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VINE VOICEon January 27, 2007
I am 48 years old and have never owned an MP3 player before. Prior to this, I saw the MP3 player as one of those gadgets that teenagers were always fiddling with. I finally learned that with an MP3 player I could just buy the songs I wanted and not the whole CD, so that is why I decided to look into them. I could not care less about "brand names" and did not have any preference towards any of the players as I knew nothing about them. I was looking at Zune, Ipod, and creative (the three main ones that I could find) and did a lot of reading up on of them before I bought the Nano. All three sounded good and it was a tough choice. In the end, I bought the Nano because:

1. I did not like the sound of the $15 dollar "rental" fee that Microsoft charges for the Zune. If you want a song permanently, you have to buy it in addition to the rental fee. I don't like the sound of the points system, either.
2. Ipods come different models and sizes. The Nano was the size and price that best suited my buget.
3. Ipod Itunes has more music than the others, and music is my main use.
4. I already had a satellite radio boombox that also doubled as an Ipod player, saving me the expensive of buying an additional player for one of the other MP3's.
5. The Creative was harder to find in my area.

I just began using the Nano today and am thrilled with the purchase. I bought a prepaid music card and used it immediately. I had no trouble at all with installing software, purchasing, or downloading the music. The Ipod sceen is somewhat small, but easy to see and navigate. The click wheel is also nice, a little hard to get used to, but very fast. There is a "hold" button that you can use to prevent the device from accidently turning on. There is a clock and calender included. I cannot believe something this fun comes in such a small package!! (But I guess that applies to all MP3's) I wish these were around 30 years ago! I am now a older person fiddling with a gadget.

I found the Apple web site to be very helpful with tutorials etc. The information included with the Nano was not very helpful. I also bought the Ipod and Itunes for Dummies book and have been very pleased with it.

I can see myself buying another in the future, but will also still consider Zune if I want to upgrade.
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on November 28, 2006
I used to have the ipod shuffle but was frustrated that I couldn't dictate which songs to play. The nano is the perfect solution; I can play by specific song, artist, specific artist's albums, playlist (music folder I create), or genre. This ipod gives me the flexibility I want! Although I mostly just play music, the stopwatch feature has come in handy a few times. I haven't tried downloading games or anything else, though.

I recently went on a 24-hour road trip. I used my ipod the whole trip, and I still had battery life when I got home. The thing is very intuitive, which was nice trying to choose a song while driving at night on strange roads. I've heard people complain that it is too simple, but who wants to spend a lot of time surfing the thing when all you want is to play music NOW! The backlight was REALLY bright at night, but I like that I can determine how long the light stays on after I'm done (10 second, 5 or less after last touch).

Negatives: The earbuds are just OK but not bad enough to make me buy new ones. I would love to reorder the thing so I could get the 4 GB instead of just 2; I have A LOT of songs I want to put on it, and the 2 GB is just a little bit under what I need. There is no carrying case or anything, so you have to put it in your sweatshirt or whatever while transporting the thing. By doing this, you can accidentally increase the volume or change songs. However, I think you can lock the controls to avoid this. My shuffle has a lanyard, which is nice.

I researched mp3 players in depth, and the nano sounded like the player with the least problems (in this price range). I'm glad to know that I made the right buy.

I wrote extensively here because I truly benefitted from other people doing the same.
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on September 18, 2006
-Aluminum Casing
-Double battery life
-Search option in menus
-Brighter screen

-Excellent sound quality
-Excellent software (recently updated iTunes 7)
-Can charge through USB
-Oodles of accessories
-Competitive price
-Apple brand
-Durable casing
-Search feature is very intuitive
-Very decent battery life
-40% Brighter Screen than predecessor

-Still no FM tuner, voice record, or line-in record
-Still no video playback
-Expensive accessories
-Crappy headphones
-Not that you really need it, but there is no software included i the box (you have to download it at

Silver - 2GB/4GB exclusive
Pink/Green/Blue - 4GB exclusive
Black - 8GB exclusive
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on November 30, 2006
Having zero experience with iPod-type devices and with purchasing music online, this grandma put music on her grandchildren's Christmas gift of the Silver 2GB Nano in only half a day with only 2 calls to customer support. If I can do it, anyone can. The Apple support are incredibly patient, helpful, have a sense of humor, and you don't have to wait long to get through to them. I just wish the iPod Nano came with a written manual. I did go online and print the 60-page feature guide and it didn't help me with my problem with getting the audiobook out of the music category. Once I did the "Manually manage music" option, the audiobook went in the correct category. A 2 1/2 hour book took minutes to download from the iTunes store (that's the Apple online site where you can purchase books, music, etc.)and minutes to transfer to the Nano. I loaded about 50 songs and 1 book and used 0.1 GB of the available 1.7 GB capacity using a DSL connection and a pc with a USB 2.0 port. The best part was listening to the music. It's stereo sounding, clear and the best I've heard coming out of a radio/cd player in ages. I just laid back in the recliner and listened for an hour. I bought the Tough Skin Nano holder which does have screen protection, because the Nano's are going to a 6-year old and an 8-year old. The Skins come in colors which will differentiate silver Nano's going to the same family.
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on November 1, 2006
I give this iPod 4.5 stars out of 5. I always wanted an iPod so last year I bought an iPod mini at the low, low price of $300. I was disappointed that I had paid so much for something that didn't even have a radio and I returned it to the store. Instead, I bought a Creative Muvo Micro, a tiny pink player with a replaceable triple A battery and an FM radio. I thought, why should I pay $300 for an iPod with several gigabytes of space that I don't need just because it was pink and cool looking, when I could have a $100 player that has more. Me and my Creative Muvo Micro were getting along great for an entire year before the unthinkable happened...I lost it. I searched for 2 weeks for the little thing and I still can't find it, so I needed a new mp3 player. If I'm going to get something new, I want something with more space, better sound quality, a better screen, just something of better technology than the player I bought a year ago. I didn't want an iPod, but every other player sold in stores is big, black, and ugly. Since the iPod Nano was now a more reasonable price at $150 for a silver one, I bought it. I wanted a pink one, but I didn't need 4 gigs of space and besides, you should get a case that covers your iPod to protect anyway, so I just bought a pink case instead. I've had this player for a week and so far I love it.
It came in a small box with nothing but a usb cable, earbuds, and the iPod itself. You have to download a certain version of iTunes from the Apple webiste. Afterwards, I didn't know what to do. I'm pretty computer savvy but it took about a day before I figured out how exactly to get songs on and off the player. The directions on the website are in a video tutorial and I didn't find them that helpful.
The sound quality is excellent. Much better than my previous player. The earbuds fit very well, they're comfortable and sort of small so they don't hurt my ears.
The color screen is very bright. It even allows you to put album artwork with the songs you play, which is really sort of useless to me, but it's still looks cool.
There is no radio which means that I can't listen to the tv at the gym. However, I just discovered free podcasts. I downloaded some free upbeat running music as well as some educational stuff to learn to speak Spanish. There are many, many podcasts to download so I might not have a problem filling up the 2 gigs of space. You can buy a radio for it though.
Battery life is excellent, I've had a full battery every time I turn it on.
There is one thing I don't like about the player and that is the placement of the headphone jack. It's on the bottom of the player which is very awkward. If I've got the iPod clipped on me while I'm working, the headphone cord gets in the way and sometimes gets pulled out.
I've actually had one problem with the player since I've had it, so that's not really a good sign. The thing completely froze with the screen light turn on. I couldn't turn it off or do anything with it and since there's an internal battery, I couldn't just pull out the battery to shut it off. I had to go home and search the apple site to figure out how to reset it. It took a couple of seconds and now it's working fine again.
I think Apple could have at least included a belt clop or a case for the player, but you can find cheap stylish cases with clips at online stores.

I've had my iPod Nano for about 2 months now. I haven't had any more problems with it. I use it just about every day! I've never run out of battery life and rarely have to charge it up.
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on December 1, 2006
The Ipod Nano is a sleek, perfectly sized mp3 player.There are many great things about it, but I have found one thing that frustrates me.

The great things about it are its sweet sound quality, size, graphics (for such a small screen), strength, and smooth click-wheel. I don't know about other headphones yet, but the ones that came with it sound great! The Ipod weighs 1.3 oz. and is 8.9 cm. long, 4 cm. wide, and 0.6 cm. thick. The graphics on this are great especially on the games!(brick, music quiz, parachute, and solitaire) I have dropped my ipod so many times and it is still working great!!!!!! The click-wheel is very smooth ;although, I expected its size to hinder its capabilities.

The only problem I have found is that it cannotplay videos, but it can show photos.

I hope this review helps you find the right Ipod for you!!!
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VINE VOICEon June 26, 2007
This review is for those of you that have not yet made the I-iPod plunge. I was a bit late to the game myself on this one. My children, and their friends, really led the way on this. Now that I am finally all in, I cannot say enough about the various uses of the iPod, and its overall ease of use. In addition to being able to download the latest and greatest from iTunes, you can also put any of your own existing CD collection on your iPod. I personally take advantage of the many available books on CD. I have downloaded audio books from various sites on the Internet. In fact, I do not have an iPod/MP3 adaptor in my car, so I purchased a device that allows me to play my iPod via the radio. This really is an incredible device that is well-worth the price. To not have an iPod in today's day and age is a bit like not having a VCR or Microwave in the 80's. By the way, putting songs/books on your iPod is very intuitive. Once or twice will teach you how to do it. If you have a problem, just have a teenager give you a brief class. This is a 5 star product.
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on December 22, 2006
After getting a year of good and hard use out of my 1st generation 4gb iPod Nano, the hold key snapped. Since it was out of warranty, Apple said that it would cost $180 to fix. Forget it. At that price, I might as well get the new one. So I did, and as of now I have a fantastic impression. I'll go through all of it step by step, so prepare yourselves.

1: The case. Though relatively minor, the case that the Nano comes in, as well as what's included with it, has been slimmed down to the bare essentials, which I actually prefer. The small plastic case uses very few materials, which is good for mother nature, and has no CD that you need to install before using it, which is good for your patience. There's also a few apple stickers, which I promptly got rid of as well as the new Apple headphones, a bare-bones manual, a warranty card and an adapter for a dock. One minor thing, the case can be a little frustrating to open, though it's worth it, believe me.

2: iTunes/connectivity with your computer. As with all iPods, this think has nigh on perfect harmony with iTunes. I've got around 2 gigabytes worth of music, and it was all transferred and ready to play within 7 minutes. Unless you balance the Nano on the cord just so or get a dock, it's going to be lying on your desk, so make sure not to have any dust on it. As with the other iPods, the Nano uses the proprietary connector, which is cool with me, with the slew of accesories that are available for it. Just don't lose the cable, since you'll lose all ways of charging and syncing it. Again, a small complaint here. The Nano isn't fully charged right out of the box; you have to charge it for around 45 minutes to get it 100% juiced.

3: The differences. If you were to go through the pros and cons of the 1st generation and 2nd generation Nano, 2g would win hands down. It is a hair thinner and a hair taller, but the curved edges make it feel simply, well, Nano. Another very good addition is the use of color. With the previous generation, the lovely dark color ended as soon as you flipped it over. Not so with this sucker. The whole thing is clad in anodized alumium, which happens to be nigh on scratchproof and extremely resistant to fingerprints. The bad part about that is that the case is seamless, so anyone trying to open it up will have to go for the much more difficult top or bottom openings, which are still plastic.

As for the differences with the guts of the Nano, they are small but noticeable. The vaunted click wheel is still here [and with good reason, it's the slickest and easiest control scheme in the portable world], along with the only other button on the thing, the hold key, which I hope proves less breakable than the one on the previous generation. The screen is noticeably brighter, easily the 40% claimed by Apple. There are also some handy new features on the inside: when you're scrolling quickly through songs, a letter will appear in semi-translucent text to make it easier to tell where you are. There's also a search function, and you can set a volume limit if you don't want to give yourself a headache. Other than that, things are pretty much the same.

Finally, the complaints. First of all, I dislike Apple to a very large extent as a company. They make decisions that would stop me from buying this iPod if I hadn't already made a substantial investment in the songs that I had purchased. For example, Apple makes it impossible to use the 1st generation Nano dock because they moved the connector port about 1mm to the left, for no apparent reason other than to get people to buy the dock, again. This'll also be a problem for any other docks/radio transmitters that have an enclosed connector, since those are bound to be designed to the first generation.

Those complaints aside, I am well and truly happy. Apple truly has made a great product, and if they stop making these stupid money-making changes they will have no significant obstacles in retaining their title of Maker of the World's Best MP3 Players.
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on September 14, 2006
I just purchased my first iPod from our local Apple Store due to my fear that I would have difficulties with figuring out how to use it. Simply put..not the case at all. Very easy to download iTunes to computer and they magically appear on my iPod. Download manuals from Apple web site. It couldn't be any easier.

Tomorrow I will attempt to hook it up in my car with the mini-stereo cables that the salesman gave me. Excellent sound quality.
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on September 26, 2006
I have to recommend this product, because of its overall look, feel and ease of use. I have owned 3 Ipod products and have never had to return one, take it in for repair or have it break.


-Easy to put music onto, easy to make playlists.

-Durable, great for workouts or jogging

-Extra feature set is very nice for an mp3 player

-stylish appearance

-New rugged material, like IPOD Mini


-the ability to put different file formats on

-no ability to get your own mp3s off your ipod, unless they are purchased from itunes and those are mp4's.

-color choices? Why did apple take away black/white in all sizes?

I have the 30 gig video and have owned a silver 4 gig mini. I loved both and they do a great job of what they should: Playing your music when you want to hear it! I think no electronics product is "perfect", of course there will be some that come off the line with flaws/issues, thats part of being a consumer. I used to own a Sandisk mp3 player for the gym and honestly it has nothing on the Ipod Nano...

If anyone is interested in a Used 2gb Ipod Nano with 250 Songs, check Ebay item #: 230032366669
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