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on August 10, 2007
First, let me address the concerns some reviewers seem to have had with their units. One thing I've noticed is that each and every one was ordered over the internet and, thus, had to be shipped. I think the problem may have been with the delivery service manhandling the package. As it is, this Cuisinart microwave can be had at several specialty retailers (especially those specializing in kitchen and other housewares), so an internet purchase is not always mandatory.

As far as performance is concerned, mine performs as well as any other microwave I've had in the last 15 or so years. Honestly, most microwaves perform roughly on par with others in their respective wattage range. That wasn't always the case, but has become more or less true lately. Oh sure, there are still duds out there, but most are on equal footing with their competitors.

So . . . what exactly sets this microwave apart? In a nutshell, the inside!!! This one has a stainless steel interior! Now that's what I'm talking about! Have you ever had spaghetti or soup "pop" all over the inside of your microwave? If so, then you'll no doubt sympathize with my agony of cleaning dried gunk. Well, thanks to the stainless steel interior this is now a cinch. Have you ever burned popcorn in your microwave? If so, then you'll likely remember that it is impossible to remove all of the brown smoke stains on the inside---and let's not even talk about the smell! Thanks to a stainless steel interior neither smoke stains nor lingering odor will ever be an issue.

As far as the exterior, it comes in an easy-to-clean, trendy stainless steel. Honestly, I'd have bought it if it were available only in black or white---it's the stainless steel interior that I'm after. Today though, stainless steel appliances are in vogue. I'm sure it will pass---remember the black of the 90s, the almond of the 80s, or the avocado green or coppertone (brown) of the 70s? Still, I must say it certainly looks sharp perched up on my countertop (which, by the way, is an out-of-fashion butcher block laminate).

If there's any significant drawback to this unit, it will likely come from the door handle. I've had no problems yet, but it is not a stainless steel handle (it actually LOOKS like chrome). No, the shiny door handle is a heavy plastic. We all know what eventually becomes of plastic parts. I just hope the "chrome" doesn't wear off too soon to reveal the ugly yellow resin beneath.

####Product Update######

I noticed today that it has been almost two years since I bought this microwave oven. I'm happy to say that I use it several times each day and it is still going strong. The imitation chrome handle still looks like chrome!
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on August 4, 2008
After 14 months of use, our CMW-100 "died" completely without warning as the Start button was pressed. No display, no light, no fan, no nothing. There was no unusual sound or smell associated with the failure. A little web research disclosed that a blown internal fuse is the most likely cause when a microwave fails this way. I called Cuisinart customer service and as noted in other reviews here, they require you to return the unit to their own repair shop and pay postage both ways. What's worse, they estimated a 4-6 week turnaround time. I found a local shop that wanted $40 to diagnose the problem, plus charges for any parts required and estimated a 2 week turnaround. My reality check was a Best Buy ad this week for a GE 1100 watt 1.1 cubic foot stainless steel unit for $70. That made my decision - too much hassle, inconvenience and expense to resuscitate the Cuisinart. If I couldn't fix it myself, I'd dump it and buy a new, non-Cuisinart microwave.

After using vice grips to remove the two tamper proof screws from the one piece top/side case (interesting that the other 3 screws were normal phillips head screws) an ordinary 20 amp instrument fuse was easily visible and easily accessible on a small circuit board right where the power cord penetrates the back case. Although the fuse looked good, it tested open with a continuity checker. I popped in a replacement (very cheap and easily obtained at any hardware store), put the case back on (substituting 2 extra phillips head screws I happened to have handy for the tamperproof ones) and plugged the unit back in. Good as new!

After 30+ years of buying Cuisinart products, they just lost me as a customer. If the item works well until the warranty expires, no problem. However, I consider their repair-under-warranty requirements entirely unreasonable for a large, relatively heavy (about 35 lbs not counting the box), and fragile item. (1) if they feel they can stand behind this product with a 3 year warranty, they should also be willing to pay postage at least one way; (2) if they expect you to ship it back for repair, they should sell it in a box that is strong enough and has enough cushioning to protect the microwave. I suspect they load these retail boxes in larger containers when shipping them to retailers. They are entirely inadequate for normal, single unit shipping; (3) a 4-6 week repair turnaround is too long an inconvenience for most microwave owners - they should invest in more repair benches and technicians, and (4) they should do what most major appliance manufacturers do - certify factory authorized repair sites all over the country, at least in each state's most populous city so that owners would have the option of delivering items for repair rather than having to mail them back.
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on November 22, 2006
Excellent design. Stainless steel interior is a plus. However, after 2 weeks, the turntable started squeaking; no amount of cleaning helped. Also, the door edge chipped, so a corner is very sharp. Cuisinart has terrible, unfriendly customer service. To return it would cost $30 or more S&H, even if the unit is defective they don't pay any shipping. They were not helpful - never have been. This is their first microwave and there are few reviews, if any, so you'll have to hope you don't get a lemon as I did. If it had not malfunctioned (turntable) and chipped I would rave about the ease of use and overall design and give it 5 stars. Too bad it's still in "beta" test stage.
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on September 6, 2015
For the past 3 years I have been the owner of this Cuisinart Microwave. And for the most part was quite content with it's basic features & the quickness to heat up that cup of java, leftover item or nuke a bag of corn. The impermeable stainless interior stays odor free & is a snap to keep clean. At least I was happy until it broke down.

Now generally when it comes to microwave ovens the most common failures are either a blown fuse, in which case nothing at all comes on or it's one of the door switches, 3 in this oven. If a switch fails the lights come on but you're still left with no ability to run the thing. The door switches job is to prevent the microwave from operating when the door is open. When my oven lit up but failed to start I suspected a switch. Switches & fuses are easy to test, with a simple ohm meter, once you've gained access to the innards. Like other Do It Your Selfers I was not intimidated. Note: Lots of How To videos on YouTube.

Of course, Cuisinart attempts to foil your removing the cabinet by the use of 2 stupid tamper resistant Torx screws at bottom left & right. No problem, I have those driver tips in my toolkit. After removal, I checked the fuse first, located at top rear where the power plug enters, even though I suspected it was good. It was. Next tested the 3 switches. Two working, one not. Eureka!

OK, get online with Cuisinart to check on part availability. Nothing to be found. Alright, lets give them a quick call. From that point on it slid quickly down a greased pole. I'm trying to be polite here mind you. The rep told me that they do not have parts for my microwave but I could ship it to them & they would repair it. How is that possible I ask if you haven't parts for it? [Parts it seems, are available only for official repair personnel.] Well, I ask, what if I take it to my local trusted appliance repair? No, she says, they won't be able to get parts either. You mean to tell me I have to pay for shipping to, from, & also your [most likely outrageous] repair charges?? Totally unacceptable I stated & then made it colorfully clear to the rep that I would never again purchase any product with the name Cuisinart on it. And I won't. Hopefully she will pass that along upstairs but somehow I doubt it.

Googling afterwards for parts [zero results] confirmed that Cuisinart really does have the parts monopoly. Now, I'm not one to wave the white flag just yet. Next stop, eBay. There, with little effort, I found my exact switch for less than a 10 spot. I love Amazon, but you really gotta love eBay. If you search eBay, keep the search general. You won't find anything parts wise if Cuisinart is part of your search.

A few days later I receive the switch, test it first, install & now everything is moving along like clockwork. Oh yeah, I also replaced those obnoxious foul language generating Torx screws with standard Phillips head.

As far as microwaves go, it's basically a good product. Sadly though it's now forever on my DO NOT PURCHASE list of products due to Cuisinart's extremely poor & pathetic customer support & non availability of parts. Therefore, I DON'T RECOMMEND a purchase. Shame on you Cuisinart. Buyer Beware. Less so if you're a handy DIY & not intimidated by basic appliances. It's not rocket science people.
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We bought the Cuisinart, because of its name and reputation. Two days ago, right in the middle of heating rice for dinner, the turn table just stops, two lights pop on that there is no more power, even though the timer keeps running down. For the high cost of the microwave, I sure was expecting it to last longer than two years and two months. It came straight from a Bed, Bath, and Beyond, that my husband and I picked up ourselves, so for the gentleman claiming all the problems of the machines must have come from being delivered or possibly dropped, think again!!!!
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VINE VOICEon February 25, 2007
We have several other Cuisinart kitchen products which we've found to be dependable and stylish. We purchased this microwave to complement these items. We brought the microwave home and tried it out; it was five times louder than any other microwave we've had. Sounded like some of the internal stainless steel parts or fan were loose. Called Cuisinart and their customer service was clueless. Wound up taking the microwave back to where we purchased it. Found a GREAT DEAL on a COOKS MICROWAVE/CONVECTION at JC PENNEY on sale for $99.99 (1/2 price). Works great and is so quiet you don't know it's on.
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on May 7, 2009
I absolutely love the look of this microwave....however...I have owned it for less than a year and it is seriously malfunctioning. Keep in mind I am single and use it maybe 3 times a week at most to heat up food or make popcorn. Last week I put something in to heat up and closed the door and the microwave started on its own before I programmed it to do anything. It wouldn't stop no matter what button I pushed, so I unplugged it thinking it was confused and that it would clear it. Nope. Plugged it back in and it kept running--and evidently would do so forever. So, I opened the door while it was running (how dangerous is that?) and then when I hit stop it did so. THEN, last night I'm watching TV and hear a whirring noise. The microwave started on its own...very frightening. So, DON'T BUY THIS...there is definitely something wrong with the mechanics and the idea of having to cart it somewhere for repair or mailing it back now doesn't sound appealing. Or worse, if it starts running on its own if you leave your house...I won't trust another Cuisinart.
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on April 7, 2013
Excellent over the counter microwave - and just the right size. We selected this after a lot of searching, and poor experience with a Panasonic model. The microwave looks like a commercial heavy duty product, and we love it. Stainless steel interior is really nice and easy to clean. Brushed finish stainless steel exterior is well designed and attractive. Microwave works really well satisfying all cooking needs expected. The 3-year warranty speaks for itself when most of the competition offer only a 1-year warranty. I disassembled it to see how it was put together, and the quality appears very high with the right interior shieldings in place. High power density (ratio of max cooking power to volume) microwaves can blow a fuse occasionally, and while this microwave does not have a high power density design (which is desirable), the fuse used is inexpensive and can be easily found at Home Depot or Lowes.
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on May 30, 2015
We used this microwave 3 times before it started making strange sounds and not screams what it is turned on. I contacted Conair (parent company) with 8 different emails before they finally responded with this:

Valued Customer,

Thank you for providing the requested information. Based on the information you have provided, your unit will need to be set up for an evaluation. Once the Corporate Office receives the Microwave they will evaluate it to determine the warranty. However, our warranty does not include shipping and processing fees either way. Based on your specific product, your shipping and processing fees for us mailing out your repaired unit will be $15. We also ask that you cover the cost of shipping the defective unit to Cuisinart. All you will need to mail will be the microwave; please do not include the glass turn table. We recommend that you use a traceable insured delivery service. Once we have received your mailing information a Service Notification number will be created and an e-mail will be sent back to you with instruction on how to proceed on returning your defective unit.

Cuisinart Customer Service Representative

I should have returned it while I still was able, but was trying to do the right thing in hopes that a company would back their products. It took almost 2 months to get a response from Cuisinart and not I am stuck with a broken $200 counter ornament. I will NEVER buy one of their products again.

FYI here are other names they use;
The Company sells its products primarily under the trade names Conair, Babyliss, Cuisinart, Waring, Rusk, Pollenex, TravelSmart, Thinner and its licensed trademarks, Scunci, Vidal Sassoon, Weight Watchers, John Frieda and TRESemme. Conair brands have become household names around the world.
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on November 17, 2011
This microwave was just what I was looking for. I needed a 1000 watt, 1-cubic-foot microwave with a PULL handle!
I got everything I wanted for a great price and the bonus of a beautiful stainless steel interior! I can just press a single button to automatically get a 1 minute - 6 minute setting. That's great when your hands are messy or greasy and you want to touch a little as possible. The pre-programmed, one-touch settings for popcorn, baked potatoes, defrosting and more are a nice touch.

This microwave runs very quietly and if you want to avoid the 5 loud beeps when finished: simply open the door just BEFORE the time runs out and press the stop/clear button (only one beep). Or, you can press the stop/clear button twice BEFORE the time runs out (only two beeps). I live in a townhouse so I DO need to be able to hear when my meal is done cooking in the middle level.

If you don't like the pre-set times; simply press the POWER button once and type in the exact amount of time you need! Couldn't be easier or make more sense!

All of the food items I've heated in this microwave so far, have turned out just right - love it!
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