put in the batteries) and when you push it down flat to meet the rest of the plastic housing it turns on the blender. The plastic seems thinner and overall it feels cheaper. It does come with extra attachments,but to be honest, I'm not sure what you'd use them for that the regular, white spreading one couldn't do the job on. (The white plastic blender sticks spread out when blending to better swirl the mix) It also doesn't come with an easy, ready made case. So you either have to put it back in the box (what I've been doing so far) or stick it in a baggie or something.

At the time of my purchase the Fit and Fresh was $2.50 more than the Norpro $6.51. To me, the overall low cost of under $10 makes me inclined to recommend and buy the Fit & Fresh even though it is a bit more. Mainly because it seems to be better made and a bit more powerful (and the handy case adds extra points, too). In the long run, either may be just fine for you as the difference wasn't dramatic, although I do worry the Norpro will die sooner because of it's lower manufacture quality.
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on November 25, 2007
I usually prepare food and drinks for one, so I don't one to use big appliances. The mini-mixer is perfect for mixing stuff fast and without much cleaning afterwards. Works particularly well when mixing powders and liquids (like hot cocoa, shakes, etc)
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on December 2, 2007
I bought this mixer for mixing my protein drink which i found difficult doing it by hand. This great little tool made my life easier. Mixes my drink in seconds and without any lumps or anything. After using it for a while I got one more of this to use it in my office. Overall, works perfect for me.
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on May 6, 2008
I found this mini mixer as a replacement for an old favorite. Amazon, as usual, had it in my hand before I was done ordering, and all 3 work perfectly. I use the bell shaped plastic mixer to turn powdered health drinks and water into a liquid. Even the thick powders can't slow this little beauty down. I gave it 5 stars.
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on January 30, 2011
I love this little tool. I originally bought it to mix single mugs of hot chocolate, but found it was good for beating a single egg or making a small amount of salad dressing. What I have found it most useful for, however, is getting down into small bottles of moisturizer to blend in makeup pigments with. I add the mineral makeup to my moisturizer to tint it or make my own liquid foundation. The slim tool is good for putting down inside the bottle and blending, so now I don't have to empty the bottle, mix and transfer the contents back or shake the bottle forever.

Make sure you have good batteries, though. I try to use rechargeables whenever I can, but alkaline ones seem to work better for this. I've had the batteries in here for over six months and it's still going strong. When I use rechargables, they run down much quicker because they can't hold the charge for as long.
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on May 21, 2011
Not sure if I bought a dud or whats going on. This mixer kills the battery at rest. Batteries seem to last for about 3-4 days then they are all but dead. The gray button that you press to engage the mixer gets extremely hot to the touch and has burned my thumb. I bought this for my parents who ended up not using it at all because of the battery life and the scorching hot button. I do not recommend this item. Dont know if the manufacturer or amazon is up for a replacement?????

I have had several of the
Use them on a daily basis several times a day and usually wear them out within 8-12 months or when I drop them in the sink. They are great and I will continue to buy them I do highly recommend these. Never bought a dud.
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on July 11, 2014
I had the same problem as many others - the mixer sometimes wouldn't turn on unless I pressed the switch really hard.

The problem is with the design of the switch. The switch consists of two metal contacts sitting under a flexible "flap" at the end of the cover. When this flap is pressed down the contacts are pressed together and the motor turns on.

This design has two problems:

1) The flap is the same width as the indentation in the case. The flap sometimes catches on the case and prevents the switch from turning on.

2) The flap is flexible and if you don't press on the part immediately above the contacts they don't get pushed together.

The simple solution is to use it without the cover. The batteries will be exposed but they won't fall out. You press on the exposed metal contact to turn on the motor. Looks a bit strange but works fine.

The better solution is to use an exacto knife to shave a millimeter or so from the sides and cut 5mm (1/4") off the end of the flap. This eliminates the interference and prevents you from pressing on the wrong part of the flap.

I've attached some photos showing what it looks like if you remove the cover as well as the original and modified switch covers.

The mixer itself works fine for mixing or frothing drinks but is underpowered for anything else. It really slows down when mixing an egg for example.

It works fine with rechargeable NiMH batteries.


As you can probably tell from the price, this thing is really cheaply built. After about a year this thing stopped working completely. There is a small piece of bent metal that serves both as a battery contact and one contact of the on/off switch. This piece broke where it bends due to metal fatigue (wrong profile and/or material). A drop on the floor then caused the case to split open revealing just how cheaply this thing is made. The other "contact" on the switch is actually the motor's solder tab. It was not designed for this purpose and over time it arcs, corrodes and bends out of shape. This thing was designed for minimum possible cost with no consideration for durability.

I was able to replace the broken metal part with a strip of aluminum foil folded into approximately the same shape and thickness as the part that failed. Then I used clear packing tape to seal up the body again.

I will replace this with the Ikea version which is probably no better constructed but is a fraction of the price and just as good for the only thing this device is good for: stirring and frothing thin liquids.
review image review image review image
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