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on August 16, 2009
The screen arrived quickly and was well packaged with the screen material wrapped around a plastic tube and inserted inside another plastic tube (4" heavy plastic drain pipe). The aluminium frame is quick to put together, it comes in 6 pieces, the sides are one piece and the top and bottom are in two pieces. The top and bottom frame pieces are joined together with small shaped pieces that insert into the extruded frame and are screwed in place through each side of the frame, works well and makes a very neat and strong join between the frame pieces. There are 90 degree corner pieces that insert into the end of each frame and make it very easy to fit the screen together, make sure you measure the diagonals to check everything is square before tightening all the screws. Once the frame is together it is very easy to fit the screen material, there are 6 plastic rods that have to be pushed into a pocket around the edge of the screen material (2 on each on the top and bottom of the screen and 1 on each side)then you stretch the material to fit the rods within a channel in the frame. Plastic clips are then used all round the frame to hold the rod in the frame channel. It produces a nice tight screen with no visible sags or creases.
This was the first frame I have assembled but I had it ready to mount on the wall within 45 minutes and I was taking it slowly! Mounting it on the wall is easy - the supplied brackets work well and it is easy to lift the assembled screen and hook it onto them.

I have the screen mounted in a dedicated media room and am using a Panasonic PT-AE3000U projector, this screen works very well and gives a nice sharp, bright image with good colour reproduction and the felt covered frame is excellent at absorbing any light from the projector that over laps the screen edges. I would highly recommend this screen, far more expensive screens might give you a very slightly better image but you would have to have them side by side to notice!

Ignore the 1 star review above - the dimensions given by Amazon are the screen viewing dimensions and do not include the frame, the dimensions to the the edges of the frame are 109.4" x 63.4" check out the manufacturers website for more information (which would be pretty sensible before purchasing any product, finding it didn't fit then giving it 1 star reviews....)
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on December 18, 2010
Having invested your hard-earned cash in a home cinema projector, you might be thinking twice about whether or not you need a projector screen. Well, don't think about it anymore. You simply cannot realize your projector's full potential without a projector screen. Some people "make do" (using a wall instead). While the result is somewhat passable on a wall (depending on the quality of your projector) the difference between a wall and a projector screen is night and day.

When Best Buy wanted to sell me a "cine grey" screen for $2,500, I wondered if the Elite screen would be sub-standard in some way. I can tell you that it isn't. There's a difference between a wall and a white screen and the difference is worth paying for. The same is true with the difference between a white screen and a high quality cine-grey screen. Once you reach this level of quality, the law of diminishing returns applies. That is, you do not continue to get dollar-for-dollar value the more you spend.

This Elite screen is simply awesome. It is incredibly well made and solid. All interconnecting parts are made of anodized aluminum or steel - no plastic in sight. The surround is almost 3" thick and has a beautiful black velour covering that is 100% light absorbing. The 1.0 gain cine-grey screen is also very high quality and is tensioned across the frame for complete uniformity. The screen took about 30 minutes to assemble and about another 20 minutes to hang it on the wall. All parts needed are included.

I painted my home theater in a high quality "grey brick" color which is also light absorbing (Valspar premium egg-shell). The Elite screen looks awesome on the wall and the image quality is nothing short of amazing. Colors are vibrant, sharp and crystal clear. What's amazing to me is the price. Frankly, knowing no better, I would've paid a lot more for this screen (I paid $468 from Amazon at the time of sale). At the original price of $800, this screen is still worth every cent. As a sub $500 screen it's almost embarrassing to pay so little to get so much.
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on July 29, 2014
After many reviews and hours of research I finally pulled the trigger on the Cinegrey 5D screen. I watched clips of other screens and am lucky enough to be close enough to Elite and the more expensive competitor, SI, to view this screen and the Black Diamond in person. There is clearly not $1700 dollars difference to justify the more expensive SI BD screen (IMO).

Installation: I was prepared for an exercise in futility after reading some of the other reviews here with regards to putting this together. I cleared an open space, laid down two bed sheets over the hardwood and followed the instructions to put it together. Bolting the frame together was a snap. The instructions were clear and being able to lay it all out made is a snap. The felt overlay has a few little shoddy spots (Black Sharpie fixed that) and doesn't perfectly align in one joint, but it's nothing anyone but me will notice. A cordless power drill had this thing together in about 10 minutes.

The screen, once laid out on the frame was fairly self explanatory. The nice little red arrows on the frame showing where the snaps lock in was a nice addition. The plastic tubes go in like a tent (Make sure to have the shorter ones on the horizontal and the two long ones on the vertical) and then I placed them in the grooved frame and went around the frame pulling it tight and pushing the screen into place and locking it in place with the snaps. I took my time here and stopped a for a beer, but in all it took no more than 15 minutes to get the screen in place. I was a little worried, because once I completed it there were some waves in the bottom of the screen. Not to fear, once the brace was locked into place it pulled everything very tight. I now had a perfectly smooth ready to hang screen. Piece of cake.

Viewing Experience: This section will have an update once my Benq W1070 arrives this week. I used my conference projector as an initial test case. It's an Epson. EX5220, super simple conference room projector and not intended for home theater. I fired it up with the HDMI output from my cable box with no lights and my initial impression was wow. I couldn't believe the picture from this no frills business projector. This thing usually looks washed out with no color pop at all. Then I turned all the lights on in the living room. There are no less than 6 LED lights on and the picture was unfazed. Once again, I was shocked at the picture. Little to no washout at all. Then came the next day. At 2 in the afternoon it's the brightest my living room gets. While there is no direct light, it's still full on daytime. The picture was once again fully watchable with very little washout at all. My wife couldn't tell the difference between the night with all the lights on and the day with the blinds open. I'll give a full review with video once the Benq is installed.

I would recommend this screen for anyone with ambient light issues. You're never going to get the same picture as a fully blacked out room, but IMO this is about as close as you are going to get with the lights on. Also, don't expect miracles if you have sunlight shining directly on your screen. Heck, even LCD and Plasmas have issues displaying properly with that problem. Get it, you won't be disappointed.
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on June 12, 2015
First off, I have to disclose I did not purchase this screen, what I did purchase (although not from Amazon) was a swatch of cinegrey 5d material that I used to build my own screen and that is what this review will be based upon.
I needed a screen that could combat ambient light. My livin area has a sliding glass door leading to an outside patio/pool area on one side that just about covers about 12 ft, so I have an very amble amount of ambient light that pours in during the day light hours. I previously had an Elite Screens pull down matte white screen that looked beautiful during evening hours, but was washed out quite a bit during the day, so much so it really wasn't worth using. I did some research and found out that most ambient light rejecting screens were astronomical in price and I could not justify $3500-$5000 for a screen (my projector was sub $1500) so I thought I was doomed to only evening big screen glory UNTILL, I stumbled upon Elite Screens "new" Cinegrey 5D screens and material. I wanted to give it a shot, but I still didn't want to pay $800-$1400 for a screen when I could easily build one for less that $200 (well less actually) so I scoured the ends of the Internet and found a company that sold the Cinegrey 5D material WITHOUT the screen. I purchased a swatch of the material large enough for anyone to build up to a 135' screen (I cut mine down to about 120'). After taking some measurements, I went to my local Home Depot, and bought the hardware I needed to build the frame and border. I then went to a local fabric store and bought about 3 yds of black felt for the border pieces (more than enough) and I built my screen. Once it was complete, I hung it on the wall and fired up the projector. I was amazed at the difference. ambient light and all, I was viewing 120' of big screen joy in the middle of the day and it looked wonderful. Even in the evening, the Cinegrey 5D material really brings out the detail in the picture. If you have the know how and the "Tim the tool man" ability, I recommend you do exactly as I did and save yourself a ton of money buy building your own. If you are not comfortable to take that on, then by all means, purchase one of these screens with the Cinegrey 5D material, you will not be disappointed, it works like a champ at the fraction of the cost of competitor solutions. Take a look at my photos and see for yourself!!
review image review image review image review image review image
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon September 15, 2015
This review is of the 1080p3 version 150" diagonal.

I've been using projectors for about 10 years now. Previously I was using a Dalite High power which was great. Now I'm transitioning to a more dedicated theater which necessitates an acoustic transparent screen. Many hours of research on AVS narrowed my options down to Falcon, Seymour, and Elite. The Elite was by far the cheapest and easiest to obtain (via Amazon).

-Given the low price, the frame was surprisingly well made and well thought out. It was structurally easy to assemble. There is a single center support beam for my 150" frame. The frame ended up perfectly square.
-Locking the screen fabric into the frame was easy. Little red marks are even provided so you know where to put the dozens of mounting tabs.
-Attention to detail is impressive as a velvet tape was provided to cover the center support bar to prevent light reflection. The entire border is wrapped in velvet as well. A black fabric backing is provided to cover the entire backside to prevent reflections. Very nice.
-Mounting the frame onto my screen wall took a bit of work. You get 3 small z-clips for the top and 1 for the bottom. Unless your screen wall is perfectly plane, you will need to shim 1 or more of the clips. I had to shim 1 of the clips with some cardboard. Since there are 3 clips, you will also need to make sure they are all the same level. The bottom clip I have mounted on a 10ft long piece of 5/4 wood which has enough flex to pull down and clip onto the frame. This installation method creates a bit of tension on the bottom which helps lock the whole screen in place. The result is a rock solid screen that won't fall off.
-With a screen this size (150" diameter), you will definitely need 2 people to mount and dismount it.
-You can download the installation instructions at the Elite frame website under the ezFrame series.

-My projector is the Sony VPLHW40ES.
-The main worry is moire especially with limited reviews online and some confusion as to the Elite model numbers. I'm happy to report no moire is visible at all on the 1080p3. Elite also offers an Acousticpro-4k screen which is available via dealer only. Just don't get the 1080p2 model which reportedly has moire.
-The overall image quality is very good. I don't have any other AT screens to compare to but the image looks good to me.
-Brightness is just fine if you have some degree of light control. Don't expect it to be able to handle any sunlight or direct artificial light though. If you need a brighter image, you might consider the Seymour XD or a brighter projector.
-Acoustic transparency is perfectly fine.

I'm very pleased with the end result which is a moire-free image on a rock solid frame. The fact that it is the cheapest and most reliably available option is a big plus. Make sure you get the 1080p3 model and not the p2 model which reportedly suffers from moire. Getting the mounting clips installed in the exact right location is the biggest obstacle but once this is done, you shouldn't have to worry about it any more.

Currently 130"W is the largest size available. If you need it bigger, consider Seymour XD.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on January 16, 2016
So I got a projector a month or so ago. Been projecting onto a grey wall. Colors looked good, but somewhat washed out during daylight, even though highly viewable.
This screen changed everything.
I looked at Elite Screen Aeon screens, Black screens, etc. Did a ton of homework.
Was about to buy an Aeon screen, then ran across this ambient light reflecting screen on AVS forums thread. Exactly what I needed, without paying 4K for a "black screen".
Even with all the lights on, the image looks great. Daylight = night & day difference compared to my grey wall.
I pair the screen with an Epson 2045 (BB deal with $300 gift cards).
I use my projector for everyday use. Moved a Panasonic 65VT60 to the bedroom.
Thank you Elite Screens. What a great product.
I'm using a 110" model

As for installation....
It was simple. Again, I've never owned a projector until a month ago.
Simply screw in the velvet screen outlining. Put the spring loaded clips in and out the screen on. Took me maybe 25-30 minutes.
Had a friend help mount it to the wall.

If you're looking, you know you have light coming into the room like me. I'm in Florida, so no basement = no man cave. Just buy it.

Had a notice about "hot spots", but I see none
I consider myself a highly enthusiastic AV guy. I buy the best and always research.

Please - if you have any questions, ask. I will be happy to answer.
review image
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on March 24, 2015
Just finished building our house and in it building myself a theater room. I did a lot of research regarding everything I used. You can obviously spend an obscene amount of money on any individual component of this project. Based on money and reviews I decided to go with this screen. I placed my center channel behind the screen, just like a real theater. The result is amazing. I am using an Epson 5030 UB projector. The image almost has the clarity of a 130in TV. The image far exceeds any of our local theaters. My room is a committed theater room = no widows. This is a white screen so white light does make a pretty big impact. Just an FYI. Easy to put together. Great packaging on shipping. Hanging does require 2 people but it is not overly difficult.
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on September 5, 2015
Easy to install, works great with ambient light.. I am using this with Epson 5030UB, picture quality is mind blowing.. After a day, you will almost forget that you are actually watching movie on projector screen and not on a LED TV.. I will recommended this product.
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on March 7, 2010
Compared to more expensive screens, this is a pretty good value. However, the screen's material is not perfect. Now, that I've started watching movies on it, I've noticed a few hot spots where the whites are very slightly different colors in certain spots of the screen. I'm particular about details, so it draws my eyes to these spots in especially bright scenes. I wish I had gone with a better quality screen. If you will be sitting far away and you don't look closely for fine details such as this, you probably won't notice it. But if small details like this bug you, you might consider a higher quality screen. If you're looking for a good bargain screen with fair quality, then consider this one.
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on December 3, 2014
This is a really great screen. The picture is crystal clear and the colors very vivid, far better than my old screen. The lights in my theater room do wash out the picture, although not as much as my old screen. I'm giving 4 stars for that reason: because it doesn't quite live up to the "ambient light rejecting" claims, but it does everything else you expect out of a screen.

The quality of this screen is very good. Packaging and product protection was very good. Assembly was very straight-forward and easy, just a bit time consuming; I think it took me about 90 min - 2 hours to complete (I did take my time to make sure everything was perfect). There are some gaps where the corner pieces butt up against each other, but they are negligible and cannot really be seen from more than a few feet away thanks to the black velvet trim.

Bottom line: If you're on the edge about this and a more expensive screen because you're concerned about quality, save your money and get this screen. Push that extra cash into a better projector. This screen performs as good as or better than all my neighbor's screens that cost 2x this one.
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